Best Gaming Mouse with Number Pad


10 Best Gaming Mouse with Number Pad

A dedicated PC gamer will understand that a mouse is essential for a flexible and comfortable gaming experience. A regular optical mouse may not give you all of the features that a dedicated gaming mouse can. When playing a high-race game, you need correct aiming, shooting speed, or full freedom of movement that can only be found in a better high-quality gaming mouse.

The number pad of the extra keys that come with the mouse is also essential. Higher numbered places mean you have better control of your game.

While these are the primary considerations, other essential factors will determine whether you need to choose a particular gaming mouse. We have listed them all and a few more in the “Buying Guide” section of the article. Make sure you give a reading too.

Now without further ado, let’s jump straight into the article and list the best game symbols using the Gaming mouse with number pad available online.

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Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Gaming Mouse with Number Pad

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Brand – Razer
Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse 4.4 out of 5 $130.55
SteelSeries 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse
Brand – SteelSeries
SteelSeries 15 Button Programmable Gaming Mouse 4.4 out of 5 $59.99
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
Brand – Logitech
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse 4.5 out of 5 $24.9

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse with Number Pad

1. Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse with Number Pad Razor Naga Pro can be intimidating. It offers three interchangeable control panels with 20 buttons in between, and it may not be evident that this is a high-performance gaming mouse.

But honestly, you shouldn’t be scared. This is probably the best gaming mouse I’ve used lately and my go-to place for gaming and quick work. The Razer Naga Pro combines functionality and price in a creative way and is a successful combination that builds on its predecessor and grinds corners and edges in the process.

Used the Razer Naga Pro extensively for games and worked Like the left-handed edition of the Razer Naga, this is a great technique that can be used to manage attacks in an RPG or shoot through a table.

sure, it takes some time to get ready to used it. The first time you pick up Naga Pro, it feels kind of strange. It has an unusual shape that differs from the sleek design of the razor or skull. That is, there is an additional bulbous segment on the right side that exists.

However, what you might be thinking is that it is very convenient. Not only does it give you something to lean on, but it also gives you more precision and control, which is especially useful for a variety of additional buttons on the Naga Pro.

They’re the stars of the show, of course. No matter what you play, you won’t get a more useful mouse. These three panels range from MMOs to first-person shooters and are the perfect mouse for anyone who doubles up in various genres. Because they are so easy to turn on and off thanks to magnets – and because the Pro recognizes this change immediately – switching gears and playing something else for someone else isn’t a bother at all.

For shooters, the two-button setup allows responsibility for cracking whips similar to the Viper. For MOBAs or even Battle Royals like Fortnite, the six-button option wins by spending every item you need nearby. But it’s the classic 12-button panel that glows the brightest. Although it took a while to get used to, it was a lot easier to play the role of World of Warcraft than that of World. It’s so much more comfortable here.

The Naga Pro’s 12 buttons are easy to navigate, so I can immediately fire a shot with my dwarf muscat before another attack or healing burst occurs. Also, many of the games listed here come with pre-designed profiles, so you don’t have to set anything.

Sure, all of this adds to the price. But these interchangeable panels and the technology they work with make the cost worthwhile.

For starters, the ceiling features 20,000 dpi electrically powered game icons that can give you an edge in virtually any game – you barely have to move your hand to make the pointer flicker on the screen. Because of this, Sagittarius reacts very quickly. Call of Duty: War Zone.

After all, wireless functionality does not detect latency. With the option to connect via USB, this is best for both worlds. Mainly because the Naga Pro’s battery life is so good – I worked well three or four days without a break.

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Features Of Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Long Battery Life

This mouse can run for up to 150 hours over Bluetooth and 100 hours over razor hyperspeed wireless and is designed to last the distance for all of your gaming marathons.

Bottom Pad

Regardless of whether you assign the essentials or work with advanced macros, you have all the commands you need at hand and can control every situation in a customized manner.

3 Modes of Connection

Enjoy smooth, lag-free gaming with Razer Hyperspeed Wireless, longer battery life with Bluetooth, or plug it into your setup via your Razor Speedflex cable even when charging a game.

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Easily interchangeable panel Takes getting used to
Wireless functionality A little expensive (but worth it)
Smooth, minimalist design
Excellent performance

Recent Buyer Reviews On Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Many buyers, a huge fan of all the extra buttons on the fingers, help in games, CAD software, document navigation, and web navigation. Razors Cortex software makes customization easy and optimizes all your devices.

Some buyers even say thank you for making it Always great using their products well designed and very durable. And the main thing it fits me like a glove, highly recommended.

2. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse The Redragon is an MMO mouse with a higher DPI of 24000.

The Redragon M901 Perdition’s DPI is designed for PC gaming and can be adjusted and changed on a thousand DPI orders.

The mouse is backlit, and you can do custom color lighting at any DPI setting. This will help you take a mental note of yourself and get beneficial results while playing. This turns out to be very good if you’re looking for multi-DP. I like games like World of Warcraft etc.

It has a total of 19 buttons that can be programmed for various actions. Aside from them, there is also a select-fire button, a highlight for point and shooting games, and is easy to remember.

By combining different profiles, you have specified a total of 5 memory profiles, and each of these profiles has its own LED color, e.g., B. the DPI setting. This helps with the easy identification of storage profiles.

A total of 16 million RGB color options and breathing effects are available. You can also turn off the LED backlight.

It is backlit and ergonomic, a natural hand in the shape of a mouse. It removes any tension your hand may experience when using a regular mouse and improves your gaming efficiency.

This mouse has a speed of 12000 FPS and a query rate of 1000 Hz. With these high-precision Pix art PMW3360 sensors, you get high-precision and precise points.

The mouse micro switch is designed to extend the mouse’s life and extend the life of the mouse. The gold-plated, corrosion-resistant USB connector with Teflon footpad and 6 feet and 3 mm thick braided fiber cable shows how strong, reliable, and efficient this mouse is.

Features Of Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

Number Pad Gaming Mouse

7 mouse buttons plus 12 programmable MMO side buttons. A total of 19 buttons Fire button, pulsating breath light color mode Durable, smooth TEFLON footpad for ultimate game control.

Programmable game mouse:

18 programmable keys, 5 memory profiles, each with its LED color option for quick recognition. An 8-piece weight tuning set and comes with a breathing effect.

Ergonomic gummer mouse design:

The ergonomic shape sits naturally in your hand and reduces stress while improving productivity and efficiency. Provide an extreme gaming experience during the sessions.

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Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
In high precision and accuracy None too specific to mention
Durable gold plated and rust-free USB
Ergonomic body and lightweight
1-year manufacturer warranty

Recent Buyer Reviews On Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

Too cute for a regular user, but also small, Buyers love this, so a lot of customization can be done with this mouse’s functionality. This is one of those things that you did not know until you needed it. It works fine. The ability to quickly adjust DPI in any direction is a convenient feature.

Buyers highly recommended it.

3. SteelSeries 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse The Rival 500 is the first mouse designed to move your hand naturally. The layout of the side buttons is designed so that your thumb’s natural contours respond accurately and fluidly. With touch notifications, you can feel the event in-game.

It all comes together to create the most dynamic gaming experience possible that will only help you play better, Armed with the game’s first flip switch that is extremely easy to distinguish. It’s more ergonomic and gives players the fastest reaction time as your thumb gets more secured when you resist the push. When the fight is at its most intense, you can always find the key you need.

One brand known to a large number of gamers is SteelSeries. The company heard the company’s complaint that users were having issues with key bindings. So they returned to the drawing and created a “flick-down” switch that makes a smooth transition between the two buttons below.

This is a mouse that will suit a wide variety of different types of users. However, we have found that using this mouse can take some time to fail ultimately. However, the company reached 30 million clicks. Its lifespan puts you in the area of ​​stability.

Reports from users who use this mouse have said that the mouse has balanced to feel natural over time as it only comes out of their hands. Due to the 15 buttons, both are easily accessible optical sensors with 16000 dpi and relatively light and bland at 129 grams.

Features Of SteelSeries 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse

Button layout

All of the buttons you use are easily clicked on by simply rotating your thumb in a circular motion.

Long durability

The SteelSeries switch is 30 million clicks old. With this type of hardware, your competitor will survive even the 500 most demanding competitions.

Thumb grip

Your thumb needs its safe place! The central area between the buttons acts as a fulcrum for your thumb so you can easily identify individual buttons and easily trigger the comb.

SteelSeries 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Completely Customizable No braided cable, it’s rubber and it sticks
Pixart 3360 Optical Sensor The finish feels slippery
Left and right click buttons are made
Mechanical Button Lock

Recent Buyer Reviews On SteelSeries 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse

Buyers say this is a favorite mouse. It fits in hand perfectly and suits with a natural grip (low palm). All buttons and scroll wheels are very tactile and clickable but not noisy. The weight provides additional customization to fit your preferences perfectly. The top button lets you change the mouse’s sensitivity preset. The lighting options are sublime. Steelseries software makes it easy for you to configure lights with many different colors, effects, and patterns.

Buyers highly recommended it.

4. Thermaltake Tt Esports Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake Tt Esports Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse If you are looking for something different, Thermaltech Nemesis is the place for you. It is a gaming mouse with a number pad that you can customize to your liking. I’m not just talking about installing hotkeys. You can customize the side wall yourself. Designed for MOBA, MMORPG, and RTS games, this mouse gives you all the tools you need to switch between all three genres. The mouse has a control panel with eight number keys. Although these buttons look simple, they have a unique feature. Each of these buttons can be hidden to give a unique layout.

If you have a game that only requires three hotkeys, this is a great way to make sure you don’t mix skills. All have twelve number keys or switch buttons that are used for easy exit and movement. The mouse is designed to save some settings so that it can easily switch between different physical layouts. On-board memory can store multiple configurations for easy passing. The mouse has an RGB that can be customized with a few different lighting patterns to choose from. This way, you can tweak your gaming setup a bit.

You can control all of this through a downloadable control center. The center gives you quick and easy access to everything, from lighting effects to crucial assignments. This program is easy to use and ensures that you can use the mouse as you wish. The mouse fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. This helps you feel comfortable during a long gaming session. This mouse has a DPI of 12,000, which can be adjusted. It has a total of 250 and 16 IPS hotkey buttons.

Features Of Thermaltake Tt Esports Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic Rest Plated Design

Designed to fit your palm to the highest level of shape or grip style of your hand.

50 million clicks

The reinforced design of the key switch ensures that the force distribution is balanced and more durable with every click.

Patented switch system

Customize up to 12 switch buttons. Each of the 12 buttons can be completely redesigned through game software and some macros can be saved to onboard memory so that they can be used on any system at any time.

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Thermaltake Tt Esports Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Multi-button gaming mouse. Sometimes the design leads to accidental clicks
The side buttons are well fitted and are very sensitive Poor build quality and materials
Great mouse for the money
Customizable lighting effects

Recent Buyer Reviews On Thermaltake Tt Esports Nemesis Switch Gaming Mouse

Some buyers report that this mouse is the best-made, best-spec Paragraph mouse ever on the market. It retracts due to its dimensions and weight, but it is very well balanced and doesn’t look like it is a weight.

The sensor is located outside of the mile in front of each MMO mouse. It’s so accurate, and the software has surface calibration that calibrates faster than any other mouse calibration. Speaking of software, it’s reliable and easy to use. This is one of the best if it doesn’t have the best RGB look to a mouse. Buyers have highly recommended it.

5. ASUS RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

ASUS RGB Laser Gaming Mouse Asus surprised everyone with their flagship gaming mouse called Spatha. If you think the name sounds offensive, take a look at the mouse for yourself.

Spatha naturally falls under Asus’ top gamer line. So you should know that you are getting a considerable gaming mouse that comes with all variants, additional buttons, and RGB effects. Even sync with your other ROG branded products like motherboards, graphics cards, and even Asus keyboards.

Before we get into the intricate details, you should know that Spatha is more than just a gaming mouse from a manufacturing point of view; it is a unique and magnesium alloy instead of the traditional material that Asus’ choice of gaming mouse is used in when using.

This mouse can be considered quite heavy, unlike this competition, and it only costs something for hardcore gamers.

However, if you think about the technical details, you should know that ROG Spaeth has a fantastic program button, and that’s not all. They also get poorly charged, which looks as hell stylish.

At this point, you can assume that the mouse is wireless. Well, here’s a catch: you can work wirelessly with no entry delay, and you can use them with a cable too.

You get the RGB Lite and all of the other features you’d expect from the flagship mouse. The mouse has 12 programmable buttons that can be programmed to your needs using the Asus Armory software. The main Omron Switch button allows you to get 8,200 maximum dpi, excellent ergonomics, and comfort for lengthy gaming sessions. High click cycles, and even if they are worn out, you can always change them.

We’re not saying the ROG Spatha is the perfect gaming mouse, it has some flaws like the button on the side that looks a bit tacky, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. So without further ado, let’s read some of the pros and cons of this mouse.

Features Of ASUS RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

Programmable thumb button

ROG Spatha comes with a fully programmable thumb button with an alpine switch that gives you tactile feedback. The six buttons are similar to the iconic ROG eye and offer seamless controls and experience.

Wireless and wired

ROG Spatha uses a high-speed, high-throughput, low-latency wireless connection. Once the battery is empty, you can continue to use it while charging without losing any feedback or performance.

Made for gamers

Asus Has developed this gaming mouse that is designed to withstand the rigors of marathon gaming. ROG Spatha is engineered for performance and durability and is ready to land you in battle.

ASUS RGB Laser Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Lots of customization, and ease of use. One of the highest-priced gaming mice in the market.
A nice, solid design that will suit players. Can be a little heavy and huge for users with small hands.
Functions loaded with hardware and software. The side button feels bloated, and hard to press.
RGB lighting looks amazing across the board.

Recent Buyer Reviews On ASUS RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

Excellent mouse A bit on the expensive side Its design is very smooth and ergonomic. Its hand sits naturally and comfortably on the unit. Asus Aura easily LEDs case lighting and peripherals using Sync software. The buttons are very well outfitted and convenient.

Excellent features, including programmable button customization and LED customization via Asus Aura Sync. Buyers are highly recommended.

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6. RAZER NAGA HEX V2 – MOBA Gaming Mouse

RAZER NAGA HEX V2 - MOBA Gaming Mouse The next razor on our list is the Naga Hex V2. Before we start, you should know that it is probably one of the most respected gaming mice among MOBA games because of the number of buttons you get and how you can fully customize it.

Note, however, that while this mouse is specifically designed for MOBA gamers, be aware that there is no way you can use it in any other game. However, this mouse is used in these games. K is useful because you have many keyboard shortcuts to easily map to a mouse and use them thanks to the fantastic thumb grid.

Razor hit the platter and said the Naga Hex V2 has mechanical switches in the thumb grid to ensure players have the best experience possible and that the controls don’t end up wearing. Our tests showed the thumb button was comfortable to the touch and was a welcome addition.

The Naga Hex V2 has the standard features you can expect from a top of the line razor. You get an excellent optical sensor that can deliver 16,000 dpi. You also get the well-respected Chroma RGB lighting that can be controlled and tweaked via the superb Razer Synapse 2.0.

Oh, yes, there is more. You can also change all of the mouse’s physical buttons and customize them to suit your needs, keeping in mind that all controls are fully programmable. This is a huge benefit for users who want to make sure they are getting the most out of this mouse. That said, we’re going to look at some of the advantages of the Razer Naga Hex V2 and see why it’s such a great gaming mouse for MOBA gamers.

In short, there are a lot of good things about the Razer Naga Hex V2 and some bad things, but given industry standards, it has become the norm.

Features Of RAZER NAGA HEX V2 – MOBA Gaming Mouse

Razer Synapse enabled

Your mouse is your biggest asset in an MBA, which is why the Razer Naga Hex V2 is supported by Razer Synapse, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Custom light

Choose from a full range of 16.8 million colors and custom effects to personalize your Razer Naga Hex V2 and see your playstyle in a different light.

Better ergonomics

Keeping comfort, the Razer Naga Hex V2 now has a new ergonomic form factor that will fit the most popular play style.

Pro’s Con’s
Thumb grid button use special mechanical switches The mouse does not come in a vague design
The highly sensitive optical sensor delivers an impressive 16,000 dpi The design may seem like an odd choice for some users
The lighting from Razer Chroma is better than ever
Fully customizable buttons

Recent Buyer Reviews On RAZER NAGA HEX V2 – MOBA Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Hex V2 features a seven-button mechanical thumb wheel, fitted in a way that ensures you have less misclick. This is an outstanding feature, Byers, this way.

This mouse is comfortable to use; if you have thick fingertips, you can easily use the buttons on the selector thumb circle. It has an excellent smooth, and instantaneous movement response and fundamental usage drivers installed automatically. You will love Ring Finger, and the colors will be bright! Highly recommended it

7. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Next on our list is a mouse with multiple programmable mouse buttons. Unlike the high-DPI Redragon mouse, the Logitech G600 8,200 has a decent yet high DPI.

While the Redragon mouse has 18 MMO buttons, the Logitech Gaming Mouse surpasses them and offers accommodation of 20 MMO tuning buttons. In these, you get 12 unique buttons in the thumb area that enable quick and easy navigation.

The thumb window is available in bright RGB colors and can be easily customized. Colors can be customized for different color schemes.

DPIs can also be primarily customized, and buttons and levels can also be programmed to suit individual gaming experiences and needs. You can customize the button for around 16 million color combinations to make high-intensity gaming easier, thanks to 3 trained memory profiles.

With precise cursor movement and high accuracy, the mouse has a G-Shift ring finger button that can be used to execute any key immediately.

The mouse is completely ergonomic and is a comfortable size that fits in the palm of your hand. This will reduce the click fatigue that occurs while playing marathon games.

Its low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene base construction eliminates possible friction on any surface, allowing smooth movement and precise cursor movement, thus improving the cursor’s overall accuracy.

The Logitech Gaming Mouse is compatible with many systems and does not explicitly mention its warranty. However, the product documentation states that a manufacturer’s guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase is granted for European shipments. The rest of the world guarantee is not mentioned.

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Features Of Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

G-Shift and DPI Shift

Use the G-Shift key to instantly double the number of tasks you can do with any other key. Set up to five dpi levels per profile and make changes between them at the push of a button – ideal for precise sniping.

Dual dish thumb plate

Keep instant access to all 12 primary MMO skills under your thumb. The dual dish design was developed with the involvement of major MMO game developers. Two carefully set sets of six buttons shorten the action time and minimize false clicks.

Easy to go away from

The G600 is designed to support your hand through riding. Each button is designed to reduce click fatigue without accidental actions.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
16 million color customizable RGB backlight Although it mentions a 2-year warranty, it is not clear on eligibility.
Onboard memory stores the game profile Planned obsolescence, like all Logitech products
The primary button has 20 million clicks Incredibly cheap plastic mouse click buttons
The cut, supportive shape reduce hand fatigue

Recent Buyer Reviews On Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

This is the case with mice with multiple buttons. The mouse is lighter than expected, easy to use, and molds well to the palm’s shape.

The real star here, however, is the button layout on the side. Logitech took great care to make the buttons easy to identify with just a touch. Other mice have buttons that all appear to be the same, but the M600 organizes them into two open groups. Hence, your thumb sits comfortably in each of the small concave indentations, and you can easily distinguish between the buttons. There’s no way you could accidentally press the wrong way as you can instantly feel who you’re touching.

8. Corsair Nightsword RGB – Comfort Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Corsair Nightsword RGB - Comfort Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Top performance combined with plenty of customization options and great convenience that most MMO gamers and gamers generally expect from their mice and the Corsair Nightsword RGB is an ideal fit for that role.

It also comes with a susceptible optical sensor with 18000 dpi PixArt PMW3391, which can be fine-tuned by DPI, 8-zone RGB lighting, and even a powerful iCUE software, the ten program buttons of NightSord, which enables full customization of the already mentioned RGB lighting and many other functions. Due to its ergonomic design and rubberized surface, this mouse offers a very comfortable grip, which makes it a real pleasure to use.

The Corsair Nightsword RGB mouse is large and looks like a kind of Logitech G502 “copy.” However, it has advanced features and capabilities such as B. A set of two weights can be used in six different positions (the G502 has five of them), and an automatic gravity detection function combined with the value over 120 saves Different equilibrium positions.

Overall, the Corsair Nightsword RGB is one of the best MMO gaming mice and a device that will bring real joy to die-hard gamers and casual gamers, especially those with slightly larger hands.

Features Of Corsair Nightsword RGB – Comfort Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Pro Comfort

Built with a contoured shape that naturally fits your hand, with heavy duty rubber grips inspired by professional sports equipment

Powerful Precision

Shoot all your skill shots and be zero-steady on your targets. Total sensitivity optimization and ultra-precise tracking are at your disposal with a custom Pixart PMW3391 optical sensor, which adjusts to 1 DPI steps.

Practical buttons

Customize your gaming with the in-game benefit of powerful macros and key remap.

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Corsair Nightsword RGB – Comfort Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Good balance handling Not Found, such a great product
Excellent performance
Great grip
Excellent performance

Recent Buyer Reviews On Corsair Nightsword RGB – Comfort Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

This mouse is almost peak-performance for any keyboard and mouse gaming. If only after two weeks of moderate use, the thumb grip fell under one thumb. The grip quality of the rubber is incredibly unique, which felt so comfortable.

The specific part of the grip that is already falling is the thumb rest near the bottom. Overall, buyers were happy with the performance and suggested it to anyone who needed a gaming mouse.

9. Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse The Cooler Master has some exciting gaming mice in its lineup, but nothing comes close to the MM710 when it comes to being lightweight. At 52 grams, it may be one of the lightest mice on the market, but keep in mind that the weight claimed is body only.

The cable is an Ultraave cable that significantly reduces weight and pulls threads. The armor of the beehive is perforated but does not lose structural integrity and is therefore very durable.

Inside is a PixArt 3389 optical sensor, which performs very well and gives you a lot of control and precision. The Omron switch, located at the bottom left, and right is classified for 20 million printing machines. This gives you security if you plan to use it for a long time. The page also has two additional buttons that can be useful.

Last but not least, you will find PTFE legs that slide very well and are very durable. This is a great mouse, but keep in mind that it is a right-handed shape, so left-handed people may be better off with something else.

Features Of Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Shell

The new perforated housing is extremely durable and light, so you can play longer without getting tired.

Ultrasound cable

The innovative design significantly reduces weight and cable pull while swiping. Fight against your enemies, not the cable bridge.

Superior mouse legs

The PTFE material provides smooth control with a low-friction, smooth glide Settings of up to 16000 DPI for more control, accuracy and future-proofing.

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
Optical sensor for games A bit pricey
Light honeycomb shell The DPI is controlled through the button next to the wheel
Better mouse leg
Additional set of PTFE mouse legs included

Recent Buyer Reviews On Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

This mouse is super light, and you can feel it. The mouse legs are super smooth and fast, and the cable is just what the mouse feels like thanks to this excellent mouse wireless. Overall, buyers say the new favorite symbols are worth the money!!!

It weighs nothing and is just a great size for those with big hands. It has a nice texture/feel and does not cause hand cramps even after prolonged use.

10. CTBTBESE Z100 65G Gaming Mouse

CTBTBESE Z100 65G Gaming Mouse Zowie is one of the brands that have some of the most incredibly powerful gaming mice to steal. You will not get any RGB Lite, attractive design, or thousands of buttons. But if you are a fan of a simple looking mouse that works perfectly in earnest and amazingly, then you are going to love the FK2. And it is very lightweight, which is always a bonus, especially for longer gaming sessions.

The FK2 has an optical 3310 sensor with sensors 400, 800, 1,600, or 3,200 DPI. You can set it anywhere, depending on your playing style and need. The buttons, including four side buttons (two on each side), have noticeable tactile feedback that prevents double clicks.

Unlike some of the more attractive mice, the FK2 is plug-and-play, and you replace the DPI with the button below. No software is required; this makes LAN a popular option for parties and tournaments where you cannot bring your computer. The bisexual design makes it an excellent choice for left-handed and right-handed users and weighs just 85 grams—all in all, a great choice.

Features Of CTBTBESE Z100 65G Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic mouse

The RGB uses seven buttons along the ring strip to mediate sensitivity and acceleration. If you need to use different English interface with the driver, contact customer service to download the link.

PTFE mouse leg

The mouse pad is made of high quality PTFE material with low friction and a Pixart PMW3360 sensor with a sensitivity of up to 12000 DPI for better control, precision and future proofing.

Ultralight Ultraave cable

The innovative cable uses a braided line made of pure copper, which allows delays in data transmission of just 0.01S. Quickly drag the mouse, and light cables won’t affect in-game operation.

CTBTBESE Z100 65G Gaming Mouse
Pro’s Con’s
The mouse uses Omron switches 20 million times Not fond, Great to buy this mouse
The mouse weight is as light as 60G
Prolonged use does not cause fatigue
Additional set of PTFE mouse legs included

Recent Buyer Reviews On CTBTBESE Z100 65G Gaming Mouse

The RGB light on this mouse is eye-catching; due to the honeycomb shell design, the mouse is very light; almost nothing seems. As a hardcore FPS player, it performs brilliantly for the gaming experience. Overall, build quality is excellent, given this price range.

Some buyers say that they can only hope that if there are ways to customize those brands like PCs, such as an address, it would be great; overall, this purchase would be pleased.

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Customizable / programmable buttons and their software

The most important thing is the number of customizable or program buttons that come with the mouse. Having more buttons allows you to create and improve shortcuts while playing.

In addition to the three buttons (or central wheel and two buttons), gaming mice, as previously mentioned, are removing their customizable buttons in favor of mice.

In addition to the extra buttons, you’ll also need to pay attention to the customization software that comes with these gaming mice. This software allows you to customize the buttons and provide more than one button for a specific task or provide one button for multiple jobs.

You can also set the mouse to an action, event, or time-specific light scheme. In addition to customizing buttons and lighting schemes, the software lets you switch DPI while playing.

This is very important because tracking the mouse gives enormous benefits to your gaming experience when you are playing.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Best Gaming Mouse with Number Pad

This buying guide explains all of the key factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse.

Button position

The location of the button on your mouse is essential. Of course, you need to know what to press without looking at the mouse. Some people use their full thumbs and press the buttons firmly, making them more prominent.

Others touch the buttons with the tip of their thumbs and fingers to get off the smaller buttons. You also want to determine if the touch discrimination between keys is right for you. Some people can easily see where one button ends and another begins; others may not need a mouse to distinguish the buttons better.

Design and customization

The mouse’s design and frame are an integral part; the reason for this is that you will be using this mouse for hours. And too often, so you need to make sure it’s something comfortable and made with parts that tailor you and your comfort.

The high-end mouse is often equipped with a removable weight that you can use to adjust your value. Also, some models even have an adjustable center of gravity. However, many mice have real-world strategies that can be used to program faster commands with additional buttons beyond the clicked surface is considered very useful in sports..

Grip style

Another thing that will help you choose the best mouse is determining your grip type. Over time, you will develop your mouse grip style that works best for you. Hence, it is essential to consider this when purchasing a mouse.

Many people have a “palm grip,” which means the entire palm of their hand catches the mouse. Others hold their rat-like claw, which is unique in that the fingers are pointing up. Another type of grip can be classified as a fingertip grip, which is very difficult to become a professional. It means moving the mouse with your fingertips with high sensitivity. Overall, you need to play with your current mouse and determine the type of handle it has before buying a new one.

The sensor

The sensor is an essential component of your mouse. There is not much difference between “optical” and “laser” mice. Instead, the main difference is the kind of technology that mice use for lighting. CMOS sensors in mice are usually optical and work by continuously capturing images and then comparing them to conclude how far the mouse has moved.


Acceleration is probably the most modified and most studied problem with gaming mouse sensors. When a mouse sensor shows acceleration, the faster the mouse pointer moves, the quicker it moves.

This is often considered flawed because slowly moving the mouse six inches on the mousepad will move the mouse the same distance faster than moving the cursor into a different space. This leads to variability that is difficult to predict.

Correct control speed or failure rate,

This refers to the speed at which a mouse can be moved while tracking is still correct. Most gaming mice are tracked very closely at slow speeds, but gamers with low CPI will often move their mice on mousepads at very high speeds. At high rates, and especially at high CPI, not all mouse sensors can maintain their tracking accuracy. The point at which the sensors stop correctly tracking varies between CPI values.

Lift-off distance

The lift-off distance is one of the most popular and widely used metrics for determining mouse quality. The lift-off distance of a gaming mouse or a mouse indicates the maximum height to which the mouse must be lifted before the sensor can work.

This means that by default, the greater the lift-off distance, the greater your flexibility. Contrary to popular belief, many players prefer shorter starting distances because they can play with less sensitivity. Most players abruptly remove the mouse while playing and then reset their position to continue playing. The short take-off distance helps you avoid mistakes by suddenly lifting the mouse. The short take-off distance does not offset or move the cursor when the mouse is in the air.


Weight also matters. Many players are not very interested in it. However, weight determines the level of emotion during the game. Adjustable weight is a trending concept in gaming mice these days. Fine-tuning makes it easier to predict and easier to use.

Price and Features

Of course, every time you make a new investment, you think about pricing and what features you get for the price. What is your budget, and what do you want with the mouse? Would you like a wired mouse or a wireless mouse? How often do you play, and how long should this mouse last? When purchasing a mouse, first determine its price and your specific requirements.


To find the best number pad gaming mouse for you, you need to know your favorite gaming style, decide whether to use more complex tasks and then choose the mouse you choose to suit your tastes. For our advice, optimize above is what you want;

Be sure to think about the important factors to consider when choosing a mouse and, if possible, make some effort before purchasing one. Our editor’s best recommendation is – RAZER NAGA HEX V2 – MOBA Gaming Mouse

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