15 Best 6.5 Component Speakers For Bass

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    Finding the best 6.5-component bass car speaker can be frustrating. Whether you’re looking for component speakers, there are always dozens of top-notch options available, which is a blessing and a curse, diversity is the spice of life.

    If you are looking for the best 6.5 bass car speakers, then you are in the right place. We’ve researched so you don’t have to when searching for quality sound from 6.5 car speakers, listed below are some of the best options available to you.

    There are many different brands and varieties to choose from. This makes it difficult to figure out which options to choose for your speaker system. Don’t worry, because we are here to help you.

    Component speakers can be a quality mix. Sometimes you don’t have the money to add a woofer, so you need a little more power than your speakers. But when you are looking for the best 6.5 bass car speakers, what should you be looking for?

    You get what you pay for. Some component speakers are very well designed and have a good sound balance.


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    Brand Product Model Rating Price
    Polka Audio
    Brand – Polka
    Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver) 4.3 out of 5 $92.45
    Brand – JBL
    JBL Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System – Set of 2 4.5 out of 5 $114.95
    CT Sounds
    Brand – CT Sounds
    CT SOUNDS 6.5 Inch Car Audio Component Speakers Set – 2-Way Full Range, 1″ Voice Coil, 19mm Silk-Dome Tweeter, 300W Peak Power,Rubber Surround Cone For Each Speaker – Strato 2-Way 6.5 Inch 4.1 out of 5 $119.99
    Brand – Alpine
    Alpine R-Series 6.5 Inch 300 Watt Coaxial 2-Way Car Audio Speakers, Pair | R-S65 4.5 out of 5 $172.25
    Brand – OSD
    OSD Audio 70V Commercial Patio Pro Speaker 6.5″ Indoor Outdoor IP65 Composite Cabernet White Pair AP650T 3.6 out of 5 $169.99
    Infinity Kappa
    Brand – Infinity
    Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4″ Component Speaker System 4.6 out of 5 $134.95

    We have compiled the list of the best 6.5-component speakers for each specific purpose for our readers. Here are our reviews of the best 6.5-component bass speakers.

    Top 15 Best 6.5 Component Speakers For Bass

    1. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 Component speaker

    The DB6501 Pollock Audio Polk Audio DB6501 combines an exceptional price range, performance, and high quality and has a very strong case as some of the best speakers within this price range.

    Before mentioning the features that are most interested in audiophiles, we would like to at least discuss that feature. This pole audio component system is marine certified to ensure that these speakers are able to understand adverse environmental elements. This means that you can confidently use these tools with boats in your standard vehicle. These component speakers are housed within a housing with an external Butterworth 2-way crossover, which is a regression that ensures thermal controls are in place. In addition, electronic protection is an added advantage for circuit tweeters.

    If you are one of the bass heads, the Pollock Audio DB6501 has it covered on all sides. The 6.5-inch woofer around butyl rubber with asbestos/polymer composite cones gives a really durable stretch. While liquid-cooled 25mm polymer/silk composite dome tweeters are equipped with neodymium magnets that perform well in the high-frequency range.

    For those looking for high-quality component speaker systems that are good value for money, this is, without doubt, the type of speaker to invest in. This is the type of component speaker system that has earned a top spot on this list of our main component speakers, and we are proud to recommend these speakers.

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    Features Of Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 Component speaker

    Product Information:

    • Sensitivity: 92 dB
    • Power handling
    • RMS Power: 100 Watts
    • Peak Power: 300 Watts
    • Frequency response: 35 Hz- 23 kHz
    • Impedance: 4 ohms
    • One-Year Warranty


    6.5-inch component

    The woofer features a polymer/mica composite cone with butyl rubber surround, Captain Voice coil. The 6.5-inch component system with a pair of each woofer, tweeter, crossover

    Mid / Woofers

     For a big sound with little distortion Butyl rubber enclosure will not be isolated under extreme temperature, sunlight, or time stress for years of extreme Polk sound.

    Marine Certified

    Polk DB Series speakers are designed to withstand the toughest environments so that they are perfect for use in all types of boats. This is why Perfect Craft offers Polk audio speakers to their award-winning Nautics skis and wakeboarding boats.

    Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 Component speaker
    Pro’s Con’s
    Great power handling Tuning could be better
    Impressive sound
    Marine certified
    Easy to fit.

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 Component speaker

    They were expected to be these constituent speakers. 6.5-inch speakers complimented the system by looking for the middle and tweeters looking for highs. Pushing the 6.5-inch speaker with an accurate power art series leaves the A300 and they look great. If you are looking to buy a 6.5-inch woofer for bass then don’t bother what they are doing. Used crossover for the tweeter and what is the difference. They kept that whole bass away from them. They are slightly piercing but can be controlled with treatable adjustments all in very good quality. Most buyers recommended it.


    Here’s a beautifully JBL Premium 6.5-Inch designed 6.5-inch car component speaker from renowned electronics company JBL. Bass, tweeter, and crossover components are included to produce very good sound quality. It’s hard for a 6.5-inch car component speaker to disappoint someone because it pays the price for it.

    This speaker has a power of 200 watts RMS and a maximum power of 270 watts. It has great power to produce good bass, mid, and even low bass sounds.

    JBL engineers designed the GTO 609C component speaker to produce a louder and clearer sound from the main unit. This makes the GTO 609C an ideal match for factory powered amplifier systems or main unit power levels. Even better, the speaker combines several combinations of the GTO series. As a result, you can keep up with systems that have one or more subwoofers and cater to high-fidelity audio listeners. And its excellent power-handling specifications also increase reliability over the life of the speaker.


    Product Information:

    • Recommended amplifier power range: 25W – 270W
    • 200 watt RMS power or
    • 270-watt peak power
    • Frequency Response: 67 Hz to 21 kHz
    • Sensitivity: 92 dB
    • Nominal Impedance: 3 ohms
    • Product Dimensions: 14.84 x 7.95 x 6.1 inches


    More bass

    These JBL GTO 609 component speakers are slightly larger in this size class, which means they run more and produce more bass.

    Better control

    The volume adjustment of the dual-level tweeter helps compensate for speaker placement that is less-than-perfect.

    Incredible performance

    With a 3 ohm low-impedance speaker that compensates for the small wires found in 3 cars today, you can configure your speakers to match your own listening and music-testing preferences. They can actually make the most of every watt the car’s stereo offers.

    Pro’s Con’s
    Great high frequency response Tuning could have been better
    Impressive sound
    Bass quality is awesome
    Smooth handling which results in higher power

    Recent Buyer Reviews On JBL GTO609C PREMIUM SPEAKER

    These speakers are amazing. Especially cost vs quality they punch way above their weight class. Running 150 Watts RMS on each door and honestly feel that they can take more. After some tuning, they sound amazing. They are super clean and clear. His voice is more warm and clear. JBL is a more responsive speaker and works very well at various power levels. You can run these comps from the deck computer. Most buyers are happy and have recommended it.

    3. Rockford Fosgate R165X3– Best Speakers

    The Rockfort Fosgate Rockford Fosgate R165X3 R1655X3 is a pair of full-range, three-way 6.5 coaxial speakers offering affordable and well-balanced audio enhancements. Speakers feature piezoelectric silk dome tweeters and vacuum polypropylene cones with dynamic mid-tones. The middle ranges are mounted to a depth of 2.15 inches. These speakers also feature a built-in 6-decibel speaker crossover for full-range audio.

     Perfect for replacing factory speakers They feature polypropylene con, mid-range,silk-dome piezo tweeters. As good as it sounds It looks like that.

    The R165X3 is a 6.5, 6-way For the new generation of factory replacement speakers. The kit includes two loudspeakers with integrated grills, integrated high-pass crossovers, and mounting hardware.

    Although the speakers sound very well, their design interferes with the ability of the main driver to produce the best sound.

    Features Of Rockford Fosgate R165X3– Best Speakers

    Product Information:

    • Nominal Impedance: 4-Ohms
    • Frequency Response Hz: 52Hz-20kHz
    • Crossover: Tweeter High-Pass HP: 6dB
    • Midrange Nominal Diameter: 6.5″
    • Midrange Mounting Depth: 2.15″
    • Configuration: 3-Way Full-Range
    • Power Handling: 45 Watts RMS, 90 Watts MAX
    • Sensitivity: 91 dB


    Long good sound

    The woofer is built on this system with fiber-reinforced paper cones and is a W-style surround. This means that the woofer is able to perceive high volume sounds for several hours of listening.

    Energy efficient

    These speakers are capable of handling a substantial amount of power even when used on a continuous basis.

    Good bass low noise

    Dome tweeters do a great job of providing clear, sharp elevations that are also capable of large bass and road noise.

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    Rockford Fosgate R165X3– Best Speakers
    Pro’s Con’s
    Integrated tweeter crossover Few vibrations
    Great sound clarity
    Bass quality is very good
    Made using the best quality material

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Rockford Fosgate R165X3– Best Speakers

    These speakers of R-F have a very sophisticated, sensible quality to them. They are just about as compact as a 2-way car speaker you are going to find. The four mounting holes around the mounting surface and perimeter have just one footprint to work with, and barely anything else. What’s more, the tweeter is so far near the center of the woofer that you’ll never have to bother to interfere with your car’s plastic door cover or anything else for that matter. In fact, the first time I saw them, we thought they didn’t even have a tweeter! “Where’s the tweeter?”

    Sound quality-wise. Can say These speakers have a very natural sound, but since they are so small, they pump out a lot of basses. Highly recommended!!!

    4. Pioneer TS-A1675R

    Pioneer, a company we are Pioneer TS-A1675R in love with, makes the best 6.5 car bass speakers and great car sound equipment. The TS-A1675R is the best-selling car speaker in the market and is no coincidence. This is another next-generation pioneer speaker on this list to choose from. If you’re here, you’re still not impressed, but who knows, maybe this is the one!

    So this speaker is a three-way speaker which is also a full range speaker. This means that you can easily upgrade and get better performance from your stereo. You can also intentionally combine subwoofers with speakers to provide a smooth and smooth sound.

    The cone design is multiple layers of carbon and mica reinforced polypropylene for durability. Thanks to this design, sound reproduction and responsiveness are optimal. To secure the cone in place, a lightweight elastic polymer enclosure has been used.

    For the dome tweeter, it is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is 11 mm and is resistant due to its material structure. Also, these speakers come with free alpha headphones, how good is it?

    The specifications for these speakers include; Dimensions of 13.5 “x 3.5” x 7.5 “, it weighs 3.6 pounds, the maximum power is 320 W and it has 60 arms.

    Features Of Pioneer TS-A1675R

    Product Information:

    • Frequency response :35-31,000 Hz
    • Sensitivity :90 dB
    • Configuration :3 way
    • Peak :300 watts per pair
    • RMS :100 watts per pair
    • Impedance :4 ohms
    • One-Year Warranty


    Best voice

    The best 6.5 car bass speakers and great car sound equipment. The TS-A1675R is the best-selling car speaker in the market and is no coincidence.

    Good design

    The TS-A1675R speaker is designed from the ground up to reestablish your music. You’ll enjoy clear vocals, thick guitar riffs, powerful drums, and distinctive, cultured bass lines that have always been part of your music but are hidden behind factory-out factors.

    Better bass

    A new feature TS-A line Deep Bass with high quality. Rigid multilayer mica matrix for wider sound dispersion and a new tweeter designed to deliver better mid to high-frequency range and optimized sound in higher versions.

    Pioneer TS-A1675R
    Pro’s Con’s
    Improved sound quality You have to get your own wires
    Clear sound
    Excellent bass quality
    New cosmetic design

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Pioneer TS-A1675R

    These pioneers are outstanding. 3-way ordered and treble is clear and high, the bass is low and punchy. Buyers say they are skeptical about these speakers because many wanted something with deep low bass. However, the mid and lower bass is there. When they set up and make them completely happy. They recommended it

    5.CT SOUNDS 6.5 Inch Component Speaker

    The CT Sound Strato also comes in 6.5 inches, which means it has 2 size options to choose from.

    In the future, it is important to talk about cross networks. This functionality of this component speaker system is incredibly so impressive that it can produce full sound despite its small size. The tweeters are also well built. It is for this reason that you can place them judiciously and easily wherever you want.

    What about your performance? Well, the sound quality is amazing and distraction-free with amazing tonal precision. So it’s quite surprising to discover that these speakers are incredibly low priced.

    Did you know that polypropylene cones have a unique rubber? It is made of nitrile butadiene rubber. Simply put, the subwoofer does a great job of giving flexibility. This in itself opens the door to a host of benefits, particularly with regard to sound quality and reproduction.

    On the other hand, the unit comes with very bright speakers, but you can always use the equalizer to make any adjustments.

    Features Of CT SOUNDS 6.5 Inch Component Speaker

    Product Information:

    • Power handling
    • Peak Power: 150 W 
    • RMS Power: 50 W 
    • Frequency response: 900 Hz – 20 kHz 
    • Impedance:4 Ohms 
    • Sensitivity: 90 dB 
    • Magnet size: 90mm X 15mm
    • Warranty:90 days


    Woofer –

    The rubber moves the cone in a linear direction, the quality built woofer features a 1 “voice coil, 65 Hz resonant frequency, 14 oz Y30 ferrite magnets produces high-frequency resonance and improves the sound quality of your car stereo.

    Crossover –

    The crossover circuit box has a darker clear top cover with the CT Sound logo printed on top. Crossover circuit: 4 μF capacitor / 100V, 3.5 kHz crossover point, 6 dB filter for woofer, 12dB filter for tweeter.

    Tweeters –

    Our Tweeters give the wide and smooth high-frequency response. Their specifications are: 19mm in size, silk-dome, and metal grille face grill, newly magnetized, covered with 900Hz ~ 20kHz frequency response.

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    iClever Safe Wired Cat Ear Kids Headsets
    Pro’s Con’s
    No distortion at high volume Tweeters can be of better quality
    Each speaker has an EISV wire wound voice coil
    Superior bass
    The woofer has Y30 graded ferrite magnet

    Recent Buyer Reviews On CT SOUNDS 6.5 Inch Component Speaker

    Buyers find these speakers very good. Play anything from Country to Happ / Hop to Heavy Metal, Classical, Opera, and Ballads. They all look good. Many buyers highly recommend these speakers. They are accustomed to a Hifonics Brutus 5 channel. 60 watts going on 4 of them many buyers say this is the best purchase as speakers in a long time.

    6. BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers

    The following is another BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers exemplary pair of super low-priced 3-way class car speakers from the Boss audio system, out of its Chaos series.

    The stamped basket provides a strong and rigid platform that allows the listener to hear a clean and clear musical output.

    Boasting a piezo tweeter that includes an active element that has been positively charged, piezo speakers have little potential for overload. These high-frequency drivers are better suited and do not require any crossover.

    They are low impedance, feature durable prednisone cones in a durable frame, providing highly sensitive performance. The 3-way nature produces full-range sound dynamics that are almost unbeatable at this price level.

    Other design features include a high-temperature voice coil with heat-resistant piezo, meaning that these 6.5-inch bad boys with their black and red aesthetics handle more than 300 watts each up to 150 watts can. They are relatively simple to mount if you know what you are doing and require a 2.1-inch depth.

    Features Of BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers

    Product Information:

    • Power Handling: (peak): 150 Watts x 2
    • Full Range: 300 Watt 6.5″ 3-way Speakers
    • Impedance: 4 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 90 dB @ 1 W/1 m
    • Dimensions:6” x 6.6” x 2.4”
    • Mounting depth:1”
    • Frequency Response: 100Hz – 18KHz,
    • Voice Coil: 1” High Temperature
    • Tweeter: .5”Piezo, Midrange: 1” Polyimide Dome


    Voice coil –

    Voice coils are capable of withstanding high temperatures yet retain their strength and fatigue properties. This gives our speakers the benefit of playing longer hours with fewer loads

    Surround –

    Rubber has the ability to withstand very high fines without any sign of damage. It complements the entire structure of the speaker by allowing continuous misuse where it is needed most without wear and tear

    Basket –

    The stamped basket provides a strong and rigid platform allowing the listener to hear clean and clear music output

    BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers
    Pro’s Con’s
    Low priced No drawbacks as such. Great speakers
    Full range sound
    Excellent bass quality
    High wattage

    Recent Buyer Reviews On BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers

    These speakers perform very well for their size. They mount easily, are securely packaged, and have an attractive look. They were an easy swap in the form of purchased adapters. It took more time to swap doors than it takes to open door panels and reach blown speakers. Once installed and connected, these speakers have the very good capability and great sound. In fact, could not believe how low the price was; Able to replace all four speakers for the price of two other speakers. Buyers recommended it.

    7. Alpine R-S65 R-Series 2-Way Speakers

    With Alpine’s R-series line Alpine R-S65 R-Series 2-Way Speakers to enjoy your daily commute, these car speakers achieved “classic” status. And now Alpine has leveled its design to handle high-resolution audio. Over the years, home audio fans have enjoyed listening to speakers that extend above the range of human hearing; Now you can share that enhanced experience on the go.

    These R-S65.2 6-1 / 2 “speakers feature a Hanking-satisfying Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) woofer cone for strong bass response. A deluxe surround expansion cone for a High-impact sound Provides movement and flexibility in tough conditions, and the extended frequency range of the R-Series CFRP tweeter lets you test every detail of your high-resolution music files.

    Alpine has designed these speakers to work perfectly with your car stereo, but they will really come true when you power them with an external amplifier. Handling power of up to 100 watts RMS ensures you can get big, dynamic sound and lots of volume from these rugged speakers. If you prefer to turn it on loud, the Alpine R series speakers will give you a smooth sound upgrade.

    Features Of Alpine R-S65 R-Series 2-Way Speakers

    Product Information:

    • Peak Power: 300W
    • RMS Power: 110W
    • Impedance:4 Ohms
    • Mounting Depth: 2-3/8″
    • Product Dimensions:87 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches



    Detachable tweeter

    Speakers with detachable tweeters can be used as full-range speakers or component systems – a nice feature if you want to reuse speakers in a different vehicle.

    External crossover

    Component systems typically use passive external crossovers to achieve a distinct separation between frequencies sent to the woofer and tweeter.

    Woofer material

    To effectively create low notes in your music, the woofer of a full-range or component speaker must be composed of a material that is stiff, yet light.

    Alpine R-S65 R-Series 2-Way Speakers
    Pro’s Con’s
    2 way car speakers No cons as such
    Hybrid fibre woofer
    Handles upto 100 watts
    Multi roll rubber surround

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Alpine R-S65 R-Series 2-Way Speakers

    A 6.5 “speaker for buyers says these produce great sound international heavy-duty. Easy to install and wire. They have to be drilled holes to fit, but other than that Not a problem. Consider a great bass response that they are 6.5 inches. Speaker radio it is value for money. Most buyers recommended it.

    8. Infinity Reference 6500CX

    The Infinity Company is Infinity Reference 6500CX famous for making very good car stereo speakers and the PR6500CS is a very good 6.5-inch speaker system from the manufacturer. It does a great job of reproducing the tone in each frequency range.

    The 6.5-inch component system reproduces severe heights and bumps on some high bass due to its 21 kHz and 53 Hz frequency response range. It has a maximum power of 320 W and a continuous RMS power of 70 W.

    Among its many good features are its fully walled motor package and the PlusOne carbon injection woofer cone. Complementing this is his fabric tweeter dome tweeter. It also comes with mounting tape, speaker wire, and mounting hardware you need to easily install the system.

    It comes with a single polypropylene woofer cone with heavy-duty rubber around it. The system comes with Starfish mounting brackets that simplify the tweeter installation process at factory locations. It has a bidirectional external cross-network for the system.

    Features Of Infinity Reference 6500CX

    Product Information:

    • Frequency response: 53 Hz – 21 kHz
    • Sensitivity:93 dB
    • Tweeter Size: 1″
    • Power handling
    • RMS Power: 90 W
    • Peak Power: 270 W
    • Impedance: 3 Ohms
    • One Year Warranty


    Simple design

    The Infinity Reference 6500CX is simple. It is practically a simple speaker. The design is basic, rigorous, and simple.

    Amazing sound

    Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1 / 2 “two-way car audio component loudspeaker system

    Infinity Reference 6500CX
    Pro’s Con’s
    2 way car speakers There is no technical support.
    Loud speaker system
    Easy to install
    Very eye catching

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Infinity Reference 6500CX

    Amazing set of components. Slightly concerned due to the size of the tweeter but mounted correctly and they will work as intended. Drive a Subaru hatchback and provide the tweeter to the drivers at the base of the windshield and the factory location. To really bring life out of these, many buyers highly recommend adding it. Bugs work but are currently very satisfied with the equipment.

    9. Sound Speaker System Pyle PL63BL

    Pyle’s Blue Label series Pyle PL63BL speakers not only sound good, but they also sound great, too. Feast your eyes on the blue curves of the Pile Blue Label series and you’ll agree. They’re a great replacement for your vehicle’s factory speakers – you’ll hear the difference right away. Included in this package are 360-watt, 6.5-watt, three-way round speakers that are the high, mid, and low end for fuller range sound. Non-depleted butyl rubber protects your speakers from everything and prolongs the life of the product. The 1 ‘high-temperature ASV voice coil provides the richest sound, ensures low distortion, and provides an open sound stage.

    The blue poly injection cone looks great and allows your music to resonate in full force. 20 oz. The magnet structure, the midrange of the 1 ‘neodymium film dome, and the piezoelectric tweeter z’ are these speakers capable of enabling a power and frequency response of 100Hz to 20 kHz, Includes racks, cables, and mounting accessories. Trust Pyle to deliver quality sound at a competitive price.

    The Pyle PL63BL speakers are surprisingly low in design and eye-catching, but may not sound as good for advanced models.

    They’re one of the best 6.5 bass car speakers, especially for that price! They are good entry-level speakers if you want to test the water before upgrading to something more serious.

    Features Of Sound Speaker System Pyle PL63BL

    Product Information:

    • Design: 3 way
    • Impedance: 4 ohms
    • Power Handling:
    • Peak: 360 watts per pair
    • RMS: 180 watts per pair
    • Frequency: 90Hz – 20,000 hz
    • Top-mount depth: 1-15/16″
    • Sensitivity: 89 Db
    • One year Warranty


    Midrange tweeter:

    The Pyle Pro-three-way sound speaker system features a one-inch neodymium film dome midrange and a 3/4-inch piezo tweeter that completes the package. It helps provide smooth, sharp, and detailed sound in each pair.

    TRIAXIAL Speed ​​System:

    The 6.5-inch woofer features an eye-catching blue poly injection cone for very high stiffness without any extra weight. 1-inch ASV voice coil designed for high-temperature, high-wattage conditions

    Voice coil:

    Voice coils are capable of withstanding high temperatures, yet retain their strength and fatigue properties, giving them the advantage of longer play time with less weight, ensuring less distortion and providing an open sound stage is.

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    Sound Speaker System Pyle PL63BL
    Pro’s Con’s
    Sound quality is good at high and low level both In the long run the sound quality reduces
    Low price
    Easy to install
    Very eye catching

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Sound Speaker System Pyle PL63BL

    For audio performance, they are not bad. These would certainly need to be coupled with a small amplifier preferably a crossover and ideally a subwoofer. In that case, they would be a good investment as part of a budget audio system. As long as the factory system was first premium audio, these would be required for OEM replacements in a system that is powered by the main unit and the speakers to operate full-range.

    10. JVC CS-J620 CS Coaxial Speakers

    The JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5 JVC CS-J620 CS Coaxial Speakers car speaker is a speaker that will give you incredible sound. The car speakers come with a built-in tweeter which makes them a good upgrade for factory speakers. Its clarity is very good and it would be a nice upgrade from the speakers worn on most cars.

    If you want to get crisp highs with a precise and tight mid-range, this is the best 6.5 speaker for that. When they won’t leave your windows ringing, they can be a great upgrade for those good old speakers.

    The JVC CS-J620 features a mica cone and hybrid environment, built on a stamped steel frame, designed to let you meet or exceed the performance of traditional 6-1 / 2 “OEM speakers. The 30 watt RMS power handling of each speaker allows the user to add a modest amplifier, as opposed to an OEM speaker, to really extend the life of their audio system and the CS-J620’s enough to achieve full performance.

    Features Of JVC CS-J620 CS Coaxial Speakers

    Product Information:

    • Design: 2-Way
    • Impedance: 4 ohm 
    • Frequency: 35-22000 Hz 
    • Sensitivity :92 dB 
    • Top-mount depth: 1-23/32 
    • Woofer Surround: Rubber
    • Power Handling : 
    • RMS:   30 watts
    • Peak: 300 watts
    • One Year Warranty 


    Built Better

    The JVC CS-J620 uses a 1 “poly-ether imid balanced dumper tweeter, which cannot reach specific speakers to handle high levels, instantly making it a great upgrade.

    Nice stuff

    The combination of these materials, together with the tweeter, presents a reasonable full-range sound that is a quick upgrade from the OEM drivers.

    Easy install

    The JVC CS-J620 is engineered with a shallow 1-26 / 32-inch frame, intended to make installation as painful as possible. The shallow frame removes the worry of hitting a window plate, glass, or other obstructions within the door frame.

    JVC CS-J620 CS Coaxial Speakers
    Pro’s Con’s
    Better bass impact Sound quality is average
    Low priced
    Easy to install
    Very eye catching

    Recent Buyer Reviews On JVC CS-J620 CS Coaxial Speakers

    They have tweeter built-in, which makes it an instant upgrade from many factory speakers. The clarity is fine and will be better than speakers worn in older cars. If your stereo unit gives you EQ, then you will still get a lot of basses. These are a particularly impressive upgrade.

    11. OSD Audio AP650 Patio Pro Speaker

    Optimal Speaker Design OSD Audio AP650 (OSD) is dedicated to the design, engineering, and distribution of high-quality home and commercial audio products. Our products range in complexity from simple ceiling speakers to whole-home audio systems, all beautiful style, and high-end sound quality. Our US-based research, development, and design team is supported by a network of leading-acoustic, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Together, we manufacture products that combine the latest technology with ease of use for a quality sound experience

    The first is a pair of 6.5-inch beauties, which makes it a great indoor/outdoor two-way option due to its all-weather versatility. They are solid construction and come in a classic white or black colour finish.

    The frequency response on OSD audio is quite wide, ranging from 37Hz to 20 KHz. The cabinet is ported for better bass response, but the circuit and internal components are fully sealed and properly protected, considering outdoor use.

    Features Of OSD Audio AP650 Patio Pro Speaker

    Product Information:

    • Power Handling : 10-150 watt 
    • Impedance: 8 ohm 
    • Frequency: 37Hz to 20KHz
    • Sensitivity :92 dB 
    • Woofer: 5.25″ Polypropylene
    • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 11 x 14.5 inches



    The OSD Audio 70V Commercial Pair Patio Speaker has the ability to be easily daisy-chained for long-distance runs.


    This speaker is perfect for use outdoors due to the weather-resistant design of its resistor cabinet and silicon-sealed interior cabinet.


    This versatile speaker is designed to handle all weather. IPX6 rated, being fully sealed with dust, and protected with a short period of water splash and water immersion in the rain.

    OSD Audio AP650 Patio Pro Speaker
    Pro’s Con’s
    Perfect for indoors/outdoors Sound quality is average
    Built for all types of weather
    High quality sound
    Very eye catching

    Recent Buyer Reviews On OSD Audio AP650 Patio Pro Speaker

    How they look and sound is very good. If you compare the specs of these speakers to the more expensive ones, you see that you get a lot for your money. Sent black people back because it turns out they also come in white which sounds better! Sound and mass are amazing. Many buyers recommended it.


    Our list of the best 6.5-inch JBL CLUB6500C COMPONENT SPEAKER car component speakers has the JBL 2 by 2 in the countdown. This should tell you something about how well these inexpensive and innovative car speakers are designed. The CLUB6500C is an excellent 6.5 inch 2-way component car speaker. These speakers produce good bass rhythms and also play high-frequency notes.

    This nice 6.5-inch component speaker has a power of 60 watts RMS and can handle up to 180 watts of power. It does a good job of making high-end bass notes, and will also pick up a wide range of high-frequency notes. When you play your music on this component speaker it will really fill your vehicle with a nice, crisp sound. The best thing is that buying it will not break the banks. The product is of good quality.


    Product Information:

    • Power Handling: peak180-watt,RMS 60 watt
    • Configuration: 3-way
    • Power range: 5W – 120W
    • Impedance: 3 ohms
    • Frequency: 55 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Sensitivity: 92 dB
    • Product Dimensions: 15.1 x 5.8 x 8.1 inches


    Incredible sound

    Car component speakers have components like tweeters and mid-bass drivers that combine for optimal sound quality. This means that if you choose this speaker then you are getting good sounds from your stereo.

    Best design

    This product has been manufactured in Mexico and has a highly sensitive design that can guarantee quality sound.

    Durable quality

     For durability purposes, the center woofer has a rubber surround. Rubber is a good material in the speaker as it is not only flexible but also strong.

    Pro’s Con’s
    High sensitivity Sound quality is average
    Built for all types of weather
    High quality sound

    Recent Buyer Reviews On JBL CLUB6500C COMPONENT SPEAKER

    This product produces a very tight mid-bass with crisp high notes. Many buyers have no complaints about the sound quality. They do great work. Good bass and all-around good speakers. Definitely buy a great one for around $ 66.37 or so, just make sure your tweeter doesn’t get overpowered and the rest of your system is able to keep up with the sound output otherwise you’ll have a lot of tweeter sound and it’s usually But would be pleasant highly recommend


    Kappa 60.11CS 6.75-inch INFINITY KAPPA 60.11CS component car speakers from Infinity are an excellent choice for those who are searching for a solid high and mid-frequency speaker system. A high-level system is not required, making them perfect for individuals who only want to upgrade their stock sound.

    They feature a 5–90 watt RMS power range for each speaker and a 93dB sensitivity with 270-watt power. The complete setup includes 2 crossover speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 woofers. The 6.5-inch glass-fiber Plus One + woofer comes with high roll rubber surrounds, while the tweeter is a .75-inch soft-dome tweeter. The sound is described by users as exceptionally clean and clear, especially on the tone.

    However, there were some people who reported that it sometimes distorted bass frequences when more than half the volume. In addition, low bass is not present as some would like, and they find that the system needs a subwoofer to complement it.

    While they are great for replacing stock speakers and do not really require too much power to shine, having an amplifier will help to eject the high fidelity sound of the speakers. All of the necessary mounting gear is included with a comprehensive installation manual to help make the setup process much easier.

    The included external crossovers enable you to switch from 0dB to + 3dB. + 3DB reduce bass and focuses on other frequencies and tones. The 2-ohm impedance and frequency response range are from 45 to 35,000 Hz.


    Product Information:

    • Power Handling:Peak 540 watts, RMS: 180 watts
    • Configuration:6.5 inch Car Audio 2-Way 
    • Impedance:2-ohms
    • Frequency:45-35,000 Hz
    • Sensitivity: 93 dB
    • Product Dimensions: 5-1/8″ x 5-1/8″
    • Top mounting depth: 2-1/8″



    Mid-range speaker

    The Infiniti has an interesting offer in the form of a 2-way speaker kit that includes both a great 6.5 mid-range speaker and tweeter, both great power.

    Maximum power

    This is too much for 6.5 component speakers and this means the product is for someone who wants a lot more power than before and can use this kit as part of a larger car audio setup.

    Cross checks

    The good thing is that you will get a cross-check and the price is somewhat cheaper, as it is far below similar products from other brands in the market.

    Read Also How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC Without Splitter

    Pro’s Con’s
    Great sound High volume bass is distorted
    Impressive system
    Good bass
    High temperature control system


    Great sound, little light on the bass compared to the former set of Kappa Coaxial 6.5 speakers. The tweeter is not as rigid as the tapper tweeter was and has a better image with different mountings / crossovers. They collide with a small amp (150 watts per woofer / tweeter) and the speakers throw anything at them, the sound is clear – but they also sound good at low volumes.

    A 20MX Infinity Kappa midrange is also added to it and the entire assembly looks great. Highly recommended

    14. Kenwood KFC-1695PS Stereo Speakers

    Of course, we couldn’t sift Kenwood KFC-1695PS Stereo Speakers through so many top speakers without finding a great 6.5 “offer from Kenwood.

    They are a high-performance class 3 2-way coaxial speaker array. Each one competes with 150 watts with a peak of 320 respectively. They have a Kenwood flush mount design and are very well designed.

    Designs and designs at an affordable price include 2-1 / 2 “paper cones, 1-9 / 16” paper cone tweeters, and 1/2 “ceramic super tweeters. They provide a great sound with great clarity. Clarity, There is a presence of bass but not prominent with this torque setting.

    Features Of Kenwood KFC-1695PS Stereo Speakers

    Product Information:

    • Power Handling:Peak 320 watts, RMS: 75 watts
    • Configuration: 6.5-Inch 640W 3-Way
    • Impedance:4-ohms
    • Woofer: 6-1/2inch Paper Cone
    • Sensitivity: 93 dB
    • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5 x 3.25 inches


    High-performance speaker

    These 6.5-inch 3-way display car speakers are no exception. These have a maximum wattage of 320 watts and RMS wattage of 75 watts.

    Super tweeter

    They come with a 6.5-inch paper cone, as well as a paper cone tweeter and a ceramic super tweeter.

    Better frequency response

    The frequency response is 75 Hz to 20000 Hz with 88dB sensitivity.

    Kenwood KFC-1695PS Stereo Speakers
    Pro’s Con’s
    Great sound Bass quality is distorted at high volume
    Impressive system
    Respected and known brand product
    High temperature control

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Kenwood KFC-1695PS Stereo Speakers

    6.5 Kenwood Speakers have a super clear voice, high opinions on speakers, and bass is the best you can buy for the money and many buyers highly recommend it if you are comparing them to others. You want the same great quality for half the price.


    Infiniti is known for making INFINITY PR6500CS SPEAKER really good car stereo speakers and it is an excellent 6.5-inch component speaker among them. It does a good job of reproducing the tones in all frequency ranges.

    This 6.5-inch component system will achieve good bass and reproduce some triple bass for its frequency response range of 53 Hz to 21 kHz. It has a continuous RMS power of 70 watts and a maximum power of 320 watts.

    On conventional speakers of the same size, the cone increases the radiation field. Plays loudly with small amps Increasing bass output brings music above the street noise. Get more performance without modifying your vehicle. All reference series loudspeakers feature a three-ohm voice coil. For increased compensation due to wiring of factory slim gauge loudspeakers, maximum power is obtained from loudspeaker loudspeakers that can safely deliver to the factory stereo. Increase output to the factory speaker

    Among its most pleasing features, you’ll find a PlusOne ™ carbon injection woofer cone and a full vender motor assembly. It is also complemented by a cloth edge dome tweeter. It also includes mounting hardware, speaker wire, and mounting tape needed for easy installation.


    Product Information:

    • Power Handling:70 watt RMS power, 320-watt peak power
    • Configuration: 2-way
    • Impedance:3-ohms
    • Woofer: 6-1/2inch Paper Cone
    • Sensitivity: 91 dB
    • Frequency: 53 Hz to 21 kHz
    • Product Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 15 inches


    True 4-ohm architecture –

    True 4-ohm architecture with a low impedance voice coil provides peak power to the amplifier room to provide strong and clear sound with superior depth and detail.

    Strong speaker

    Infinity speakers undergo a test process that will destroy fewer speakers. Infinity freezes them, bakes them, shakes them, blasts them with ultraviolet light, and drives them with full power in a day.

    Speakers Voice

    The speakers are individually assured of high-quality audio vs. “off-the-shelf” built-in sound. This means that while tuning the Infinity sound, the specifications as well as the features of the speaker are considered.

    Pro’s Con’s
    Great sound High volume bass is distorted
    Textile dome tweeter
    Tweeter crossover
    High temperature control system

    Recent Buyer Reviews On INFINITY PR6500CS SPEAKER

    Excellent speakers put them in the front doors. Great high from tweeter and great mid-range woofer INFINITY makes a great product. The 6.5 speakers that come in this set are absolutely amazing! They were paired with line scar audio tweeters and crossovers. Used tweeters or crossovers, but they seem to be of excellent size and quality. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend it to others.


    Most standard car speakers are 6 to 6.5 inches in diameter. When you buy a speaker in this size range, you can change the factory settings without any modification.

    If you need such a speaker, you can choose one of the above options. These speakers also provide practicality when used and do not take up too much space. Regardless of what you choose, these speakers have all the best options for a 6.5-inch bass head car speaker. We hope you can now make an informed decision when choosing a new car speaker set!  Our editor’s best recommendation is INFINITY PR6500CS SPEAKER. Enjoy it!

    Buying Guide: – What To Look For In 6.5 Component Speakers For Bass

    If you want to enhance your car’s factory stereo or are interested in building an amazing aftermarket sound system, it is important that you get the best component speaker. If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for the best 3-way component speakers, don’t worry. We have researched the best-selling brands and best products to gather reviews from our constituent speakers. Let us inform you about the most important features you should know.


    The subwoofer determines the responsiveness and quality of a speaker. The stiffer and lighter the material used the more effective a speaker will be. A common material for making cones is polypropylene. Also, high-quality car speakers use woven fabrics like Kevlar. The high-end speakers use aluminum and titanium.


    While a speaker will make a difference in the sound quality of your radio, the tweeter is an important aspect that consumers often overlook. Because the tweeter produces high-grade noise from the speaker, you want a pair of speakers that have a good set of tweezers. This will give the sound system excellent clarity for spoken radio and almost any music it plays.

    Power management

    Power management usually indicates how much power a speaker can handle. If your system is low power, your speakers will not need to be able to handle too much power.

    In contrast, a system with powerful external amplifiers would require powerful speakers whose power handling is close to the output of the amplifiers. The main specification in power handling means maximum RMS power handling. This does not mean maximum power handling.

    A system with a “5-50 watt RMS” rating will definitely match better for your low power stereo than any other system with a “10-80 watt RMS” rating.

    RMS rated power

    Although most brands proudly display the maximum power output of the speaker system, it is not as important as the RMS power output. The RMS (Root Mean Square) power defines the maximum power that the speakers can control for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important to consider this value. If your amp is powered to match your speaker’s maximum power output, it will blow it up in no time.

    Speaker sensitivity

    Sensitivity is the measure of how a speaker produces sound with the power it is given. If your car stereo works as 10-20 watts RMS per channel or less, the best option would be a high-sensitivity range speaker. That will be more than 90 decibels.

    Another thing is that most factory-installed speaker audio systems are low power. As a result, you need speakers with low sensitivity ratings with a high sensitivity sound system.

    An aftermarket stereo system or externally installed amplifier will also require low-sensitivity speakers. After operating them correctly, they definitely provide excellent sound.

    The frequency

    Human hearing is in the range of 20–20,000 Hz. Generally, however, anything below 30 Hz is the kind of bass that feels more than it hears. Therefore, for speakers covering 30– 20,000 Hz, it provides the best sound for you.


    Remember that when these speakers are added, the weight will add to your car. It is not a lot of weight, but you should be aware of it. We are giving the total weight of the combined speakers.


    Most of our core solutions are 6.5-inch, however, we mixed things up and were also able to find 5.25 and 6.75-inch options. We are able to find an amazing system that is pinched 6×9 oval.

    Additional features

    Speakers with additional features are also suitable for organizing. For example, some speakers come with bass blockers that are filters that prevent low frequencies from damaging your speakers. You can organize tweeters or detachable speakers with headphones or other amazing features that you can choose according to your preferences.


    As with any other electronic device, you should be aware of the warranty. Do not compromise for less, because when something happens, you need your warranty. Look at warranties for a long time and read the comments to see if former customers had company support when the problem occurred.


    To invest in a pair of 6.5-inch car speakers, you want a pair that will evolve with technology. The covers of the new car come with advanced features like Bluetooth compatibility every few years, and you want to get some speakers that will evolve with the rest of your system.


    Another important thing to keep in mind is the price of your chosen product according to your budget. This is necessary not only in the case of door speakers but also for purchasing any product on the market.

    Although the best car speakers are usually a bit expensive for bass and sound quality, you know that the best products cost a bit more.

    If you are on a tight budget, then you need to find the best door speakers for sound quality with all those specifications in your budget.

    What Is a Component Speaker System?

    The component speaker system includes a mechanism that separates the tweeter and woofer from each speaker to improve the sound quality in your car. This is known as “separate” because it gives users a way to separate each section of their sound system. They are installed in the doors or rear seats of the car to get the perfect surround sound experience.

    Component speakers make up the entire sound system: subwoofer, tweeter, super tweeter, and mid-range speakers. Component speakers provide ultra-high and very low-frequency ranges.

    The 6.5 Component speakers are also known to help provide clarity by separating the frequencies from your music. Triple bass sound through the mid-woofer. Most systems also include crossovers, which are best Helps provide sound.

    Description Of a Component Speaker

    Tweeters for Higher Sound:

    Tweets are meant to play and reproduce high frequencies in your music, such as vocals, guitars, horns, and other high notes that make the music shiny. They play an important role in making your music sound as it came from everywhere, rather than your car doors or back cover. Also, it is highly recommended that you keep the tweeter close to your ear level. However, the tweeter should not be placed away from the woofer so that different frequencies do not reach your ears at different times.

    Crossovers hideaway:

    A crossover is an electronic device that acts as traffic police for the audio frequencies that come from your amplifier or head unit. The crossovers ensure that the frequency below a certain point (low) goes to the woofer and the tweeter (high) above. These small electronic devices can be safely placed where there is space on your door or dash.

    Woofer Goes Down:

    They’re meant to handle low frequencies like a drum note, bass, or a tub. They are usually installed in the factory locations of your vehicle.

    Main Benefits Of Component Speakers

    Better Sound Clarity.

    Thanks to the crossover, which splits the audio signal into two or more frequency ranges, so that the signal is sent to the most appropriate driver, the woofer and tweeter can do more for your specific frequencies. Well-built crossovers prevent each speaker from reproducing frequencies that were not actually intended to be handled, resulting in crisp, clear sound output.

    Best Sound Stage

    The best thing about component speakers is that you can mount each controller separately, allowing for better sound scaffolding. Think about it. Moving the tweeter to the dash, A-pillars, or the candle panel of your car, you are taking the stage, meaning that your music will feel as if it is coming from all sides, not from one place. This takes you one step closer to a more authentic audio experience.

    Better Images

    Apparently, the component speakers are made of high-quality material. Combine that with its high sound stage, tonal clarity frequency separation, and you’ll get more accurate images.

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