Is it Bad to Turn off Your Modem Every Night

Is it Bad to Turn off Your Modem Every Night

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There is no ill effect on the state of health, but there may be some problem in electronic or digital. But overall, you should switch off your modem at night.

Turning off WiFi devices at night reduces your daily exposure to harmful WiFi radiation. If you leave your WiFi devices, they will search for other electronic devices. This will fill your home with radio frequency (RF) radiation. So turn them off before bed or in airplane mode.

In this article we will first talk a little about the dangers of WiFi radiation and why it is important to turn it off at night. Then we will talk about some ways to turn off your WiFi devices automatically. And finally, we’ll talk about other ways to limit your overall exposure to this radiation.

Is it okay to turn off the modem at night?

When you turn on your modem and other electronic devices, when you are not using them, a lot of power is wasted. Apart from this, you are also paying those extra rupees at the end of the month for your electricity bill. Therefore, a better option is to turn off your router when you are not using it at night.

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Shutting down the router may cause other things to close

Your laptop and phone are unlikely to have things using Wi-Fi at home. In the era of the Internet of Things, you’ve probably discovered all kinds of things that are connected to Wi-Fi.

This means that when the router turns off, you may have a more difficult time using objects such as a light bulb or shutter, depending on what you are originally connected to. this is.

Most of the time, simply turning the router back on will immediately reconnect these things. However, sometimes you may need to go back and manually reset devices that are disconnected from the Internet.

This can be a real dance, especially if you turn off the router at night, Note that even after turning the router back on, things that automatically reconnect will take a little time to restart.

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How to turn off the Wi-Fi built into your modem

If your modem has WiFi from your Internet provider You can turn it off. You can do anything, but it is possible!

Usually a switch on the modem is correct. If so, turn it off. If you have a plug in your modem, you can use our wifi switch to connect the modem to the wall and turn both off when the power is off. If there is a change now, ask your provider’s customer service center for help. Alternatively, look for a DIY answer in your online modem manual.

Go to your search browser – we love Duck Duck Go and StartPage, enter the name of the provider (Cox, AT&T, etc.) and the make and model of your internet modem. Built-in WiFi can usually be disabled in the Settings menu of your internet modem, which can be accessed via a web browser by typing in the correct address, an IP number.

If your Internet provider also operates a public WiFi network through your Internet modem, be sure to turn off this public WiFi network.

How does a Wi-Fi modem work?

The modem works because the wireless router inside your home sends out radio waves to communicate with compatible electronic devices. These compatible electronic devices will connect to Wi-Fi via radio waves and will continue to use these radio waves to communicate with the Internet service provider via a wireless router.

All of this happens at the speed of light, and all of this is completely invisible to the naked eye. While electronic devices are connected to Wi-Fi, both electronic devices and wireless Internet routers emit radio waves.

Radio waves are also known as radio frequencies. Radio frequency is a form of electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields produce radiation from electromagnetic fields. Therefore, radio waves are a type of EMF radiation.

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Is Wi-Fi too dangerous?

Of course, but there are so many ways to reduce its exposure

First, to clarify, when we talk about “WiFi radiation”, we are actually talking about radio frequency radiation, a form of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Such radiation can be easily measured with an electromagnetic field meter, is fully capable of penetrating the walls of your home or office, and can travel great distances.

Radio frequency radiation is the same type that your cell phone users to communicate with nearby cell towers, and is the same type of radiation that our brains and bodies use when using our cell phones and other wireless devices Huh. It hurts a lot.

Wi-Fi radiation affects our sleep

Wi-Fi radiation is the main reason we recommend turning off Wi-Fi at night. A comprehensive study conducted at the University of Melbourne in 2013 showed that EMF radiation affects sleep quality. That is why you should not sleep near your phone.

Researchers noted that our bodies experience light in the same way that EMDs experience radiation. So if the body experiences EMF radiation, it slows down the production of the pineal gland.

By not getting enough sleep, your body is exposed to opportunistic health problems in all its forms, such as the ability to fight disease, build muscle, damage, and eliminate toxins. There are countless publications on the consequences of sleep deprivation and electromagnetic fields dramatically reduce the likelihood of receiving a healthy dose of sleep every day.

Increases the risk of cancer

Radiation emanating from mobile phones and WiFi causes this disease. People with high levels of exposure to EMF radiation are at risk of developing cancer, but this does not mean that those who are not so exposed are also not at risk.

Small doses of EMF radiation may no longer affect you, but may appear after prolonged stay.

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How does turning off the modem affect the speed?

Turning off the modem and restarting again is known as so the answer is yes, disconnecting your modem may improve your internet speed from its current state, and no, it will not improve your internet speed.

Turning your router off frequently can shorten its lifespan

Turning off computers and network devices, such as routers, can often shorten the life of your computer. This may not have much effect on the router because they do not use hard drives, which can be damaged if they are pushed back and forth too often.

However, there is some evidence that turning the router on and off can affect lifespan. Don’t worry too much, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re considering shutting down your router at night.

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Advantages of Powering Down modem

Noise reduction

Network equipment is quieter as noise fans were replaced by solid-state cooling systems. Your senses can be tied to your home network at relatively low noise levels, but you may be pleasantly surprised at the extra peace of mind.


If you have found an old router, you may find that leaving it for a long time causes it to get hot. Overheating can slow down your internet speed or cause other connectivity problems. While periodically turning off the router can prevent overheating issues in the short term, it is not a good long-term solution. Most likely, you really need a new router.

Increased security

Turning the device off when you’re not using it improves network security. When network devices are offline, hackers cannot attack those devices and reduce the likelihood of being hacked by nearly 40 percent. Other security measures, such as firewalls, are useful and necessary, but not bulletproof.

In utility bill

You can save money by powering modems, computers, and routers, . In some countries, the savings are low, but in other parts of the world, the cost of public services is significant.

Surge protection

Another advantage of turning off the router is that it will be immune to damage from breams. If the router is off, power surges will not affect it.

While you may be concerned that a thunderstorm could damage your equipment, these things can happen in the middle of the day. It is probably very easy to buy a surge protector and connect it to your equipment.

How to reduce the effect of WiFi exposure

The first step in reducing the risk of exposure is to reduce the minimum minimum usage; At least until we can be sure of the long-term effects. The people I call ‘smart and technical’ may wonder how exposure to WiFi can do any harm, but remember, once people felt that smoking is healthy with no side effects.

There are many options for reducing WiFi exposure without isolating yourself from the world at large. These options are listed below:

  • Turn off the wifi before going to bed
  • Turn on the wifi router only when necessary
  • Connect your connection
  • Expect to upgrade smart homes
  • Use airplane mode on mobile devices


Well, I hope this article has been useful to you. It is not really complicated. It is not rocket science. But he does little research to see which side of the radiation debate is really behind the science.

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