Best Location For Wireless Routers – Upstairs Or Downstairs?

Best Location For Wireless Router – Upstairs Or Downstairs

Best Location For Wireless Router – Upstairs Or Downstairs, How frustrating it is when you’re in the middle of an important assignment on your laptop and your internet connection just drops off.

If it happens frequently, then you are forced to think about the best location for a wireless router upstairs or downstairs? in your home. It’s just not enough to buy the best wireless router available. The most important part is placing it at the best location inside your house.

Before I list down the do’s and dont’s of router placement, let’s clear one myth. The brand of the router has no role to play when it comes to placing your router strategically.

So, whether you’re using a Netgear, Asus, Linksys, Vios, or a Motorola router, it doesn’t matter. The entire focus is on maximizing availability, signal strength, and speed without much interference. Read our detailed guide on How to Setup a Router Without a Modem

We need to consider the below-mentioned points for optimum network performance through your wireless router.

Best Location For Wireless Routers - Upstairs Or Downstairs?
Best Location For Wireless Routers – Upstairs Or Downstairs?

Should You Keep Your Wireless Router Upstairs or Downstairs?

A lot of people have this common question,” where should a router be placed in a two-story house?”

Now if you have a multistory house then choose a location that is equidistant from all the rooms of the house. In two-story houses, it should be placed near to the first-floor ceiling or on the floor of the second floor.

If the premises is of 3 floors then the WiFi router should be placed on the second floor. The reasoning behind this is the central location.

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Avoid Placing Your Wireless Router In Corners.

The access point of your router should have clear and straight connectivity to the connected device. Hence, when we ask, “best location for wireless router upstairs or downstairs?” we just need to follow the basic principle of a clear path. No obstruction at all.

Placing The Router At A Significant Height Is Always A Better Option

Wireless routers emit radio wave signals which have a tendency to spread out into the area and move down. Placing the router at a height will help in stronger signals which get evenly spread out. Moreover, if you live in a multistorey house then it’s much more beneficial to place your router at elevated place.

Antenna Positioning

Positioning of the router antenna has a direct relation to the signal reach of your wireless router.

Most of the routers use omnidirectional antennas, meaning the speed signals are sent out evenly in all directions. So the preferred antenna position should be straight up so that signals reach out as far as possible.

If your router antenna is Runidirectional then the positioning of the antenna should be sideways for a multi-story house and vertical if the house is spread across a large area above 2000 sq ft.

Best Location For Wireless Routers - Upstairs Or Downstairs?
Best Location For Wireless Routers – Upstairs Or Downstairs?

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Putting The Router At Less Accessible Areas By Humans & Pets

WiFi signals as mentioned above, are radio signals and these waves work best if there is no interference. Keeping the router at places where we visit quite often can hamper the strength of the signal. Ideally, you will have people moving around in the house hence we say keeping your wireless router at a height.

Keeping Away From Home Appliances & Other Smart Devices

Electromagnetic devices such as microwaves, television, telephones shouldn’t be in the vicinity of your router or the WiFi signals may not be working at it’s peak.

All these gadgets cause lots of interference and signal strength tends to be weak. Even when you have to keep the router near to other devices, make sure there is a distance of a min 1 or 2 meters ( 3 to 6 feet min)

Avoid Hiding Your Router

Do not place the router inside the cabinet or it surely will weaken the signal. Let the router be free. Yes, we do understand that the aesthetics of the room is important but if you want your router to work at optimum strength then keeping it in an open environment is ideal.

Best Location For Wireless Routers - Upstairs Or Downstairs?
Best Location For Wireless Routers – Upstairs Or Downstairs?

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No Walls or Concrete Interference

Make it a point that the connection between the router and the devices is not hampered by walls or any kind of concrete interference. Routers work best in big open rooms kept at a height. Hence, in a multi-storey house the best location for wireless router upstairs or downstairs is somwehere in between.

Avoid Reflective Surfaces

Radio signals from WiFi routers have the tendency to bounce off from windows, mirrors, stainless steel and metal surfaces to make signals weak

Getting A WiFi Extender For Big Houses

Practically speaking, no matter how expensive the router you buy with all the bells and whistles, the signal does get weak due to many factors if you live in a sprawling space.

Here comes the use of WiFi boosters, WiFi extenders, or range extenders as we call it. WiFi extenders act as a bridge between the router and the devices which are farthest from the router where signals are weak. They capture the signals from the router and rebroadcast in the areas where the signal is weak.

Best Location For Wireless Routers - Upstairs Or Downstairs?
Best Location For Wireless Routers – Upstairs Or Downstairs?

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Signal Mapping Using Apps Like WiFi Solver FDTD or NetSpotApp

WiFi Solver FDTD: – (Free Option) – With this free app you can take the floor plan of your premises, then set the location of your wireless router and create a virtual environment as to how the WiFi signal propagates. This will help in deciding the most strategic position in your house.

Your floor plan has to be in .png format and keep your picture resolution below 500×500 pixels.

Your can download the app from here WiFi Solver FDTD

NetSpotApp: – (Paid Option) This is another WiFi survey app available for Mac and windows. They have one time payment options starting from $49 and go upto $499. More details can be obtained on this link. NetSpotApp

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