10 Best 120 Inch Motorized Projector Screen


10 Best 120 Inch Motorized Projector Screen

A projector cannot produce a quality image without the best 120-inch motorized projector screen. When you choose an inexpensive, low screen, you can see that your image is fuzzy or fuzzy. This is due to the thin material that allows light to pass through the screen.

While the screen size is an important detail to consider, there are many other features to pay attention to, including the screen surface.

The screen you select should provide an old background. These screens are usually made of thick, durable material. By preventing light from entering the screen, you ensure that the image does not become slightly opaque, which typically creates a blurred image and reduces contrast.

You also need a screen that is easy to clean and has no chance of breaking. Thin material can easily splash and break, which is difficult to repair.

When choosing a motorized projector screen, the design of a motorized frame is also important. Some displays include remote operation, recorded installation, and smooth opening and closing.

The ease of installation may also vary. Motorized projection screens must be mounted on a wall or ceiling. If you prefer a display that is easy to install, then you may need a display that is equipped with all the necessary installation hardware.

Finding a projector screen with all these features can be challenging. To help you select the right screen, the following screens offer various options to suit any budget. They include the best overall performance with several optional options.

If you want to enjoy a clear HD screen, then look for the best option for a motorized projector screen.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 120 Inch Motorized Projector Screen

Top 10 Best 120 Inch Motorized Projector Screen

1. Elite Screens Manual Series, 120-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen

The Elite Motorized Projector first speaks of 8k projectors. This is the perfect pair for your projection device with a large screen with a diagonal length of 120 inches.

Surface leverages 1.2 for better projection and is an ideal solution for viewing movies, classroom use, business presentations, and conferences.

Due to the black behind the surface, you can make sure that no light passes through the screen, giving you the best experience.

The surrounding black masking on the screen provides better visibility and color contrast, even in rooms with sufficient natural light.

The inlight motorized projector is a noise-free screen, which comes with a wired and wireless remote control option due to its synchronized motor driving device.

It allows watching ultra HD, 4K, and 8K quality videos and is compatible with all projectors available in the market.

The case is rust-free and comes with strong hinges to hang the display on the wall.

The screen is made of synthetic fabric that does not harm water, is very easy to maintain, and can be cleaned with normal water.

When you use a motorized projector with light, you can sit back and enjoy smooth movement, high contrast, and rich color video.

If you have a large location where you want to set up your projector, this screen suits your needs with a 180-degree viewing angle.

Projection becomes easy on the eyes as the screen is coated with anti-UV and has + grade fabric. Even when viewed from afar or diagonal angle, projections do not harm your eyes.

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Features Of Elite Screens Manual Series, 120-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen

Screen material

Full black front projection screen with a textured surface 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D projection are ready. Green guard and Gold Certification UL 2818 Light resistant and easy to clean with soap and water.


The automatic locking mechanism provides a wide range of height adjustments and the display cable allows for easy operation.

Best quality products

Elite Screen focuses on providing the best quality products that are affordable while providing exceptional service. Elite screens have become a world leader in the production of projection screens.

Elite Screens Manual Series, 120-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Extra flat surface Not found
Multiple installation options
HD content display
Easy to use and install

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Elite Screens Manual Series, 120-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen

Most buyers turned off the lights and warmed up a new LCD projector. The quality and images were amazing and everything was predictable. With a large, rich picture and stunning surround sound audio, nothing is missing compared to the local cinema.

Buyers highly recommend the Elite Display for both its product and amazing customer service. As a first-time customer If the expected vision of the product is realized and the buyers must be satisfied.

2. YODOLLA 120inch Motorized Projection Screen, 4:3 4K 3D HD Electric Projector Screen

The YODOLLA projector screen is the perfect companion for your entertainment. It comes with a large 120-inch screen and 4:3 aspect ratios, giving you the optimal size for enjoying large-scale video or sports.

In addition to the larger screen, you also get a wider viewing angle. At 160 degrees, you can easily position your whole family in front of the screen at various angles. And it will remain the same.

Also, the gain is 1.2. So you know that the projections will look a little brighter than the estimates. If you plan to place the set on the skylight, it will definitely help you create a great performance.

The screen supports 3 full layers of black content. With this, you are assured that your projections will look solid and realistic as light cannot escape or pass through the screen.

The engine itself is very durable. It makes no noise while you work and lasts longer.

Features Of YODOLLA 120inch Motorized Projection Screen, 4:3 4K 3D HD Electric Projector Screen

Multi-view app

This electric motorized projection screen is a must for home theater, school, business office, weddings. With a 4K high-definition image quality movie projection screen, you can enjoy the feeling of a large movie theater.

Double-wall /ceiling mount

The quality of the electric projection screen is 19.6 pounds; it can be easily lifted and installed. You can fix it directly on the wall with screws or hang it with 2 extension hooks. It can be easily installed on the ceiling or on the wall.

The smooth automatic locking mechanism

Newly added self-locking design, the electric projection screen can be fixed to your desired length at any time. Ultra-quiet motor lifts drop and lift easily without binding and provide longer life.

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YODOLLA 120inch Motorized Projection Screen, 4:3 4K 3D HD Electric Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Very high level of performance. The installation may take much time
Remote-controlled projector screen
Synchronized motor for noise-free operation
Black coated for smooth and contrasted picture quality

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Recent Buyer Reviews On YODOLLA 120inch Motorized Projection Screen, 4:3 4K 3D HD Electric Projector Screen

This screen is everything a projector screen could be. It is built sturdily, you don’t have to worry about it breaking when pulling down or placing it on. Speaking of which, the spring is very strong and feels very high quality. It locks perfectly in place, the screen is wrinkle-free, and looks great. The only benchmark comparison is the screens used, and they were almost certainly more expensive, and they couldn’t tell the difference unless they were put side by side.

3. Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

The Homegear 110 ” HD 16: 9 projector screen is a 110-inch screen projector with a 1.3-inch matte, 16: 9 aspect ratio, 160-angle viewing angle, and measures 20.3 pounds in weight. Benefits Screen mold is resistant, flame retardant, and can be easily washed with soap and water.

The projector screen has a 3-layer black border, eliminating light penetration to create the ideal contrast. The result is a high-quality product that provides sharp images for your home or office.

The screen motor system of the projector is equipped with noise-canceling functions that make the viewing experience more intense.

In addition, it is energy efficient and requires less energy consumption. It comes with a control panel that can be mounted on the wall, thus eliminating the need for remote control.

Additionally, the projector screen comes with durable steel housing with white plastic for wall and ceiling mounting.

The projector screen is highly compatible with many projectors and includes a simple plug-and-play system as it is already installed.

Features Of Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

Remote control

Motor system, low-energy and quiet motor that improves longevity, control system, the a remote control distance of 25 meters, wall-mount control panel for use without remote control

High contrast

A benefit screen that can be washed with soap and water is the 1 “black masking edges to improve image contrast, 160 ° viewing angle for residential or commercial use, the 3-layer black backing screen which eliminates light penetration and produces high-quality paint Stable resistance, flame retardant.

Remote controlled

Transform your living room with 3D and HD compatibility; amaze your friends and family with this professional setup. Relax, put your feet up, and enjoy this full-screen experience for years to come!

In addition, remote control is included so that you can retract or raise the screen from the comfort of your couch.

Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control
Pro’s Con’s
Supports HD and UHD projectors No chat mix control
Effortless cleaning Tough tension adjustment
Very Classic Design
Fire resistant material

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

This screen is great, a lot of people don’t expect much from G because it is so low compared to other options online, but it is very good. Easy installation right out of the box, just hang it up and plug it in. The remote works great, just push it down or up. It also has a stop button if you want to make a small screen. The man enters the cave to watch movies and sports in this shed and he does not disappoint. Buyers highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality home theater screen on a budget.

4. Elite Screens Spectrum, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen

For a display that will wake up friends and family, the impressive 180-inch elite display is exactly what you need. If you are thinking of growing up or coming home, then you will like this huge screen, which is 88.3 inches long and 156.9 inches wide. It features a 16: 9 4K ready home theater motorized pull-down projector screen with no screen feature via the included remote control.

We love that the screen has a completely black back, prevents light penetration from the back, and provides you with more accurate video quality. The screen texture also allows for more accurate color representation and is also easier to clean. Thanks to its size, it is also ideal for use in boardrooms or offices.

The 180-inch weight is over 52.9 pounds, so this is not something you want to move after installation. The installation itself is simple, although it is best done with two people, and the design gives you the option to mount it on a roof or wall. If you’re ready for the biggest movie of all life, a 180-inch can be just what you need.

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Features Of Elite Screens Spectrum, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen

Fully assembled

The fully assembled, plug-in, and fabricated boats have a durable housing that easily installs to your wall or ceiling with the included installation kit.

180 ° viewing angle

4K Ultra HD front with black back and active 3D projection screen It has a 180 ° viewing angle, is strict, easy to clean, and is green guard and gold certified for clean and safe indoor use Compatible with standard UHD / HD projectors.

Very helpful customer support

Manufacturer’s Warranty ISO 9001 Manufacturer’s Warranty by Elite Screens and lifetime technical support via email, webchat, or free phone call.

Elite Screens Spectrum, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Quite easy to assemble; Need to pull hard to stretch it.
High-quality construction;
Sleek and stylish;
Impressive power handling capability

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Elite Screens Spectrum, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen

Amazing! So worth it!

Excellent image many buyers installed it for group meetings in a manufacturing environment. It works well; it comes with everything you need to install, even leveled Reasonable price, good product, fast delivery. It was highly recommended by buyers.

5. Giantex 120″ Motorized Electric Auto Projector Projection Screen Remote Control

Gone are the days when people painted the walls of their houses in white for the purpose of making projects. Today, there are projection screens specifically designed to deliver high-definition images. One of these motorized displays is a 120-inch Zintex self-projection electric monitor. Larger than its rivals, the screen provides realistic large images.

The build of this display is ultimately designed to allow it to accommodate various functions. The large 120-inch theater offers breathtaking visuals for this dramatic experience. Additionally, the screen offers a 105 X 59-inch view with a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

Because of this, it provides a well-balanced image without distortion. Due to the large size and high clarity, you can use this projection screen in different locations at any time. Whether you want to use it in classrooms, college halls, and at home, it is a versatile display.

Unlike low-quality screens that affect the quality of images during the day, this projection screen maintains quality at all times. The surface provides excellent resolution regardless of light conditions.

This means that the screen has a strong reflection of ambient light so as not to compromise the distribution of the material. Unlike other screens that reflect light, it has a special design and treatment that absorbs light. Consequently, this ensures a uniform distribution of projected light for optimal image quality.

When you select this screen, it gives you better performance. Designed with automatic operation, there is no need to adjust manually. In fact, it has a motorized design that allows you to roll with the push of a button. Surprisingly, the operation of this screen is fluid and efficient. It has two remote controls; Wired and wireless ensure you enjoy random operation.

Features Of Giantex 120″ Motorized Electric Auto Projector Projection Screen Remote Control

Strong frame

The materials used in the construction of the frame are exceptional. They provide excellent support and protection. The structure allows protecting the screen without damaging the screen. Also, while traveling, the case provides a safe and secure way.

Perfect view

A durable matte white surface is the primary choice when ambient light is controllable. It evenly distributes the projected light and gives you full visual enjoyment with optimal image and color reproduction.

Easy installation and cleaning

Fully assembled, Plug and Play Ready features a durable housing that easily installs to your wall or ceiling with an included installation kit. This 8k projector screen is mildew resistant and easy to clean with soap and water.

Giantex 120″ Motorized Electric Auto Projector Projection Screen Remote Control
Pro’s Con’s
Cheap and affordable Acoustically less transparent
Easy to install
Arrives pre-assembled
High quality screen

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Giantex 120″ Motorized Electric Auto Projector Projection Screen Remote Control

Giantex is an excellent choice for various activities. Unlike many other motorized screens, it offers great projection equipment with high-quality images. Buyer highly recommended product that gives you all the fun you want.

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6. Aoxun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen – Indoor and Outdoor Movies Screen

It is a motorized projection screen for indoor and outdoor viewing. The screen can be operated with remote control.

The Baochen 120-inch motorized projector screen is a premium white PVC matte surface. It has a multi-layer fabric. The lowest layer is the flabbergasted coated PVC with an image-sensitive layer after the HD layer. The back of the screen is made of black material to eliminate penetration or damage. This ensures the production of a sharp image.

The screen is rolled into a sturdy aluminum housing that can be suspended from the ceiling. There are masking edges for better contrast. The screen has a gain of 1.2 and a viewing angle of 160 °. A holistic approach means that you and your family get optimal views. The material is stable and fire-resistant.

The housing has a tubular motor that quietly enhances the longevity of the screen. The motor is controlled by an RF remote control of up to 25 meters. There is also a wall climbing control room.

The Baochen 120-inch motorized projector screen can be adjusted via remote control for two aspect ratios. This display is light, portable, and inexpensive. It is ideal for use in offices, schools, or other business functions.

These layering layers affect contrast, brightness, viewing angle, and other aspects of image quality. You can use it to watch movies, readings and exhibitions, weddings, trade shows, and more. The height of the screen can be adjusted with remote control.

The screen is compatible with 3D, CRT, DLP, LCD, and HD projectors. The unit comes with styrofoam packaging and is CE-certified for your safety. It can be washed with mild soap and water.

The 120-inch Baochen Motorized Projector screen has 4: 3 and 16: 9 ratios. It is a 120-inch diagonal screen with a 120-inch viewing angle and 1.2 gain. The screen is suitable for viewing 4K, 8K, UHD, and 3D. The display surface is 72 inches by 96 inches and the screen weighs 24 pounds.

The Baochen 120-inch motorized projector screen is fully assembled and plugs and plays. The unit is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Features Of Aoxun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen – Indoor and Outdoor Movies Screen

Quick installation and easy cleaning

Fully assembled, ready to plug and play, it features a durable housing that easily mounts to a wall or ceiling with the included installation kit. This projector screen is easy to clean with soap and water.

Remote system

Low energy, quiet motor increases longevity Control system: Long-distance radio frequency remote control and wall mount control panel for use without the remote control.

Customer satisfaction

An ideal choice for home theater movies, education, conference room presentations, outdoor movies, and more In addition, the company offers favorable customer service. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service directly.

Aoxun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen – Indoor and Outdoor Movies Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Full frequency range coverage Wavy images with extra short projectors
Very comfortable to use
Premium PET material
Sleek aluminum casing

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Aoxun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen – Indoor and Outdoor Movies Screen

It finally got set up and it was pretty easy to do it with two people. It does not come with any mounting hardware; you have purchased some of Lowe’s anchors, screws, and washers to complete the setup. It is loud as it opens and closes. It was highly recommended by buyers.

7. Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch

Until some time ago, we recommended Silver Ticket as the go-to brand for affordable projection screens. They have recently discontinued many of their products and are no longer widely available.

Fortunately, there are other great options, and one of them is the LF Indoor Outdoor Screen. It is basic and functional, but it has several important advantages over other displays like Mdebeddron.

For starters, it’s exceptionally easy to put together and we think the picture compares to some of the more expensive displays mentioned here, like the Elite Screen Spectrum 2.

However, LFO Outdoor Indoor claims that it can be used, however, the reality is a bit more complex, both indoors and outdoors.

Without a very dark environment, such as a basement with blackout curtains, there is noticeable image quality and degradation. And while the display’s construction becomes easy (it goes on and comes on in minutes), it’s easy to tilt it too.

Fortunately, some weight. This will not happen and we believe that excellent image quality is sufficient to mitigate these issues. The LF has great shoes to fill, but they have done well here. This is a perfect performance if you are on a budget.

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Features Of Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch

Technical support service

Vamvo is committed to meeting customer satisfaction. Local technical teams were established to research and develop the most advanced projector-related products to meet customers’ needs.

Comfortable outdoor projection screen

With a lightweight and reliable stand, this makes it the most convenient portable outdoor projection screen for its size of the transport box.

Very easy to configure

It takes less than 5 minutes to fully configure the entire assembly.

Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch
Pro’s Con’s
​Lightweight and breathable less warranty
Map screen easy to roll
Slim and sleek design
Black coating to eliminate light penetration

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch

Buyers say that this projector screen is really good to use. The only thing buyers say negatively is that the requirement helps collect it because of its size. But if you are watching a movie with a projector, there is at least one person with you, so it is not as negative. It is very strong and the quality is very good. highly recommended!

8. Akia Screens 120″ Motorized Electric Projector Projection Screen

Akia is a recognized leader in the projector screen space globally with a worldwide presence and is highly reliable for its superior quality products and service.

As a brand, which has been in business for 15 years, Akia facilitates customer satisfaction with lifetime support through mail, chat, and calls.

The Akia 120”projector screen kit comes with the screen, a remote control, and a trigger to synchronize the screen with the projector’s power cycle.

Depending on your usage requirements, you can hang it from the ceiling or mount it with a handy pull-down menu / remote control wall.

The front screen is coated with Max White matte finish material and provides a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

The display supports incredibly stunning high definition images with 8K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 3D video. The Akiya 120”projector screen offers the advantage of 1.0 and can be optimized for 4: 3, 16: 9, and 2.35: 1 aspect. It is a 104.65 inch X 58.8-inch screen with a length of 120 inches.

The housing is very strong and durable with additional suspension and synchronized motors that help eliminate noise. The back of the screen is layered with black, giving you a better image without loss of contrast.

The warranty you receive for this product is 12 months against any manufacturing defects.

Features Of Akia Screens 120″ Motorized Electric Projector Projection Screen

Manufacturer warned

1-Year Manufacturing Warranty Aki Screen Screen Motorized screens are not recommended for use or coupling with an ultra-short throw or short throw projectors because those projectors require a fixed frame screen or a screen with tab-tension.

High-quality projection screen

Akia motorized screens are high-quality projection screens that contain everything you need to experience an exciting home theater or professional presentation, anywhere you can hang your screen. The Akia screen motorized screen has a double wall.

Better viewing experience

Black material backing adds shine and eliminates light penetration. It allows a clear and sharp presentation without the loss of projected light. Adjust the screen to the desired position to suit any presentation Company.

Akia Screens 120″ Motorized Electric Projector Projection Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Easy and sturdy mounting options 150 degree viewing angle constraints the area of viewing
Noise-free function 4:3 aspect ratio may not be suitable for all videos
Sturdy material and good quality fabric used in the screen
Easy to clean and maintain

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Akia Screens 120″ Motorized Electric Projector Projection Screen

The low-profile frame works well with ultra-low-throw projectors. The thick lower screen will be blocked during launch. So far the screen is tight and there are no signs of ripples. Buyers preferred the frame secured with two-sided tape, the corner clip tightened slightly, and the middle frame appeared more hidden. It was highly recommended by buyers.

9. Elite Screens Tripod Series, 120-INCH 4:3, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

The Elite Screen Tripod Series Portable Projection Screen is the ideal projection screen for a professional professional. The convenient design makes it easy to transport and install, and its rugged construction allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors.

The base is incredibly strong and the height of the screen can be adjusted in several steps. The screen size is too big for a large audience and weighs less than 40 pounds. This convenient display can be taken anywhere.

These elite screen portable projection screens come with a versatile MaxLite screen material. They have a wide 160-degree viewing angle with 1.1 gain, which is perfect if your audience is spread out over a large area and not necessarily directly in front of the center of the screen. Multilayer woven material is more durable for long-time wear and heavy use. Matte white reflective coating provides uniformity across the entire screen.

This material can be easily cleaned with mild soap and blocks of water. And mold resistant. Tripod series projection screens come with the standard black elite screen mount and four-sided black masking edge. This helps eliminate light penetration and absorbs any overshoot from the projector.

Features Of Elite Screens Tripod Series, 120-INCH 4:3, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

Increase flexibility

The Keystone Eliminator is a built-in standard Improves flexibility by preventing and correcting image distortion caused by high or low projection angles.

Easy to set up

It’s easy to assemble and install in minutes, adjusting different screen proportions by pressing the knob to suit different projection conditions on the screen.

Suitable for any application

The adjustable regulator offers the possibility to make various height adjustments. The portable tripod projection screen is ideal for small or large-scale indoor and outdoor presentations.

Elite Screens Tripod Series, 120-INCH 4:3, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Clear picture with realistic colors No tab-tension option
Competitive price
Solid structure and clean look
Matte Grey screen rejects ambient light

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Recent Buyer Reviews On Elite Screens Tripod Series, 120-INCH 4:3, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

Many say that it was purchased to replace screens too small and portable for use at home or church. Buyers say this is very satisfactory. Moving, installing, and deleting it are large and cumbersome, but they are a minor tradeoff for the size and quality of the projected image. If you need a reasonable price for a large-format screen, most buyers recommend it.

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10. Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

The best-motorized screen projection option is a lightweight 100-inch projector screen that weighs approximately 9 pounds. It has a screen gain of 1.3, a viewing angle of 160, and a display ratio of 4: 3 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The 1.3 gain and 100 ‘screen plus a 4-sided black masking border create a large, clear image that is dynamic. For this reason, this projector can be used in many areas, including home theater, educational and commercial settings.

The screen is made of anti-static and anti-acid fabric that protects it from dust and mold. The result is a long-lasting cloth that can be used for extended periods. Clothes are easily cleaned with mild soap and water, so you can easily maintain the projector screen.

The projector screen comes with a wall-mount controller to operate your system. Also, it comes with a remote control that is used to operate the screen remotely.

The motor runs quietly to provide a quiet environment suitable for your home movies and professional experiences.

Features Of Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

Motorized screen

Raise and lower the motorized screen with a wall-mount controller, or use a remote control to operate the screen remotely. The motor moves silently for an even more professional experience.

Dynamic image

With a black rear screen for low light penetration, 4-sided black edge masking, and a sharp matte white screen, images on this screen will appear sharper, clearer, and more dynamic than before.

Made to last

Anti-acid and anti-static fabric protects against dust and mold for long-lasting wear, while smooth surfaces allow easy cleaning; Just wet a cloth and wipe the screen to clean the dirt.

Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Advanced calibration Has a short power cable
Remote control included
Easy to clean through a damp cloth
Fire resistant material

View on Amazon

Recent Buyer Reviews On Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

Excellent screen! Easy to mount, especially at night time, use movies, video games, TV, etc. Buyers using a Pile HD projector up to a 100 “diagonal screen, so perfect, Happily marvel at the amount of light that holds it out Motorized action Steady, no shock the picture quality on this screen Very good. Most buyers highly recommend this product.

What is a star projector?

In simple terms, a star projector is basically a projector that excludes only the ceiling view and the wall view on the ceiling and other astronomical objects.

The dome-shaped exterior structure of the star projector is filled with various astronomical designs, so when light passes through them, they form the desired shape on the ceiling. See how the constellations work from here.

It is traditionally used by star lovers or parents whose children have trouble sleeping at night. But nowadays many people use it to beautify their room and also to create the atmosphere of their house party.

The first modern star projector was also known as the Constellation Projector in 1923 by creator Carl Zeiss Jena.

Since then, night light projectors began their journey and now they have become modern equipment that is never in short supply. Before this, only a handful of manufacturers had made homemade planetary projectors.

But today there are many manufacturers like Sega, Homestar Classic, Parrot, Uncle Milton, etc. that are producing hundreds of different flagship models on the market. Unfortunately, not all models will meet expectations.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A 120 Inch Motorized Projector Screen

Selecting a motorized projection screen is not very difficult. You just have to be careful with some important points. Following them will definitely lead to the purchase of a projector screen that is worth your need. These projector screens have very little difference from each other as all companies try to follow the standards.

Screen size

This is one of the many features that people should consider when buying. Depending on the purpose of the screen, this will require you to be selective. For presentation, the screen must be large enough. They will ensure that even distant people enjoy clear and visible images. However, for personal use, it depends on the space available for mounting.

The best thing about projection screens is that they are as big and cheap as televisions. Therefore, people can always have a big screen to watch movies and games. Generally, the size of your screen will depend on a variety of personal preferences, as well as other considerations.         

Aspect Ratio

It is the ratio between the width of the screen and its height. Different types of videos, like movies, HDTV, PC, and videos, generally have different aspect ratios and you get custom projectors for different aspect ratios.

Depending on your use, select the one that supports the correct type of aspect ratio.

For HDTVs, this 16: 9 widescreen PC generally has a 16:10 aspect ratio, the movies you watch are mostly 2.35: 1, and normal video has a 4: 3 aspect ratio

Screen color

The white screen will give you the most vivid images and rich colors, but blacks can appear gritty. The gray and silver projection screens are designed for more contrasting images. In well-lit rooms, darker shades of gray material look best, but you’ll also need an impressive projector to achieve the desired brightness.

Fixed vs. movable

Consider how you would use your projector screen. Do you want it to disappear when you are looking at something or do you want it to be more permanent? While some projection screens can roll up when not in use, others are more stable. Plus, some displays offer a motorized feature, so you don’t have to get out of your seat to start the action.

A mobile screen saves wall space, but if it’s electronic, there’s always room for something to go wrong.

You also have the option of portable displays, which can be attached or inflated, which are useful for traveling or camping. They’re a lot of fun, but their screens can sometimes wrinkle when not in use.

Remote controlled

There are two different types of remote controls to control a motorized projector screen. These are IR one means infrared and RF means radiofrequency.

The universal remote controls we use are infrared, but the radio-frequency ones are very efficient because you don’t need to pay attention to them and they automatically connect to the target antenna.

There are some, we must say, useless types of useless projection screens that are controlled only through a button on the settings panel. You should avoid buying them because when you need to close and press the button, what is the problem with the manual?

Therefore, always select one that can be controlled by remote control, while most of them come with infrared and radio frequency remote controls.

Fabric type

An important factor to maximize image quality is the screen fabric. The two most important qualities of a typical fabric are its benefits and viewing angles. The first is the measurement of reflected light from the screen. The viewing angle is the maximum angle through a screen that can be viewed with an acceptable viewing screen. Therefore, the higher gain decreases the angle of view of the surface.


Projection screens are made of different materials; Some displays may be more suitable for Ultra HD content than others. In addition, various screens provide various features, such as easy cleaning and fire resistance.

If you are purchasing a screen for outdoor use, make sure that you can clean it easily, as stains or bird defects are always in the most inconvenient locations.


A projector screen is a device that will stay with you for a long time. A great home cinema experience depends on the quality of the screen. Lower quality displays may come at lower prices, but they do not last long and the image quality will not be impressive.

After extensive research, we selected our top 10 options that provide the best value for money. They will enhance your multimedia experience and their elegant design will not compromise the texture of your room. We have also considered cheaper options. They will serve you well without breaking.

With our extensive inventory, you will have a good and useful overview of currently available motorized projector screens to find a model that suits your preferences.

Our editor’s best recommendation is- Aoxun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen – Indoor and Outdoor Movies Screen

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Firoz Ali Saifi is a writer for BestWirelessDevices.com, where he specializes in PC components, PC accessories, and gadgets. He’s also written for various other publications on gaming consoles, smartphones, and laptops.


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