Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Review

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Review

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Anker’s powerful and practical Soundcore Liberty Neo delivers a fast-charging battery with an extremely stable fit and strength. Additionally, these compact, cable-free in-ear headphones support the Bluetooth 5.0 standard and a high-quality audio codec in the AAC format.

Since these sturdy and well-built wireless headphones are equipped with so-called earwings and the ergonomic design is fully integrated into the ear, they offer a high degree of stability that withstands strong vibrations even during sports. That’s mainly because at 5.5 grams per side, these in-ear headphones are definitely the lightest.

also recommends that both the earbuds and tips be supplied in four different sizes, meaning these earbuds can be adjusted individually. There’s still room for them under the lid, as long as it’s not too tight. Another practical feature is that the IPX7’s sweat and water-resistant finish protects the system from the elements.

At high volumes, these wireless headphones last about five and a half hours. With the in-ear headphones in the carrying case, which also serve as a charging station, they can be fully charged and charged up to 80 percent three times for a total runtime of approximately 26 hours.

 A quick charge function is also available for smaller and easier uses, offering the possibility of 45 minutes of listening time after a ten-minute power supply. If the case’s battery reserve runs out, it can be restored in two hours, for which a USB charging cable is included in the package.

Unboxing of Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

First up is the included charging case in the box, which opens up to reveal the earbuds. Anker has been very generous with tip options here, including four sizes of silicone tips and ear pencils. The standard Micro USB charging cable, user manual, and warranty information are also included in the box. The Soundcore Liberty Neo comes with a worry-free 18-month warranty.

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The look of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones is nothing special, as the headphones are unobtrusive and unnoticeable. This is to be expected.

Overall, the look of the headphones is simple and useful despite being a bit bulky. These buds also come in two colors: black and white. The black earbuds are available in glossy black or metallic blue or red with a charging case. However, the Pearl White charging case only comes with white earbuds.

Users will love that the case is shaped like a small pillbox with smooth corners, making it easy to carry in your pocket, rest in the palm of your hand, or easily carry in your purse. Equally attractive is the way the headphones slide into their cases. And unlike buds, the case isn’t heavy.

One of the best aspects of the set design is the fact that the headphones are resistant to water, sweat, and rain. Yes, IPX7 rated buttons are officially waterproof, not waterproof. You can submerge them up to a meter for half an hour without any problem.

Comfort and fit

A very comfortable wearing experience is accompanied by great protection provided by the included earmuffs. Unfortunately, physical controls ruin a high score.

Comfortably, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo is great. They are very light, weighing only 5.5 grams per earbud. In the box, you get 2 sizes of ear fins and a finless silicone sleeve. This prevents the hard plastic from touching the skin. They do not irritate your ears even after listening for a few hours.

It is a bit difficult to fit them. Finding the right seal isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to insert the headphones a little deeper into the ear canal. So they create a kind of vacuum. While this is good for isolation, you can hear sounds from the headphones while walking and especially while running.

In general, comfort is poor when using physical buttons to control playback. These are on the outside of the earpiece, which means that when you press on them, you also push the earpiece deeper into your ear. Of course, this gets quite annoying, so it is advisable to use your phone for everyone except answering calls.

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Sound quality

All headphones should sound amazing, but the Liberty Neo offers something special that many buyers can fail to admire. Both headphones are equipped with “specially tuned” graphene drivers, which Anker helped to modify and bring to the fore. It is rated 100 times harder than steel and 35% lighter than conventional drivers and is said to deliver music across wide soundstages with greater precision and clarity.

BassUp technology is also designed to analyze the low frequencies of the headphones and amplify the bass by up to 43%. These two features combined result in a next-level sound experience that is perfect for audiophiles and a real treat for the average buyer.

And the sound doesn’t stop with music and calls, as critics rave about how amazing its mic is. It is equipped with a CVC noise-canceling microphone that reduces background noise while improving voice pickup, which works wonders even when using voice commands.

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Connectivity and control

Soundcore Liberty Neo has physical buttons in the middle of the earpiece. With one click, play/pause the sound. To skip a song, press and hold the right earbud, to go back to a track, press and hold the left earbud. With two taps, you can activate the voice assistant on your phone.

It is not possible to change the volume on Liberty Neo. Since Liberty Neo is not compatible with the Soundcore app, it is also impossible to change the controls. This is a bug in winged sports headphones, as your phone’s volume controls are often out of reach when you exercise.

The connectivity on Liberty Neo is solid. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is reliable up to ten meters from your device. Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch seamlessly between mono and stereo modes.


In the box, Anker advertises up to 5.5 hours of playtime on a single charge and an additional 15 hours of charge in the handy charging case.

During our six weeks of using the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones, we found that 5.5 hours, let’s say, stretches the truth a bit. At 75% volume, it took us an average of four hours and 37 minutes on a single charge. The charging case holds three full charges and does a good job of quickly charging the earbuds.

It all adds up in the sense that we rarely felt like the battery was an issue, although we did run out of power sometimes. But, the positives far outweigh the negatives in this review of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo.

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While most reviews don’t go into detail about the Liberty Neo’s durability, those that hold it up surprisingly well. And buyers have also noticed that the connectivity remains solid even after it’s been used and used for some time.

Of course, the fact that it can be stored in a pocket-sized travel case helps a lot to keep this gear afloat. Not only do buyers have access to quick and easy uploads, but they are also protected from inclement weather and potential external damage.

It’s IPX5 rated for water and dust, as well as sweat protection, letting shoppers know that it can continue to perform even during hot days, intense workouts, and hikes in light rain or snow. However, this means that it may not be resistant to very heavy rain and would not be suitable for use in the shower, pool, or on the beach.

Our idea

Overall, I have little to criticize the Liberty Neo. Of course, longer battery life will always be better, but considering how small and light these headphones are, I can’t blame Anker for that.

I boarded the USB-C train and charged my computer and phone with USB-C. It would be nice to see if the Liberty Neo comes with USB-C instead of Micro USB, but again, that’s just personal preference.

Finally, according to Anker, the Liberty Neo is the new metallic black version of their truly wireless Liberty Lite headphones. What I find a little odd is that you can get a metallic Black Liberty Lite model on Amazon for $59.99. Other than a few minor cosmetic differences, it appears that these are basically the same headphones with slightly different prices. It’s not clear if there are noticeable differences in construction or internals for each model, so I’m not sure what to make of it. Anyway, I have also used the Liberty Lite model and it is equally good from my experience.

Should you buy them?

Of course. If you’re looking for an affordable and functional pair of truly wireless headphones that won’t sound bad, this should be the one for you. They are comfortable to wear and will probably hold up well during exercise; They are also resistant to sweat.

For a little more money, you get better audio quality and more advanced features like touch controls and wear recognition, but they’re a lot more fun than necessary. The Soundcore Liberty Neo does a good job of balancing basic features with a low price and is therefore quite easy to recommend.

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The Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones are cheap for truly wireless headphones, but they’re only designed for light use. If you want something that can be used for longer periods or withstand strenuous workouts, you’ll need to switch to a wired pair or spend more on some high-end wireless headphones.

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