15 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500


15 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500

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It is not difficult to understand where the speaker market has become today in the last few decades. After all, it is one of the main elements of every party, and almost every household these days has a pair of bookshelf speakers or at least one of them part of the home theater system.

The possibilities are very few for you to remember, but in the 60s, home audio entertainment mostly came in the form of built-in amplifiers and speakers inside radios and record players.

As far as stand-alone HiFi units are concerned, you had the option of using something similar to today’s floor-standing models. But more often than not, these were so fast and so expensive that it was worth buying them for in-home audio entertainment.

This all changed when bookshelf speakers entered the market as we know them – with their smaller cabinets and larger-than-life sound.

Today we probably have more people who understand the value of a good pair of bookshelf speakers than ever before. However, we have more options than ever before, and after coming all brand new, it can be difficult to maintain, especially if you have a small budget!

The best bookshelf speakers under 500 provide a lot of accessories in terms of performance and build quality compared to their lower-priced counterparts. The additional cost allows designers to incorporate more attractive features, allowing them to provide a better audio experience.

However, this should not mean that any bookshelf speaker costs $ 500 more; In some models, the additional cost is a useless factor.

Bookshelf speakers within the price range have a trick to identify key features. We did a particularly in-depth review of this; To help you get the best products in the sub-500 price range. Continue reading.

Are You In A Hurry? -Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Bookshelf Speakers Under 500

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Audioengine A5 Plus Classic 150W Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Remote Control, Built in Analog Amplifier - Bamboo
Brand – Audioengine
Audioengine A5 Plus Classic Bookshelf Speakers 4.4 out of 5 $469
Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker
Brand – Klipsch
Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker 4.4 out of 5 $349.99
ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker
Brand – ELAC
ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker 4.5 out of 5 $249.99

15 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500

1. Audioengine A5 Plus Classic Bookshelf Speakers

The world of wireless technology is constantly expanding, and to think that a Bluetooth speaker cannot match the performance of an analog HiFi speaker is archaic and outdated.

Even at a glance, it’s clear that Audioengine doesn’t take much time or effort to create a revolutionary case for the A5 +. In terms of design, these bookshelf speakers are nothing more than two 10.75 x 7 x 7.75-inch black boxes.

Built with an advanced voice coil the front panel of the MDF cabinet houses two drivers. a 0.75-inch tweeter and a 5-inch military fiber woofer driver.

The left speaker is the one that incorporates the analog amplifier and all its connectivity options, including RCA and 3.5 mm inputs, a USB port, and a Bluetooth antenna on the rear. The volume control knob and power indicator are located on the front panel.

With an RMS rating of 50 watts per channel and a sensitivity of 95 dB, these speakers can be found loud when you need them – insanely loud, I must add.

But even more importantly, with the 50Hz to 22 kHz frequency response range, they avoid shrinkage and stiffness and it feels good to do so.

Sound contains clarity, producing each note clearly. The highs are tight and defined, but not all spiky, and the mids lean to a warm and smooth side.

They’re great for those of you who correlate the word “wireless” to wireless-quality sound with the idea of ​​buying a $ 500 pair of Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.

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Features Of Audioengine A5 Plus Classic Bookshelf Speakers

Good bookshelf speaker:

Clear, full, and powerful audio that fills any room A5 + powered loudspeakers are built with custom audio engine components: Aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, and onboard power amplifiers wrapped in precision-tuned, handcrafted cabinets.

Versatile work:

Built-in or external ramps, all music players: phones, desktops, laptops, notebooks, TVs with analog outputs, CD and DVD players, video game consoles, and all products with 1/8 mini-jack or RCA outputs “.

Easy to use:

RCA and 3.5mm input, subwoofer output, small speaker with a large volume to fill any room, custom aramid fiber woofer, and silk tweeter, hand-built wooden cabinets, no network setup, no password, no hassle Built-in power amps.

Audioengine A5 Plus Classic Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Bluetooth aptX-HD wireless capability Not stylish
Uses analog amplifiers
Natural, fine and melodious bass and exceptional sound quality
Loud and clear, but harshness and shrinkage are avoided.

Recent Buyer Reviews On Audioengine A5 Plus Classic Bookshelf Speakers

Buyers say that these are probably the best speakers in the world – certainly, the best. Great reproduction of sound throughout the speaker and also respectable bass, easily matched in quality bookshelf speakers from several manufacturers in price and size. Very impressed, bought his sub a little later, whoever loves highly recommended for most buyers.

2. Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker

A truly powerful little form factor music monster is equipped with Kirsch Activists with built-in power and Bluetooth wireless technology.

With a built-in phono preamp, Bluetooth wireless technology, digital optics, RCA analog input, and USB, your R-51 PM is the best performing and most versatile monitor on the planet.

Since the human ear treats frequencies differently with variations in output, the R-51PM will match the ear’s ability to dynamically hear lower frequencies. Usually available only with A / V receivers, the dynamic volume comes first for Kirsch powered monitors.

What you get is a powerful bass, whether the volume is low, accelerated, or somewhere in between. Forget the expense, clutter, and hassle of an external A / V receiver.

The R-51PM monitor incorporates individual ultra-low noise amplifiers that are designed to maximize system performance and eliminate the need for external amplification. It provides easy access to the system.

Such as dedicated source selection, track control, and play/pause. Add a subwoofer to boost and get more bass.

Features Of Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Custom-Tuned Amplification

Reference-inspired speakers are independent, ultra-low noise amplifiers designed to maximize custom system performance and eliminate the need for external amplification. Adjusted the components to be more ideal match

Dynamics bass

The clip reference speaker will match the ear’s ability to hear low frequencies dynamically. Usually only available with A / V receivers, the dynamic volume comes first for a clip-fed monitor.

Elegant Design

Exposed fasteners, low-profile magnetic grilles, and wood-textured vinyl give these self-powered bookshelf speakers a modern look.

Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Speaker is the purpose of high-frequency energy Not fond
Bluetooth wireless technology
Natural, fine and melodious bass and exceptional sound quality
Plays well with others

Recent Buyer Reviews On Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker

The excellent speaker in sound Assembled well and efficiently. They look very stylish and beautiful. Are natural bases if you need more bass, it is better to buy a subwoofer? Included is a remote that works well. If connected to iMac via USB and MacBook via Bluetooth, It works perfectly.

This noise is normal, and you do not need to worry. If you place the speakers on the stand and position them correctly, you will not hear white noise. The main thing is to set the speakers correctly in the room relative to where you will sit. In this way, you can fully enjoy the sound.
Highly recommend these speakers that work right out of the box.

3. Audioengine HD6 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

The HD6 wireless speakers are versatile Bluetooth speakers that deliver a great sound that will fill any room. Nevermind, you covered it. The HD6 wireless speakers are not just another great sound engine speaker, but a full-size Bluetooth music system that works with all your apps, music, and devices.

The best combination of past and present, the HD6 combines astonishingly good looks with really useful features.

Tidal, Spotify, Pandora … all your favorite streaming apps play instantly. No matter how you listen, the HD6 Wireless Speaker has you covered.

“A true artist, he’s attractive, flexible, and easy to use. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a ‘Twiner’ rig that does more for less than HD 6. A little audio engine could really do it.”

The HD6 wireless speakers are versatile Bluetooth speakers that deliver a great sound that will fill any room. No network settings, password to enter, or button to press. They are so easy to set up that you will be affected in no time. Keep your music fun, easy, and great.

The HD6 wireless speakers are built with custom audio engine components: rabid fiber woofer, silk tweeter, high-fidelity aptX-HD Bluetooth, and built-in power amplifiers wrapped in precision-tuned, handcrafted cabinets.

These speakers are designed as main TV room systems but are versatile enough to fit in any space.

Audioengine wireless speakers are special. Their traditional analog amps sound incredibly low compared to inexpensive digital amps found in other mass-produced brands.

Features Of Audioengine HD6 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

Better sound

Dual audio input and full-range variable output. High-fidelity advanced Bluetooth with AptX HD, simplified setup, 30-meter extended range and 24-bit upscaling

What is included

Pair of Audioengine HD6 wireless speakers, Bluetooth antenna, remote control with aluminum housing, 4 m speaker cable, power supply, and cable, 2 m 3.5 mm mini-jack audio cable, 2 RCA audio cable m, Microfiber Speaker Covers and Cable Covers.


Audioengine makes quality speakers that they stand behind. All Audioengine products come with a 3-year transferable warranty.

Audioengine HD6 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Solid aluminum remote control Poor support from Audioengine
Bluetooth wireless technology Not comfortable with ios
Detachable magnetic speaker grills
Hand-built cabinets with furniture-grade finishes

Recent Buyer Reviews On Audioengine HD6 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

The voice is very, very good. Especially noticeable at high volumes where you can actually hear every single thing in details. Good bass even without the outer sub, and nice crisp highs and mids. Bluetooth connectivity is a good addition, and they handle multiple inputs (optical and Bluetooth) well.

There is nothing to be said about these speakers from the audiogens, they are very good in sound and build quality and a real pleasure is to listen for hours. Compatible with Brennan B2 Bluetooth most buyers highly recommended this Bookshelf Speaker for everyone.

4. Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R2000DB satisfies your desire for great sound. You must have the best sound to listen to your music and watch movies. You want to hear deep bass from your favorite songs and the biggest explosions. The R2000DB Studio speakers fulfill that wish.

The R2000DB bookshelf speaker will leave you speechless. It is an ideal speaker for computers, game consoles and mini theaters at home enclosed in a MDF wood box to reduce acoustic resonance.

Edifier speakers will produce great sound. Featuring a newly developed 25mm silk dome “Eagle Eye” tweeter, this bookshelf speaker clears the tiniest sound. Distortion in your audio is a thing of the past. The R2000DB has created Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) to reduce distortion.

The Edifier R2000DB features a high-gloss piano finish as a touch of elegance to match your room décor. Connect the device to the R2000DB using optical and RCA inputs. You can connect more than one device at the same time.

With Bluetooth you can pair your smartphone and avoid the use of cables. R2000DB comes with a wireless remote control for your convenience. Or use the rear panel of the speaker to adjust the bass, treble and master volume.

Technical Description Alloy, 4 × Dimensions: 174 × 289 × 252mm All cables are included: Optical cable, 10ft speaker cable and dual 3.5mm RCA auxiliary cables for a true plug and play experience.

 Now the crown of that era is proud of these R2000DBs, it’s like ancient music for fights! Voices that massage your ears and all the emotions, sadness for joy, hip hop for heavy metal, even bad songs sound good. You will enjoy!

Features Of Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Wireless control

R2000DB comes with wireless remote control for your convenience. Or use the speaker’s side panel to adjust bass, treble, and master volume. Control your bookshelf speakers and conveniently connect to your device.

Versatile and Connection

Connect devices to the R2000DB via optical and RCA input. You can also have more than one device connected at the same time. With Bluetooth, you can pair your Smartphone and avoid the use of cables.

The versatility of the R2000DB bookshelf speakers seeks to deliver an authentic listening experience mirrored with high-tech wireless functionality.

Stylish Speaker

Edifier’s R2000DB bookshelf speaker features a high-gloss piano finish for a touch of elegance to match your room décor.

Any study or living space that houses these bookshelf speakers should combine thoughtful design and comfortable style. The luxury of the glossy finish is something adorable.

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Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Solid wood remote control The Bluetooth device goes out or in pairs briefly
Convenient connection to any device Chinese product
Detachable magnetic speaker grills
2 year warranty

Recent Buyer Reviews On Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Buyers say great product as promised. Many buyers say they have bought these to replace old speakers. Sound quality is surprisingly good for this size of speaker. Many computers use these as speakers and use them on a daily basis.

Keep enough bass and good sound clarity. They are heavy, but the solid and black piano finish is a nice touch. I really wanted an optical out to connect the speakers that I buy. These are options and come with an optical fiber cable in the box.

All of these have really good speakers that serve both purposes – music and films. Although it takes up more space, so far there are no regrets and many buyers would highly recommend these speakers.

5. Swans Speakers – M200MKII Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

The M200 series has been in the speaker market for a long time, knowing it to be accurate. So that’s when Swan Speakers decides to release a new and improved version of Speakers and it’s all in the $ 500 price range.

They stick to the wooden cabinet design, but update it by adding digital amplifiers and optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Here you are looking for high quality MDF braided cabinet construction measuring 7.2 x 12.5 x 9.5 inches. Both one-inch silk dome tweeters and 5.25 woofer drivers are located on the front panel. The grille is nothing more than a mesh screen, so you need to consider whether this “exposed look” will fit your home theater or stereo sound system.

A big plus for designers of the M200 MKII Hi-Fi speakers to control volume, bass and treble on the front panel makes them a lot more accessible.

The rear panel is reserved for two lines, auxiliary, optical and coaxial input, as well as LAN connectivity. On that note, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, the speakers can be completely wireless.

In terms of sheer power, these are the most powerful bookshelf speakers under $ 500, and they draw 40 watts at 90dB sensitivity. So yes, the speakers can be very loud and stay at about 50 percent volume.

Another important point we want to mention is the frequency response, which ranges from 56 Hz to 20 kHz. Furthermore, it provides excellent stability throughout the range, with no recognizable droplet around the specified lower limit.

The sound that this speaker set produces is more detailed and clearly described and, more importantly, it is capable of impressively consistent images.

They are not at the level of high-end monitors, but they come close with clarity that reveals detail and overall sound quality.

Features Of Swans Speakers – M200MKII Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Dual RCA input

The Swans Speakers powered bookshelf speaker lets you connect to multiple audio devices using dual RCA inputs. By looking at the back panel, you can easily tell that one of these is passive speaker and one is active speaker. The active speaker has two inputs at the rear.

Precise control

Personalize your listening experience with volume, bass and treble controls on active bookshelf speakers. A compact size easy remote control is included. You can adjust the volume and set the speaker to mute if necessary to reach the speakers.

Reliable performance

Powered bookshelf speakers combine a retro look with modern quality audio meaning. If you are looking for inexpensive and versatile bookshelf speakers with inconsistent sound, the Swans Speakers bookshelf speaker is the 2.0 speaker system of your choice.

Swans Speakers – M200MKII Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Natural sound reproduction A subwoofer may be required
Bass and treble controls located on the side of the main speaker
Detachable magnetic speaker grills
Free parts and labor warranty for two years in the United States and Canada

Recent Buyer Reviews On Swans Speakers – M200MKII Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

They are great speakers and they sound great and sound great and the bass is really good! Many buyers bought these to connect to the speakers beforehand and were delighted.

The appreciated packaging was secured and packed really well priced vs definitely the quality is a big one and you get a lot for your money. Good set up is a breeze all you need to consider. Many buyers highly recommend them to anyone!

6. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Looking for the best listening experience? You need to personalize your listening experience with the Tugiang-Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers. Everyone deserves a beautiful portion of the speaker destined for their home and what can be better than this.

Great speakers with bass and an incredible volume and treble dial mounted on your active bookshelf will blow your mind. The quality sound created the structure.

These bookshelf speakers deliver a powerful and accurate midrange that will captivate any analyst. A handy conservative remote control is included.

You can change the volume and set the speaker to cool down if necessary without using the speakers; Strength and innocence are readily available.

The Adifier R1280T operates in tone control along the edge of the dynamic speaker. Depending on the curves, you can make small-scale treble and bass changes, from 6 to +6 dB.

Every time the speakers are turned on, the computerized volume control naturally adjusts for an added dimension.

So this is an article written on the features of The Adifier R1280T. Adifier is not as cheap as you think it can be. But the R1280T editor is worth your investment. These bookshelf speakers speak for themselves. The incredible functions provided with high quality voice modulation and other features make it stand out from all the other speakers you have come across.

The R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers give you the opportunity to pair with multiple sound devices using dual RCA inputs.

By taking a gender on the board, you can do a lot without stretching, one of which is the speaker without being told, and the other is an active speaker. A dynamic speaker has two sources of information located on the back. These data sources are ideal for RCA to RCA or RCA to AUX associations.

The words, the music should not only be for your ears but also for your mind, and you know what can help make this possible.

This is the R1280T. Make it a bachelor party, a promotion party, a fabulous Friday night, or even a lazy Sunday morning on any occasion. These bookshelf speakers will clear your mind in seconds and each day will be just amazing.

Features Of Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen

The controls:

Use this remote control to alter the volume or mute it. Plus, it has bass and treble controls found on the side of the main speaker. The advanced volume control naturally adjusts to a pleasant dimension each time the speakers are turned on.

Great sound:

The 4-inch bass driver and proximity to the 13mm silk arc tweeter allow this speaker to create a studio-quality sound suitable for your home. Sublime music from the speaker vibrates wherever it is stored in the room.

Connectivity with others:

Dynamic speakers have two rear information sources. The data sources can be used for RCA to RCA associations or RCA to AUX associations. Now efficiently connect your PC or workstation and cell phone to speakers and make the most of your favorite melody tracks.

Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Natural sound reproduction Only offers RCA inputs
Extremely strong and flexible bass dimension The poorly designed control dial layout
The great feeling is at home anywhere
Solid wood shape

Recent Buyer Reviews On Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen

They are great speakers and they sound great and sound great and the bass is really good! Buyers purchased and gladly received these to connect the speakers in advance.

Currently these are connected to the TV via a digital to analog box, and this set of speakers has much better sound than any soundbar I’ve heard. The volume knob is not going to tell you the level because it is digital.

Everything did keep it to a maximum and controlled the input volume. So this is a small thief. Many buyers highly recommend them to anyone!

7. BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

The BIC America DV62si bookshelf loudspeaker is a masterpiece speaker tailored in both design and performance.

They’re built with award-winning sound drivers, the design is surprisingly perfect, the hardware is classic and eye-catching, and the price is affordable for a real product.

Custom designed polyethylene dome tweeters and unique front cabinet angles allow for minimal distortion as a result of mid and high frequencies. BIC DV62si speakers are ideal for use with surround sound and music applications.

The double bookshelf speaker set is made from a 6.5-inch poly graphite woofer. Additional woofers can be added to the system because the system frequency resistance and extended power are up to 150 watts per channel.

The output sound is nice and pleasant, the highs and lows are perfectly consistent with the audio, and the lows are squeezed out to precise levels for great sound.

Use them for surround sound or front / rear speakers, making them your main speaker, easily connecting them to a TV or wireless device.

The frequency range is between 43 and 20,000 Hz. The 2-way speakers provide excellent music for home theater, CD, and Smartphone input.

Features Of BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

Good affordable

The BIC America DV62si bookshelf speaker uses a 6.5-inch graphite woofer that produces incredible, vibrant bass. Also, mid and high tones sound great, with a 0.75-inch soft dome tweeter.

Furthermore, the style of the speakers suits all types of decoration, as it has a dark wood design.

Easy to install

The bookshelf speaker is easy to install as only two cables are required to connect to the stereo system. The DB sensitivity is also 90 dB, so you can play pretty loud audio without adjusting the volume at full power.

Surround Speakers

Bookshelf and surround speakers have received several “Best Buy” ratings from a leading consumer buyer’s guide magazine. Its long-throw 6.5-inch poly / graphite woofer provides precise and agile extended bass.

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BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Stylish Wooden Design No Bluetooth connectivity
High-end speaker, woofer and tweeter Only available in black
Balanced audio
Anywhere comfortably mount

Recent Buyer Reviews On BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

Great speaker Lots of power. The bass is tight and punchy. Mids are good, sweets are high! It is a wonderful voice. These speakers are not so young. They are about 14 inches long and 9 in widths.

Bookshelf speakers are made part of your home entertainment system, and therefore most bookshelf speakers are weak at low frequencies. Very happy with how BICs distribute across the spectrum including tight bases.

In addition, the treble is precise and tight without being rigid. For the money, these are the best value speakers. Highly recommended

8. KEF Q100W Bookshelf Loudspeakers

The Q100s are smaller models of Q300 bookshelf speakers, but don’t be fooled by their size! The Q100 prominently features our array of point source Uni-Q drivers, designed to create an exceptionally accurate three-dimensional soundstage that evenly covers any room. Uni-Q is a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with driver matrix.

The company’s new bass drivers feature rigid aluminum core technology specifically designed to enhance woofer performance.

The KEF Q100 can be used as a main speaker, music speaker, rear speaker or normal. Its flexibility opened the world to quality voice at affordable prices. We rarely get a speaker this loud for less than $ 500.

They come in 11.8-inch and 7-inch widths, creating a sound frequency between 50 and 40,000 Hz. This is more than enough to enjoy broad spectrum music!

The sound they produce is even more amazing: spacious and finely detailed, with a convincing mid and high frequency response.

The layout of this product on the market is slightly different from others as the tweeters are on the bottom and the bass on the top of the driver cabinet.

These speakers manage to look stylish even without the speaker grill. KEF intentionally widened the Q100’s cabinet to provide a fuller acoustic sound.

Features Of KEF Q100W Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Perfect sound

The KEF Q100 is just one foot tall, making it perfect for any bookshelf. The Q100 can be combined as a home theater system with any KEF Q series floor, center channel or subwoofer speaker, ensuring an exceptional and consistent audio experience.

Surround sound

This matrix of Uni-Q drivers provides a fast and clean midrange response, thanks to a braided magnesium / aluminum alloy cone and smooth transitions on the front panel with KEF’s Z-Flex.

Great performance

Let the KEF Q100 re-introduce you to all your favorite music and movements, albeit with nuance and depth you’ve never heard before.

KEF Q100W Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent audio experience No Bluetooth connectivity
High-end speaker, woofer and tweeter Only available in black
Compact enough for any modest listening room or home office
Anywhere comfortably mount

Recent Buyer Reviews On KEF Q100W Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Very happy with them! The same knock is very punch int like he mids, but these are very good speakers for the money. A 10 “Polk audio is paired with the sub and it sounds great, full-rich sound.

With a lot of separation in the range the bass without the sub is not surprising, but is fully passable. Guess what. This is from a neutral sound that I read was typical of KEF speakers. In the end the buyer is very happy and recommended it.

9. Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

Looking for a two-speaker system with great sound and build quality? These R1850DB editor active bookshelf speakers are all you need!

There may be many speakers on the market, but this one is exceptional.

You may have seen small plastic devices that present the sound of screeching, thousands of dollars of speakers screaming at the top of their lungs, sometimes some speakers promise to give you the best audio quality.

The publisher may have designed some attractive speakers including the editor R1850DB Bluetooth Active Shelf Speaker with Optical Input – Studio Monitor Speaker 2.0 – Built-in Amplifier with Subwoofer Output, Editor R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers BookSelf –

Active Near Field Studio Monitors – Powered Speakers 2.0 Wood Box Configuration – 66w RMS, and bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth Editor R2000DB – Near-field studio monitors – Optical input – 120 watts RMS – Black, but I’m totally impressed with Editor R1850DB active bookshelf speakers.

Features Of Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

High gloss black finish

We understand that aesthetics is also important in audio setup. The R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speaker has a high-gloss black finish that looks beautiful.

Remote control

Wireless Remote is used for the volume control that can be applied to each speaker. As mentioned earlier, there is a 15-foot long optical cable that will help you connect two speakers to any audio player, a 3.5mm RCA to RCA cable that is also suitable for outdated audio players.

Multiple connection options

The back of the speaker quickly handles auxiliary, RCA, optical, and coaxial inputs, and also lets you connect your Smartphone or other newer devices via Bluetooth. The speaker comes with three dials that help you control the treble, bass, and volume manually.

Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Cost-Effective Should be a little more bass
Clear sound
The cables where you want to provide these speakers are enough to fit
Beautiful design

Recent Buyer Reviews On Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

These relatively small speakers give you very good sound. Many connection options are available, and are easy to install. Bluetooth and remote control improve ease of use. Buyers are very happy with them.

The subwoofer will definitely add more body but clarity is good without it. Great product for the price.

The build is solid and is clean and minimalistic by expensive speaker grade. The remote control just works. Not to complain about it being light or cheap or whatever. It does just what it means to have volume control, AUX / PC / Bluetooth / optical mode switch and song play, pause and next, off, and mute.

10. Fluance SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Speakers

Fluance SXBP2 bipolar surround speakers provide energetic and seductive performance with superior components that enhance the cinephile experience. From every high-speed locomotive to a ferocious jet plane flight, these bipolar speakers will reinforce the cinema experience you’ve seen.

The unique configuration of bipolar speakers creates a 3D sound stage. This is accomplished using two full speaker systems on opposite sides of the cabinet. The results are huge, there is surround sound in your room.

The SXBP2 is designed for the environment around 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1, next to the listener or behind the listener.

The sound design of the SXBP2 deck will make your heartbeat and your head baffle. Neodymium tweeters on SX-series bipolar speakers add to the joy of your favorite movie hit. You will feel every tingling scream and a quick bounce from the SXBP2 bipolar speakers.

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Features Of Fluance SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Speakers

HD Sound Effects

Experience High Definition Sound Effects Hollywood intends to listen to this with SXBP2 bipolar surround sound speakers. Dual four-inch mid-range drivers enhance cinema-quality home theater by mimicking sound, tone, and notes, and keep you waiting for your favorite movies and concerts.

Look pretty

The SXBP2s are designed in a trapezoidal configuration, sized to enhance the sound of home theater. Designed with a low-resonance audio-quality MDF wood cabinet, the SXBP2 bipolar speakers offer excellent performance.

Premium performance

Premium components ensure serious performance, natural sound and effortless timing to coincide with the fluent SX series and other high-quality systems. Full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer lifetime warranty with direct customer support

Fluance SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Acoustic suspension design Should be a little more bass
Clear sound
bipolar surround speakers
Beautiful design

Recent Buyer Reviews On Fluance SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Speakers

Buyers are very happy with this product. Very well made speaker, fills sound very well. They’re good because you can hear them, but they fill that area, whereas you can’t tell there’s a speaker, just pure, clean sound

They break up the sound beautifully for movies so that you can’t tell where the speaker actually is. This is what you want. These are amazing for the money!! Wow! The walnut finish on the cabinets is beautiful!

11. Audioengine A5+ 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers

The world of wireless technology is constantly expanding, and to think that a Bluetooth speaker cannot match the performance of an analog HiFi speaker is archaic and outdated.

Read this and hear the fact that audiophiles didn’t just get a wireless bookshelf speaker, but one that topped my list of bookshelf speakers for under $ 500:

Even at a glance, it’s clear that Audioengine doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to create a revolutionary case for the A5 +. In terms of design, these bookshelf speakers are nothing more than two 10.75 x 7 x 7.75-inch black boxes.

Constructed with fully upgraded voice coil the front panel of the MDF cabinet houses two drivers. a 0.75-inch tweeter and a 5-inch military fiber woofer driver.

The left speaker is the one that incorporates the analog amplifier and all its connectivity options, including RCA and 3.5 mm inputs, a USB port and a Bluetooth antenna on the rear. Volume control knobs and power indicators can be found on the front panel.

You can surely tell which one it is because the left speaker weighs 5 pounds more than the right one.

Features Of Audioengine A5+ 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Latest Bluetooth Technology

Connect directly to your Mac, PC, phone, or laptop via Bluetooth or any device via 3.5mm or RCA input with aptX HD Bluetooth codec with a range of 30 meters.

Premium Experience

Room-filling sound from bookshelf speakers with 150 watts of maximum combined output their pairing with Audioengine DS2 speakers is meant to elevate these speakers and experience premium sound at ear level.

Better customer support and warranty:

Includes Steller US customer support and 3-year product coverage. Located in Austin, TX, Audionzine has been changing the way people listen to music since 2005. Passion is creating products that sound great, are easy to use, and people want to listen to music every day.

Audioengine A5+ 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Uses analog amplifiers Not stylish like other options
Bluetooth aptX-HD wireless capability
Bipolar surround speakers
Natural, fine, tuned bass and exceptional sound quality

Recent Buyer Reviews On Audioengine A5+ 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Wow! The sound quality of these speakers is absolutely great! The build quality is strong and looks great. The clarity of the speakers is superb as is the low end.

Despite being a sub, used Crossfed to put more low endus on the speakers, just to see how they would do and they were great! Also honorable bass Quality bookshelf speakers from many manufacturers are easily matched in twice the price and size.

Buyers were very impressed, bought their sub after a while, which buyers also like. Spicy compared to some other sets, but the balance is great and real wood is amazing compared to cheap plastic. Buyers highly recommend them.

12. ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker

No need to compromise on excellent sound developed based on prime space constraints, Lac Uni-Fi UB5 bookshelf speakers provide the best solution when floor space is limited. So the space at your disposal is at a premium and you’re not ready to sacrifice your audiophile sound – look no further.

For $ 500, here’s a speaker that offers a true three-way design, compact form factor, and true hi-fi performance. ELACs produce a stereo image unlike any other in price, and the bass response is over the top.

UB5 lost their home. At 16.5 pounds, the UB5 starts off with the Elk’s familiar concentric driver design, which places the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter in the center of a 4-inch aluminum midrange driver, an aluminum mid-bass driver 5.25 inches.

It is set up. The combination of the matte silver sheen of the tweeter inlay and cone creates a sleek and stylish look.

While we think the UB5’s gorgeous three-way design is more than enough to please style-focused buyers, the speakers are also available in a walnut finish, as well as a satin black or white finish (called BS U5 Is) in a slim format. design.

The crossover points for the UB5 are set at 270 Hz and 2700 Hz, with a total frequency response of 46 Hz to 25,000 Hz impedance of 4 ohms.

To power the speakers, Elac recommends a maximum of 140 watts per channel, and our pair came with the brand’s capable EA101EQ-G integrated amplifier, driving 80 watts per side.

Uni-Fi is an amazing pair of UB5 speakers, a very factual truth, all of which are receiving universal praise in audio circles. Uni-Fi is the ambassador for great, balanced and elaborate sound. This is true who you connect them with or what content source you use.

Compressed audio from your favorite music streaming service sounds great, as does Netflix, where those particular beloved drivers have taken extra care in recording the details of the subtitles in the sound suggestions, especially when it comes to dialogue. .

Lip noise patients have a musical touch, as if the speakers are choreographing themselves into words for supreme clarity.

The unit uses excellent crossover and driver components, similar to its predecessor. As soon as you give them space, the speakers amplify them and they have a much wider soundstage.

Features Of ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker

Balanced three-way design

The three-way loudspeaker offers several advantages in the design of full-range systems. By assigning dedicated drivers for high, mid, and low frequencies, each one is optimized for the frequency range for which its design and material structure is best suited.

Aluminum woofer

By using aluminum, the resonance that affects the linearity of the plain paper cone can be maintained beyond the operating frequency range of the controller. An extended size magnet with a vented pole piece improves power handling for accurate reproduction of low frequencies that are clean, clear and powerful.

Custom driver

The fragility of a 1-inch soft dome tweeter and the harmonic precision of a rigid 4-inch aluminum midrange cone come together in a symphony of sound perfection. A similar directivity pattern is obtained by carefully placing the tweeter inside the middle voice coil.

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ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Perfect precision and accuracy Vinyl finish does not scream luxury
Clear and detailed mids and highs The low impedance and high sensitivity make speakers somewhat hungry.
Bipolar surround speakers
Natural, fine, tuned bass and exceptional sound quality

Recent Buyer Reviews On ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker

Great sound from these small speakers. They are crazy for money. Debut is a B6 and was unsure if moving up. In short they are. However they require some very good power to run properly.

There is also a center and they fill the room. Amazing sound from a bookshelf speaker this is enough. Sounds coming from these speakers are a way of significant improvement;

as compared to these the speakers cost a little less, but again, and having a good amp can negate the savings on these very good and cheap speakers. Most buyers recommend this speaker.

13. Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Bookshelf Speaker

Definitive Technology’s promoters meet your need for small, readily available systems with loudspeaker speakers that provide you with the most up-to-date, no-compromise performance.

ProMonitors are full-range speakers. Use them by yourself in a host of applications (including stand-alone bookshelf, stand- or wall-mounted speakers). Their pairing with subwoofers and center channels operated to create a music system and film system of amazing performance potential.

The 1000 bookshelf speaker, a promoter of fixed technology, uses a wide frequency range from 47 Hz to 30 kHz, meaning you can listen to high-quality music. The efficiency of the speaker is also 90 dB, so you can play music at a high level and experience pushpin audio without a drop in quality.

In addition, the design looks clear with bright black color. Also, you can remove the front of the speaker to give the drivers a unique look, but that means exposing any water / dust damage to the drivers.

In addition, the speaker is easy to use and adjust, as it uses the necessary cables attached to the back. If necessary, you can place the speaker on the wall, a feature that some heavy bookshelf speakers do not have.

The 1000 bookshelf speakers, promoters of Ultimate Technology, can produce great sound quality, but the appearance is not great. The design is straightforward, and if you’re looking for a speaker that fits your setup well, these are among the best bookshelf speakers for under $ 500.

Features Of Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Bookshelf Speaker

The Sound

Sonically, the ProMonitor 1000 satellite is a revelation in terms of achieving incredible sound. Its images are absolutely boxless, spacious and three-dimensional, while providing precise specificity and localization when required. 1000 is dynamic but capable of great subtlety, so it excels with music or movies alike.

Easy to use

Small enough to disappear into a room, but when in view, 1000 satellites can be shelf-mounted with their unique triangular base, wall-mounted using a built-in keyhole bracket, or using an optional Artistic Promount 90 pivoting wall . Mount.

The Secret

Hear a male voice over typical small satellite speakers and you will immediately hear weakness in the low midrange. This major problem is avoided by pressure coupling to ProMonitor satellites, especially for similarly sized mid-bass radiators positioned on top of the satellite.

Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Bookshelf Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Wide frequency response No build in EQ
Clear and detailed mids and highs Water spills will break the driver easily
Great sound
Natural, fine, tuned bass and exceptional sound quality

Recent Buyer Reviews On Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Bookshelf Speaker

Most buyers prefer these speakers. Audiophile but definitely appreciate the sound quality from these speakers. If they are not on sale, they are a bit expensive, but if you buy them you will definitely not regret it.

In a home theater setup, they get to surround the speakers and be loud when needed. Of course they are made in China because every other speaker is himself. But they certainly look and perform brilliantly.

A second pair for the surround and a def Tech pair in the ceiling speaker for height will be purchased. Buyers will recommend 100%.

14. Sony 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker

The Sony SSCS5 3-way bookshelf speaker weighs 9 lbs. 4 oz. They have an RMS of 30 watts and a power of 100 watts per speaker. While the frequency response is between 55Hz-50 to 000Hz

These are three-way speakers, so there is a woofer, a midrange driver, and a tweeter. The woofer is a 5.25”mica reinforced cell. The midrange speaker is 1 1 and is made of polyester. “The tweeter, or as Sony likes to call it a super tweeter, has a soft dome design.

These are passive speakers; As a result, you will need a receiver to handle them. And they have standard binding posts on the back of the speaker to connect to the receiver. With a nominal impedance of 6 ohms

The Sony SSCS5s are relatively cheap speakers, and we can see that the build is not as solid as other speakers have reviewed. The cabinets are vinyl-coated MDF. It’s a commonly used material, and the quality and refinement are fine, but not on the same level in more expensive speakers.

Components like the 1 “polyester mid-range driver and soft dome tweeter are examples of additional costs from Sony. Not surprisingly priced, but it does have an overall impact on sound that keeps them from being their best. Class.

The overall sound is decent. The midrange is very well defined and has a nice smooth trellis. Low bass volume is acceptable, but high volume can create buoyancy and resonance.

Features Of Sony 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker

Compact bookshelf design

These small bookshelf speakers are very compact and take up little space for easy installation in tight spaces. The air core gauges in the tweeter, silicon steel plate in the woofer The thickest possible winding material and a high-quality film capacitor.

High quality structure

These speakers are based on the Sound Foundation. A ported safe allows for richer, more resonant acoustics. This speaker has a stylish black finish that matches most contemporary interiors.

Uncompromising sound

Take your digital music collection to the next level with Hi-Res Audio. By capturing music faster than CDs, both audio samples per second and increasing the accuracy of bit rate for each sample, Hi-Res Audio delivers near-perfect captures of an artist’s music.

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Sony 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker
Pro’s Con’s
Includes grills Some resonance and acceleration at high volume
Clear and detailed mids and highs Low volume
Great sound

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sony 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker

Amazing quality and sound without being too big or too heavy or too expensive. Sony feels what they are doing when it comes to audio. Many buyers say they will continue to use Sony bookshelf speakers after purchasing a new system.

They are rated at 6 ohms and the tuner specs say they should be 8 ohms, but there is no problem with these. They have no disadvantages, the range they are able to handle in bass, treble and “super treble” is a lot of fun, and especially if they are acceptable for the average consumer as well.

Finally came to home theater but remembered my music, did a lot of research and these speakers kept coming positive. Many paired them with other channel receivers and WOW! Good bass, very clear sound could not be happier for both price and performance. Highly recommend.

15. Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

The Bose 301-V stereo speaker weighs 12.6 pounds. And it has a maximum power of 150 watts with unstable frequency response.

It has an 8”paper-coated woofer and two paper-coated tweeters. One tweeter is forward and the other is rearward. Due to the position of the tweeter at the rear, the speakers must be placed at least 18”from a wall.

It should also be noted that they are not magnetically shielded, so they should be kept a minimum of 24 “from a television or computer monitor. This is all a bit annoying. They are passive speakers, 4 to 8 ohms.

Five years the warranty is a minor disadvantage. You gave it to Bose; they are not afraid to do things differently. Without a doubt, they have gone their own way with the Bose 301-V stereo speakers and have tried something new.

Regarding their appearance, we are not entirely sure if we like them or not, maybe they just put a little bit. Suppose the jury is out of this!

Despite this, the design of these speakers is a refreshing departure from the standard cabinet design, with little consideration, by the millions. And yes, these are Bose speakers; the build quality and finish are impeccable.

The Bose 301-V has two 2 “tweeters, one at the front and one at the rear, which produce good clarity in the high frequencies. With two tweeters, you certainly have plenty of coverage at higher range frequencies.

Well articulated and the 8 Woofer produces powerful and punchy bass. The sound is undoubtedly high quality, but it feels scattered without any apparent attention. The system does a great job of spreading the sound over a wide area, but confuses the sound a bit in the process.

Their reasoning behind a rear-facing tweeter is that high-frequency sounds are reproduced more directly than bass sounds. Therefore, a rear tweeter will be reflected from behind the speaker, changing the dynamics of the sound to avoid listening from one location.

Features Of Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

Compact bookshelf design

Bose Direct / Reflecting speaker technology combines reflected and direct sound to recreate much of the natural spaciousness of a live concert. The flared slot port design is designed to reduce air turbulence.

Spacious sound for movies and more

Bose 301 bookshelf speakers can also be used as primary, secondary, or surround home theater speakers. Just connect Bose 301 speakers to your surround sound receiver and experience exciting audio from your home theater components.

Amazing performance

The music reaches your ears and emotions by mixing direct and reflected sound. Direct / reflecting speaker technology remodels this combination so that you can give the same sounds you would experience in a concert hall or theater.

Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers
Pro’s Con’s
Includes grills Some resonance and acceleration at high volume
Clear and detailed mids and highs Low volume
Easy to hang hooks
Great sound

Recent Buyer Reviews On Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

Buyers are very satisfied with these speakers. They have a much clearer sound than lower value speakers. The bass is very punchy when set for it and the high is very crisp and clear, similar to a warmer, softer version of the horn tweeter.

These speakers sound great with Yamaha Aventage receivers. They can take a lot more power than expected before they become deformed. Buyers would highly recommend these speakers.

Buying Guide: – Features to Consider Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500Before You Buy Best Motorized Projector Screens

Selecting a motorized projection screen is not very difficult. You have to be careful with a few essential points. Following them will result in your purchase of a projector screen that is worth your need. These projector screens have little difference from each other, as all companies try to follow the standards.

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When trying to buy a speaker for your bookshelf, there are many different items to explore. Although price is unfortunately going to be a factor for many people, it is not one that should be fully utilized.

Remember that dispersion will provide better quality speakers, so you need to find the middle ground and stick with it. Here are some other things to consider.

Compactness of speaker

Bookshelf speakers are designed for raised surfaces like tablets and bookshelves. Next you need something compact that will fit well in tight spots. So, measure the spaces you intend to place your speakers and organize them for a suitable model.

 There is no one-size-fits-all solution here; the location at your disposal determines the right size for you.

Features of speaker

Since we all have different audio needs and we all share a love for terrible sound, we must also accept the fact that we all have different standards for what “good sound” actually is.

The performance aspect of bookshelf speakers greatly affects what the speakers actually create. So if possible, first make a list of specs and features that meet your needs, and then choose accordingly.

As for features, make sure you also get the connectivity you need. For example, some bookshelf speakers may be associated with a very small range of devices.

So, to avoid getting a drive that you haven’t used, double-check your connectivity requirements. Also look for suppliers and brands that sound too good to be true; ask yourself if you really need all those cool lights, lots of connection types, a built-in clock, and a karaoke machine.

If your speaker has too many unnecessary extras, how much time and money was actually spent on critical components?

Wireless or wired speaker

There isn’t much to say here that you don’t know. Having wireless audio systems is becoming ideal for those who find things cleaner and more comfortable to use.

While it is true that you can lose some audio fidelity along the way, the point is that you don’t need to use wireless technology all the time. For critical listening, you can always connect the speaker and the source component. During the rest of the time, it may be more convenient to use wireless technology.

But one thing you may not know is that some wireless bookshelf speakers can elevate your standard or unsatisfactory audio experience to whole new levels.

This is particularly noticeable when working with a low quality integrated sound card in your laptop or computer.

Some codecs, such as the AptX HD Bluetooth codec, feature digital-to-analog conversion that can bypass low-level sound cards and improve audio quality ten times (more or less).

Speaker brand

Buying a brand is a great way to know that the product you receive is of the highest quality. Famous brands must maintain their image, and if their condition is bad, their rating will fall.

That is why you can never buy wrong from a better brand. The only downside is that big brands will praise your products much more than others, but if this is not a problem, always choose a brand that is already well known.

On the other hand, you can order from a lesser-known company and get a high-quality speaker for a lower price. Be sure to do your research in advance and find out all about them before making a purchase.

Speaker range

The range of speakers is much more important than power. If the world were perfect, you could have a speaker ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but this is usually not possible.

Keep in mind that different types of systems have little effect. For example, 2-way and 3-way speakers will not make much difference. Instead, try to get a speaker with the range mentioned above.

Frequency response

The frequency response represents the range of frequencies that a speaker can reproduce. Since many low-cost floor fighters fight at low frequencies, a good rule of thumb is that you probably expect the low end to be 50 Hz or higher.

Smart speaker device variation

Different rooms may require different speakers. For this roundup, we are left with separate speakers, which can be used manually to access the voice assistant, and used Alexa and Google Assistant such as Sonos and speakers in third-party models can go.

In addition to the speakers, you can use your hands-free voice assistant through Smart.

Easy to use

Not all speakers are equally easy to install and operate. They are more practical to assemble and use, and require a level of experience to operate.

So what can make a speaker very practical to use? The first is the remote control. This accessory not only makes the whole experience easier but also faster. The convenience of skipping songs, adjusting volume, and muting audio (for taking calls) without moving an inch is simply foolproof. The availability of cables (in bundles) and keyhole (for ease of assembly) are two other useful additions.

The former eliminates the frustration of buying them separately, while the keyhole makes assembly easy; all you need is a screw pre-installed on your mounting surface.

Speaker stability

Another essential feature to consider is the material used to make the speaker housing and the drivers, as it is a good indicator that shows you whether the speaker is of decent quality.

Typically, a speaker is made of plastic that does not feel premium in the hand and should be avoided. However, you can buy a speaker with a plastic cover that has rubber cutouts, which protects the speaker from drops and gives a better feel.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What you should know about bookshelf speakers

We all know that bookshelf speakers are very practical and easy. However, they can differ in many dimensions, designs, features, and performance. This can all be very misleading, plus it’s not precarious to see potential buyers when it comes to finding the right match, I know.

Ultimately, most of us want to get the most for our money, and in the case of an expensive investment in bookshelf speakers, we also want to be able to get a good few years out of them.

So the first thing you need to know is that you can get yourself a very, very good pair (or one, if he prefers) of bookshelf speakers without going overboard with your expense. You just need to research and understand what your specific audio needs are.

Of course, the purchase process may also involve testing the unit before purchasing it, but we strongly recommend that you do not. Most of the time it does more harm than good, and you are more likely to buy impulsively.

I’m writing all of this to help you get the best deal you can in today’s market. When you are equipped with this knowledge, you are not disappointed. But, before we get to the main point, let’s start with the basics.

What is a bookshelf speaker?

Those who know your speakers probably know that bookshelf speakers are meant to be part of a standalone audio system. This basically means that you have to pair them with a dedicated amp or player.

I mean, this is how they provide an autonomous system. However, they tend to be quite typecast. However, considering the fact that they can be found from different manufacturers, it also means that you can find something that is perfect for a suitable disposal location.

Bookshelf speakers usually come in a specific package – you get a larger driver, or a woofer, and a smaller driver, a tweeter.

Plus, they are known to deliver a sonic boost like you can’t imagine. They can often provide the same experience you would expect from speakers with large floors.

Why sensitivity is also important

The thing about sensitivity on all speakers is that you can associate that number or rating with the volume. Think about how high your speakers can get, without necessarily leaving some distortion when a particular amount of power moves through them.

Decibel values ​​are important to keep in mind because you don’t want too much for small rooms and too little for large rooms. That said, it makes perfect sense how sensitive a pair of speakers on the floor can be.

This is largely due to the fact that most manufacturers use their own independent testing methods and settings. This means that you cannot always place two 88db speakers from different manufacturers next to each other and get similar results when tested.

But with independent testing, the decibel rating still gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect.


When choosing a bookshelf speaker under 500, one thing’s for sure – you can get pretty much everything at this price. While this sounds very ambitious, trust us, the bookshelf speaker options at this price range are very reasonable.

For a true bookshelf speaker, who knows the value of good sound, high quality is highly achievable at this price.

Obviously there will be a difference in quality as you move up that sliding scale, but we have been able to pay our consumers and include various options based on what they are looking for in a speaker. I have tried everything.

We’ve gone through some exceptional options here today, if some folks like better quality audio then we’ll go for a perfect, standalone Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers, but the Edifier are close contenders.

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