Top 3 Best Keyboard and Mouse For PS4

Top 3 Best Keyboard and Mouse For PS4

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Playing games has become a big part of entertainment nowadays but if you have to go to PlayStation 4 or Xbox to enjoy gaming to the fullest.

Keyboard and mouse are something that enhances our gaming experience if you are looking for a keyboard and mouse that will take your gaming experience to a different level.

With the help of which you can take, your game to the professional level in PlayStation 4 and enjoy your game well.

In this article, I am going to share the top three picks for PlayStation 4 keyboard and mouse combo, this combo will be the best one for your PS4.

Table of Contents

1 – Corsair K63 Wireless and Logitech G305 Lightspeed Combo:

This keyboard is nice and compact because it’s 10 keyless. That means you don’t have a number pad or anything on the right side, but it’s a very small form factor.

In this you will find dedicated multimedia keys, for this, you have your LED brightness button next to the Corsair logo, which is in the windows lock key. Then there’s a volume control on the right, folding it to the back is you’re on and off switch plus a micro USB slot for charging.

You get the rubber pad facing up, so it doesn’t slide on your desktop, so you can lift the back a bit when you’re gaming or typing.

It includes a nice rubberized wrist rest for you to attach easily at the bottom, so you can give your wrist a little padding when you are typing or gaming, which you will find quite comfortable.

The keyboards are bright at night because of the RGB lighting. They have a great effect, but still, you get the lighting effect in them.

This keyboard gets 128-bit AES encryption, which will help protect your keystrokes from someone who might be trying to hack your computer and read your wireless data.

The small clips on this keyboard do their job and if you are looking for a keyboard where you need wireless gaming, then this keyboard will give you a great experience.

This keyboard works flawlessly on ps4; it requires two millimeters 45g or cm to activate the switch. In this, you get a total of four MS of travel.

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  • Layout: 60% Ansi
  • Keys Amount: 87 Keys
  • Case: Black
  • Switch :
  • Connection: USB Wired
  • Backlit: 16.8M RGB
  • Keycap: PBT Double Shot

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Mouse Review:

We get 12 000 dpi in this mouse, so this is nothing to be trifled with. You get this solid sensor mouse the hero 10k sensor. It is 10 times more battery efficient than previous-gen sensors.

 It also comes with lightspeed wireless, which is boasting the one millisecond response time you’re getting essentially no lag or latency between your input and the computer receiving it.

This mouse has a preset for DPI on many factors; you get five different presets and six programmable buttons that you can change wherever you want on this mouse.

This mouse is 3.4 ounces or 99 grams in weight and size, which is pretty light for a mouse.

It’s also a smaller size than Logitech’s other wireless hubs. Its battery life is really good, you get 250 hours on a double battery, so that’s great, but it’s not rechargeable.

 You’ll have to swap out that battery every 250 hours, so it might be a good idea to get some rechargeable batteries to use with it.

The price point of this mouse so sitting at $60 this is one of the cheaper options for Logitech’s wireless mousse, It’s got great features.

If you want to do DPI settings inside the G Hub, make sure you save the settings on the onboard memory, and that way the settings you do on the G Hub will carry over to your PS4 as well.

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Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard Review:

Ducky is a very well-known company, I am sure you must have heard about them, they have brought a lot of keyboards in the past. They are highly respected among the keyboard community. On this keyboard, you get a set of different colored keycaps and a year of dog spacebar and each board comes with different random colored caps from blue, red, yellow, and green.

You can press as many keys as you want at the same time and all these things will register to make it a great gaming keyboard.

It caps the keys well and you will also find some printing on the front side of the passkey, this is a 60% keyboard, which many of the same keyboard features don’t give you.

The RGB lighting is embedded right above the actual switch that allows you to increase or decrease the RGB lighting on the backplate as you wish.

It gives you the option to change the lighting. Which you want can change as per your choice color on reactive mode for six modes. You can do the same with breathing mode, you will love this model. The eighth mode is 100% backlit mode, which allows you to choose any type of still color you like.

It’s a well-made good-looking keyboard, it’s sleek and modern, plus you won’t find any kind of frame in it.

This is a great-looking keyboard. It also comes with onboard RGB lighting controls and macro controls, which is a plus point.


  • Layout: 60% Ansi
  • Keys Amount: 61 Keys
  • Case: Abs Black / White
  • Switch: Cherry MX, Brown, Red, Speed, etc.
  • Connection: USB Wired
  • Backlit 16.8M RGB
  • Keycap: PBT Double Shot

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Finalmente Air 58 Ninja NA Mouse Review:

They come in two new colors: cherry blossom, Red, and their new cherry blossom Blue, visually they are very nice-looking.

The biggest selling point to this is its lightweight form factor, it’s called the Air 58 but when you drop it on a scale with some with a little cord included, it’s around like 65 grams which are still crazy light.

It’s great to have on this kind of gaming mouse because, well, it’s going to help reduce any drag or resistance. Its optical sensor is very good, almost everything in it is very sensitive.

It’s a great mouse in the overall feel. It’s also the lightest bouncing mouse ever that you’re sure to love.

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Obins Anne Pro 2 Keyboard Review:

The Anne Pro 2 comes in two colors white and black; the keycaps have a nice and clean font. They are made from a 1.2 millimeters thick PBT double-shot plastic that feels quite nice and is fairly durable.

This does have a USB -C port rather than a micro USB and as a 60 (keys) keyboard, I was expecting it to be on the lighter side at 630 grams.

You will love the backlit keycaps where you can experience a wide range of colors and effects. This keyboard offers two and functions; this keyboard allows you to choose your desired look from nine keys to match your aesthetic.

The best thing about this keyboard is that you will be able to assign custom keystrokes to this keyboard. The spacing between the keys is almost perfect to say, the min and cutback size allows you to leave out space and the travel experience is enough to increase the typing speed.

If you were hoping for wireless connectivity, it’s unfortunately not supported on the ps4 and it’s not an Open Labs fault, it works great on Bluetooth PCs.

You can’t work with this keyboard on the ps4 wirelessly. It would have been great to use it without the need for a cord, but it’s still a great keyboard to use for both PC and PS4


  • Layout: 60% Ansi
  • Keys Amount: 61 Keys
  • Case: Abs Black/ White
  • Switch: Kailh Box Brown, Red, White
  • Connection : USB Wired / BT
  • Backlit: 16.8M RGB
  • Keycap: PBT Double Shot

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Glorious Model O Mouse Review:

The Glorious O comes in four different variants. The main physical difference is that it feels great in your hand with the glossy, helping you create a natural grip.

It weighs about 68 grams and has a very nice simple economical design. It also gives you RGB lighting, scrolls wheel illumination at this price point.

It has Brilliant Mode aka 16.8 Million RGB Rainbow Wave and Spontaneous Breathing, which very easily switches from one color to another and you will get to watch the process of breathlessness alternate between colors, which you will love. Will come

It is a very pleasant mouse considering all the gaming features along with it. It will give you a different feel and it gives a nice natural grip on your hand.

The good thing is that all the DPI profiles you create and customize on the PC are carried over to the ps4. Once you’re on the Ps4, you don’t have to change its profile frequently.


A mechanical keyboard is especially for gamers because gamers use the keyboard very harshly. Mechanical switches in mechanical keyboards there is a complete switch under each key of the keyboard.

Each switch is composed of a housing, a spring, and a stem, and sometimes other parts, such as a separate touch leaf or a clickbait. Due to which the user gets a perfect experience.

Mechanical keyboards generally have a longer lifespan than membrane or dome-switched keyboards. The keyboard and mouse mentioned in this article meet their needs comfortably, so if you want the best keyboard mouse then you should consider any of them.

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