15 Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50


15 Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $50

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Most PC gamers don’t accept that the number one thing they least like about using a wired gaming mouse is cable. The cables wire the pulling of cables to the mice, which limits movement while playing.

The best solution is to use a wired gaming mouse, as it provides freedom of movement and drives weird gaming mice. There is a misconception that you have to spend over $ 100 for a good wireless gaming mouse.

However, there are many inexpensive wireless gaming mice on the market. In this article, we tested the cheapest wireless gaming mouse for less than $ 50 each.

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Are You In A Hurry? -Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Brand – Logitech Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse 4.3 out of 5 $28.99
Brand – UtechSmart UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse, 4.7 out of 5 $49.99
Brand – Razer Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse: 4.5 out of 5 $45

15 Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50

1. Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is a great mouse for the price. It is very comfortable to hold and has a good number of programmable buttons.

First, this mouse is wireless and requires AA batteries to operate. When playing FPS, a single AA is more suitable and weighs around 25 grams from around 130 grams, much better for quick actions. If you play other games like RTS or MMOA, two AAs are fine, but you should judge for yourself.

The Logitech game software is very impressive and you can really customize all the buttons.

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Features Of Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Energy saving

Energy-saving, high-precision delta zero sensor technology. Try to track another surface

Awesome Performance

Gaming-quality lag-free wireless, performance, and endurance modes maximize battery life. 20 million clicks, durable buttons with 11 programmable buttons.

Support OS

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
250 hours of battery life with Polaroid AA Batteries Weight quite a bit for FPS with both batteries
Advance sensor
Customizable buttons make melee
Onboard memory

Recent Buyer Reviews On Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Buyers say that if you want a Strong Gaming Mouse that is comfortable, durable, and versatile, mixing exceptional battery life and game-ready performance, many buyers recommend that you consider this device. It never let you down despite the abuse and they still use it today.

2. E-Blue Mazer II

The E-Blue Measure II is definitely one of the best wireless gaming mice as it offers many advanced features for gamers: an illuminated rubberized LED wheel for scrolling and an excellent ergonomic design with an individually adjustable one.

It is also equipped with the Avago 5090 gaming chipset, which ensures good performance, quick response and very fast speeds. With a standard 2.4GHz wireless connection like the others; you can count on a solid response time.

This very high frame rate ensures maximum accuracy at tracking levels per second (3000) and a query rate of 250 Hz only helps with zero delay and also has a maximum acceleration of 20G. The E-Blue Measure II is interference-resistant – it can receive a signal from its nano-receiver about 30 feet away.

This look is great if you ask us, and it is one of the best budget-friendly options if you want to spend a few dollars more than the previous selection.

Features Of E-Blue Mazer II

Unique design

Improved design with LED-illuminated rubber scroll wheel. Ergonomically designed for right-handers with the ‘Air Wing’ concept

Better performance:

Adjustable DPI switch (dots per inch) and Avago 5090 high-performance chipset for optical games. 2.4G wireless transmission technology.

Gemmy Airblown – Movie Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Better Battery Performance This tent is made of material, so it is not durable
Slightly smaller and lighter in weight
Easy to use and very quiet
It’s a standard 7 button mouse

Recent Buyer Reviews On E-Blue Mazer II

Buyers say it is one of the favorite icons and 1000 of them are used. It turns off when not in use and saves battery consumption and you have to roll the wheel or click a button to start working again.

Buyers love the color and color of this device and a great feature is that it allows you to adjust the speed of your move with the cursor with the touch of a button above the mouse, so if another person is looking for a mouse Likes to move or lower and you have different surfaces. It works!

3. Logitech G502 RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

An accurate and quick maneuver is made possible by the fast scroll wheel and it has eleven buttons that you can personalize for your favorite game option.

This well-designed and large wireless gaming mouse is highly recommended if you are entering games for a long period of time as it has a convenient button layout and a well-structured handle for maximum comfort coming.

It also has a responsive and precise sensor that helps accurately translate movements on the screen. Other notable features of this mouse are: surface optimization, personalization lighting, key macros and much more.

Features Of Logitech G502 RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Advanced Optical Sensor

The G502 is equipped with a PMW3366 optical sensor to filter the acceleration, smoothing or the entire DPI range (200–12,000 DPI) from zero. This means you get exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent responsiveness regardless of how sensitive you set the mouse.

Dual-Mode Scroll Wheel

Unlock the scroll wheel to quickly scroll through long pages so you can scroll quickly and continuously, or lock it for one-click scrolling. The heavy metal wheel provides safe, smooth and satisfactory control for both modes.

Tune to Your Specs

A variety of weight and balance configurations, custom RGB lighting, 11 programmable buttons, DPI shift settings during operation, customization of the desktop and more. Personalize the G502 with Logitech Gaming software for your gaming setup and style.

Logitech G502 RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Comes with excellent tracking skills The LED stops working after some time
Buttons feel amazing when touched Comes with an extremely sensitive scroll wheel
Well designed to be accurate and meet every your every need
Durable construction guarantees long-lasting use

Recent Buyer Reviews On Logitech G502 RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Buyers say it works perfectly on any surface and is “on mouse memory”, regardless of whether you format, crash, or even change the PC, it includes all of your settings for the first time every time Ready to go.
But is this all? No frankly I have about 30 mice from 2 dollars to 160 bucks and this mouse is the best yah you heard.

4. TeckNet Programmable Wireless Gaming Mouse

When looking for the best mouse that would offer you superb comfort, killer accuracy as well as deadly precision then this quality wireless gaming mouse from TeckNet is the best and reliable mouse that would offer any user all these benefits.

It is well designed to deliver superior and unmatched gaming performance thanks to its ergonomic and sleek grip. This wireless gaming mouse boasts of a unique optical sensor that guarantees precision and accuracy and it also boasts of eight handy buttons that help to improve performance.

Its non-slip design provides smooth gliding which in turn also helps to boost user’s precision and accuracy.

Features Of TeckNet Programmable Wireless Gaming Mouse

The ultimate gaming experience!

Whether you’re aiming, aiming, slashing or attacking, a professional computer game mouse is your best weapon! Discover the most sensitive and convenient wireless Technet Pro gaming mouse!

To get to your fingertips!

The TechNet Pro Computer Wireless Gaming Mouse is an indispensable computer accessory for die-hard gamers! You will be amazed at the unmatched comfort, deadly accuracy and breathtaking accuracy of our durable pro gaming mouse for desktops and laptops!

Optional sensor!

Tired of fighting contentious and frustrating computer game mice? Our advanced, powerful 4800DPI optical sensor is designed to make your life easier and make your gaming performance legendary! In addition, you can easily customize 6 DPI settings to suit your PC gaming needs!

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TeckNet Programmable Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Comes with excWell designed to meet your gaming needs LEDs are very bright
Blue light color gives it a sleek and attractive design The buttons on the side hurt the fingers
Designed to fit hands well
Build great quality

Recent Buyer Reviews On TeckNet Programmable Wireless Gaming Mouse

It works great, works awesome. If ur looking for a small compact mouse. Most people have big hands, it’s a mouse for u,
It handles well.
If anyone is looking for a gaming mouse then this is for you. It is well priced and compared to some other icons I’ve seen.

5. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

When it comes to playing with a high quality wireless gaming mouse, some of the perks for each user are a comfortable grip, accurate tracking and a secure connection.

For this reason, the Viktasing wireless portable mouse now offers all users a 2.4 G radio transmission, which guarantees a standard and reliable connection even at a distance of 30 meters.

An advantage of this mouse is that you can adapt your sensitivity to gaming activity and switch to sleep mode to extend battery life, as it allows up to eight minutes of inactivity. it does not do it.

The forward and backward buttons allow you to quickly move forward and backward while playing and browsing the Internet.

Features Of VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

Strong Life

Pass 5,000,000 tests with the keys pressed to ensure longer life. 2.4 GHz radio technology and professional chip ensure a longer working distance of up to 30 meters.


The shaped shape, the sweat-resistant finish, and the leather ensure maximum comfort and support. The well thought out ring and the little finger rest offer additional comfort. The sturdy scroll wheel with rubber ensures that the hand does not slip while sliding.

Energy Efficient

This computer mouse is in sleep mode after 8 minutes of inactivity. Press any key to reactivate it. Note: powered by 1 * AA battery.

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Set-up is quick and easy The forward and backward buttons usually stop working at some point
It works well, decently, and works as described
works as described
Affordable price

Recent Buyer Reviews On VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

Very good with daily use, the range is really good and adds up very easily. Although some buyers noted that if you move the mouse very slowly, sometimes the cursor does not move, when you try to edit photos or crop something, it also means that your game will not be as accurate as playing CS. :Go. It’s really remarkable, but other than that, it’s almost perfect.

6. DLAND ZELOTES Professional LED Optical Mouse

It is a new 5500 DPI 7 button USB wired gaming mouse with multifunction, for example high quality material:

Red and black braided wire sink equipped with a powerful magnetic defense ring that is strong anti-interference, ultra- strong and resistant Can regulate the game, feel comfortable on the palm, relieve fatigue, etc. Plug and play. With this product, you will like sports.

Features Of DLAND ZELOTES Professional LED Optical Mouse

Smart mouse

This mouse is intelligent connectivity, requires no code, plug and play. 7 buttons with scroll wheels can be easily programmed to activate spells, objects and personalized macros in your favorite MMO.

Switch and LED

The DPI LED color light will be replaced continuously after setting it to a fixed gear. Adjustable DPI switch.

DLAND ZELOTES Professional LED Optical Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Intelligent connectivity Not only a specific color
Ultra precision scroll wheel
Switch Life: 5 million cycle
Compatible with all OS

Recent Buyer Reviews On DLAND ZELOTES Professional LED Optical Mouse

Good enough for someone like me who plays computer games from time to time. If it is inactive, you will have to tap the mouse to locate it again.

Buyers have previously used this mouse but not the USB wireless version and it lasted for about a year with no double-click problems, so buyers prefer all mouse colors and buttons. The design and size of the mouse, although others may say that it is too large for a specific computer mouse.

7. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Maximum comfort, the high quality design is easy to use and has some remarkable features of the transpiration of the wireless gaming mouse and is a wireless gaming mouse that every hardcore player deserves as it guarantees zero interruptions, no delay. But it also provides fast and accurate data transmission which helps provide a better and fun gaming experience.

Continuous use of this wireless gaming mouse can reduce battery life and this mouse has a power indicator which shows a red light to indicate that it needs to be charged and this mouse has an impressive Function is its function of the eight-minute non-use time that turns off this mouse after eight minutes if it detects no use and this, in turn, helps save energy.

Features Of VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless technology

2.4GHz advanced wireless: stable connection, precise track, fast data transmission speed. Up to 10m working distance, eliminates delays, interruptions and interference, excellent wireless gaming mouse for casual and professional players.

Silent and Durable button

The left and right buttons produce little noise when you click on them. Perfect for public places like offices, libraries, hostels, internet cafes where you don’t want to disturb others or stop concentrating. Click on up to 5 million typing tests.

Advanced energy saving chip

Multistage power saving mode, auto sleep function: the wireless gaming mouse will be in sleep mode if it is not used after 8 minutes to save energy, just press any button to wake it up. In addition, an additional ON / ON / OFF button at the bottom can be used to control with three options:

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VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Silent clicking design Buttons are not programmable
Amazing design
Easy to use
Exceptional value

Recent Buyer Reviews On VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

It does the right thing and is affordable for the money. Many buyers use it daily for work, school and gaming. Most buyers highly recommend purchasing this mouse if your search does a great job. The battery lasts for about 3 months. Some bought 2 times in the past and some for the third time.

8. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Mamba Wireless gives up to 50 hours of battery life on a single charge. Enjoy greater tracking accuracy with the acclaimed Razor 5G advanced optical sensor with 16,000 true DPI.

Equipped with a razor mechanical mouse switch, it experiences extended life of up to 50 million clicks. Get more control with 7 program buttons via Razer Synapse 3 and save up to 5 profiles on the mouse with built-in memory.

Features Of Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

High optical sensor:

Offer the sensitivity setting via the dedicated DPI button for gaming. The customizable Chroma RGB color profile includes 16.8 million color combinations, including preset profiles

Improved ergonomic design:

Rubberized side handles reduce fatigue after prolonged use. 1000 Hz ultra polling

Maximum accuracy:

Smaller, tactile bumps increase grip and higher stakes help with controlled scrolling in game situations

7 program buttons:

Razor enables the reorganization and assignment of complex macro functions via synapses. Compatible with Xbox 1 for basic inputs. Lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge with the lights off.

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Multi Day Battery The mouse is very lightweight
Lightweight but strong aluminum
16.8 million colors with Razer Synapse
it is stylish, multiple buttons

Recent Buyer Reviews On Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

Many buyers prefer this mouse. Some buyers are huge gamers and the mouse is very sensitive and its purpose and response time have been greatly improved. There are two buttons on its left side to tie the key. It lights up as expected and also matches the colors of the mechanical razor keyboard which is a lovely touch. Retaliation to be sure.

9. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

With the wireless Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse, you can choose whether you want to easily connect to your PC using hyper-fast slipstream Corsair radio technology with a sub-1 MS, Bluetooth or USB cable connection.

Whether you’re playing on a desktop, laptop, or beyond, Harpoon RGB Wireless’s comfortable contour size and up to 60 hours of battery life ensure that you have handles to make important recordings and when they encounter violent resistance . ,, Corsair iCUE software allows you to adjust sensitivity and DPI settings and monitor the battery.

Features Of Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Game Fast Lane:

Play with the ultra-fast slipstream Corsair radio technology under 1 ms or connect with Bluetooth or USB cable with low latency. Weight only 99 grams

Light construction so you can play for a long time without fatigue

Easy setup

Simply connect the WLAN adapter to a USB port and switch on the mouse. Contoured shape and side rubber grips for long-term comfort and a secure hold

Program button and battery:

Play your way with powerful macros and reallocate them to get in-game benefits. Run continuously with a battery life of days or a plug-in for cable mode that plays during charging.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Games that are compatible with Xbox One can be played with the mouse It doesn’t work on my gaming mice mat
60 hours of Battery Life
Slipstream Wireless Technology
Mouse Button Durability: 50M L/R Click

Recent Buyer Reviews On Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

The RGB is featured enough to stand out without looking ridiculous and can be customized with iCue software depending on how you want it to look.
Harpoon with cable for years! Recommended to some friends and all agree that it is easily the most comfortable mouse for the price. DPI options are missing, but they are fast, responsive, and very comfortable. Very good mouse for the price!

10. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The G305 features next-generation Logitechs HERO optical sensors with a sensitivity. LIGHTSPEED wireless technology gives you super-fast 1 millisecond performance that is as fast as wired. With incredible energy efficiency, the G305 is designed to last up to 250 hours on an AA battery and is ready to play.

Play anywhere with an ultra-portable, lightweight gaming mouse that weighs only 99 grams, is easy to take with you and has built-in memory for the included USB radio receiver. Use Logitech Gaming Software to quickly program 6 buttons with quick multi-action commands

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Features Of Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Hero optical sensor

The next generation 12,000 DPI HERO optical sensor offers unmatched gaming performance, accuracy, and energy efficiency. Advanced LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse for super-fast response times of 1 ms and faster.

Extremely long battery life

The extremely long battery life gives you up to 250 hours of continuous play on a single AA battery. OS Windows 7 or higher, macOS 10.11 or higher, Chrome OS.


Light mechanical design and classic shape for maximum mobility, durability, and comfort. Compact, portable design with convenient built-in memory for wireless USB receivers. Wax. Speed:> 400 IPS

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Compact for better portability and mobility You may see some curves by scrolling up or down.
Ultra fast wireless
Ultra-Long Battery Life up to 250
weighs only 99 grams

Recent Buyer Reviews On Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

this one expecting greater precision, very skeptical. The light weight and somewhat hollow feel initially faded, after a few days of use, buyers really like this mouse. You can change the DPI on the fly to speed up or slow down the speed of the cursor. That is a great feature. It’s super accurate and responsive than any mouse you’ve ever owned. Highly recommended.

11. CASEMATIX Esports Mouse Case for Gaming Mice

The CASEMATIX Gaming Mouse Travel Case combines the protection of a highly durable hard-shell EVA exterior with a padded interior divider and shock absorption of scratch-resistant interior panels.

We know that your gaming mouse is important. So don’t leave them unprotected in your bag, laptop bag, luggage or bag – invest in CASEMATIX security.

Features Of CASEMATIX Esports Mouse Case for Gaming Mice

Tight security for the mouse

This premium travel bag for mice features a shockproof, rigid EVA exterior to provide optimal protection against bumps. Travel safely with your gaming mouse in a mouse hard shell in export quality.

Non-Screwing Interior

Each case is equipped with a padded divider to hold your mouse while driving and is separate from the accessories (radio receiver, mouse weight, etc.) that you can store in the mesh compartment.

Backpack BELT

Unlike other mouse cases, the sturdy metal carabiner supplied can be easily attached to a belt, bag, or bag during travel. There is also a shoulder strap option in our case.

Wire and wireless

Whether you are looking for a wired mouse case or a Bluetooth mouse case, we have everything for you. The cable or radio receiver can be easily plugged into the network compartment.

CASEMATIX Esports Mouse Case for Gaming Mice
Pro’s Con’s
Compact and Convenient Sizing The case for this mouse is not as thick and durable.
Wrist closure or clip-on crossing on the go Edge curls look quite bad and reflect light
Wired and wireless mice
Synchronous motor enables noiseless operation

Recent Buyer Reviews On CASEMATIX Esports Mouse Case for Gaming Mice

The case is solid and gives you the confidence that it won’t break the mouse.

The case looks like the size of the mouse in the site image, but it’s much bigger than the mouse … it could be a little smaller. plus highly recommended.

12. Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

The Redragon SNIPER PRO Gaming Mouse offers an ultra-fast, delay-free wireless connection. The M801P-RGB also offers macro recording, 8 different RGB lighting schemes, 9 program buttons, 5 different user-profiles, and macro recording

Thanks to its high-precision sensor, the gaming mouse offers smooth and precise movement. This makes the mouse perfect for long-lasting gaming sessions or intensive editing work and offers maximum comfort and support.

Features Of Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

Professional wireless gaming mouse

Ultra-fast, lag-free wireless connection the rechargeable mouse offers a battery life of 35 to 70 hours on a single charge. Pro Gaming offers 16,000 user-adjustable DPIs and 40G acceleration. High-precision sensors offer pinpoint accuracy and responsiveness in PC games or computer processing.


With 8 lighting effects, 10 brightness levels, breathing mode, 9 user-programmable buttons, 2 side buttons, rapid-fire button, 5 memory profiles with macro recording


It offers an extremely comfortable and accurate experience for computer games such as Fortnite Games, SIMS 4, Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty or other first-person shooters.

Non-slip scroll wheel,

Redragon M801P RGB mouse functions; Non-slip scroll wheel, durable, smooth TEFLON foot pad set for ultimate game control. 9 program buttons. Comes with a detachable 6 foot, 3 mm high speed braided fiber USB-C cable

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Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Rapid Fire Button Short warranty
Easy to clean, maintain and move
Durable TEFLON feet pads
A good viewing angle of 160 degrees

Recent Buyer Reviews On Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

This mouse works great and is well built, even if it’s a bit sticky.
It’s a bit bigger and not very light, but that doesn’t matter to me. use a 1-3-1 grip and the width at the top works great for that. Other mice used have always had very narrow scroll wheels and they work very well for grip. This is much better.
I highly recommend it because it is well built, has good reusable packaging, and fits very well in hand.

13. UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

As an online game player who always has to execute one within 0.1 seconds. A good gaming mouse is a must-have without a wire limit and has precise motion tracking, multiple paragraph keys, and an ergonomic shape to improve my performance.

Here you are, the UtechSmart RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse features an ultra-precise optical PixArt sensor, a miniature signal receiver with 2.4 GHz data transmission technology that offers precise performance, stable data transmission and wireless communication for you.

Features Of UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

High-precision optical sensor

Thousands of customers and professional players have tested and verified their functionality. Venus Pro has a custom high-precision PixArt PMW3335 optical sensor from UtechSmart. This offers you an incomparable MMO and FPS gaming experience. The huge adjustable DPI range ranges from 100-16000.

Dual-mode wireless technology

It is a new revolution of the RGB-MMO gaming mouse, which offers professional performance with 2-4 GHz data transmission technology with a mini signal receiver and stable data transmission with a reception range of 10 meters. You can move this mouse anywhere!

Design ensures your comfort

Like a real mouse in his hand. The UtechSmart Venus Pro RGB RGB MMO gaming mouse has been flawlessly designed to reduce wrist fatigue while holding the mouse firmly in your hand. The abrasive coating also offers players a particularly comfortable sweat-resistant and skin-friendly gaming mouse.

UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Endurable Battery Lifetime Not well packaged, often comes with a dent
Good profit ratio
Easy to clean, just use a damp cloth to clean
Easy to install

Recent Buyer Reviews On UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

The surface is smooth, but has a comfortable, worn texture. The thumb pad is angled, so you can easily discriminate between buttons without looking everywhere. Not only is the number pad removable, but there are also plenty of up and down buttons that normally speed up / slow down the mouse. There is also a left shape mouse button which makes it removable and has a nice click. I highly recommend this mouse.

14. Ergonomic Vertical LEKVEY Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

This ergonomic mouse is full of vitality, innovation and has many health benefits. By changing the way you use your wrists and arms, you effectively reduce pain and discomfort Tired of using traditional handles.

Take a break from overly chunky or uncomfortable little mice. Ergonomically shaped thumb rest and handle adapt to the shape of your palm and ensure maximum comfort.

Features Of Ergonomic Vertical LEKVEY Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Smooth and rechargeable:

Turn heads with futuristic design. Designed for more functionality and convenience, it combines a rechargeable vertical mouse handshake handle.

Batteries no longer need to be replaced frequently. Thanks to the quick connection design for charging, you can switch from wireless to charging cable connections so that you never run out of power.

Easy Access Usage:

With six buttons, you can better control your computer system. Whether dragging and dropping, large amounts of data or random selection of games – this mouse offers a cost-effective and effective solution for many computer requirements.

Multifunction and conference

Extended function buttons “back” and “forward” offer comfort when browsing web pages. Simply adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse

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Ergonomic Vertical LEKVEY Rechargeable Wireless Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutralization Package has very little security
Built-in rechargeable battery
Anti-static screen roll in a lightweight
18-month product warranty

Recent Buyer Reviews On Ergonomic Vertical LEKVEY Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Very good response, noiseless, it will take sometimes to use, purchase you will be fine in a day. Nice and ergonomically designed, environmentally friendly thanks to rechargeable batteries. The next generation of this mouse will come with a built-in battery indicator.

15. Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

Very good mouse with an excellent sensor Bluetooth is very stable, the buttons are very good and the edges are a bit stiff. For a small mouse, everything is perfect.

Razor Atheris focuses on providing performance and productivity, packed into a compact ergonomic body with features optimized for work and play. If you are on the battlefield or switching meetings, bring your A-game.

Features Of Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

Dual Connection

With 2.4GHz USB dongle and built-in Bluetooth (BLE) functionality, you can easily connect your Razer Ethereis to more than one device at any time. Whether it’s for work or play, Razor Atheris lets you switch between screen and device seamlessly.


A-Game Whether you’re on the battlefield or moving from one meeting to another. Razer Ethiris features like industry-leading signal stability, dual connectivity and over 200 hours of continuous use

Comfortable for outing

This is the best option for outdoor travel mouse. Heavy, solid, pairs easily and never drops connection with either the wifi or BT. Its weight is primarily affected by the 2 AA batteries carried internally.


Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Supports up to 50 million clicks Package has very little security
Lightweight aluminum casing Repeatedly disconnecting.
Easy to hang hooks
Washable, Stain Resistant, Flame Retardant Fabrics

Recent Buyer Reviews On Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

Very nice little mouse with great sensors. Bluetooth is very stable, the buttons are very good and a bit on the harsh side. For a small mouse, pretty much everything is perfect. The only complaint I get is that the distance to the liftoff is a bit more than I would have liked. Will recommend buyers

How to pick the best wireless mouse for games?

A big setback when choosing a wireless mouse for gaming is connectivity, which is a nightmare for the player. And it is very obvious who wants to miss a targeted shot. Accuracy, battery life, grip, size, and seamless connectivity make the difference between winning a game and avoiding disappointment.

  • Fast and seamless connectivity (a better chipset makes the difference).
  • Sensor (e.g. laser, real speed 3+)
  • Sensitivity (bigger is not always better, but usually helps with accurate and good detection of take-off)
  • Battery life
  • Customizable button.
  • Comforters
  • Wireless
  • Cost

After working through all of these factors with latency, processor, load time, weight, and compactness, we’ve come to some good conclusions and can list the 15 best wireless game icons you can choose from.

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All of these are the best in terms of performance, build quality and price of wireless gaming mice. In our search “UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse” is the best wireless gaming mouse for less than $ 50. Now the choice is yours. If you want a better performing gaming mouse, check out our top 15 gaming mice. All of these are also the top rated on Amazon.

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