Does Amazon Smart Plug Work With Google Home

Does Amazon Smart Plug Work With Google Home

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Smart plugs are a way to connect devices to your smart home and they are no different from Amazon’s smart plugs. 

However, with Amazon Smart Plug. This plugin may only surprise you by learning how to work with Alexa, so don’t expect Google Assistant or Siri support. If it is included in all Alexa gear, then this smart plug is fine,

So the Amazon Smart Plug is inexpensive and seamlessly integrated into the Alexa platform for simple Wi-Fi setup, but it hasn’t found support for power monitoring, remote mode, or any other voice assistants.

So you only need the Alexa app to get it up and running. You can then remotely control electronic devices connected to Amazon’s smart plugs, use voice control from Alexa devices, and be scheduled for regular operations.

If you decide to switch from the Alexa platform to Google Home, for example, Amazon Smart Plug will not be compatible with Google Home Voice Control.

What is a smart plug?

A smart plug is considered to be the basis for the creation of a so-called smart home. All you have to do is plug the smart plug into a power outlet, and then connect it to your Wi-Fi network via a compatible app on your smartphone or tablet. Once connected, simply plug a device into your smart plugs, such as a lamp or fan, and then control the device through the app or your voice.

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How do smart plugs work?

Smart plugs turn common devices and devices into “smart” devices. They do this by allowing you to control the device’s power supply via an app on your Smartphone.

You can take any common outlet in your home and plug it into a smart socket. The physical outlet on your wall remains the same, while devices or devices that are plugged into a smart plug can now be controlled through your Smartphone.

The process to complete it is simple. The first step is to connect the smart plug to an electrical outlet. The adapter may seem a bit heavy at first, but most smart plugs are neutral in color, so they blend in very well with the surroundings. After a while, you will hardly notice that there is a smart plug.

Next, download the manufacturer’s app on your Smartphone. Most smart plug apps are available through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Through the application on your Smartphone, you can connect to the smart plug and get information about its usage.

Now connect any gadget or device that you want to control from your Smartphone to a smart socket. And voila! Now you can turn the device on or off from your Smartphone. Some smart plugs allow you to program when they will be on or off. You can set this time according to the day and time using the Smartphone app.

Other smart plugs allow you to monitor energy usage and some may even check the temperature of the wall outlet to ensure that it does not overheat. There are smart plugs available that can connect to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. With this option, you can control smart plugs with simple voice commands.

Before purchasing a smart plug, make sure it has all the features you need and can connect to the voice assistant or hub you are using. Smart plugs are made by many different companies and come in many shapes and sizes. They are sold online, in stores, or directly from the manufacturer in electronics departments.

You can buy them individually or in packs of two or more. Some smart plugs are also available as power strips for use with many devices.

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What are the benefits of smart plugs?

Besides the fact that it’s great to talk to your home and react to tasks, the smart plug is a great addition to your home if you are looking to save money on your energy bill. With the scheduling function of the smart plug app, you can schedule things like lighting, only during certain times of the day when you are at home, so as not to waste energy in the meantime.

Smart plugs are also helpful in keeping your home safe from fire hazards. If you use heat-powered items on a daily basis, like curling irons or tongs, use them in smart plugs, allowing you to turn them off with your phone. So if you have to work and find out that your smart plug can save the day by heading out the left door.

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Best Use smart plugs for

Smart plug for indoor and outdoor

Make sure where you are using this smart plug. If you are using an indoor smart plug, consider buying an indoor smart plug, if you are using an outdoor smart plug, make sure to buy a waterproof smart plug because the indoor smart plug will not work for

The smart plugs are very sturdy and waterproof for outdoor use. They can withstand wet, cold, and icy conditions. They have been specially made to oppose all of them. Since not all smart plugs are waterproof, make sure it is designed for such occasions and is waterproof as they were built with safety in mind.

Coffee maker

There is nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. With a smart plug, you can program your coffee maker to make coffee in the morning, before you can open your eyes in the morning; Or you can flip the switch in the app when you wake up and get ready for it while enjoying those last precious moments in bed, then scroll down on your phone before starting your day.

Smart plug for dim lights

Although smart plugs work to help you turn the lights on or off, some of them don’t have the option to dim the lights. You just need to find a smart plug that not only turns your lights on or off but also lowers them. When you finally find one, you should also research and monitor the types of smart devices they need to work with.

Portable air conditioners and heaters

If you are using a small space heater or window air conditioning unit, smart plugs are great to help keep your home at the right temperature. Schedule to turn on the heater just before you get home so that the interior is nice and warm.

You can control your car

While you don’t have to do anything else while driving, the good news is that your smart plug is for you. Sometimes we forget to turn off all the lights while we are out while driving, you can recognize that without touching the phone from your car with just a voice command, you can say: Hello Google, home. Turn off all the lights. Boom, that’s it!

Interestingly, you can configure your smart plug to turn off all the lights in your home at specific times. You don’t have to ask your smart plug to turn off the light because it can be programmed.

Plus, you can group and automate your smart plugs so that devices connected to them can be turned on or off whenever you want. This often gives the impression that you are at home, although not necessarily.

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Things to consider before choosing a smart plug

  • Smart plugs are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Before buying a smart plug, be sure to check all the functions as smart plugs cannot be used for outdoor lighting for indoor use.
  • Buy a smart plug that supports Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug is easy to set up without any learning curve and you don’t need an additional hub.
  • Most of the smart plugs available are only compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. However, if you are in the Apple ecosystem and want Siri to turn off the coffee machine or light, buy a smart plug that is compatible with HomeKit and your Apple device. The problem is that there are very few smart plugs available on the market that will work with Apple HomeKit.
  • Choose a smart plug that allows you to set a schedule to turn gadgets and devices on or off at specific times.
  • Not all devices are compatible with smart plugs. It depends on the watt a device uses, so select the plug accordingly.

Should you buy a smart plug from Amazon?

Amazon Smart Plug is a clean solution to give your home a smart makeover. This is slightly more than most of the smart plugs sold on the market; However, if you’ve already invested in Amazon-powered products, Alexa offers full functionality and convenience. Smart plugs can be purchased at


If you are using Alexa in your home and looking for a cheap and reliable smart plug, this will get the job done. When it comes to power monitoring or full integration, I can’t recommend it.

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