10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome


10 Best 12v TV For Motorhome

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If you are planning to go camping or you have a motorhome, then you must need a 12v TV for a motorhome. Just because you live life on the motorhome doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some time to sit back and watch your favourite TV shows.

With a 12 volt TV in your motorhome, you can watch all of the latest episodes of your favourite show while in the motorhome, camping etc. A 12v TV is a great investment for any family, especially in these days of streaming services.

Whether you want to catch up on your favourite shows or just find some downtime from the busy world around you, a 12v TV is very handy as its name suggests it only consumes 12 volts of power and gives you the best picture quality.

But the question that arises is which 12v TV for a motorhome is best for you and which TV gives you the best quality. Don’t worry, we are here to solve this problem. Here we selected some of the 10 best 12v TV for motorhomes, that will give you the best quality and features. So, read this article at the end to know about the best 12v TVs. 

Table of Contents

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 12v TV For Motorhome

Top 10 Best 12v TV For Motorhome

1. SuperSonic SC-1912 LED Widescreen HDTV

If you’re looking for a new motorhome 12V TV with an in-built DVD player, the Supersonic SC 1912 12 volts widescreen HDTV is your dream come true. This TV is perfect for all of your needs as it is a TV with its own built-in DVD player, which is compatible with a variety of formats including DVD, VCD, and SVCD.

With this TV, you can connect your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime. You’ll never have to miss out on your favorite shows! It also includes HDMI, USB, and AC ports to connect game consoles, FireSticks, and other adapters and accessories.

Additional input terminals include VGA, RF, PC audio, and CVBS (Audio Left) that allow you to connect the TV with an external speaker system. The resolution of this 12 volt TV is 720p and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It also has a contrast ratio of 1,000: 1 and allows you to install an external SD card to view family photos and videos stored on any type of storage device.

You’ll love this TV because you can connect it to an external speaker system and listen to your favorite movies in incredible sound quality. This TV is supplied with adapters for alternating and direct current. This TV is the perfect solution for anyone who is wishing to upgrade to a newer, sleeker model without worrying about compatibility or adapters.

Features Of Supersonic SC-1912 LED Widescreen HDTV

  • The amazing feature of this Supersonic 12v Tv is that it has an in-built DVD player with which you can play CDs and DVDs on your TV.
  • You can also stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services in this 12v TV for Motorhome.
  • In this TV for motorhome, you can also use Micro SD cards to play videos and movies of your choice.

SuperSonic SC-1912 LED Widescreen HDTV
Pro’s Con’s
Built-in DVD Player No mounting hardware included in the box
720p High resolution
Streaming services available
Can input HDMI, USB, CVBs, etc.
120Hz refresh rate
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On SuperSonic SC-1912 LED Widescreen HDTV

This soundbar was seamlessly combined with the television and has dramatically improved sound quality. Some buyers have trouble with older soundbars, so they can’t use a wired remote to adjust the volume. However, the infrared remote control is still very useful here and needs to be done from time to time. The soundbar sounds great and more than buyers need, and the room is quite large. It has become easy to use and is recommended by most buyers. Shipping was fast, with Amazon as usual.

2. Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V

Have you seen this new Jensen JTV19DC LED TV? It’s the perfect size for anyone who wants to bring their favorite shows and films with them on the go. It only weighs 6.2 pounds and is one of the lightest TVs in its category!

If you want a lightweight 12-volt television for your motorhome you can consider this and with it, you can minimize the risk of it breaking the mounts you use for the permanent TV installation, this is an excellent option.

All Jensen LED TVs bear the name Jensen – one of the most trusted brands of RV TVs. The brand was founded in 1915, and it has gone through more than a century of trial and error to determine what makes a great TV for a motorhome without using extra fluff.

This TV is amazing. It has a 16: 9 aspect ratio and is capable of displaying 16.7 million colors. It’s perfect for watching movies or playing video games on. It also has a built-in HDTV tuner that makes it ready to receive HDTV signals in 1080p, 720p, and 480p resolution.

 It has a total of three outputs with selectable line levels for audio, digital, SPDIF audio, and headphones. What really sets this TV apart from the competition is its design. Although it is one of the lightest 12v TVs on the market, it is also one of the most durable and versatile.

It is equipped with modern aesthetics and industrial-grade reinforced metal cabinets to keep your device safe and healthy while driving. Its slim and wide profile is perfect for filming in a motorhome.

It has a robust metal body with a reinforced housing structure to protect it from movements and vibrations common to all 12V televisions. It also features convenient controls on the front to facilitate the television experience. The mounting points on the back of the TV are reinforced and the board is coated for additional protection.

Features Of Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V

  • The best and features specification of it is that it is lightweight 12v TV and that is why it is durable too.
  • It has an integrated HDTV tuner which will help you to increase the quality of the display. This means it can take multiple resolution signals like 1080p, 720p, etc.
  • It also has front controls which help you to control the TV without a remote too.

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V
Pro’s Con’s
It can receive different HDTV signals like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p No stand in the box. You have to purchase it separately
Lightweight and Durable Few screen size options available
16:9 aspect ratio No mounting hardware
Dual Function remote control
HDMI connection supported
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V

What a great sound enhances the sound of a TV speaker. Most buyers were able to get a discount code to cut costs, so it was very affordable. Many buyers will be arriving sometime soon, as the puppy does not catch or chew the remote control cloud due to the characteristics of the product. It works so far, but in its current state, it is highly recommended by buyers.

3. Free Signal TV Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV

Free Signal TV Transit is an amazing solution for sports fans and movie buffs. This 32-inch-wide HDTV is a great way to watch your favorite games, shows, and movies with friends and family. It’s perfect for small spaces, especially for motorhomes.

First of all, it offers a resolution of 720p and is suitable for both wall and desktop mounting. It can also be equipped with a CHD-1260 Power Brick Adapter, which is sold separately and compatible with alternating current.

A 12V flat-screen TV provides you with additional versatility when setting up, especially if you are looking for a location with access to a DC outlet. It features dynamic audio response and advanced noise reduction.

The former translates into high-quality sound, so you will have difficulty hearing dialogues in quiet film scenes. HDMI is a great technology that can be used to connect it to your HDMI-enabled devices, like televisions, game consoles, and more. HDMI cables allow for a clearer image with less static. All you need to do is plug it into your this 12v TV and start enjoying it.

The wide viewing angle makes this 12-volt motorhome TV ideal for sports and other TV broadcasts with friends. Although you are not sitting directly in front of the TV, the design and wide viewing angles ensure that the image is not distorted when you are with your friends and family.

Features Of Free Signal TV Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV

  • The screen size of this motorhome 12v TV is 32 inches. So, you will get a better experience of watching TV.
  • It also has multiple HDMI inputs that you can use to connect gaming consoles and other HDMI-supported devices.
  • This TV is specially made for motorhome and for camping purposes, so you don’t need to worry about the weight and durability.

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Free Signal TV Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV
Pro’s Con’s
720p resolution No Mounting Hardware available.
32-inch screen Little heavier
Multiple HDMI outputs available
Dual Speakers
Wide Viewing Angle
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Free Signal TV Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV

The soundbar and subwoofer have excellent performance and rich sound quality. It also came before ETA. Most of the providers are also very friendly and helpful!

Built-in features also purchase “wireless” surround speakers. You must run the speaker cable. This soundbar is amazing from in-depth movies to musical heights. Many buyers say that they have no regrets about this purchase!

4. LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch 720p LED HD TV

The LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU is a low-cost TV model that you can use in your motorhome. It has a 24-inch screen and HD resolution, which means that it’s perfect for the size of your motorhome.

It’s the most budget-friendly 12-volt motorhome TV on our list and delivers great performance when you are not watching TV. It also has a large screen size and a resolution of 720p.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants better-quality photos. It offers a high-quality LED to provide images with detailed colors and high image quality. It also features a 60 Hz refresh rate for fast-action scenes in your favorite Hollywood films and shows showing no distracting motion blur in this TV as many TVs have which can affect your eyes and health.

In terms of inputs, this model has an HDMI, USB, and ATSC input. It doesn’t offer the greatest versatility on the front, but it has plenty of power to plug into your DVD player, as well as old and new Amazon FireStick and other devices like this.

The dimensions of this motorhome TV with the stand are 219 x 21 x 13.6 inches that are width x depth x height and 219 x 58 x 15.2 inches without the tripod.

Features Of LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch 720p LED HD TV

  • On this TV you can use Amazon FiresStick and Roku Tv services as well to watch your favorite TV shows on the go.
  • The picture quality of this 12v TV is best in comparison to several 12v TVs.
  • There are multiple input systems available in this TV like HDMI, USB, etc.

LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch 720p LED HD TV
Pro’s Con’s
720p HD resolution Limited inputs available
Triple XD Engine Lack of smart functionality
Multiple HDMI outputs available
Direct Lit-LED Picture
Affordable price
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch 720p LED HD TV

Many buyers say this is the second or third soundbar, looking for clarity in dialogue because his voice clarity technique wasn’t enough. There are six levels of clarity. Usually, you just have to go to level 2 to get what buyers want. Some buyers don’t like booming bass with wall-shattering sound effects. I just want to listen and this soundbar does the trick.

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5. Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

The Supersonic SC-2211 HDTV works like a high-definition TV with crisp image quality and guarantees amazing picture details and contrasts. The colors projected onto the monitor contain a spectrum of vivid colors that give you amazing picture quality. The colors are projected by a liquid crystal display that gives you detailed and accurate color reproduction.

There are many features in this TV, one of them allows you to use a wide variety of technological hardware to view multiple channels and apps on your television such as Netflix, HBO, and more. It is compatible with many ports. It has a PC input function that allows you to use your TV as a computer monitor.

This TV is also compatible with campers and has AC / DC compatibility with all devices. This device will certainly provide you with an amazing experience with its clear, vibrant features.

This software offers a variety of functions to operate different streaming video files on the screen. It is easy to use with a simple interface for users. It offers decent audio quality and boasts of regulating audio imbalances.

The image quality of the Supersonic SC-2211 is what makes it so popular. The LED backlighting gives you a crisp, clear picture with deeper blacks and colors. However, his tone is not of the same quality. Customer reviews show that technical support staff for this particular device brand were disappointing and there was little proactive response.

Customer reviews show that technical support staff for this particular device brand were underwhelming and there was little proactive response. The TV is not as stable as it should be for a recreational vehicle.

Features Of Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

  • It has liquid crystal technology which provides you the amazing picture quality.
  • It also has a PC Input feature with which you can use this TV as a computer monitor and play games or watch movies through your computer on a big screen.
  • You can also watch your favorite movies and web series on Netflix with this Supersonic SC-2211 TV.

Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV
Pro’s Con’s
HD Resolution Technical Support not good Dead pixels complaint after long term use
Cheap and affordable Sound quality is quite less
Multiple HDMI outputs available Dead pixels complaint after long term use
AC / DC compatibility
PC Input available
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

For those who use headphones, etc., the sound is very clear. A great Zvox soundboard for many years without problems!!! However, along with the hearing problem, a bass problem developed that was fixed with this soundbar. Many buyers have given 5 directly to use the TV remote control to control the sound. Therefore, you must use a second remote control [the remote that comes with the AV200]. Even with this downside, I highly recommend that anyone who wants to listen to their television purchase this unit.

6. AXESS TVD1805-19 19-Inch 1080p LED HD TV

AXESS TVD1905-19 is also a good 12v TV for motorhome. Well, It has a built-in DVD player that offers high performance and a variety of features in a simple and compact case design. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768 (max. Resolution) and a sharp viewing experience with an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

The great thing about this 12v TV is that it is loaded with several features. It has received many positive customer reviews regarding its image quality and the comfort of its built-in DVD player. Also, it offers many options for color correction for your image quality.

The audio control ensures a balanced audio quality that matches your image quality. It is easy to connect to your 12V source and provides a good balance for your audio. It uses little power and has a high output power, which makes you efficient with your own power source.

It is not suitable for campers as it is thicker than other recommended televisions, which can make installation in your vehicle more difficult. One of the viewing angles is also small, making it more difficult to appreciate the image quality it offers.

A recurring complaint is the problem with the DVD player, as it does not play for a long time. Although it may seem like a concrete decision, customer reviews have been able to pinpoint problems, and some of the issues are not provided in his package. The full range of functions is made available and accessible at a price.

Features Of AXESS TVD1805-19 19-Inch 1080p LED HD TV

  • It has the maximum resolution of display that definitely increases the experience of watching TV.
  • The picture quality of this TV is absolutely great, and there are so many reviews where users of this TV appreciate the quality of display.
  • This AXESS TVD1805-19 has an in-built DVD Player so you don’t have to purchase a separate one.

AXESS TVD1805-19 19-Inch 1080p LED HD TV
Pro’s Con’s
16:9 Aspect Ratio Narrow viewing angle
1920 x 1080 Max Resolution Wall mount not included
Multiple HDMI outputs available
AC / DC compatibility
High Output Performance
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On AXESS TVD1805-19 19-Inch 1080p LED HD TV

The bar is about 115 centimeters long, 8.5 centimeters high, and 11.3 cm wide. The sound is very good, good bass without thunder, the quality shows.

Dolby Atmos used it in the Tidal Direct app on Android and it didn’t recognize the song, but make no mistake with the Sonos app, you can play Dolby Atmos smoothly. How to reference the use of an S10 + and an iPhone.

The sound is great, it is a good idea to listen live before buying, you are looking for many power options, and you are looking for quality, clarity, and enjoy good sound.

7. Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV

The Transit 32 “HDTV offers high-quality performance and is energy efficient. The Transit 32 “HDTV provides a high-resolution picture with vivid colors while consuming less than 49 watts of power, which is about 10% less than the average TV.

 It also offers a wide viewing angle of an impressive 178 x 178 degrees. The most impressive feature is its fast response time, which comes from its simple and practical interface with a response time of 5 ms.

It is also light with an average weight of 13.1 lbs. It has 3 HDMI inputs for your convenience. Other innovative features for all your entertainment needs include dynamic audio response and attendant noise cancellation functions, excellent bright ambient performance, fully functional remote control, and desktop tripod, and a detailed user manual.

You’ll be able to see the best of what this 12-volt DC-powered HDTV has to offer. It’s perfect for mobile use with its top specifications.

This is a mobile and lightweight LED TV solution that offers amazing HD image quality and new features that will certainly help you. This LED flat-screen TV offers high-resolution image quality at incredibly low voltage.

However, one feature of the TV does not correspond to the overall quality of its other functions. This can be solved by adding a noise level. Another feature missing from the TV is a built-in DVD player.

The most negative customer rating focuses on sound quality when compared to other aspects. For instance, it’s much easier to overlook a low speaker volume when you have plenty of other features like Bluetooth connectivity.

Features OfTransit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV

  • The one most amazing feature of it is that it is lightweight in comparison to several 12v TV for motorhome.
  • Another amazing feature is that you can also use this TV in a high humidity environment.
  • The quality of pictures on this TV is very impressive.

Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV
Pro’s Con’s
HD Quality Pictures No DVD Player
1366 x 768 resolution Little bit low audio quality
Multiple HDMI outputs available
Easy-to-Set-Up and Versatile 12v Flat Screen TV
Free Signal TV Support
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Transit 32″ 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Screen HDTV

Buyers say it was easy to install and easy to use! Everyone has to turn on the television and turn on the soundbar! So once you set a good volume, you have to use a soundbar remote. Headphone fan at bedtime while watching the film or something else being said, listen and understand it

8. Cello C24ANSMT 24” Android Smart LED 12v

This year, more people are watching Netflix than ever before. It’s also available on any device, which makes it perfect for busy people who want to watch their favorite shows anytime and anywhere. That means you can do pretty much anything on Netflix.

Cello’s 24″ TV is perfect for you if you want to enjoy a high-quality picture without breaking the bank. It has Android Smart models and Wi-Fi HD Freeview, so it offers more options than almost any other TV on the list.

From this product are easily accessible Netflix, YouTube, and many social media platforms. Since it has two HDMI ports, you can connect to it a variety of other additional hardware. You can play games on a console, plug in an HD satellite receiver, or even a Blu-ray player.

The size range from 16 “to 24” offers a wide selection to find a suitable TV size for your motorhome. The Cello 12V TV is the perfect companion for motorhomes. Our customers love how easy it is to use and how great the picture and sound are!

The good thing is that there are external speakers that you can plug in to enhance the audio and entertainment experience. The disadvantage is that some people who prefer higher audio quality may find that the TV is below value. You will also need a WiFi booster to take full advantage of the Smart TV features.

Features Of Cello C24ANSMT 24” Android Smart LED 12v

  • It has a built-in DVD player in which you can play DVDs and CDs of your choice.
  • The amazing feature of this 12v TV is that it is an android smart TV in which you can use YouTube, Netflix, and more functions.
  • It also has an Ethernet port with several different ports with which you can connect it to the internet, well it also has WiFi too.

Cello C24ANSMT 24” Android Smart LED 12v
Pro’s Con’s
HD Quality Pictures To use full functionality of internet, you might have to use WiFi booster
Android Smart TV
Has 2 HDMI ports and several other ports
WiFi connection available
1080p Resolution
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Cello C24ANSMT 24” Android Smart LED 12v

This is a big deal. The sound is perfect for music and movies. Some basic without ARC, but you only have one optical device connected for home/office TV with music channels and TV in the background. Feels very good the remote control is small and easy to use. I would highly recommend it for small setups. The Samsung HW-T650 sounds great and sounds great when playing music and audio from movies and OTA channels.

9. Proscan LED 12v TV For Motorhome

You can also choose a ProScan LED TV as your new Motorhome or Camping 12v TV Well, it comes with a built-in DVD player. The quality of the picture is excellent and the size is perfect for campers and also for Motorhome owners and Truck drivers too. As for the TV, it is easy to connect to the system and you do not need to open the instructions in the guidebook.

The TV and DVD player work well together. The DVD player doesn’t make too much noise or come with any unnecessary features. However, This TV does not switch to DVD mode automatically when the disc is inserted. This is to be expected given that this model is a combination of a television and a DVD player. You have to manually switch between TV and DVD using the options. This means that it is slightly more complicated than other TV-DVD combination models.

Well, many people found the remote control easy to use and responsive. The mounting stand was not mounted according to the instructions many times, but the installation was simple. There are HDMI ports too, and you can use Roku TV also in this TV.

Features Of Proscan LED 12v TV For Motorhome

  • In Proscan LED 12v TVs every model there is a built-in DVD player, so you don’t have to purchase it separately.
  • The power consumption of this TV is very low as it is made especially for motorhomes and campers.
  • The set-up of this TV is very easy and you don’t need any specialization to mount or install it.

Proscan LED 12v TV For Motorhome
Pro’s Con’s
High 720p resolution No Smart Functionality
Less power consumption
Has HDMI ports and several other ports
In Built DVD Player
60Hz Refresh Rate
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews OnProscan LED 12v TV For Motorhome

Buyers are very happy with this speaker and its performance Easy button to adjust the sound depending on whether you are listening to music, a movie, or a talk. It also seems very easy to switch between connecting with Bluetooth and TV. That’s what they wanted. He is also very satisfied with the company’s customer service. Most buyers say they definitely recommend the speaker and the company.

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10. Sceptre 24″ 1080P LED HDTV DVD

The Scepter HDTV With DVD  is a great choice for the right 12v TV. We’ll set up your TV and cable box in a few minutes. You won’t have any problems with the programs, and setup will be very quick. The quality of the image is impressive, which is fine for an image of this size.

It’s much nicer than the Roku streaming stick, and it’s much clearer than a DVD. The picture is also well lit, which makes it easy to mount on a motorhome, which saves you the need to tighten screws.

The field of view can be limiting, but if you find the right location, your image will be great. The colors are vibrant and the images are sharp. The other problem is with the quality of the sound but it can be fixed by configuring the Sound Options menu.

The memory of this DVD player allows you to continue watching a movie without turning off the TV. This is helpful because it eliminates the need to fumble with the remote while trying to switch between devices. It’s also great for when you want. This is considered a great quality, or feature.

Overall, this TV has several features and the price is also normal. You can check out this 12v TV on Amazon for more details and pricing.

Features Of Sceptre 24″ 1080P LED HDTV DVD

  • The resolution of this 12v Tv is 1080p. Means you will get amazing picture quality on this TV.
  • It is specially designed for campers and for Motorhomes. So, you don’t need to worry about its durability.
  • The weight of this TV is also not high, which is a good point.

Sceptre 24″ 1080P LED HDTV DVD
Pro’s Con’s
High 1080p resolution Little bit less quality of sound, but can be fixed through some settings
Less power consumption
Several ports like HDMI, USB etc
In Built DVD Player
MHL transfers
10 Best 12V TV For Motorhome 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sceptre 24″ 1080P LED HDTV DVD

Just stop looking and buy it in advance. Especially for music It certainly sounds great with movies and television, but if you’re looking for simulated surround sound, this is for you. But as a standard stereo soundbar, this thing is exceptional. Note that a separate Sony subwoofer is attached, and this is really all that is needed for solid bass sound. But the internal subwoofer is good too.

Info About 12-volt TV

Many people use an inverter to power their TV. However, we know that 12v TV For Motorhome is superior to standard TVs, and the key to the benefits is to make the most of switching to a 12-volt TV. Just because it saves electricity.

The electricity goes directly to the TV, not to the inverter. Inverters are a convenient way to generate alternating current, but of course, they have their weaknesses. The power supply of a TV set via an inverter is one of the disadvantages of the inverter, especially when it is assembled.

To make matters worse, when electricity is converted from one form of direct current to another (vice versa), there is a loss of usable energy. Truck drivers and owners of MotorHome can easily fall into this “inverter trap”

That is why many Truck Drivers and people who have Motor Home now prefer to use 12-volts TV. Because it saves energy from inverters. Also, they are very compact and handy.

12v TV Vs a Normal TV

Today’s televisions are not built to withstand vibrations, shocks, and bumpy roads which you face in a motorhome. This is why if you are wondering why you bother with a 12V TV when you can simply mount your normal TV, then maybe it’s time to rethink.

Your journey runs smoothly like silk but has problems with power consumption.12v TVs are designed to be wired with either 12V or 24V batteries, depending on your needs. The internal chassis is reinforced so that the TV can remain mounted.

A portable TV can be a great asset to campers because it can detach with significant force from the mount, and it may not be able to withstand bumps outdoors.

With a normal TV, condensation forms when it is cold. With a TV that is warm, there may be short circuits when switched on.

12V TVs are great because they have an anti-glare coating. This means that you can watch TV even on sunny days without any problems.

In the scenario of a normal TV, angles can be a bit tricky as intense sunlight can blow up the TV screen. However, a 12V TV can offer a better outdoor viewing experience.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Best 12v TV For Motorhome

1. Size Of TV

When buying a TV for a motorhome, you can’t purchase any type or any size of the TV. Opting for a large TV might not be the best decision as it can create more inconvenience. When you’re trying to design the interior of your motorhome, it’s important to think about what will fit comfortably in your living space.

If a smaller size TV doesn’t meet your needs, you won’t get the ultimate viewing experience. In order to strike a balance between large and small, it is important to keep the size of your TV within a certain range. Most 12-volt motorhome TVs are between 16 and 32 inches in size.

Choosing the right 12v TV size for your motorhome is not as difficult as it may seem, but you need to think about how big your motorhome is and how much space it has. According to this, you can consider the size of your 12v TV.

2. DVD Player

Well, it’s not compulsory but it all depends upon your needs. When moving your Motorhome, it’s best to be careful not to trip over cables and wires. It’s always best to have a small TV rather than a DVD player because you can find an easy way to hook it up.

This issue can be resolved by opting for a 12-volt motorhome TV with a built-in DVD player or Blue-ray. This ensures you don’t confuse the limited space you have with additional equipment.

3. Storage

The 12V TV with built-in storage is a great investment if you want to record your favorite TV Shows and watch them again. This TV transforms any space, and every guest will be amazed when they see it.

Having a TV with built-in storage will be able to store and manage your videos, so you can watch them without worry. This will help you avoid any issues where videos won’t play due to a bad internet connection or loading for too long.

Your caravan will set in motion and the passengers will continue to enjoy the replay. A 12V Motorhome TV with a built-in hard drive for recording and storing files is also an excellent purchase. With it, you can record live television shows and interesting videos.

4. Battery

The most important feature of a motorhome TV is the built-in battery. It’s great for those who like to take their TV with them on the road.

With a charging time of two hours, battery-powered TVs can run for up to 10 hours or more. This is due to their LCD screens which consume much less power than traditional CRT TVs.

A backup battery can charge your phone or other devices via a USB port. If you have a 12v TV with low power consumption, it is important to find at least one backup battery. A battery will provide enough power to keep your TV running in the event of an emergency.


Well, we have covered 10 Best 12v TV For Motorhome and also for campers who want to enjoy TV shows or movies on the big screen on the go. We all know that we can watch TV and movies on smartphones but still, the big screen has its own enjoyment.

So, all the products we have mentioned here are available on Amazon or online on many e-commerce sites. We have selected the best possible 12v TVs for you, now it’s your turn to select as per your choice and needs.

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