Best Alexa Intruder Alert Songs – Most Recommended By Users

What Is An Alexa Intruder Alert?

In reality, there is no feature in Alexa which is called, “Alexa Intruder Alert”. Yes, you heard that right. It’s an offshoot trigger which you can set up within “Alexa Routines” so that if you have an intruder in your home, you can activate this specific routine with a voice command.

How Do You Set Up an Alexa Intruder Alert?

Alexa generally recognizes the wake word which is, “Alexa” itself. Having said that, it can recognize and respond to a lot of other sound commands. This Amazon voice assistant can pick up a lot more sound commands through sound detection.

Alexa Intruder Alert is set up through a series of commands as shown in the picture below and this is achieved through a feature called Alexa Routines.

To create a routine in your Alexa, follow the steps mentioned below: –

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone, and click on, “MORE” on the lower right corner
  2. On the next screen, click on Routines on the top right and then click on Add Routine.

  3. Here you can give a name to your routine. A classic example of setting up an Alexa Intruder Alert routine is shown below.

    Alexa Intruder Alert Example

Here is a list of many Alexa Intruder Alert Memes for your inspiration.

What Does Alexa Intruder Alert Do When You Set It Up

The main goal of Alexa Intruder Alerts, is to frighten the intruders and scare them. Hence, it is up to you as to how you set it up to make it most effective. Listed below are some of the best alexa intruder songs for you to make this more effective.

10 Best Alexa Intruder Songs For you – Chosen By The People

  1. Song Name: – Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero

    Youtube Link: –

  2. Song Name: – Chelsea Grin – The Foolish One

    Youtube Link: –

  3. Song Name: – The Plot In You “Miscarriage”

    Youtube Link: –
  4. Song Name: – The Acacia Strain – Ramirez

    Youtube Link: –
  5. Song Name: – Crawl Back By Veil Of Maya

    Youtube Link: –
  6. Song Name: – Emmure By Demons With Ryu

    Youtube Link: –
  7. Song Name: – Eaten By Bloodbath

    Youtube Link: –
  8. Song Name: – Shinto Katana – Ghost

    Youtube Link: –

  9. Song Name: – The Tony Danza Tapdance – The Alpha The Omega

    Youtube Link: –

10. Song Name: – I’m Singing In The Rain – A Clockwork Orange.

Youtube Link: –

Can Alexa Call 911 In Case Of Emergency?

Alexa directly cannot call 911 emergency services for you. You need to pair your Echo Connect to your landline phone first if you want Alexa to call 911 services.

Now you may ask why Alexa cannot call 911? Well, this is due to the regulatory compliance of FCC rules. As per these rules, any 911 capable device should provide the exact location and a callback number. Which practically can be implemented by Amazon but they didn’t do it.

How To Use An Echo Connect To Call 911 ?

This Amazon accessory is a workaround to use Alexa to call 911. Although this product is officially discontinued by Amazon, you may still be able to find it on sites like eBay.

The setup is still supported when using Alexa Web Services. You will be prompted when you try to add the Echo Connect on your android or iOS app. You will also need a splitter adapter jack if you wish to connect with 911 from your regular phone apart from Echo Connect.

How To Setup an Emergency Alexa Contact

Before we set up an emergency contact in Alexa, let’s talk about two more features which will help you during an emergency. As we mentioned above, Alexa inherently cannot call 911 services directly but you can make use of features like Ask My Buddy or My SOS Family from Amazon. These two will help you reach out to your emergency contact or family member when you need help. You just need to give the voice command, “Ask my buddy for help!”

If you cannot buy a discontinued Echo Connect or you don’t have a landline at your place then the only option is to set up an emergency contact linked to your Alexa account. To do that follow the steps mentioned below: – 

  1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on communicate.
  3. Now tap on the contacts icon on the top right hand corner.
  4. Click open the triple dot menu on the top right
  5. Select the option, “Emergency Contact
  6. Now just follow the instructions on the phone to set up an emergency contact or you can create a new one too.

7. Once done, in future if you need any help, just ask Alexa, “Call My Emergency Contact

What Is An Alexa Guard Mode?

Alexa Guard and Alexa Guard Plus is a FREE security system which you get with your Echo Connect. It enables your Echo device to work as a security device too and pay attention to voice commands related to emergency.

The subscription service which comes along with Alexa Guard, is called ALexa Guard Plus which provides access to premium features 24/7 which also includes an emergency helpline.

Once Alexa Guard is enabled through the Alexa app, the Echo speakers in your home are able to detect threats like fire, window breaking, footsteps or smoke and making you aware of the same when you’re away. 

Alexa Guard can also mimic your daily usage on lights at home even when you’re away by switching them ON and OFF.

How To Enable Alexa Guard

  1. Open the Alexa app on your iOS or android device.
  2. Click open menu by tapping the 3 dots and then go to → Settings
  3. Scroll down till you find the Guard option. Select it.
  4. It will ask you to confirm your zip code to activate the Away Lightning  feature.

Once Alexa Guard is activated, you can give a voice command which says, “Alexa I’m Leaving” to your Echo Connect device. This will trigger AWAY MODE and in case of any emergency situations like smoke, glass breaking etc, you will get alerts on your phone.

Alexa Guard is a free service. However, Alexa Guard Plus is $4.99 a month or ($49 per year).

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