10 Best 4 Inch Car Speakers With Good Bass


10 Best 4 Inch Car Speakers With Good Bass

Are you looking for a good speaker for your car that suits your taste? When you invest in a speaker, you need to know what you are buying.

A speaker in the car is essential for our driving experience. A good speaker can raise our awareness and performance as the feeling of happiness increases us.

The choices are many, and people’s preferences are varied. But everyone wants the voice to be clear and clear. Out of so many options, the best 4-inch car speaker can give you the right sound in your car that you’ve always wanted.

People want good sound quality but in a much lighter frame. To get the best experience with your car speaker system, you need good bass and volume, as well as the 4 Inch Car Speakers With Good Bass.

Which 4 inch speakers are good?

The simple answer is not for everyone.

If you want an easy, inexpensive upgrade to improve your standard speakers’ sound quality, a small set of 4-inch coaxial speakers makes perfect sense. Most vehicles come with the correct size holes, and installation is straightforward.

Another essential benefit of 4-inch speakers is that you are spoiled for choice. Since there are so many options in the market, we’re deliberately sticking to 10 to protect you from analytical paralysis.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 4Inch Car Speakers With Good Bass

Brand Product Model Rating Price
KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers, Yellow (2 Pack)
Brand – KICKER
KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers, 4.5 out of 5 $53.96
JBL CLUB4020 4" 180W Club Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker
Brand – JBL
JBL CLUB4020 4″ 180W Club Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker 4.5 out of 5 $33.44
Polk Audio DB402 DB+ Series 4" Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification, Black
Brand – Polk
Polk Audio DB402 DB+ Series 4″ Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification 4.6 out of 5 $69

Top 10 Best 4 Inch Car Speakers With Good Bass

1. Polk Audio DB402

Product Information: Polk Audio DB402 DB+ Series 4

  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 90w
  • Peak: 270w
  • Colour: Silver/black
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

Polk Audio is a huge name in the audio industry, offering a wide range of audio equipment for every purpose.

We have previously reviewed various pole audio car speakers on this website, especially the DB series speakers who are famous and popular.

Polk Audio gives their car speakers a minimalist look. For example, the dB series speaker has gleaming stainless steel mounting hardware and DB design grills that add a nice touch to the interior of your car.

Polk Audio DB402 loudspeaker

Polk Audio DB401 is a versatile speaker. They have a multi-hole mounting pattern and a shallow depth of 3/4-inch, making them virtually easy to install in any car on the road.

These loudspeakers are also marine-certified, so they are also suitable for use in all types of boats.

Polk’s db402 speakers are made of high-quality materials that won’t stand out from others under stress, overuse, heat, or time. These speakers are equipped with liquid-cooled 3/4-inch silk/polymer tweeters that use powerful neodymium magnets to create precise highs for bright musical details.

They are also equipped with polymer/mica composite woofers and durable rubber.

The integrated two-way crossover for the sound driver ensures better stereo imaging and sound stage (woofer and higher than the tweeter).

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Features Of Polk Audio DB402

Installation Flexibility

For flexible installation, the DB402 has a multi-hole mounting pattern and a DB ”depth that allows for easy installation.

Great Sound Production

With 91dB sensitivity and 45W RMS power handling capability, so the sound output is not a concern for you.

Advance speaker

Equipped with a 0.75-inch liquid-cooled silk polymer composite dome tweeter and a neodymium magnet

Polk Audio DB402
Pro’s Con’s
2-way crossovers Don’t handle external amps well
High sensitivity for more sound output They didn’t last long
Marine certified
Dynamic balance drivers have been used

Recent Buyer Reviews On Polk Audio DB402

This little speaker sounds good! Love them on the versa pods mounted on my motorcycle windscreen; love the Polk DB series; already got into a rainy day, and they are holding great! , got the hook with an amplifier with 60rms, and they sound fantastic!

Buyers highly recommended it.

2. Kenwood KFC-1095PS 4″ 3-Way Speakers

Product Information:

Kenwood KFC-1095PS 4" 3-Way Speakers

  • Sensitivity: 85db
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 40W
  • Peak: 220W
  • Colour: black
  • Item Weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

Kenwood KFC-1095PS is custom compliant. It’s a 4-inch 3-way speaker that weighs about 2.8 pounds. It can handle a maximum power consumption of 220 W and has a nominal RMS value of 36 W and an impedance of 4 ohms. If you want to take your system to the next level without paying a fortune, this speaker is your choice.

Kenwood’s Display Series speakers use a multi-driver design to deliver crisp accents, crisp tones, and incredible highs. Kenwood includes the latest technology in these speakers to help you get the best sound for your money.

The 3-way speaker KFC-1095PS has a waterproof paper cone with a latest radial rib pattern, which improves speaker performance and delivers more responsive bass. Additional rubber surrounds add a new level of durability. Sound for fresh.

All music details are handled by 1-3 / 16 “tweeters and 1/2” observers. Kenwood demonstrated a listening experience with acoustic tone harmonizers, using slots on the tweeter and Superwitter mounts to improve higher frequencies. Grills are included for custom installation.

Features Of Kenwood KFC-1095PS 4″ 3-Way Speakers

Water resistant

4-inch and 3-way door, Water resistant paper cone with 1-3 / 16 “paper tweeter and 1/2” ceramic superwater

Better sound

The acoustic harmonizer improves the response in the range from 3000 to 4000 Hz.

Three-way speaker

These three-way speakers feature polypropylene woofers that deliver rich mid-range and mid-range tones and a 1-inch tweeter with an asymmetrical dome for singing high notes.

Kenwood KFC-1095PS 4″ 3-Way Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Great sound clarity Average bass
Excellent speakers
Value for the price
Easy to install

Recent Buyer Reviews On Kenwood KFC-1095PS 4″ 3-Way Speakers

Unlike other speakers, it gives good sound and brings clarity without distortion. Indeed this product will suit anyone looking for a simple sound, no matter what other components are added.

Many buyers say that this speaker is perfect for the Toyota Corolla DX, front door. Someone else had hacked but left the original plastic cases behind. It was great between them, but they used wooden screws to give the speaker space. Buyers’ highly recommended it.

3. KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers

Product Information:

KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers, Yellow (2 Pack)

  • Sensitivity: 88db
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 100W
  • Peak: 300W
  • Frequency response: 60–20,000 Hz
  • Item Weight: 64 pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

Not happy with your current car speakers? Can you feel the blow while driving? It’s time to replace your existing speakers with the brand new CSC4. The CSC4 has a combination of 4 “woofers and 0.5” integrated tweeters. The 0.5-inch tweeter offers a high level of sound clarity, and the 4-inch woofer generates a maximum of 150 watts.

Compared to an increasing depth of 1.81 inches, the combo speaker’s improvement in sound quality is unmatched by its competitors. EVC ™ (Extended Voice Coil), a Kicker trademark, creates deep bass for a throbbing feeling.

Whether the current speaker is replaced or upgraded to CSC4, the 3.75-inch mounting diameter and simple construction make it compatible with any car. Large loudspeaker magnets process high RMS powers of up to 50 watts with a frequency response of 60 to 20 kHz.

Healthy steel baskets ensure a longer lifespan. Revolutionary PEI tweeters made from neodymium magnets produce crystal-clear music. The UV-treated poly-foam surround protects the speaker from deterioration and heat damage. Tweeters without a protrusion ensure a firm fit in the bracket.

They can process 100 watts RMS (300-watt peak) and have a frequency response between 60 and 20,000 Hz and 88 dB sensitivity.

Features Of KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers

Heavy duty speaker

The CS series offers remarkable performance and ultra-pure bass, using a sturdy motor / magnet structure with EVC for even deeper lows.

Designed for most cars

With neodymium tweeter magnets you can increase the volume at high frequencies. UV-treated polyester woofer withstands heat and sunlight all round

CS series tweeters

Neodymium magnets and a titanium dome reveal every detail of your music. A 6dB / octave-in-cross crossover ensures that only the correct frequencies are sent to the drivers, and a built-in switch guard made of polyethylene gives you more protection.

KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers
Pro’s Con’s
Ultra-clean bass Not found
Extended Voice Coil Technology Careful when installing!
Easy installation
Better performance

Recent Buyer Reviews On KICKER CS Series CSC4 4 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers

Excellent product, affordable and fantastic sound affected by the sound even at inappropriately high volumes. Most buyers say they will buy more for other cars.

The sound quality is excellent; the bass reproduction is marginal, superb mids, and highs. Buyers are satisfied with their purchase and can only recommend it.

4. Pioneer Max Power 4″ 2-Way G-Series Coaxial Full Range Audio Stereo Speakers

Product Information:

Pioneer  Max Power 4" 2-Way G-Series Coaxial Full Range Audio Stereo Speakers

  • Sensitivity: 87db
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 60/30W
  • Peak: 420/210W
  • Frequency response: 35 – 27000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4-ohm
  • Item Weight: 24 pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

The Pioneer TS-G1020S is built with powerful and lightweight components to improve sound reproduction and reduce distortion. Its shallow increasing depth allows easy installation in a wide variety of vehicles.

Additionally, their bi-directional device will enable them to handle 210 watts of peak power, making them the perfect replacement for your factory’s 4-inch speakers.

4-inch G-Series 2-Way Car Speaker Power Handling: Peak: 420 Watts Per Pair / 210 Watts Each RMS:

60 Watts Per Pair / 30 Watts Each Coated Injection Mica Cone Cloth Wrap Injection Mold Polypropylene Rubber 1-3 / 16 Dome The Tweeter Flexible Progressive Suspension System provides additional support for the Spider Voice Coil Ferrite Magnet motor frame top-mount depth: 1-3 / 4-inch cutoff: 4-1 / 4 “impedance 4-ohm frequency response: 35 – 27000 – z Sensitivity: 87dB.

The Pioneer TS-G1020S includes high-quality components, with a mica-injected polypropylene cone surrounded by a rubber fabric, which ensures superior sensitivity and minimal deformation. The dome tweeter provides crisp height while maintaining excellent sound output.

Features OfPioneer Max Power 4″ 2-Way G-Series Coaxial Full Range Audio Stereo Speakers

Flexible progressive suspension system

Pioneer’s flexible, progressive suspension system is designed to prevent excessive vibration and improve sound reproduction. This is compatible with the moving coil, which is especially important at high volumes.

Powerful bass

The combination of a strong ferrite magnet motor structure, long-stroke play, and long-stroke suspension enable the TS-G1020S to deliver a more robust sound and powerful bass. Also, the KNOX attenuator delivers deeper bass and thus allows better power handling.

Fit easily without modification

With a shallow mounting depth of 1-3 / 4 inches with a maximum mounting depth, you can fit these speakers in a wide variety of vehicles without modification.

These 4cm speakers have an ideal tweeter without a heavy tucker. Placement ensures that external crossover audio is produced from a single location.

Additionally, this speaker design provides sound reproduction, even in restricted areas.

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Pioneer Max Power 4″ 2-Way G-Series Coaxial Full Range Audio Stereo Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Ultra-clean bass Not for the kind of people who blast music
Mounts flush on walls or ceilings Some buyers reported worst grill design ever.
High temperature voice coil
Extended Voice Coil Technology

Recent Buyer Reviews On Pioneer Max Power 4″ 2-Way G-Series Coaxial Full Range Audio Stereo Speakers

Buyers say these speakers sound great in both directions and offer excellent midrange and triple tone but little bass presence due to the 4-inch size. They perform well for their size but are increasingly saturated. Therefore, you will need to lower the sound balance between these speakers and the rest of your car to keep the volume down and avoid distortion. To stop.

So if you see something with bass, you’ll have to look elsewhere. These sounds are best matched with a crossover network to minimize and avoid distortion. I push 100 watts for these little people, and they feel great!

5. Rockford Fosgate R14X2 4-Inch Coaxial Speaker

Product Information:

Rockford Fosgate R14X2 4-Inch Coaxial Speaker

  • Sensitivity: dB  1W/1M: 85
  • Power handling: 30 watts
  • Frequency response: 100Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches
  • One-Year Warranty

When it comes to quality car speakers, there is nothing like the Rockford Fosgate duo. With these R14X2, they have delivered an impressive 4-inch speaker that produces clean, powerful sound at a price that doesn’t spoil.

Whether you’re building your first system or replacing some burnt factory speakers, the Rockford Fosgate Prime Series R14X2 4 “speakers deliver clean, powerful performance that will keep you and your friends like you busy. Your bench is a great option To achieve Rockford Fosgate sound quality without destroying the account.

With a high-quality vacuum cone made of rubber-polypropylene and a silk tweeter made of silk, and an integrated high-pass crossover, these loudspeakers have been designed for performance. They have a range from 2 to 30 watts RMS (60 watts peak power).

Power. Range frequency response from 100 to 20,000 Hz, the sensitivity of 85 dB, and producing a breathtaking sound quality.

 Rockford Fosgate blows the silk tweeter flush with a woofer to make it fit for more vehicles, adding to the excitement of strong high-frequency response. The integrated crossover network divides the individual drivers’ frequencies so that all your music is played safely. Grills are included.

Features Of Rockford Fosgate R14X2 4-Inch Coaxial Speaker

Good sound

They are equipped with a polypropylene cone to achieve a powerful sound with quick changes from note to note.

Also Suitable for any car

These speakers of the PRIME series have a wide frequency range for a small installation depth and easy installation with maximum performance in almost every vehicle on the market.

Latest technology

A new generation of factory replacement speakers The kit contains four loudspeakers with grilles, integrated high-pass crossover and mounting hardware.

Rockford Fosgate R14X2 4-Inch Coaxial Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Good power handling Poor warranty process
Impressive sound Bass could be better
Smooth and natural sound Not running additional tweeter
Great speaker for the price

Recent Buyer Reviews On Rockford Fosgate R14X2 4-Inch Coaxial Speaker

These are excellent speakers made from materials that can withstand various ambient speakers in a car. All parts of this speaker are well built and come with a generous speaker cord for each speaker. These speakers sound great.

Overall, most buyers are delighted with this speaker, and they are recommended.

6. JBL CLUB4020 4″ Speaker

Product Information:

JBL CLUB4020 4

  • Sensitivity: 90db
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 30W
  • Peak: 90W
  • Frequency response: 75 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 3-ohm
  • Item Weight: 35 Pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

JBL knows how to make a great speaker, and with these 4 inch Club range speakers, they offer an exceptionally improved speaker designed for great sound. It is easy. Your car speakers bring you down. JBL Club Series speakers are the apparent solution.

JBL has also equipped these Club 4020 4 “coaxial speakers with a UV-resistant polypropylene woofer under Steller Performance (Stilliest) ambient conditions – after all, your car door is not the most forgiving place to live.

The speaker’s patented plus-woofer structure increases the cone’s surface area and gives you a better mid-bass experience than other speakers of this size. A PEI tweeter with an asymmetrical dome expands the high-frequency range so you can hear musical details that you have never heard from your older speakers.

These speakers have slightly lower impedance than most car speakers, so they get more power from your stereo and therefore play louder. They can process up to 25 watts RMS (75 watts peak power), a frequency response of 75 to 20 kHz, and a 90 dB sensitivity.

Features Of JBL CLUB4020 4″ Speaker

Fits in almost every vehicle

Club speakers come in various standard sizes and have a compact design that allows them to fit into almost any vehicle on the road today. This means the characteristic of JBL sound on more vehicles.

Clear and crispy sound

The club speakers’ efficiency produces much higher sound than the power they get, making them ideal for any application, even when powered by factory stereo series with relatively low power consumption.

PEI Balanced Dome Tweeter

Club speakers reproduced smooth and clear high frequencies with excellent dispersion. Thanks to the PEI balanced dome tweeter.

JBL CLUB4020 4″ Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Great performing speaker Grilles not included
Tweeter and woofer in each speaker
High quality products material
Whole House Audio System

Recent Buyer Reviews On JBL CLUB4020 4″ Speaker

Buyers say excellent highs and mids are very efficient and have high sensitivity to get good volume out of your watt.

These speakers are prominent and crispy!! The highs and mids are perfect, and the bass isn’t very stable, although it will become easier and softer after a few weeks of average use. This is especially true for standard Power Head units. Buyers have highly recommended it.

7. DS18 EXL-SQ4 – 4-Inch High Sound Quality Speaker

Product Information:

DS18 EXL-SQ4 - 4-Inch High Sound Quality Speaker

  • Sensitivity: 92db
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 35W
  • Peak: 105W
  • Frequency response: 75-21,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 3.0-ohm
  • Item Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

This speaker is one of the best 4-inch car speakers and has a good build and quality features. The DS18 EXL-SQ4 provides excellent sound quality and supports a wide frequency range. It has a superior bass response with a maximum power consumption of 260 watts. It comes in 2 sets of pairs, and it goes perfectly with any car. We noticed that the DS18 is very loud.

The broad frequency range of this loudspeaker is approx. 115 – 22 kHz. This speaker’s size can confuse people for the content of sound, but don’t judge it by its presence. It comes in black color, which gives it a vintage look. The DS18 speaker weighs 1 pound, which is too light for a speaker.

This is an excellent durability record as a regular speaker can often break it after use, but this speaker does not. In terms of bass from this speaker, it is incredibly satisfying. It has a clear tone. We often look for a speaker who will help us listen to every detail of the music’s sound – this product does that.

This is easy to install, which matters when we want to buy a speaker for our car. The DS18 EXL-SQ4 is inexpensive and can be upgraded. Cars like the Toyota Sequoia are an excellent match for this speaker.

It may not be the best speaker, but it offers a lot more than other expensive speakers in this price range. Sometimes it is the smallest detail that reflects the overall quality. This speaker lacks mid and low tone, but the overall result is worth the money.

Features Of DS18 EXL-SQ4 – 4-Inch High Sound Quality Speaker

High performance speakers

Each speaker uses significantly larger cones than other speakers of the same size. This was achieved through a unique basket design and use of hi-roll frames. The Plus One + design provides higher bass performance and greater efficiency.

High performance sound

 The 3 voice coil design compensates for the high in-line resistance of the small gauge factory wiring and receives more power from the factory (or aftermarket) receiver. This creates a clear and rich sound for the listener.

Separate components

A typical separation system consists of 2 woofers, 2 tweeters and 2 external crossovers that work seamlessly with each other.

DS18 EXL-SQ4 – 4-Inch High Sound Quality Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Fit almost every car truck or SUV Well-built speaker does not sound the best
Nice bass and different sound Quality doesn’t feel premium
Slim and sleek design
Superior Bass Response

Recent Buyer Reviews On DS18 EXL-SQ4 – 4-Inch High Sound Quality Speaker

The speaker itself sounds good and seems like a cat better than the factory ones. Installation was very easy, and many buyers were happy to purchase about $ 20 per speaker ($ 40 for a couple), which is very cheap for my money. I have these factory head units, and they look great.

Buyers recommend for those who want to switch speakers.

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8. Morel Maximo Ultra 402 Coax 4″ Car Speakers

Product Information:

Morel Maximo Ultra 402 Coax 4" Car Speakers

  • Sensitivity: 5
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 45W
  • Peak: 100W
  • Frequency response: 75-20,000 Hz
  • Item Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches
  • warranty: 1 year

Features Of Morel Maximo Ultra 402 Coax 4″ Car Speakers

High quality balanced speaker

The Morel crossover resolution (MXR) system combines high-quality components and various features that enhance the sound presentation and overall sound quality. The MXR crossover system is designed to ensure that the drivers are integrated with a minimal signal quality loss to maintain the speakers’ natural and tonnage balance.

Used good build materials

Paper has been used since the early speakers and remains an excellent material of choice. The latest paper from Morel Composite Cone is ultra-light, making it great for drivers with small motors and voice coils.

2-way car speakers

The 2-way car speakers to improve the performance of your audio system, whether factory radio or aftermarket amplifier

Morel Maximo Ultra 402 Coax 4″ Car Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Paper composite woofer Price High
The laminated core used woofer rubber all around Need some improvement in design
speakers and sound great
This sound is amazing and can get very loud

Recent Buyer Reviews On JBL In-Wall Surround Sound Loudspeaker

These speakers sound great, as replacements for OEM rear speakers. The middle border is very smooth and precise. All around all of good quality but once again morel can include some hardware and more mounting options for tweeters.

The price point is crazy with the quality of these speakers. Absolutely recommend anything from this company

9. Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch 4″

Product Information:

Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch 4"

  • Mounting Depth: 1.75″
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 30W
  • Peak: 60W
  • Frequency response: 100-22,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4-Ohm
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

The Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch offers Flex-Fit baskets to ensure compatibility with unusually shaped factory speaker positions, eliminating the need to mount a black box. The PEI dome tweeter offers precise frequency reproduction and high volume. The P142 is exactly what you need to replace your factory OEM speakers with great sounding speakers made from high-quality material in one easy-to-install package.

Rockford Fosgate designed the Punch P142 4 “speakers as a high-quality replacement for your factory speakers. Each speaker has a stylish polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround that will stand for hours in high volume traffic jams. RockOn The Fosgate uses new technology. The dome – Tweeters provide clear, expansive highs that hold strong bass and can boost power in 25% more cone area around the cone for fuller sound and more robust output

If you take a closer look, you will notice some cool innovations. The slots around the frame mean that the screw holes no longer have to be opened when the factory holes are slightly closed. These speakers come with adapter plates that fit into the opening on the 6 “x 8” speaker.

Some of the best innovations in sound performance and design make the Rockford Fosgate Punch P142 superior to other speakers. From VAST technology (Vertical Attachment Surround Technology) to the Flex-Fit basket design to a dome tweeter and a mineral-filled polypropylene cone, everything about this speaker is configured give you exceptional sound.

Features Of Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch 4″

Strong performance and great voice

Rockford Fosgate uses VAST technology, which creates a 25 percent more cone area. This increase in the radiation field dramatically improves the speaker’s ability to produce louder, fuller audio.

Good Designed for easy installation

The loudspeaker combines a variety of intelligent technologies for perfect sound output and ease of installation. Hidden integrated crossover patches hide the cables in the basket and make installation easier. Slots are used in place of screw holes to facilitate the installation of the speaker in factory locations.

Integrated crossover

The integrated hidden crossover hides the crossover in the basket. Create a cleaner look and feel and an easier installation. It also ensures that the right frequencies are sent to the right driver for the best sound quality with maximum safety.

Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch 4″
Pro’s Con’s
Highly durable material Some Installation Issues.
Easy to install
Flex Fit basket design
Great sound

Recent Buyer Reviews On Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch 4″

Buyers state that Rockford Fosgate is an automotive audio product for the past 20+ years. Brands, from tweeters to mid to woofers to subwoofers, have never disappointed! The P132 is an excellent drop-in replacement for inflated or aged factory speakers, with much higher sound quality and reliability. Some buyers have installed these on several previous vehicles that are owned by them.

They were not able to fly Rockford Fosgate speakers to life! Buyers say it is highly recommended and will continue to purchase again and again.

10. Kicker KSC404 KSC40 4

Product Information:

Kicker KSC404 KSC40 4

  • Mounting Depth: 1.75″
  • Power handling:
  • RMS: 75W
  • Peak: 150W
  • Frequency response:  60-20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4-Ohm
  • Speaker Size: 4 Inches

The kicker is one of the best 4-inch full-range loudspeakers on the market. The device has two silk tweeters and firm rubber edges. Each tweeter has a maximum power consumption of 150W, but for optimal performance, we recommend using it with a continuous power consumption of 75W.

This kicker model’s frequency response is between 60 Hz and 20 kHz, which leads to perfect highs and lows. This speaker has a sensitivity of 88 dB, which results in excellent sound clarity with this device. Despite being a typical 2-way car radio speaker, the bass on this instrument is perfect.

This device’s woofer cone is made of polypropylene; the device is 11.4 x 5.9 x 3.2 inches and weighs approximately 2.43 pounds. One of the great things about this speaker is its short stature. Therefore, they can be easily mounted on any car.

The stable build quality of this speaker adds to its sound quality. The silk domes used in this device make the sound very soft on your ears. It also has an expanded dynamic range. This system’s sound is very sharp, and the even pitch you get from this device is almost inevitable.

Features Of Kicker KSC404 KSC40 4

Sounds good

KICKER’s elite coaxial upgrades provide accuracy and volume you won’t miss. With extended bass and the softest highs Suitable for most GM and Jeep models KSC four-inch coaxial speakers demanded smooth, accurate audio.

Design fits easily

The thin-mount design fits easily behind the factory grills. Grills are included. The tweeter position was lowered to fit even more cars on each driver. These KSC speakers work best with 75 watts of recommended power.

Good power handling

Each speaker needs 75 watts RM when it comes to continuous power, which is just the baseline. However, the peak power of each speaker, that is, the power during most of a song, is 150 watts.

Kicker KSC404 KSC40 4
Pro’s Con’s
Silk Dome Tweeters For A Smooth Sound Bassy quality is average
Grilles Included Might need additional bolts to install
3-way class

Recent Buyer Reviews On Kicker KSC404 KSC40 4

They are excellent for what they are. Some buyers bought these for a custom project, and they looked amazing for kickers. Thought it would be all bass like standard kickers, but it’s a decent amount of medium and treble. We want the speaker grills to be more low profiles, to run for the project without them because they interfered with the car interior.

The overall buyers recommended it to everyone.

Types of speakers

There are two types of speakers to choose between full-range and component.

Full range speaker

As the name suggests, these speakers have all the necessary components to reproduce the full range of frequencies, from low to high. The simpler ones have a woofer to handle bass and a tweeter to handle higher frequencies. More complex models may also include a midrange driver (for frequencies between 200Hz and 2000Hz, which determines how “sound” is present) or super tweeter (for ultra-high frequencies).

Component speaker

Compared to full-range speakers, component speakers have one additional component: an external crossover.

Crossovers are filtered, directing frequencies within a specific range to the correct driver: low frequencies to the woofer, mids to the mid-range driver, and high frequencies to the tweeter. This puts additional pressure on these drivers, who would otherwise have to work harder to reproduce frequencies outside their handling range.

Last but not least, component speakers are often made of better material than full-range speakers. This means that they last longer and emit higher quality sound. How does the material affect quality and durability? That’s precisely what I’m going to address in the next part.


The component

In this section, I will talk about the primary materials present in the speakers of a 4-inch car and how they affect the accuracy of sound reproduction and the life span of the device.


Most woofer cones are made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene, which makes them stiff but lightweight at the same time. Rigidity is necessary because it helps the speaker reduce sound at high volumes, thus preventing any unwanted distortion from occurring. Some woofer cones are also made of stiffer by mixing polypropylene with a mica-like material.


Typically tweeters are made of soft materials such as silk or textile blends or hard materials such as metal or ceramic. The former allows the tweeter to emit a very sophisticated, smooth, and warm sound. However, soft tweeters are not durable and lose high volumes of precision due to poor sound damping. That being said, you can buy silk tweeters that have been mixed with synthetic films, which are stiffer and therefore, can handle higher volumes.


The surround sound is the ring that surrounds the woofer cone and connects it to the speaker basket. There are two things to expect from the right environment:

It should be sufficiently flexible to allow the woofer to vibrate freely, allowing the bass to be heard without interruption.

It should be strong enough to prevent the woofer from going too far.

Materials that meet this requirement include rubber, foam, and clothing. Of these, rubber provides the best durability and precision. Perhaps that is why most of the environment around me is made of rubber.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A 4 Inch Car Speakers With Good Bass

We want to talk a little bit about what you want to see in a 4-inch speaker. This includes the speaker’s technical aspects such as its sensitivity and power handling, the material from which it is made, and whether it is a component speaker or a full-range speaker. If all this sounds confusing to you, don’t worry. I am going to break down each of the factors so that you understand why they are essential.

Quality Construction

The build quality of a speaker should also be considered, as it may affect the audio system’s sound quality. What to see here are tweeters, woofers, and speakers all around. The materials used here, the amount of heat around the system, and the speaker’s weight all contribute to the sound quality.

Speaker size

The car speaker’s size depends on your choice because the size is usually between 3.5 inches and around 9 inches. The sound quality also varies depending on the size of the speaker. For example, larger ones offer a better sound, while smaller ones have adequate sound bandwidth. However, when choosing a specific size for car speakers, consider how and where you want to place them. If you are looking to buy larger speakers, you may need to change the mounting structures and settings to fit your car.

Sound Quality

The most important thing when purchasing a speaker for your car is the sound quality. You have to look at the frequency range of a speaker to determine your speaker’s sound quality. The wider the frequency ranges of a particular speaker, the better its sound quality.


Sensitivity measurement (in decibels) of a speaker when it is supplied with one watt of power, For example, if a speaker’s sensitivity is 85 dB, it means that the speaker will emit a moderate amount of sound when powered by one watt.

It is better to combine high-power car audio systems with higher sensitivity (greater than 90 dB). This is because the former cannot generate too much electricity, and the latter does not need to reach high volumes. As a result, you will not put too much weight on the audio system and not risk damaging it.


Power handling is also an important aspect. Knowing RMS and peak power input can handle your speaker. It is essential to understand that power management’s critical factor is maximum RMS and not maximum power input as people may think. For example, a high power stereo requires a “10-80W RMS” speaker and not a “Monster W RMS”.

2 or 3-way speaker

Another thing to consider is whether the speaker is a 2- or 3-speaker. Most car speakers come in these two variants. 2-way speakers are common units, also known as coaxial speakers. They bring a tweeter and a woofer.

The only thing that differs from 3-way speakers is the 2-way; they come with an additional mid-range component. This gives 3-way speakers a higher frequency range, resulting in better sound quality.


Speakers can cost a lot if you don’t know the general market price. Before buying a car speaker, browse the different speaker price ranges and what features are available with them. If you plan to add a new and unique sound system to your car, the price may be out of budget. If you’re looking for replacement speakers, they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Frequently Asked Quesions

How car speakers work

A car speaker contains a stack of elements and concepts that improve the workings and produce better sound. The production work process can be controlled by combining certain factors and how to respond to the problem at hand. The process begins when an amplifier generates electrical pulses that give negative voltages a flattering shape. This creates an electromagnet after reaching the voice coil in the speaker. By moving forwards and backward, different degrees of air pressure is generated. These movements would later change in frequencies, resulting in “sound”. All of this can be managed using the settings and buttons present in the system. Each setting and option helps you control volume, change channels, and many other things.

How to install a car speaker properly?

Car speaker installation isn’t as difficult as it may seem to beginners. With the right tools and guidelines, almost anyone can! Before you begin, make sure you design a toolbox filled with all necessary accessories such as screw drawers, drills, hex keys, mounting hardware, wire cutters, etc.

Don’t forget to read the operating instructions thoroughly!

Follow some easy steps

  • Move and disconnect your vehicle’s battery before installation to avoid power loss. This will also ensure that you will not receive an electric shock during the installation.
  • Now use the means of the right to separate the vehicle door that you want to set your new car’s speaker on.
  • You can find the standard speaker in the door. Carefully cut it off, then remove it.
  • After removing the standard speaker, disconnect the factory wiring harness. Now is the time to install a new wiring harness for your new speaker. Later, plug the back end of the wiring harness into the vehicle’s wiring harness.
  • Test the speaker to see if it works properly. If it doesn’t, recheck the connection.
  • You are almost done! All you have to do is reassemble the door and have your new car speaker ready to use.


Most standard car speakers are 4 inches in diameter. When you buy a speaker in this size range, you can change the factory settings without any modification.

Finding the best 4-inch speakers for car among large options could be confusing. But the above reviews were structured to shorten your big list. You have now a shortlist and you can choose a perfect car speaker from the list. Our editors best recommendation is – Rockford Fosgate P142 Punch 4″ 

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