6 Best Wireless Headphones for TV

6 Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless headphones are a piece of technology that has come a long way. Today you can find people who use them everywhere to travel, exercise and relax in the park.

One fact is that wherever you go, someone has a pair of headphones. The truth is that with a headset, you can enjoy peace even at home, especially when you watch movies or play on TV.

So if you need a pair, here is the right solution for using the best wireless TV headphones.
There will be no tangled cable, and you can listen to the audio without family interruptions. Before selecting a headset from the list, be sure to read the buyer’s guide to help you get the best for your personal use.

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Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II
Brand – Bose
Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II- 4.5 out of 5 $229
COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone -
Brand – COWIN
COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones 4.4 out of 5 $69.99
Avantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching w/ Bluetooth Transmitter, Support RCA, AUX 3.5mm Audio Out, NOT For new TV with ONLY Digital / Optical Out, 40 Hrs PlayTime, 100ft Range
Brand – Avantree
Avantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones 4.3 out of 5 $129.99

Top 6 Best Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Ever since he decided to buy a Bluetooth headset for TV, he has been getting confused with the variety of products available in the market. View and choose the 6 best wireless headphones reviews as described below.

1. Sennheiser RS120

When it comes to TV headsets, the Sennheiser is probably the best in the business. And the RS120, from its entry level range, is truly exceptional in every way.

Don’t let the price fool you! Extensive testing shows that these TV headphones are quite good.

Low cost, powerful specs, and ready-to-use design – All of these outstanding features make these headphones first on this list.

We believe these can be perfect for anyone looking for a budget-oriented pair of TV headphones.

Features Of Sennheiser RS120


Interference-free reception for stereo sound through walls, ceilings, and exteriors up to 300 feet


The open-air design features strong bass response, ideal for TV use and warm, detailed sound with hi-fi audio


Light in-ear design ideal for long listening sessions.

Easy setup

The transmitter connects directly to any device with analog audio output (RCA connector or headphone output)

Sennheiser RS120
Pro’s Con’s
Multiple headphone connectivity up to 100 Flat cushion on earcups.
Connectivity range of 300 m.
Comfortable on both band and ear-cups.
Mind-blowing sound reproduction

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sennheiser RS120

Buyers say this is cool – many buyers use it to watch TV and games. Excellent for reducing noise in games and perfect for providing better sound when watching movies or television. They charge quickly, the batteries last a long time, and they sound great. The headphones can also be moved from one location to another by reversing the reception on the headset. Buyers highly recommended it.

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2. COWIN E7 Headphone

What is what you are always looking for in a headset, especially when you walk? Active noise cancellation technology there is many headphones available in the market that feature noise-canceling technology.

But the fact is unchanged that very few of them are of advanced technology. If you are looking for a reliable, high-performance, durable and stylish headphones, then that COWIN E7 is not a bad idea. This headphone is one of the few headphones that is considered a better choice for beats.

Being Wireless! You do not have problems with the cable due to the COWIN E7 headphones. You can enjoy wireless music without any ambient noise. What else do you need with a headset

Features Of COWIN E7 Headphone

Amazing sound

Deep and accurate bass. COWIN’s active noise-canceling headphones give you crisp, powerful and quiet sound to help you enjoy your music better. The goal that provides customers with better sound quality is our constant pursuit.

Professional Earpad

Enjoy greater durability and comfort, high quality, long comfort. The texture of the leather is light and comfortable around the ear that you can wear all day.

Soft reminder: To enjoy better hearing and keep your head relaxed, remove your headphones every 2-3 hours to relax your ears.

Noise Canceling

Wireless active noise-canceling headphones so you can get the most from them. They make the sound quite quiet and the music better.

Experience world-class performance and super comfort without any wires in your way. Great gift for you

COWIN E7 Headphone
Pro’s Con’s
Tangle-free – hassle-free cable. Slightly heavier because of the zipper.
Power bass and clear music.
Fits well in ears.
Good Battery life

Recent Buyer Reviews On COWIN E7 Headphone

These are better headphones for watching TV. Some buyers share a very large office / house with another family / person and some need to talk to themselves constantly. This great work !!! The sound quality is exceptional. I highly recommend them.

3. Bose SoundLink II headphone

Bose stands for great sound quality and product build.

The Sound Link 2, although a little expensive, is to put it clearly, perfect. Deep immersive sound, best-in-class EQ and a neat design tick all the right checkboxes.

Use it with your television or your phone; Advanced Bluetooth technology makes it easy to use these headphones with all currently available music devices.

Bose has been a giant on the market for a long time and is well known for producing great products like headsets and speakers, and while its products tend to work on the more expensive side, comparing quality to cost makes it a pleasant investment worth it The sorrow.

Features Of Bose SoundLink II headphone

Easy switching

Stay connected and switch between two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So if you’re watching a movie on your iPad and your iPhone receives a call, the headphones will pause the video and answer the call. The call ends, the movie starts again

Better Performance

Performance-enhanced classroom for deep, immersive sound, wireless headphones Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity and perfect audio / video synchronization

Better design

Create top quality and sound. The body of the headphones is solid, the ear cushions are extremely soft and the headphones are very light overall.

The headphones are also designed with impact-resistant materials for better durability.

Bose SoundLink II headphone
Pro’s Con’s
Crisp Sound. Bass is not great.
It also comes with NFC
Very Classic Design
Good Battery life

Recent Buyer Reviews On Bose SoundLink II headphone

Excellent wireless headphones. Light and comfortable. It’s almost magical how Bose generates such a rich and full sound with their products.

Although there is a trade-off, you might like headphones specifically designed for that if you want heavy and powerful bass. That said, these are quite capable of good “drops,” but certainly clear, ready for faithful reproduction of all types of sound. Buyers highly recommended it.

4. Avantree HT3189 Headphone

If a reputable brand is not an absolute necessity and you are ready to swap the brand for amazing features, then these may be the headphones for you. These Avanti headsets are the best Bluetooth TV headsets you will ever find in the mid-budget segment.

This claim does not arise because of the low price or simply excellent sound quality, instead, our findings are supported by several other indicators that we are going to list below.

These Avantree headphones do not work with RF technology, but do work with Bluetooth technology. This is ideal for TVs with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, but what happens when your TV does not support Bluetooth

Without worry! These headphones come with an avanti transmitter, when plugged into the TV, turns that TV into a built-in Bluetooth device and makes a perfect wireless connection between the TV

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Features Of Avantree HT3189 Headphone

Plug and Paly

Just turn on the Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth headphones – they will connect automatically, without pairing.

No audio delay

No lip-sync delay – Ideal for watching TV and video on the computer without audio/visual delay. Double link, you can add a second pair of headphones to share audio with a friend or family member.

Long Range

Built with Class I Bluetooth technology that can transmit up to 30 meters, which is equivalent to about 100 feet. This Bluetooth TV provides a longer and more stable wireless transmission for your audio.


Get 2-in-1 packages with headphones (AS 9S – sports up to 40 hours) and the transmitter have the ability to be used independently with other Bluetooth devices, e.g. Cell phones, computers, televisions, headphones, speakers.

Avantree HT3189 Headphone
Pro’s Con’s
Crisp Sound. Bass is not great.
It also comes with NFC
Comfortable and one of the lightest headphones
Impressive power handling capability

Recent Buyer Reviews On Avantree HT3189 Headphone

These are life-changing! Some buyers say they are always concerned about TVs disturbing other people in the home, eliminating that problem. You can hear every sound very clearly, and it’s very easy to turn them off and go back to the normal sound output option on TV when I don’t feel like using them.

The headphones are super comfortable and block out most of the outside noise. They are incredible, and if you are looking for this type of device, I highly recommend them.

5. ARTISTE TV Headphone

For better transmission and high fidelity sound, you can look at the ARTISTE model. Wireless headphones offer a full range with constant signal and low distortion. You can listen to movies and music without interruption.

The headphones pick up the signal around the house at a distance of up to 100 feet. The frequency response is up to 20,000 Hz to give you clear treble with bass and treble.

You can use the headphones with different devices as you receive all the included cables. The headband adjusts for a perfect fit, and the headphones are padded and snug to prevent sound leakage.

To watch TV, listen to music or play, you can use the unit and not disturb anyone in the home.

Features Of ARTISTE TV Headphone


For use with this additional earphone Artist ADH300 wireless transmitter only. This handset is synchronized with your existing Aadhaar, follow the instructions given in the user manual

Better Coverage

Made of lightweight plastic for easy use and 100 ft open frame

Good Battery

The rechargeable battery lasts 20 hours on full charge. To watch TV, listen to music or play, you can use the unit and not disturb anyone at home.

ARTISTE TV Headphone
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent sound, Bass is not great.
Comfortable to wear,
Easy to recharge.
Very good price and quality sound.

Recent Buyer Reviews On ARTISTE TV Headphone

These headphones are a good buy for the money, providing clear stereo sound and easy battery charging. Buyers mostly use them for viewing. Most buyers are very happy to purchase this headphones. They miss it a lot to watch TV.

6. Paww WaveSound 2.1 headphone

The headphones come in a really cool premium box – something that seems to be really valuable.

PAWW manufactures wireless audio equipment (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). The Paww Wave Sound 2.1 headphones are one of their newest models and have a low latency AptX profile, meaning they are great choices for watching and watching TV.

The first thing you notice is that Paww really paid attention to the presentation. Everything about these headphones looks stylish, the box they came from. The headphones are available in two colors (color combination): Black / Silver and Brown / Silver.

Relatively more complex set-up and cabling processes; The receiver must be between 10 and 200 amps. For some applications, you may want to invest in additional subwoofers as these sub speakers are smaller.

A flexible set of 5 flat mount speakers can be wall or ceiling mounted and easily integrate with your existing audio system. This is great for people looking to look relatively cheap and add sound to a cave or lounge.

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Features Of Paww WaveSound 2.1 headphone

Design and quality

The most important thing you need to know is that Paww tried to make them as comfortable and durable as possible. The ear cushions and headbands have thick, soft ear cushions with a synthetic leather finish.

Powerful Battery

The headphones have a 300 mAh battery that can provide you with 16 hours of playback at moderate volume and when the ANC function is disabled. You will get about 12 hours at ANC.

Bluetooth & performance

 The headphones have Bluetooth 4.0. The advertised range is 33 feet. NFC fast pairing is not supported. Headphones can operate in two modes: wired and wireless. You can use the AUX cable that comes with the headphones to connect them to a non-Bluetooth device, or to connect them to your phone or any other Bluetooth device when the headphones run out of batteries.

Paww WaveSound 2.1 headphone
Pro’s Con’s
Foldable design Bulky/comfort issues
Dual Mode – Wireless / Wired
Decent noise isolation
Great price/quality ratio

Recent Buyer Reviews On Paww WaveSound 2.1 headphone

Impressed by their quality, the packaging was impressive for the price and they feel amazing. You can definitely give these as gifts and the recipient will not be disappointed. Oh and the sound is great. Many buyers say that they are actually going to buy a second pair. It was highly recommended by buyers.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Wireless Headphones for-TV

Wireless TV headphones are not completely different from other wireless headphones, they only work with a different type of technology.

TV headphones come with an analog RF transmitter that must be connected to the TV before you can enjoy listening to them.

However, you get TV headphones that use Bluetooth and are very easy to connect and are generally low in price.

However, due to the low-frequency range, Bluetooth headsets have their own drawbacks, resulting in decomposing sounds at intervals, while the average range of transmitter-based headsets is 100 meters.

Wireless Vs Wired

There are many other differences between them except the obvious cable difference.

Although it ultimately depends on your needs, we will list below all the main differences for your consideration.

Overall, we believe that when it comes to buying TV headphones, there is no point in getting one type of cable.

Television is generally enjoyed remotely, making wired headphones quite annoying.

Sound Quality

From what we have seen so far, wired headphones are superior to wireless headphones in most cases in terms of sound quality.

However, the differences are small, and only a true audio fan can recognize those differences. Latched users will not particularly notice them.

In the past, there were certainly more noticeable differences between wired and wireless headphones, but thanks to big brands such as Senhizer and Sony, there is now almost no difference in sound quality.

Also, in some cases, you will find that wireless headphones are better than wired ones.

Battery Life

It is clear that wired headphones do not require batteries to operate, which means you can use them as long as you want, anytime, anywhere.

On the other hand, wireless headphones require a battery that needs to be charged at regular intervals.

Please note, however, that most current wireless headphones have a battery life of approx. 12-20 hours make them an excellent choice for daily use.


Now this is something that many people can agree on.

Wireless headphones are definitely more expensive than wired headphones.

You can buy a pair of wired headphones for under $ 100, while a good pair of wireless headphones will set you back $ 150 to $ 200, and in some cases even more.

On-Ear V/S Over-Ear Headphones

The name is in the title when it comes to headphone styles. Over-the-ear headphones fit above the ear, with the ear inside the ear cushion.

You are also in-ear fit, which means ear pads fit above the ear. Over-the-ear headphones are much more comfortable than over-the-year headphones and provide good insulation. Over-the-ear headphones will also have passive sound isolation, meaning you can hear very little noise around you.

Internal headphones are inserted into the ear canal. These headphones are usually connected by a cable.

This cable can be a few millimeters thick or, as with the TV on your ear, about thick inches thick. The thick cable is flexible and can be bent to improve headphones comfort.

For impaired hearing, choosing between ear and ear is a matter of priority. In both cases, you are bringing the audio closer to your ears, so that you can hear better and clearly.

For the general consumer, it is better to wear a hearing aid over the ear or in place of the ear. These headphones are easy to transfer and, in most cases, provide better sound quality than headphones. In particular, the headphones and ear offering improved bass response.

Advantages a Wireless Earphone For TV

With the latest technology presented with digital TV, you get an excellent picture and sound similar to the cinema. Even brands like Netflix constantly update their technology to give you a great audio experience.

Maybe you live in a busy apartment or house; this is where you want to enjoy these facilities. What makes them unique is the noise canceling and isolation technology. You get complete privacy to enjoy the media at any time of the day.

You can have a great experience playing video games, listening to music and watching movies; In addition, the wireless headphones are also ideal for the hard of hearing.

The headphones are versatile to use with more than your TV and you can also use them with your PC.


The 6 best wireless TV headphones mentioned above are available in the market. Whether you want to consider them for your TV or any other device, you can choose one to suit your budget and needs. The product mentioned will not disappoint you at all. Editors best recommendation: COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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