10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam


10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam

Getting one of the cheapest Steam VR headsets is actually easier than it sounds. Thanks to a variety of companies in the manufacture of virtual reality headsets that use Android or iOS Smartphone’s to meet the needs of large virtual reality, you can get an affordable price of virtual reality headsets.

What is the best VR headset you can buy? And what is the difference between the best players? These are some of the important questions to ask if you are considering investing in some virtual reality hardware. And, luckily for you, we have answers here.

But first of all, if you are wondering if you should bother with VR headsets then we are telling you that there is nothing like virtual reality for entertainment right now.

By pure immersion, you cannot beat virtual reality and your experience will only grow when you have a configuration that suits you, your budget, and the space available in your home.

Virtual reality would be considered the next big thing in 2016 when Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were released. This was the technology whose time had finally come. Or so we think.

As it turned out, virtual reality was still very expensive and probably out of the game to handle gaming worlds like Oculus and HTC. But it’s still a lot of fun. Today, there are too many games to play, not to mention a new generation of independent headphones that are trying to take out their virtual space.

If you feel like immersing yourself in virtual reality, we hope the following guide helps you choose wisely.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Cheapest VR Headset For Steam

Top 10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam

Fortunately, we have all the options for you, and we’re happy to say that by 2021 you will have plenty of great VR headsets to consider.

1. HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0

Although HTC has barely hinted at the Vive 2, the company continues to make subtle improvements to previous headsets. In addition to a 15% weight reduction, the latest headphones ship with Steamed SteamVR Tracking (AKA Lighthouse) base stations and redesigned packaging.

Base station controllers’ that allow to SteamVR tracking playing its magic, you can also end up with one of the latest Vive headphones, which have been seen many times since the device launched. We reported that the latest Vive headsets released off the production line were 15% less than when they were released. And now we get to know some additional changes that have occurred since the launch of the headphones.

The path to virtual reality has confirmed that twisted base stations ship with the latest Vive headsets. These are not the fully designed base stations that Valve said will start shipping this year, but rather a subtle design change in the infrared LED array that is required for the operation of the SteamVR tracking system.

Features Of HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0


Add a third base station to cover a difficult space in your room. If you need even more space, add a fourth base station to expand your play area to 10×10 meters.

More relevant

Now with a single-coded, Omni-directional flicker-free laser scan, base stations coexist with their other IR devices and are better immune to the depth of cameras and motion capture systems.

Increased range and FOV

The new single-rotor design provides a wider FOV and increased range. Now with two base stations, you can enjoy a 400% larger play space than the previous generation.

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HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0
Pro’s Con’s
Fits standard threading mounting point Will not work for all head sizes
Compatible with Vive Pro
Controllers track their exact locations
The SteamVR Tracking Base Stations
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0

This is an amazing product that just wanted but it was $ 50 that waited on steam for 3 months but made such savings.

The great base station, unlike the previous model, this base station goes to sleep and wakes up when called. They now own 3 of them. Recommended it to family and friends

2. Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset

You can spend thousands of dollars chasing the best specs on a VR headset, but we believe that comfort and ease of use are the most important elements for most people.

With this in mind, the clear winner is the Oculus Rift S. Its weight is distributed around your head, so you can comfortably wear it for several hours. The controllers are comfortable and easy to grip.

As soon as you enter a room, it can track you. And it won’t take long to install it. Additionally, Rift S has a wide selection of compatible content, as you can download games, movies, and other experiences from the Oculus and SteamVR libraries.

Features Of Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset

Control it

Home is a place to invite your friends to make, customize, and hang out. With Dash, your apps and PCs are within reach wherever they go in desktop VR.

Step forward in VR

Oculus Insight transforms your movements into VR, no matter what type of face you’re facing, and provides room-scale tracking without external sensors. Look around, duck for cover, and turn the tide of battle from anywhere in your place of play.

Focus on the game

Thanks to a halo headband replaced with the speed in mind. The Rift S fits and stays in place safely and comfortably with a quick turn of the wheel, so it can take or double-take your fastest reactions.

Ergonomic design

Redesign a halo headband keeping your head in play with thanks. With a quick turn of the fitted S wheel, the Rift S stays in place safely and comfortably, so it can take or take the fastest reactions.

Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Fits standard threading mounting point Sound isn’t awesome
Improved optics
Oculus touch controllers
The SteamVR Tracking Base Stations
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset

We went straight on the Oculus Rift S with an Oculus Rift and the difference is night and day. The image is madly sharper and more detailed.

Having only one cord and no additional sensors is a major improvement. The headset fits really well, much more comfortable than before.

The controllers are getting a bit habitual compared to the rift as there is no flat place to rest your thumbs to make a fist; I think you have to rest them on the button.

Overall, buyers prefer this VR headset. And highly recommend it to anyone.

3. BNEXT VR Headset

Technology has given us exciting tools and revolutionary new advances in home enjoyment, but nothing rivals playing video games and watching movies in our own virtual reality world. Bnext Virtual Reality Headset, the next big thing in virtual gaming.

This VR 3D Glass Goggle headset is compatible with mobile devices and smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Note & Edge, HTC One, Huawei, Xperia, Motorola, Moto, Google Pixel 2, LG, and many more.

In addition, it provides OD and FD adjustments to expand the viewing angle, as well as to match one-sided nearsighted alignment and focal length to reduce distortion. In addition, it has an adjustable strap that provides a comfortable fit for maximum comfort and security.

The Benex VR headset is a truly remarkable video game system. You can play in a total 360-degree world where the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, you can ride a virtual roller coaster, watch YouTube virtual reality videos, and experience exciting fears like never before.

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Features Of BNEXT VR Headset

Advanced VR Gaming technology

Gaming and movie watching work best with virtual reality headsets when your eyes align properly with the screen box. This is why our VR headsets extend the viewing angle to FD and OD adjustments (wide FOV) and match focal distances and unilateral myopic alignment for less distortion.

Adaptive and extended design

Once you start playing and want to watch a VNEX movie with B next 3D glasses, you never want to turn it off. Therefore, we offer a comfortable fit experience with a fully adjustable head strap, and eye protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure. It can also support drones that require a phone VR headset

Perfect For Kids and Adults

Premium VR glasses for adults and children. Compatible with Smartphone, a Good screen gives you a fully immersive 360 ​​viewing experience. With an electronic book

BNEXT VR Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Breathable foam face for extended wear Sound isn’t awesome
Comfortable and adjustable head straps
Eyesight Protection System
Supports screen HD, 3D, 720p, 1080p, 4k
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On BNEXT VR Headset

Grandkids enjoyed them very much. Great price!! The owners are very helpful – the instruction manual is very easily printable. Preferred to live in an outdoor space, while others were seen walking.

Great fun for a very reasonable price, VR headset is awesome!! Easy to use with the phones, the graphics are outstanding. You feel like you are in the middle of the action. Adult claims to use it with Android. For very young children recommend VR headset as a gift for adults.

4. DESTEK V5 VR, Eye Protected HD Headset

This is a good value for money VR headsets. User-friendly light lens design to avoid eye strain, We emphasize that the V5 earphones adopt 94% light transmittance of the lens and use anti-reflective and anti-blue light coated lenses to avoid eye strain when wearing earphones.

Enjoy virtual reality through a clear and sharp image. We recommend that you take a break every half hour while playing VR to maximize your eye protection.

Compared to 13.4 oz. V4 headsets, DESTEK 5-generation VR headsets less in weight, due to use of plastic components and manufacturing improvements. The headphone weighs in at just 11.3oz, reduces pressure significantly with the help of the head strap design, making it a tight fit but quite comfortable.

The new silicone mouthpiece pad design will block light to take you one step closer to a fully immersive experience. Also, our lightweight VR headsets are convenient to carry

VR headsets with the controller allow you to easily interact with VR content. Avoid or destroy all enemies by defeating the record; See the mission of looking around a desert planet to see if life is possible for the people there.

Features Of DESTEK V5 VR, Eye Protected HD Headset

Open silicone nose pad

Soft silicone nose pads have a tight shading effect, giving you a better user experience. And the soft, comfortable material reduces pressure on the nose. It can be easily removed.

Fun with trigger and controller

Use the Bluetooth remote controller to easily navigate your virtual reality or use it as a gamepad with triggers to win battles.

Adjustable headband

The adjustable T-shaped headband will fit different head sizes and can reduce the pressure around the face by adjusting the buckles on both sides. The appropriate nose cutout is designed with more space for your nose, and if there is a slight leak, please adjust the head strap to the best position for better sealing.

DESTEK V5 VR, Eye Protected HD Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Maximum supported phone size Some reported not so good
Adjust the nose pad to make it more comfortable
Eyesight Protection System
Compatible with iPhone & Android
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On DESTEK V5 VR, Eye Protected HD Headset

Overall performance is good. The nose pad is good for hiding other light sources from entering the zone. But, the hope is that it can design a bit better, as the current nose pad is a separate piece, so it will easily fall apart.

One thing I like about this product is the removable “mask” piece; it can be disassembled, for cleaning purposes. Because my face gets greasy easily, with this feature, you wash the mask once, especially during this season. It is highly recommended by most buyers.

5. Atlasonix VR Headset Comfortable & Adjustable Glasses

Technology has given us exciting tools and revolutionary new advances in home enjoyment, but some rivals have done little to play video games and watch movies in their 3D world. Introducing the ATLASONIX 3D Virtual Reality Headset gaming.

Works natively with mobile devices and smartphones with 4 to 6.3-inch displays to provide a highly immersive viewing experience. In addition, it provides OD and FD adjustments to expand the viewing angle, as well as equalize one-way proximal alignment and focal length to reduce distortion.

Also, it has a fully adjustable head strap that provides a comfortable fit experience for maximum comfort and eye protection. In addition, it is ideal for both adults and children.

You can play in a total 360-degree world, where the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, you can ride a virtual roller coaster, watch 3D YouTube videos, and experience exciting fears like never before.

If you’re ready to wrap yourself in a whole new world, choose the ATLASONIX 3D virtual reality headset and experience games and videos in a whole new way.

Features Of Atlasonix VR Headset Comfortable & Adjustable Glasses

Improve Visual Experience

Gaming and movie viewing best in 3D when your eyes align properly with the screen. This is why our 3D headset offers FD and OD adjustments to expand the viewing angle and matches the focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment perfectly for less distortion.

Advanced 3D gaming technology

Atlassonics Virtual VR Glassworks with smartphone devices with 4 “- 6.2” screens give you a fully immersive viewing experience. With HD optimization and 3D game compatibility, you get in action with games, movies, and more!

Perfect for children and adults

The best thing about our headphones is their ability to play virtual reality games wherever you go.

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Atlasonix VR Headset Comfortable & Adjustable Glasses
Pro’s Con’s
Eye protection system There is no select button
Adjust the nose pad to make it more comfortable
Eyesight Protection System
Compatible with iPhone & Android
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Atlasonix VR Headset Comfortable & Adjustable Glasses

Most buyers say, following clear and simple instructions was easy. It was certainly more comfortable and stable than other VR headsets. This actually makes the games more enjoyable and useful.

The challenging aspect of all these headsets is making sure that they adjust to the different screen sizes available on the phone.

 It does a very good job of providing instructions and small tools to help with these instructions (we used this with many different phones). It may be better at handling very small screen sizes, but this is a common issue with all VR headsets.

Overall a great choice for a reasonably priced VR headset to use with your phone! This headset is a great and inexpensive purchase! Buyers highly recommend it!

6. HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset

Vive Pro with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 versus 2880 x 1600 (615 dpi) has several design-related changes that seem to be similarly priced as dual AMOLED displays.

First of all, HTC Vive Pro now comes with built-in headphones that fit directly into your ears. They are height adjustable and include volume controls, meaning that you do not need to remove your headphones to check the volume between your gaming sessions.

The HTC Link, the small box that connects your headphones to your PC, has undergone a great streamlining. The case took care of USB 3.0, HDMI, and power ports so that the VV could connect to the exclusively dedicated port.

In either case, the portion of the box connecting to the computer has ports for USB 3.0, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, and Power.

In all likelihood, you will see a good measure of opacity for objects located on the edge of your vision, although this is relatively unnoticed until you actually try hard to find it.

Surprisingly, this additional visual information does not affect the speed of the Vive Pro in any capacity; it is as responsive as before.

Tracking is one-on-one with a few minor exceptions and remains the most notable feature of the full orbital VR headset outside the container. Sound quality has not been reported to be a major problem, and they seem somewhat abrasive at high volumes.

The Vive Pro comes with a pair of cameras, one of which has a depth of mapping on the lens. Both HTC and VR developers are testing the devices to exploit this new element, though the manufacturers have nothing to say right now.

Features Of HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset

SteamVR Tracking

Accurate tracking provides 360-degree coverage of its movements for millimeters – from floor to ceiling. Use VIVE with base stations seated, standing, or in spaces up to 20 ‘x 20’.

Customized ergonomics

Even the distribution of the headset achieves an optimal center of gravity creating comfort in VR.

Designed For Comfort

The VIVE Pro is engineered top to bottom for customized ergonomics. Place the headset on your face; place the strap on top of your head. The new chassis evenly distributes the weight of the device to achieve an optimal center of gravity – creating comfort in VR that is unlike any other.

HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Higher-resolution You can read the text! Sensor and controller are missing
Enhanced comfort
Compatible with original vive gear
Compatible with iPhone & Android
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset

Buyers Absolutely Love! The setup was overall very easy, although it took me a while to get the supersampling and quality/performance settings to set it to a reasonable level for the rig, where the HMD judder was completely eliminated, in the rig adding the GTX 1080 Ti helped a lot.

The TPCast Wireless Adapter is due soon and is actually waiting to be “unrestricted” during my VR sessions. Apart from this, new Vive Tracker is also being given. Highly recommend Deluxe Audio Strap, so if you can get one as a bundle deal, go for it.

7. Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Headset

Game adventure wins await you with the new Samsung HMD Odyssey. Enter the virtual world and the battlefield created by Windows Mixed Reality.

Talk to friends and move freely, surrounded by vivid graphics and 360-degree spatial sound. With an easy setup and a comfortable fit, it’s all about the game.

Fight comfortably – Get more involved in games with comfortable headphones that adjust the contours of your face so you can focus on creating a victory. Use dual controllers to make natural movements and gestures.

Easily adjust the IPD wheel to align the screen according to the distance of your pupil so that your point of view is alternately clear.

Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Samsung HMD Odyssey + 2 3.5 Od Wireless Controller Black (XE800ZBA-HC99US)

In early HMD reviews, Samsung hit some for its weight and style. But its 3K screen is designed for trouble. And not fighting with external sensors is a real benefit.

Features Of Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Headset

Find the sound from every direction

Premium built-in AKG headphones do not lose during gameplay. With a rich 360-degree spatial sound, you can hear when someone yells at you and gets clues about their surroundings.

Dive into the expansion for life

Enter the new world with a high-resolution AMOLED display. Bright and clear graphics make the adventure more immortal and make victory more vivid. Plus, get a wider view with dual displays that allow for a 110-degree field of view, one of the widest available on the market.

Blow in the heat of battle

Chat with the only mixed reality headsets that feature a built-in microphone array. Integrated directly into the headset, the matrix reduces noise so you can communicate clearly and even interact with Cortana.

Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Headset
Pro’s Con’s
HMD Odyssey – Windows Mixed Reality Headset Cannot remove headphones without DIY cutting wires
Enhanced comfort
AKG premium built in headphones
Compatible Windows 10 PC and headset
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Headset

Chose this model that is listed as a Microsoft mixed reality system. Once you pick up the headset and put on Windows VR software load and put you in a room. It is really good.

Although playing with TeamSpeak mostly you can easily set all the microphone input and audio to come right from the headset. The speakers built into the headset get the job done, but I have now set it up to allow my own headphones to work.

Read horror stories about warranties and support from Oculus and Vive so it’s good to know Samsung is supported. Give it a day, at the end of the day you will be surprised and it will be difficult to get it off your head! It is highly recommended by most buyers.

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8. HP – Mixed Reality Headset

With more and more companies like HP and Samsung entering the game, virtual reality headsets abound these days.

Microsoft has given its unique touch to virtual reality with Windows Mixed Reality, which is now integrated with the Windows 10 operating system.

You can use the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset to discover a fully virtual world, as well as augmented reality worlds with holograms projected in your own environment.

 Imagine using your PC and surfing the web through a virtual screen instead of your standard mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Comfortable well-padded, not too heavy balanced. The adjustment is applied by a dial on a well-padded headband; just check your fit.

A single cable connects the dongle to one side, but the cable is relatively thin and light and is 4 meters long to play. The viewfinder flips over it so that you can quickly return to the real world without physically removing your headphones.

The HP headphones are slightly more conservative in black, but otherwise, sound almost identical. Because Windows Mixed Reality is a platform with design specifications installed by Microsoft.

Hardware from different manufacturers looks similar, but strict compliance ensures that they provide the same experience.

Features Of HP – Mixed Reality Headset

Recommended PC Specification:

NVIDIA GTX 965Ml / AMD RX 480M (2GB) equivalent or more video cards for notebooks and NVIDIA GTX 980 / AMD RX 480 (2GB) for PCs; Intel Core i7 / AMD Ryzen 7 1700 equivalent or more CPUs; 16GB + RAM memory.

Compatible OS:

The PC running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update must be connected by a cable.

The Controllers

They are equipped with LEDs that are important for tracking movement in the system. HP follows the standard design, so they’re comfortable to hold, lightweight, and have a full range of built-in controls including a trigger, joystick, pad, and various buttons, including a Windows button of course

HP – Mixed Reality Headset
Pro’s Con’s
The set includes two Bluetooth-connected motion controllers No built-in audio
Enhanced comfort
3.5mm microphone jack for audio out
Compatible Windows 10 PC and headset
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On HP – Mixed Reality Headset

This is an amazing mixed reality set!!! You must have a fairly modern PC to take advantage of this set. Do your research. You need a decent video card (not an integrated Intel card for example) and an HDMI port for USB 3.0 as well as wireless speed controller hookup.

Setup is quite easy. In Windows 10, when you connect your headset to the HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, a Mixed Reality portal must be on. This will guide you through the rest of the process. It is highly recommended by most buyers.

9. Samsung Gear VR

Thinking of joining the VR community at large? Now is the time and the Samsung Gear VR headset is the perfect headset to experience the new world. Mobile virtual reality is here for everyone.

Mobile virtual reality is finally here. With Samsung Gear VR, you can play amazing games, watch the best Hollywood movies in your own private cinema (or even on the moon!),

socialize with new and old friends, be at the center of a suspense thriller, and more. Gear VR leaves you in the right action, and it’s only from Samsung and Oculus.

The next generation of Samsung Gear VR with Oculus technology has been updated with new and improved features. Samsung is compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge +, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge. With its wide area, precise head-tracking, and low latency you will be shocked at how real the virtual world can feel.

Features Of Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Milk VR

Bringing you amazing 360 ° virtual adventures, Samsung Milk VR is a video you’ve never seen. You are virtually surrounded by action. Show Amazing tours around the world, celebrities, musical performances, and documentaries. There is always something new in milk VR.

The Jurassic World:

Apatosaurus VR Experience allows a first-time viewer to see what he feels in the presence and proximity of a living dinosaur and experience a sense of connection with him – with awe, striking beauty, and this danger.

Much more

Enjoy incredible premium games to purchase such as Eve: Gunjack and Lands End. Play 20 arcade classics at Oculus Arcade. Stream over 1 million short films and videos on Vimeo. Stay tuned with the best gamers in Twitch. Enjoy amazing new 360 ° videos daily on Samsung Milk VR

Samsung Gear VR
Pro’s Con’s
Light weight so you can play and watch comfortably Some Installation Issues.
Enhanced comfort
Easy to use touch pad
Improved fit
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Samsung Gear VR

Even after watching several YouTube videos on this product, in the first attempt, fell in love with the product.

Between Oculus, Samsung, and Google Cardboard, there are many places where you can download applications and games. Initially focusing on overheating problems it was an easy fix with some snow packets that turned on the blocking mode and changed the brightness on the VR headset.

If you are suffering from motion sickness, then recommend a slow transition for this headset. In addition, enjoy roller coasters, haunted houses, and space exploration.

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10. Sony PlayStation VR

Sony’s PS VR is an accessory to PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro consoles, sometimes compared to offering a full VR system, meaning that it automatically compares to something like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is more expensive.

The headset is priced lower than VR headsets designed for PCs, and consoles are also cheaper to use. The PlayStation VR uses the same technologies as the others, although its screen resolution is lower than that used by HTC and Oculus.

To introduce a virtual reality experience, track your head speed and use the PlayStation camera with your regular PS4 controller or PlayStation Move controller. This is an extension of your PS4, which many may see as an easy VR option.

The wide range is available with content compatible with Evil 7, DriveClub VR, Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, Gran Turismo Sport and all other PS VR.

PlayStation VR greatly reduces the barriers to virtual reality as it is compatible with an existing platform. Bring immersive games to your existing console and it is widely available.

Features Of Sony PlayStation VR

Advanced VR display

The feeling of “being there” starts with what you see. The right pictures keep you connected to the virtual world through a large 5.7 “1080p OLED screen that runs at 120 frames per second.

Just connect and play

Getting into PlayStation VR will not be easy. Simply connect the PlayStation VR Headset and your PlayStation Camera (sold separately) to your PlayStation 4 system (sold separately). You must be good to go.

3d audio technology

3D audio with PlayStation VR means that you will be able to pinpoint sounds up, down, and around you. Instinctively turn your head towards the source of the same rung and travel the same distance in real life.

Sony PlayStation VR
Pro’s Con’s
Incredible Gaming Experience Tracking issues may occur
Enhanced comfort
Easy to use touch pad
Cheaper than equivalent rivals
10 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 1

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sony PlayStation VR

Excellent product, it is very immersive and it is something that you should really try once at least if you like video games, the bad thing is that there are not many games and most seem like tech demos instead of complete games, a game that buyers recommend it,

Types of VR Headsets


A tethered headset connects to a gaming PC or console to play your existing game. Because processing is taking place in a device separate from the headset, the experience can become more complex and complex, giving it better imaging and spatial movement.

Such a headset will have six-degree-of-freedom motion tracking, meaning that it can display both direction and position changes.


It was the original format that brought virtual reality games to our homes. These headphones work on their own without the need for a connected phone, console, or PC.

While they started out as a first, they’ve improved to handle an impressive game and possibly the future of virtual reality. They will cost the same as some tethered models but can fetch up to about $ 700.


A mobile headset works as a one-of-a-kind case for your phone, using a lens that divides the mobile’s screen into two images, one for each eye.

When they provide a basic virtual reality experience, it is somewhat limited in that it uses only three degrees of freedom, which can track your direction, but not your position.

Most do not include gaming controllers, but they usually only provide a controller with 3DOF. The good news is that they are generally inexpensive and can cost less than $ 100.

Light leakage

Since VR technology is relatively new, there are still some flaws, one of which is a minor leak. Since headphones may not fit perfectly on everyone’s face, there is often a problem of some light leaking from the bottom.

This is usually minimal, so most people can ignore it, especially when they focus on the game. But if you are particularly sensitive to light, you can try some options before purchasing.

If you can, there is no real way to adjust the amount of light when the headphones don’t fit properly.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Cheapest VR Headset For Steam

As we explored the Steam VR desktop system to test, we assessed current shopper trends and read the comparison guides. We ask the experts to look for VR headsets.

We only considered headphones designed for home use that had the ability to track hand and body movements, and drivers; without those features, most of the magic of virtual reality is lost. We believe that the best headphones also have the following characteristics:

Variety of content

Games and apps should be available in a variety of genres. There should also be evidence that developers continue to develop for headphones.


Headphones should fit snugly in a variety of face shapes without being painful. It should not be too heavy or too hot.

Room Size Tracking

Whether the sensor is built into a headset or mounted on a wall, the headset you purchase should come with the ability to track you in an area, which is the average living room size.

Better Controller

Controllers must be comfortable to hold, and do not have overly complex button layouts.

Built Sound

Although audiophiles who already own high-end headsets will appreciate headphone jack, most people no longer own headsets that are suitable for virtual reality.

Buying headphones with high-quality built-in headphones or speakers removes an additional accessory, and yet you can leave the option to change your pair if you like.


You can usually wear virtual reality glasses, but some HMDs make it more comfortable than others. Check the IPD of the headset (the intrinsic distance, the distance between the pupils in millimeters), which can be adjustable. Better yet, go for a headset with an eyeglass spacer, like Oculus Go or Rift S.

Industry-leading specifications

The screen resolution, sensors, weight, and size should be in line with that of the best VR headsets. Good display specs in particular help create a better virtual reality experience because they help you forget you’re looking at a screen instead of something real.

Frequently Asked Quesions

What VR Is the Best?

Modern VR headsets now fit into one of two categories: tethered or independent. Strapped headsets such as the Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Cosmos, and PlayStation VR are physically connected to the PC.

The cable makes them a little difficult to handle, but all the actual video processing is put into a box, which does not need to be tied directly to your face, which means your VR experience can be a lot more complicated.

Using a dedicated screen on headphones instead of your smartphone dramatically improves image fidelity, and external sensors or external cameras on headphones provide full 6DOF motion tracking.

What are the Cheapest steam VR Headsets?

Our pick for the best Steam VR headsets is the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Headset. Just because cheap doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job entering the virtual reality world.

Rather, the HTC VIVE virtual reality system comes close enough to deliver a high-quality virtual reality experience without a high price, all thanks to its robust construction.

But not only is it good that you got an affordable VR because the Topamax 3D VR glasses not only work well in VR but can also work with augmented reality apps, through a removable front cover that gives you the ability to world capacity. Real Through the phone’s rear camera connected around you.

For a way to easily control VR applications, the ReTrak Utopia 360 VR headset has a remote control and a top-mounted button to provide an easy way to navigate through virtual environments and software. Taotronics 3D VR headsets have similar controls, but they lose a bit when it comes to image quality.


VR headset comes in many forms and styles, but when talking about the VR headset for steam. Ergonomics and size play a big role in this case, and when someone thinks about buying them, they should do intensive research to get enough VR headsets to steam.

Here is where our review of the VR headset for Steam. Our comprehensive review is especially thoughtful for those looking for a VR headset that doesn’t fall out but doesn’t have enough time or desire to do enough research.

I hope this article is useful for you; if you have any quarry or suggestion, please write in the comment section. Editors’ best suggestion is Sony PlayStation VR

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