Top 10 Best First Mobile Phone For 11 Years Old

Giving your child a mobile phone is one of the great qualities of modern education. Is this necessary? When should they be one? (This is a matter of debate). What is the best phone for kids? What should be your first cell phone? And also, more time in front of the screen?

It turns out that part of the screen is optional on children’s mobile phones. There are many basic styles available that serve as emergency cell phones for most children and as another technological device that turns them into telephone zones. And being able to stay in touch with your child and potentially GPS him at any time is invaluable to your peace of mind.

Whether you buy a kid’s Smartphone or a non-internet phone, it’s all about you, what you want to spend, and your level, independence, and sophistication are tailored for your child.

Here best Options for 2021 range from a durable childproof cell phone/smartwatch combination to ultra-basic old school models and more advanced smartphones.

You can select a cell phone with a limited number to make calls, a prepaid phone, a walkie-talkie option without a screen, or one with phone features like video, internet, and more. Perhaps best of all, most locations offer some form of follow-up because giving your child freedom is essential but also terrible.

Also, we have to review the best cell phone platform for children in 2021. No matter your price range or parenting style, here is an option that will make everyone happy.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 First Mobile Phone For 11 Years Old


Google Pixel 4a – New Unlocked Android Smartphone 

Top 10 Best First Mobile Phone For 11 Years Old 1Top 10 Best First Mobile Phone For 11 Years Old 2

The Pixel 4a series is not cheap at around $ 350, but it may be worth the purchase for a teenager who has proven responsible. The most impressive thing about Pixel 4a is that it offers the same camera experience as regular Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

The hardware, coupled with Google’s excellent camera software, sometimes resembles impressive night vision, with more photos than phones, which can be expected in this price range. So if your child likes to take selfies and photos with friends (almost all teenagers), this is a great device.

The new Pixel 4a packs a Snapdragon 730G chipset under the hood with 6GB of RAM, making it an excellent display for even more eager users. It also has a headphone jack, while this is a drop in the price of the already useful Pixel 3A.

However, there are some omissions, which are expected due to the price. There is no wireless charging or IP rating. The phone also has a plastic back and a simple fingerprint unlocks, but it keeps it accessible. This is an excellent tool at a fixed price.

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Features Of Google Pixel 4a – New Unlocked Android Smartphone 

Capture the universe.

You can also take pictures of the Milky Way. All you need is a tap into Knight Mode. Also, pay attention to your favorites with portrait mode.

Capture beautiful images where the background becomes an artificial blur for a DSLR-quality look

End the robocalls and recorder 

The call screen helps you screen unknown people before your phone rings—an audio recorder with Google. The Pixel Recorder app automatically transmits speech and classifies different types of audio.

Protect sensitive data

The custom-made Titan M security chip helps protect sensitive data such as operating systems and passwords; Get the latest security and operating system updates on your cell phone automatically for at least three years.

Pros Corns
Top-notch photos. Taken up a notch.There is no wireless charging.
Battery that lasts up to 24 hours.There is no facial recognition.
12 MP rear camera helps you take studio-like shots 
With 128 GB, unlimited storage in high quality with Google Photos4.7  346.72

Recent Buyer Reviews On Google Pixel 4a – New Unlocked Android Smartphone 

This phone is perfect. They made the 4A amazing. This time, they completed it with a full screen Influenced by the way the camera, the smart operating system, the headphone jack, the butter-smooth functionality, the finger sensors, and the focus on essential things like simplicity. Plus, it’s brilliant. Satisfied with the way he mastered the essentials. Buyers highly recommend it for 11 years old.

Nokia 4.2 – Android One (Pie) Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone

If you are looking for an affordable phone that doesn’t take shortcuts, you will be OK with the Nokia 4.2. It’s loaded with all kinds of features your kids will love, ranging from biometric face unlock and fingerprint scanners up to 32GB, expandable up to 400GB with a microSD card, and a battery that will last all day. The Nokia 4.2 has an HD + screen, which is perfect for playing programs or games in real-time; it also works with Snapdragon 439, which means that you can again quickly if it turns off during the day charge it. It can be used with. Quickly. Technology 3.0.

The update won’t be too big or bothersome because Nokia 4.2 doesn’t come with any bloatware for Android One, so don’t worry if your child’s phone is losing security. Since working with the 4G LTE band 1/3/5/7/8/20/28/38/40/41, the phone has no problems accessing them. To top it all, by using Nokia 4.2’s dual cameras and extensive editing features, your kids can let their creative side come every time they take pictures.

Features Of Nokia 4.2 – Android One (Pie) Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone

Make Google do it

Nokia 4.2 has a dedicated Google Assistant button that allows you to easily do tedious and everyday tasks. View weather, flight status; send text messages, and more with active tips and more personal information.

Advanced photography in your pocket

Create memories every day with dual-13MP and 2MP depth-sensing rear camera systems with AI-powered features such as low-light image fusion.

Unlock your phone with a glow

You have a face that Nokia 4.2 can never forget. The reason for this is that with Face Unlock technology, intensive learning algorithms scan for “linear” and detect your eyes.

Dedicated Google Assistant buttonDoes not have dual SIM
Built on the latest version of Android, Google’s easy-to-use toolThe cell phone is poorly assembled
powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 
With 128 GB, unlimited storage in high quality with Google Photos 

Recent Buyer Reviews On Nokia 4.2 – Android One (Pie) Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone

This is Not a bad phone for the price. Yes, the camera is excellent; I love the facial recognition of the fingerprint sensor.  Overall not a bad experience with the nice big screen, almost edge to edge. Reboot it every day so it can keep working better, highly recommended for the price.

Honor 7S DUA-LX3 Dual-SIM, 5.45″ Fullview Display

If you are looking for a phone with your child’s best gaming capabilities, this is the device to buy. This phone has a large screen and long battery life, which is ideal for your child while playing on a mobile phone. You will call

This EMUI operating system is the right combination of Android and iOS. Also, it makes it easy to use a mobile phone that your child will love. It also has a rugged camera that can help the child capture his most exciting memories.

LTE coverage with all GSM carriers in the US and US This device may not include a US warranty because some manufacturers do not honor international product warranties. Contact the seller for specific warranty information.

Box includes a device, USB cable, charger, headphones, and documentation. Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile but are not supported by CDMA carriers such as Verizon and Sprint. Most of the world’s GSMs will work with SIM cards.

Features Of Honor 7S DUA-LX3 Dual-SIM, 5.45″ Fullview Display

Better battery performance

3020 mAh battery for up to 1.5 days screen time on a single charge and ultra power saving mode to extend the charge for longer, keeping you connected when you need it most.

Very nice screen

Equipped with around 5.5-inch screen real estate, Honor 7K HD 720×1440 full view resolution gives you an immersive viewing experience.

LTE coverage with all major GSM carriersThis device may not include a US warranty
13MP rear camera with flashNot compatible with CDMA carriers such as Verizon and Sprint
powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 
With 128 GB, unlimited storage in high quality with Google Photos 

Recent Buyer Reviews On Honor 7S DUA-LX3 Dual-SIM, 5.45″ Fullview Display

The phone works great, looks good. Options for face lock screen, speed amazing for a reasonable price. Plenty of features buyers loves it! This phone has excellent emoji features, easy to maneuver, and long battery life. Buyers highly recommended it.

Unihertz Jelly Pro, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

Billed as the world’s smallest 4G enabled smartphone, the Unihartz Jelly Pro phone is the perfect home device. Slightly larger than a pack of bubblegum, the Jelly Pro is still surprisingly well-rounded and makes a great first phone. And once you see its small size, very similar.

Built-in GPS and pedometer provide an easy way to track steps or time. This is particularly good for listening to music. Bluetooth compatibility is not surprising, but Unihertz draws particular attention to its small size as a fully portable MP3 player. With 16GB of built-in memory, there is plenty of storage space for songs. Bluetooth support also means that it will connect to hundreds of available wireless headphones.

Android 7.0 Nougat controls the operating system providing full access to the Google Play Store. The application will come with a download that makes 4G speeds. Network speed is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile LTE networks.

Features Of Unihertz Jelly Pro, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

Built-in GPS

Built-in GPS allows you to find yourself on the map quickly. Together with the G-sensor, gyroscope, and compass, it can be the perfect phone for your outdoor adventures, business trips, and daily life.

Step tracker

You can easily track steps, distance, speed, and time with a built-in GPS and pedometer. This facilitates your exercise.

Built-in music player 

With the built-in music player or downloading your favorite music app, you can easily enjoy your music time. It is also compatible with a Bluetooth headset.

ProsCornsExtremely portable phone for a child battery life is incredibly low latest Android 8.1 OSNot compatible with CDMA carriers such as Verizon and SprintJelly Pro supports working on T-Mobile’s 4G network A nice little gift for your friends 

Recent Buyer Reviews On Unihertz Jelly Pro, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

It’s a great little phone that’s easy to use and great for running, everything I need to do, light and durable (dropped it once or twice), decent camera, good headphones, and volume. However, although the small touchscreen will be challenging to type, that is fine. Buyers highly recommended it.

Nokia 5.3 Fully Unlocked Smartphone

Nokia 5.3 is a complete and fast Android smartphone at a very affordable price. Its strong sides are the impressive “portrait mode” photography that saves it, as well as its long battery life, up to two days on a single charge.

Go big with the epic size 6.55-inch HD + display and unique quad rear camera on Nokia 5.3 smartphones that capture stunning images even in low light, help you choose your best shot, and look professional. Draw a picture.

Capture incredible detail with the quad camera’s 13MP prime lens, put everything in the frame with a 5MP 118-degree ultra-wide lens, 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor with fine details with blurred bokeh effects.

Using AI technology, Nokia 5.3 takes multiple photos with different lighting and exposure settings and combines them into a full image.

The 8MP front camera is great for selfies and has biometric facial recognition to unlock the phone quickly and safely. Stay in the game longer, with silky-smooth graphics and the AI-assisted adaptive battery of the Dynamic Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, which saves power for the apps you use and stays charged for up to 2 days.

Featuring Nokia’s largest display, the Nokia 5.3 HD + display with a 20: 9 display ratio provides a great experience while staying fit in your hands and pockets.

Nokia 5.3 and Google Assistant use machine learning-powered by Artificial Intelligence to learn and adapt with every use and dedicated Google Assistant buttons make it easy to ask questions, update calendars and check traffic is.

The Android One certified cell phone, Nokia 5.3, will receive two years of Android updates and three years of monthly security updates, ensuring that your phone has the most Android features. Loaded with Android 10, it has 64 GB of internal memory, a microSD card up to 512 GB, and support for WiFi and Bluetooth 4 connectivity. 2.

Although it does not have the fastest display, it impresses a lot with good contrast and colors. The sound department of Nokia 5.3 is no longer loud, but rather a loud (but unique) speaker and a headphone jack.

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Features Of Nokia 5.3 Fully Unlocked Smartphone

A big screen

Feel like you’re in another world on an epic 6.55-inch HD + screen, so you can experience your favorite videos and games in a whole new way.

Right camera, right time

Built with the power of a quad camera and AI imaging, see your world fully with macro lenses and 118-degree ultra-wide lenses.

Reliable power

With a 4000 mAh battery and AI-assisted adaptive battery, you’ll have more power for your favorite apps and can go up to 2 days without recharging.

6.55-inch HD+ displayNo accent color or icon shapes in themes
Get everything in the frame with ultra-wideCan’t make calls over wifi on WhatsApp, the Facebook messenger
Stay in the game longer 
Google Assistant uses AI-powered machine learning 

Recent Buyer Reviews On Nokia 5.3 Fully Unlocked Smartphone

Nokia 5.3 is a better phone for its price. It is not a better phone for the price Great build and design. Great bright screen. The tall and slim dual sim fits well in hand. The 4GB / 64 configurations allow for smooth performance and lots of storage. NFC is a great advantage over phones from other brands in this price range. It comes with a large clear case so you can see all the notification lights on the power button. Buyers highly recommended it.

Moto G Power | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola

In our battery tests, the Moto G8 Power went on 8 hours and 55 minutes of YouTube video playback. That, coupled with its 6.4-inch widescreen display, makes it a solid-content consumer device.

Despite its large 5000 mAh battery, it weighs 197 grams and still has enough room for a headphone jack. Its mid-range specs are adequate for light gaming, although it is unlikely to handle more intensive games beyond low settings.

Enjoy ultra-vivid images on the impressive 6.4 “Max Vision Full HD + screen and get the large screen you want. Increase volume without losing sound quality. Dual stereo speakers provide powerful and clear Dolby audio, EH.

GSM / CDMA Google Android smartphones are compatible with major US carriers, including Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. It also works with prepaid carriers, including Cricket Wireless, T-Mobile by Metro, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, Net10, Mint, Tracfone H2O.

When it comes to longer battery life on a larger screen for longer YouTube and Netflix viewing sessions, and for the budget price, the G8 Power is a good pick. However, it may be suitable for people in their teens or Madame’s hands due to its large size.

Features Of Moto G Power | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola

Octa-core processor

With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, the Moto G Power packs all the performance you need. Why does the application take time to load? Browse, watch, work, and play in no time.

Ultra wide-angle

Shoot like a pro with an ultra-wide-angle lens. Capture more detailed outdoor landscapes. Take extensive shots of architectural sites. And note that it fits all of the action in the frame at sporting events.

Max Vision display and stereo speaker

Enjoy ultra-high views on the impressive 6.4 “Max Vision Full HD + display and get the big screen you want. Dual Dolby-tuned stereo speakers deliver powerful and clear audio.

Blazing-fast performanceThis screen scratches easily
Advanced water repellent designCan’t make calls over wifi on WhatsApp, the Facebook messenger
Bring sports and movies to life 6. 4 “full HD + display 
Super detailed close-up shots 

Recent Buyer Reviews On Moto G Power | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola

Many buyers say that this phone exceeded their expectations. The battery alone is a big selling point and has the latest version of Android. The camera is quite good, and the ultra-wide lens gets everything. Buyers Highly Recommended!

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New Apple iPhone SE

Yes, an iPhone is on Android phones, but it is a perfect phone and worth considering. The iPhone SE is Apple’s budget phone, but it outperforms the price.

Because it uses an excellent A13 bionic processor, very little can be done with this phone. From playing games to watching homework information, your child will be able to do so.

The design is not the most attractive, but the SE’s overall compactness is suitable for small hands. The battery is low, which means a daily charge with a proprietary Lightning cable or wireless charger will be required.

The iPhone SE cameras are good, but not great, but the images should be satisfactory for most. Apple is well known for its software and security updates – SE is guaranteed a four-year update. Although it is not an Android device, there are many Google applications in the App Store if you want to live in that ecosystem.

Features Of New Apple iPhone SE

Touch ID

Apple has offered Face ID on all of its new phones over the years, the new iPhone SE uses the Touch ID sensor under the screen to unlock the device. This same sensor can be used to authorize App Store downloads; enter Apple Pay, and passwords.

The cameras

The iPhone SE camera is so good that it is not rude to distinguish between it and the iPhone 11 in many cases. One exception is night mode, which is simply not the case with the iPhone SE.

Battery life and charge

The iPhone SE has a shorter battery life than the iPhone 11, so you shouldn’t expect the most endurance. For example, Apple says that the iPhone SE saves 13 hours of video playback, 17 hours for the iPhone 11.

Supports wireless chargingShorter battery life than other iPhones
Fast performance A13 BionicNo Night mode
Very good cameras 
Affordable price 

Recent Buyer Reviews On New Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the affordable phone to beat and one of the cheapest phones you can find. It’s the closest thing to future-proofing, offering you the fastest performance, great cameras, wireless charging, and a premium design for under $ 400, beating out cheap Android phones.

TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone

If you are looking for a viable screen option, then we suggest you take the TCL 10L. It is one of the first private label phones TCL introduced in the US and is very good.

What makes TCL 10L so impressive is that it packs many features and specs, given the low price? It all starts with the display, which is 6.53 inches and has crisp full HD + resolution. It also benefits from TCL’s NXTVISION technology, which promises more accurate colors and vibrant images. The only possible downside here is the 10L screen size, which may be a bit large for some children’s hands.

The phone’s power is the same Snapdragon 665 processor that is within the power of the Moto G, but the RAM increases to 6 GB. There is 64GB of storage that can be expanded up to 256GB, a 4,000mAh battery, and four rear cameras for extra endurance (although the image quality is not the most impressive).

With the TCL 10L, you get two other cool features, the first of which is its “smart key.” It’s just an extra physical button that can be customized to do whatever you want, and it’s easy to do. Also, there is an NFC for Google Pay support, which can be useful if you are an older child with an old debit card.

Features Of TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone

Better clarity

Capture the moment like never before with an AI quad-camera system that integrates auto-brightness, super-resolution, HDR, and more. Day or night, each shot has vibrant pixels. Experience up to 3x the brightness and capture even more details in a dark environment.

Powerful audio

Enjoy a seamlessly connected lifestyle by connecting to four speakers or headphones at once. Bring the party to life and share your favorite playlist with a personalized listening experience.

The smart key for quick access

The smart key allows you to customize your 10L to access any dedicated application or function with the push of a button. Make your phone as unique as you are.

It has a headphone jack and a fingerprint sensorDisappointing cameras
NFC for Google PayIt May be too big for some children
A large amount of RAM and storage 
High-quality Full HD + display 

Recent Buyer Reviews On TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone

Buyers say it was used for a day and is priced at an incredible $ 250. The Snapdragon processor is handy, and after an hour of gaming, the large scroll blade is still at 90% battery, so the 4000mah battery feels solid. Good shots can also be obtained by testing the camera; 4 cameras are unheard of at this price. Great device if you are tired of paying more for the phone.

TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch

The Tick talk 3 is a connected watch for kids, but with a different twist. Tick talk 3 is the most advanced 4G / LTE unlocked Universal Kids smartwatch phone that combines video calling, voice calling, Wi-Fi calling, and smart messaging, and location-tracking capabilities in one device. But you can also send photos and make video calls with its built-in camera.

By connecting via Wi-Fi or cellular connection using T-Mobile, AT&T, or TickTalk partner Red Pocket Mobile, you and your child can have a video chat. This additional functionality can be useful in situations where a typical call is not enough. Of course, with the built-in security features, your child can only communicate with the contacts you allow.

 It has seven built-in frequency bands, making it compatible with most operators in countries around the world. The TickTalk 3 is IP67 waterproof and comes with a more durable frame design and the most advanced technology.

With the companion app on your phone, you can set reminders for your child and save them to view when notifications are unwanted. There is also a route tracking function that allows you to see where your child is and the route taken for your peace of mind.

The TickTalk 3 comes in a black or white case but can be easily customized by changing the straps. We want all families to be connected with you in a fun and safe way!

Features Of TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch


Due to 4G reception, the new locator is 50% faster than our previous model and more accurate. This also allows parents to locate multiple watches on a single map. Play as long as you want, then where the child was.

IP67 water resistance

TickTalk3 is protected with IP67 water resistance technology, which protects you from rain, pool splashes or if you accidentally fall into the body of water.


The new instant message center comes with two types of text messages, voice messages, photos, and emojis. Available for individual or group chat TickTalk3 allows the child to send predefined text messages, such as “I’m on a school bus.

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Ability to set a reminderOnly works on Red Pocket, AT&T, and T-Mobile
Camera for video callingIt Maybe too big for some children
IP67 rating for dust and water resistance 
DND function 

Recent Buyer Reviews On TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch

Many buyers say that their sons loved the ticket watch. The design is charming, with bright colors and a smooth interface. The only drawback was that the bandit color looks more gender-neutral orange in the picture while it is bright coral pink. Although it may work better for a girl, the color is beautiful.

I look forward to getting green or orange. Buyers highly recommended it.

VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Electronics Smart Device

The brand known for Kids Takes Toys has finally created (Wi-Fi only) cell phones that allow children to send text messages, voice messages, photos, and drawings to an approved list of contacts.

Being the manufacturer of learning toys, the folks at VTech have naturally designed the phone with 40 games for kids and a kid-safe web browser. It also has bumpers and a broken screen, since the best mobiles for children, such as wells, toys, are designed to treat them.

Kidibuzz G2 is a smart Wi-Fi device that children and parents will like. Kids get messaging, photography games, and music they want, and parents get peace of mind. Children can play knowing, huh.

By the way, pair this device with the free KidConnect app to send kids text message images and pass password-protected parental control of your kid’s contact list.

Also, set deadlines and add your list of specifically approved websites. The Wonder Mask app allows kids to add motion-sensitive face filters to images. They can play the role of Creator Detective for entertainment with augmented reality. Combine augmented reality games with learning.

KidiBuzz G2 comes with over 40 learning games covering math, spelling, science, problem-solving, music, Spanish and enjoys access to the Leapfrog Academy free trial.

This device is not a cell phone designed for children 4-9 years old. Lithium-ion batteries only charge the device with an included power adapter or a computer (not included) with a micro USB cable.

Features Of VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Electronics Smart Device

Kid-friendly and parent-approved

Parents can approve contact lists, set deadlines, and choose which apps or websites can be accessed through password-protected parental controls. Make sure to keep this access code private as it allows you to control content restrictions.

Go on a learning adventure!

Explore Leapfrog Academy, an interactive learning program packed with over 2,000 activities. Enjoy one month free and a special KidiBuzz G2 rate of only $ 5.99 per month.

Play music and video

Download the included songs or videos and music using the media player. Expand memory up to 40GB with an SD card (not included). Play augmented reality games called Creature Detective or over 40 interactive learning games that practice math, science, spelling, and more.

Take a photo with the face mask of the Wonder Mask who follows the kidsThis device is not a cell phone
This device is not a cell phone. Includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Only works on WiFi
The sleek baby-hardened smart device looks like an adult device. 
Take pictures, selfies, and videos with a 180 ° rotating camera 

Recent Buyer Reviews On VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Electronics Smart Device

Many buyers gift this as a Christmas present for their children. It works great, easy to carry, and storage is easy, Effortless to use for a child. This is an excellent practice for real in the future. WiFi works when it comes to sending messages. You can also take a video and a photo. When done, save everything to the main computer. The camera is of excellent quality! Total privacy for the child and the family member that is passed to each other. Highly recommended!!!

Factors To Consider Before Buying A First Mobile Phone For 11 Years Old

As teenagers and youth gain the first part of their freedom, they may need to place phone calls in the neighborhood and send text messages to their friends. However, tweens are still children, and expensive equipment often cannot be trusted.

This is the best time to get a voice phone for your child. You should work on your carrier’s 4G LTE network to get the best coverage and voice quality. Verizon will shut down its 3G network at the end of 2020, and AT&T has already shut down its 2G network, so 4G is the way to go.

Feature of phone vs. smartphone

Feature phones are affordable than smartphones and it can help protect your child from problems such as cyberbullying through apps. Some phones include a built-in MP3 player and FM radio if you want your child to have some entertainment options. If you are going with a smartphone, be sure to familiarize yourself with the parental controls available first.

Apple or Android

Android-powered ones are more complex among the most popular phones and have more options, while Apple usually keeps things simple. Both Apple and Android provide ways to restrict Internet access and provide the ability to purchase applications. However, other phones may be more suitable for younger children, and some are listed below.

Finding the balance between cost, features, and simplicity is the key to the right phone for your child. Avoid carrying the phone like her and other children. Although peer pressure may play a role here, you must obtain the appropriate device based on its performance. You are the one who knows your child best and can choose the right technique that works for him and you.

Parental control

Purchase a phone for your 11-year-old child; there should be a provision for you as a parent that your child is being investigated. There are many cybercrime cases today, and in most cases, they occur when the child has unlimited use of mobile phones from an early age.

An excellent way to ensure that your parents control you is to buy a phone for your child, which allows you to restrict their access to particular websites and prevent the installation of specific applications. If you want more control, a cell phone is also a good idea to make a limited number of calls.

Game and social app settings

All smartphones have access to the most popular social networking services, like Facebook and Twitter, and they are probably one of the most used functions on many children’s phones. It’s also worth noting that many of these phones are now powerful enough to play complex video games with online conversations.

Games like Roblox and Fortnite that run on smartphones are familiar for kids to interact with people they don’t know online. You can set appropriate restrictions and limitations and specific video games on the phone itself with this understanding.


If you have a young child, consider a portable phone explicitly designed for children. Since these phones are used as watches, young children are less likely to lose them. Most of these phones can only send and receive calls from promoted numbers, so you don’t have to worry about who your child is talking to when you’re not around.

Easy to use

Children generally learn things much faster than people in other age groups. However, a mobile phone that is not easy to use or for which a user needs a certain age is not suitable for eleven years. You need to ensure that your child can easily navigate the phone from its menu to the mobile device’s actual application. They are testing the phone before purchasing can provide you with an easy-to-use phone for your child.

Battery life

A good battery is essential unless you want to remind your child to plug in their phone every night. Look for a phone that supports fast charging via USB-C, even if you are on a budget. When charging for a few minutes can add hours of battery life, you don’t have to worry about not coming in contact with your child.


This is always a better idea to find an affordable phone that does not leave you worse. It is worth keeping in mind the phone features, the price at which it is quoted, and comparing it with other devices on the market. There should be a balance between the price and ownership of the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to secure your child’s phone

Make a deal with your child – if you get a call, you can verify it. I regularly check my daughter’s phone. He is okay with it; That is the deal. I don’t read his text messages, but he knows that I have a choice. Also, his text messages are mostly unimaginable video game memes.

Take a look at the best parental control software overview. Both Android and iOS have some built-in parental controls. In both operating systems, you can block purchases, as well as the use or install applications. Google’s Family Link software for Android phones gives you activity reports and sets screen time limits for you.

Some apps are often used for cyberbullying and should be kept away from any child’s phone. These apps change a lot, as each new group of children sees something new. The general rule of thumb is that anything with a social aspect, or anything that allows public posting, is potentially dangerous. You should be able to see the app on your child’s phone and see the received messages.

What makes a smartphone smart?

The phone must be for a smartphone, it must have internet access, and it must be able to download the application. Smartphones are closer to computers than regular phones in terms of what you can do with them.

How often should a smartphone battery be charged?

It depends on the smartphone you have and how much you use it. If you use your phone too much, then you have to charge it every night. But most people should use the latest smartphone for two days before recharging the battery.

How much do you need to spend on a smartphone?

The prospect of buying a new smartphone fills many of us with fear because they can be quite expensive, and opting for an iPhone or Samsung may seem like a safe bet, even if they are costly alternatives. But the truth is, you do not need to spend too much money on better quality.

While some smartphones cost more than $ 100 to buy outright, we found that many of our Best Buy recommendations cost less than $ 300.

The conclusion

Buying a phone for your child can be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. This list is proof that many phones are ideal for you and your child.

There are many other phones to look for when looking for a mobile phone that you can buy for your eleven-year-old. However, the above list is comprehensive and includes both inexpensive and highly efficient mobile phones. Phones also allow you, as a parent, to control what your child does while using the phone. The best recommendation from our editors is Google Pixel 4a – New Unlocked Android Smartphone.

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