10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music


10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

If you love the feeling of riding a bike on the highway, going through traffic, and chasing the horizon, but can listen to music or interact in a car, then you need to listen to music on a good motorcycle. Bluetooth headphones are required.

The helmet speaker will transform your helmet into a mobile communication system that is easy to use and safe while riding. You can chat with your friends, get GPS directions, or listen to your favorite Spotify playlist, like being able to do all of these things while driving, with wired Bluetooth headphones, or on a motorcycle.

So what is the best sound quality among the many headphones available, what features should you look for, and what is the best value for money? To answer all these questions and make an informed buying decision, check out our buying guide for the best Bluetooth motorcycle headset with music. You’ll be on your way to becoming a Bluetooth motorcyclist in no time!

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Brand – Sena Sena (SMH5-UNIV) Bluetooth Headset 4.5 out of 5 $103.20
Brand – CARDO CARDO DMC/Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication 4.6 out of 5 $243.23
Brand -Outdoor tech Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Audio Headset 4.5 out of 5 $116.91

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

1. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth music headphones for motorcycles that allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently choose the Freedom system. You can easily listen to your music and receive calls, driving at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour or 75 miles per hour.

The best feature of this system is the ability to pair up to three passengers and two more intercoms simultaneously. This means that you can easily share your jam with your friend when you are 800 meters or 875 yards away.

Another feature is FM to Bluetooth v3.0 hands-free calling and intercom capabilities, allowing you to connect with FM radio, MP3 / music phones, and GPS voice prompts. You have the freedom to answer the call at the touch of a button.

The system also delivers crystal-clear music and voice thanks to fixed or flexible wire microphones and high-fidelity speakers. Also, its Bluetooth A2DP allows you to connect to devices other than phones.

One feature that can make your trip more enjoyable is the long-lasting battery, which lasts for eight hours. The battery is quite large, and you can operate the system at the touch of a button to adjust volume, make/receive calls, and more.

Another feature that you can appreciate is the LCD screen that allows you to use the full face system. It comes with a 12-month warranty that covers any defects that arise in that period.

Features OfFreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Multitasking technique
Audio multitasking technology allows you to answer a call and instantly listen to the sound of music or GPS navigation, achieving automatic switching between mobile phone calls, intercom and stereo music, and phone calls.

Waterproof and versatile
Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom hands-free call for any season (Auto Receive, Reject, Last Number Redial), FM radio, GPS navigation, stereo music, news and traffic information.

Clear communication
Bluetooth A2DP and Hi-Fi speakers with DSP echo and noise suppression technology ensure stereo music sound and clear communication with the helmet to achieve AVRCP playback control.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent sound Charge port and speaker port are same
Strong and strong construction
Specially designed grill can be painted to match your walls
Easy to use and install

Recent Buyer Reviews On FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Installs on the helmet in 10 minutes are super easy; it can certainly be louder to eliminate wind noise from modular helmets. The audio quality is excellent for the price and the size of the speakers. Easy to use, and many buyers say they will buy another for the trip. Highly recommended

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2. Sena -SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles

If you are on a budget and want a product under $ 100, then Sena (SMH5-UNIV) is the model for you. It came on the market in 2014 and produced a high-quality headphone that provides enough sound to speed up your journey.

A great feature that you might like about this model is the open space of up to 400 meters. The model has a wired microphone and a boom microphone, making it a more versatile product.

Another notable thing is that it is a multi-pair Bluetooth intercom that can allow you to connect with your friends. You can also use the prompt voice command to make and receive calls without touching a button.

One feature that makes it so is the lithium metal battery that gives it the power to last for hours. The unit also works with Bluetooth 3.0, meaning that you get a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone, MP3 player, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The best thing is that you can use this system when you are charging it, which is excellent because most models do not allow it. It comes with separate volume control that will enable you to connect to various audio sources, making it easier to use.

You should also note that the model is DOT certified and is an excellent choice for the best speaker helmet for your motorcycle.

Features Of Sena -SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles

Great sound quality
The SMH5 offers crystal-clear natural sound, providing an automatic boost in noisy environments, while advanced noise control technology reduces background noise for incoming and outgoing audio.

Simple to know
Charges up to eight hours of talk time and stays seven days on a single charge. All registered Sena owners get a free firmware update, ensuring your SMH5 is always up and running with the latest software updates.

Designed for easy operation

Large buttons on the jog dial and SMH5 create an intuitive user interface that is easy to control while driving. Pressing the button allows you to cycle through all the functions of the device. With fewer complications, you can drive safely.

Sena -SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles
Pro’s Con’s
Very high level of performance. The build quality isn’t as high, old model
Budget system.
Adjustable crossover switch
Comes with separate volume controls

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sena -SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles

The product is fantastic. after installation sounds good and is plenty loud. The sound is excellent, and the battery life is perfect.
Bluetooth is so better if your phone is in pocket turning head music. The Sena about as long as advertised. It also actually works with Siri so. Buyers highly recommended it.

3. Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

Bluetooth connections are quite limited, but DMC technology allows a maximum of 14 people to be connected. When you leave, you log out of your group automatically. The maximum limit you can stay connected to is up to 5 miles.

You can connect to any Bluetooth device using the Cardo Gateway and make it part of the DMC network with the DMC bridge. You can communicate freely with the group while listening to music or GPS instructions. It also has HD speakers, automatic volume control, voice recognition, and a mobile app. The pack can be used with a half helmet with Cardo arm support sold separately.

I loved the device’s design; it has a modern futuristic look that matches my helmet perfectly. The signal is excellent, my group of four made it a few blocks, and we were still connected.

Although I wouldn’t say I liked the shape, in some situations, I had difficulty with the buttons, especially in gloves, and the antenna is also quite sensitive.

Features Of Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

Unique design and control

Roller wheel and flat-plate control panels, MC intercom mode for self-adaptive connectivity between groups of 15 riders, Voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation.

Speaking and listening

4-way Bluetooth intercom conference: 2 passengers and their passengers or 3 different passengers (full-duplex) Parallel audio streaming to talk and listen to music at the same time. Get GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth.

Traditional Bluetooth limitations.
All Bluetooth intercoms are based on chain / linear pairing for group intercoms (3 or more helmets). Each link is a bridge to the next handset and is important for maintaining communication. If a single link goes out of bounds or out of bounds, the group intercom crashes.

Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication
Pro’s Con’s
Good Highs and the Lows Careful when installing!
Very trustworthy brand
Very Classic Design
Produce both powerful, rich sound and cool background music

Recent Buyer Reviews On Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

This unit is awesome. Good sound quality Button controls are much more user friendly than other systems. Many buyers say that they have been using this unit regularly for the past several years in rain, wind, cold, etc., and have no problems. Highlighting that thick battery heated gloves buyers used the system flawlessly. Buyers recommend this over any other intercom system.

4. LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

This Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is one of the best for listening to HiFi stereo music or hands-free calling from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. It also has a wireless GPS facility, allowing the user to have a conference intercom conversation with four passengers in the intercom range of 1600 meters.

The LX-B4FM is very easy to install on most open, flip-up and full-face helmets. Included bracket and spring clip required. All you have to do is slide the hook between the shell and the EPS cushion.

Another option is to use a 3M Scotch double-sided adhesive that attaches the mount directly to the helmet’s surface. Adhesive-backed Velcro pads can be placed inside the helmet to hold the speakers within most helmets’ ultra-slim pocket securely.

The LX-B4FM is compatible with the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology that supports multiple profiles such as Headset Profile (HSP), Hands-Free Profile (HFP) and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). The user even has access to Siri or S-Voice from the head unit for voice dialling, GPS voice guidance, and other voice commands.

It also has a 1-mile working distance which is very impressive. The LX-B4FM performs best at speeds of up to 120 km / h, with its lithium-ion battery providing up to 15 hours of music streaming, 8 hours of talk time, and 120 hours of standby time. It’s temperature resistant to around -3 ° F with an all-day battery, making it a great option.

Features Of LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Long battery life and ANC
The LX-B4FM helmet communication system works well for speeds up to 120 km / h with advanced noise cancellation technology. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours of music streaming, 8 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time.

Stereo sound quality

The LX-B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset provides you with easy hands-free communication while riding. With Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands, you can make or receive hands-free calls, listen to the best Hi-Fi stereo music, FM radio or listen to GPS voice guidance.

Universal Pairing
The LX-B4FM Bluetooth Helmet shares the experience of riding a motorcycle and enjoys interacting with 4 drivers within the 1600-meter intercom range. The universal pairing function is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones or earphones in the market.

LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Digital Signal Processing Not for the kind of people who blast music
Water Resistant
High temperature voice coil
Impressive power handling capability

Recent Buyer Reviews On LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Most buyers are highly pleased with the purchase. Everything was delivered immediately and in excellent condition. The Headset were easy to install and connect. The output from the speaker is strong and clear. Many buyers recommend them to others.

5. Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Audio Headset

A more affordable helmet headset using Bluetooth 3.0 is the Lexine LX-B4FM 4-Way Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom. This allows you to connect up to 4 passengers via intercom, with whom you can talk to a range of 1 mile simultaneously.

Connect to your phone via Bluetooth to make and receive calls and listen to music and navigation instructions. You can listen to music for 15 hours, talk on the phone for 15 hours, and keep it on standby for 350 hours, and the device can recharge in 3-5 hours.

The waterproof design of these wireless helmet speakers also makes them suitable for all types of weather. There is no voice command feature, but there are large buttons for easy selection while driving, although at least one user experienced difficulties with the volume buttons.

The consensus is that these are good quality, functional helmet speakers for a quarter of the Army and Cardo versions’ price.

Features Of Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Audio Headset

This is science.
Bluetooth technology allows your phone to connect wirelessly to the Chips 2.0 Snow Helmet Speaker. Listen to music, call and ride the mountain like a pro.

Clear highs

CHIPS 2.0 comes equipped with 40mm drivers optimized to produce incredible sound in your watermelon protector. You never want to take off your helmet. If you take people with eyelids out on the road in the height of summer, well, we can all say: we set trends.

Built-in call
The CHIPS 2.0’s Bluetooth connection, built-in microphone, and simple button interface mean you can answer your next call without removing your helmet or gloves. No more fishing in your pants or taking off your top to tell your mom that she’ll be home in time for dinner.

Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Audio Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Waterproof design Poor warranty process
Perfect integration between tweeter and woofer
Smooth and natural sound
Great headphone for the price

Recent Buyer Reviews On Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Audio Headset

It worked perfectly in the cooling factor at -5 degrees. They sound better if you tighten the helmet strap. Functionality of pressing the pads to control various things. The novelty of your helmet turned into a party that has nothing that comes out of your ears. Very good product. It was highly recommended by buyers.

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6. Yideng Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset

The Yideng Bluetooth headphones are one of the most stylish designs in this price range. However, the intercom of this device is not as powerful. It supports groups of up to three people, but most valuable devices support a group of four. The intercom has a range of about 1 kilometre.

This Bluetooth headset can be connected to any Bluetooth cell phone. Works perfectly with almost all full-face helmets and most half-faced helmets.

Bluetooth 3.0 EDR ensures that there is no connection disturbance. It is not the latest version of Bluetooth, but it still works with Bluetooth motorcycle headsets. The Yideng Bluetooth also has an auxiliary audio input connection with a 2.5 mm jack.

This Bluetooth headset has two profiles: a headset profile and a hands-free profile. In the headphone profile, you need to control the headphones generally with your hands. In hands-free mode, you can operate the device without using your hands. The device accepts simple voice commands, which you can find in the manual provided with the product.

One of the main disadvantages of using this product is that you cannot combine it with other devices such as Sheena. This reduces the flexibility of the intercom. The B2S2 weighs just 0.3 ounces. The shine of the product helps to maintain the balance of the helmet.

Features Of Yideng Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset

Bluetooth and Full Duplex:

The Bluetooth headset is compatible with Bluetooth mobile phones and works with any full face helmet and most half-face helmets. 2-3 passengers can communicate with each other, and 2 passengers can talk with each other at the same time.

Easy to install
Easy to install and excellent water resistance, just be sure to place the receiver and microphone on the helmet, and try to bring the receiver closer to your ear, no need to worry about the weather, making your outdoor walk more amazing.

Powerful function

When you drive, you can not only communicate with your friends, but can also listen, answer or dial calls, GPS and FM radio, Bluetooth hands-free, and wireless music streaming (A2DP) , Which will make your journey more exciting. and interesting.


Yideng Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Full frequency range coverage Not found
Tweeter and woofer in each speaker
Excellent Waterproof
Whole House Audio System

Recent Buyer Reviews On Yideng Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset

With the excellent audio quality for Bluetooth music, the intercom function works well. The isolation from background noise is very impressive, as the people in the cell were being told about riding a snowmobile, and they had no idea. Excellent form factor, 5-minute setup and perfect battery life, it even uses USB-c for charging. Great value for this level of performance! Buyers highly recommended it.

7. ALLROS T10 Bluetooth 3.0 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

ALLLROS brings the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets. The Bluetooth headset has an intercom system where the intercom can connect up to 3 passengers.

This function only works when communicating with two cyclists simultaneously. The Duo earphone has a long-range connection with a built-in CSR to allow clear sound within an estimated distance of 500 meters.

Good communication takes place up to 1200 meters in an open area. When the phone is paired, the product is a hands-free call; the user can answer, end and make calls. This is done by pressing multiple buttons, even while wearing gloves.

Regarding helmet compatibility, the headset has two different types of microphones to fit most full-face, modular and open contact-free hardwiring helmets.

The headphones can be paired with a walkie-talkie. The earphones are waterproof and windproof, making them perfect for use during the rainy season. The headset has windproof technology to reduce wind and noise.

Features Of ALLROS T10 Bluetooth 3.0 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

Horn technique

Unlike other audio equipment manufacturers, allros has a tweeter called Horn in its torch. This helps to distribute the sound evenly across the audience. In addition, the horn technology prevents reflections that can change the sound quality.


Includes 2 different types of microphones to fit most full-face, convertible and open-top helmets; no exposed wires; can also be paired with walkie-talkies (needs a K plug, not included)


The built-in CSR chip enables clear sound at a distance of 546 yards and good communication up to 1312 yards in open terrain (you may encounter some interference)

ALLROS T10 Bluetooth 3.0 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Two different types of microphones to fit most types of headphones K plug needs to be purchased separately when paired with a walkie-talkie
Amazing sound performance
Slim and sleek design
Easy to install

Recent Buyer Reviews On ALLROS T10 Bluetooth 3.0 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

Bought these for intercom for many buyers on a street glide, The install was a piece of cake. The quality is excellent. The sound quality is excellent, and the cool thing is that when you are intercom, and there is a GPS or call on your phone it automatically goes back and forth with it, and every rider hears the tone, so you need to And don’t worry about switching back. These are worth it and have been recommended by buyers.

8. Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

This military unit is battery-powered, giving you eight hours of talk time, enough for everyday use. Despite the need for batteries, the company is still quite convenient as the charging time will be only 2 hours 30 minutes.

This headset is equipped with an intercom, which can also be paired with other headsets. It also has a remote control profile that allows you to rewind or fast-forward the playlist. With this, if you are tired of listening to a song, you only need one click to go to another piece.

This headset supports the use of bike-to-bike communication for up to four people. If you are in the middle of a phone call, this unit will allow other passengers to participate in the conversation as well, but there is a limit of only four participants.

The noise cancellation technique is over the top and prevents loud wind noise at high speeds (allowing you to speak and listen without straining to hear what’s going on).

What we love about these headphones is the voice control feature. Instead of fiddling with buttons and knobs, all you need to do is talk to a headset like Siri on the iPhone. Voice commands can be used for all kinds of frequently used tasks, such as volume, connection and disconnection, GPS and calls to people from your phone.

Features Of Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth v3.0 wireless

The SMH10R-01 can be connected wirelessly to other HSP / HFP and A2DP compatible Bluetooth devices. HSP / HFP is standard on all phones with Bluetooth functions. Almost all MP3 players, smartphones, and Bluetooth audio dongles support A2DP sending stereo audio to Bluetooth headphones such as the Sena SMH10R-01.

Easy installation for most helmets

SMH10R-01 fits a variety of helmets. The standard clamp, included in the default package, fits most helmets. For installations that require additional cable lengths, headphones instead of speakers, and Senna offers an additional accessory (sold separately), a variety of installations and user preferences.

Personal adjustable volume profile
You can easily decrease / increase the volume of voice, music and intercom using the jog dial. SMH10R-01 can save the volume level of previously connected profiles. This means that the phone volume, music volume, and intercom volume will be saved separately and will revert to their own saved volume level each time the associated profile is added again.


Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent high frequency sound Some buyers said that it is not sustainable
The laminated core used woofer rubber all around Need some improvement in design
Optional Rough-in Frame Available
This sound is amazing and can get very loud

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Simple to install, simple to synchronise, good range, good intercom, good phone interface, sturdy, waterproof, aerodynamic, discreet, good battery life, USB micro – Playing music through them is the best, Most buyers highly recommended it.

9. Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

If you like listening to music while riding your bike, this is an option you can consider to get the best Bluetooth headphones. It can be quite expensive, but you certainly won’t regret spending on such a product as it has an excellent bass response and overall audio quality.

This is the right choice for anyone looking for a product with a reliable battery life. Even if you are riding your bike all day, you can be sure that the battery will be saved, until it is fully charged before your ride.

Another thing I like about this model is how easy it is to install. There is undoubtedly no complication associated with its use. There are even YouTube videos that will provide you with step-by-step instructions for preparing a headset.

The design of this headset has caught my attention. It is elegant and stylish, unlike many others, which seem dull. It is also compact, making it easy and comfortable to use.

Features Of Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

Advanced noise control
The 20S delivers clear, accurate, and comfortable HD-quality audio at all costs. Shiv Sena’s advanced noise control has no ambient noise with audio coming in and going out. Bluetooth 4.1 technology, high-quality Bluetooth stereo speakers, and dual-module architecture make the sound fluid.

New user interface
The new user interface makes using and maintaining your 20S incredibly easy thanks to Saina’s motion sensor technology. Pair your Bluetooth device with a simple 20S motion. Once you’re on the road, you can fully control the 20S using hands-free voice commands. Intuitive technology ensures safe and controlled driving while navigating music, phone and intercom functions natively.

Universal intercom
The Sena 20S Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication System helps you get out of your ride by keeping in touch with eight of his friends in crystal-clear HD audio. The Sena 20S is the ideal universal Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet, using the Universal Intercom Protocol.

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Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System
Pro’s Con’s
Rich with advanced features Some Installation Issues.
Equipped with carbon fibber drivers to produce deep bass.
High-quality built-in microphone
Great sound

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

Awesome headphones. Very easy to install on a helmet and very easy to use and of excellent quality !! It pairs very quickly with all other Sena headphones and other branded headphones alongside Android and iPhone. It has even been built for FM radio. Very easy to operate while driving. The only drawback is that it is not waterproof, although they say you only have to let it dry if it gets wet. I highly recommend the Sena 20.

10. Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The problem with most motorcycle helmet speakers is sound quality. Others may have a louder volume, but the sound quality is a bit poor. The Torque X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speaker solves it all and more. You can enjoy high-fidelity audio reproduction on the Torque X-Pro with faithful bass response. It is probably one of the most popular helmet speakers on the market and is known on motorcycles for providing excellent sound quality at a favorable price.

The Cork X-Pro I like the most is that it is slim, flat, and comfortable to wear. Based on manual testing and in North America, this particular model comes with a volume control knob so you can adjust the volume on the go. The Torque X-Pro’s full stereo speakers were designed to produce excellent sound quality with excellent bass response and high volume. If you’re tired of your old motorcycle helmet speakers and looking for a serious sound upgrade, check out the Tork X-Pro.

Features Of Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

sound quality

In addition to better volume, we think the most important difference to Tork XPro speakers is sound quality.

The bass and mid response sounds much better; That is, you can really notice the bass in music, which is generally lacking in normal intercom speakers.

Torque booster mini-amplifier

Tork XPro speakers significantly improve sound level and sound quality compared to most standard intercom speakers.

It is a simple device with a built-in USB rechargeable battery (USB cable provided) and a built-in input jack. Turn on the booster and you can control the volume with the +/- buttons on the front.

Size considerations

Tork XPro speakers are larger in all dimensions than most other devices that are standard equipment with motorcycle intercoms. Each XPro speaker measures 60mm wide and approximately 12mm thick. He is big!

The Tork speakers are almost twice the size of the Interphone and Sena speakers in both dimensions and are larger than the thick speaker of the UClear intercoms, which also have a built-in microphone.


Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers
Pro’s Con’s
Advanced calibration Bassy quality is average
Part of a fantastic home system setup series.
Compatible with most devices that use a 3.5mm jack
Slim design

Recent Buyer Reviews On Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Tork XPro speakers can at least pay attention to the Sena SMH10 in volume and sound quality.

We did not attempt to split torque speakers into other systems.

So at this point, apart from the Sena SMH10 intercom optional helmet mounts that allow different speakers to be connected, the only way you can take advantage of the improvements.

I’m sure there are some Webbeckworld readers who want to try to make a pair of speakers on their intercoms; If yes, please tell us the result.

Tips on using motorcycle helmet speakers

Here are some tips for the best results of the Tork XPro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers, Tork, but these tips are useful for any type of speaker:

  • Use a high quality audio player. A cheap MP3 player may not deliver enough volume or output to match the capacity of the speakers.
  • Use good quality music files; An MP3 file that is recorded from one device to another will reduce the sound quality.
  • When extracting files from CD-ROM, check your settings for good quality (high bit rate), although this will increase the file size.
  • Before installing the speakers in your helmet, hold them in your ear while listening to music to ensure the sound quality and level are acceptable and good enough.
  • If not, your music player device may fail. If you are listening in a quiet room, the sound is distorted, it is probably worse while driving.
  • Dry the helmet first on the speaker before removing the adhesive tape. Be sure to test the helmet with the speaker installed and listen to the music player to ensure that the speakers are mounted correctly.
  • It may be that your ear position is not pulled at all, where you thought the helmet would be. Slight headgear movements can reduce speaker performance dramatically.
  • Use styrofoam, cardboard, or padding to move the speakers as much as possible to your ears inside the helmet’s headset pocket (very important).
  • If the sound volume is too low after installing the speaker, try to move the helmet while wearing it and listening to music. If the volume changes, you may have to reread speaker placement.

How do Bluetooth motorcycle headsets work?

It works just like any other Bluetooth headset. There is no complicated cable, which is probably one of its most important benefits. It is an intercom system. While driving, you will still be able to communicate with other people, even with a helmet on your head. It is compact and, depending on the particular model; it is lightweight and comfortable.

Bluetooth headset with short-range wireless network technology work. Through radio waves, the device automatically connects to the source, which is usually a smartphone.

Types of motorcycle helmet speakers

Motorcycle helmet speakers are classified into several types. However, there are three main ways of grouping these systems.

Bluetooth vs Wired

A wired model connects to the music source via a connector, while a Bluetooth uses a signal to send music to you. This is a more convenient model if you leave a place with bad weather conditions, as it cannot be affected by rain.

A Bluetooth model is more convenient because it will not have cables that can get tangled. However, it can be more expensive than wired systems.

Inside vs. Around Installation

Another way to classify motorcycle helmet speakers is to consider how they are installed in your helmet. Some models fit inside the helmet, while others rotate outward.

Both types of beings have their pros and cons. For example, a model that is externally installed can be easily damaged in the rain. On the other hand, the loudspeaker helmet inside the helmet may make the user uncomfortable.

Battery-powered model vs jack model

Motorcycle helmet speakers can be classified into battery and jack models. Battery-powered units require a cell to function, while the latter uses power from your music source.

You should also know that most battery-operated systems also come with Bluetooth connectivity.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

There you go! You have seen and read reviews of these Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headsets. These headphone reviews will maximize the benefits of staying connected with your fellow travellers and feeling lonely on the road.

There are some buying guides to consider when looking for the best Bluetooth motorcycle headsets if you plan to research the best Bluetooth motorcycle headsets.

These guides are mentioned below:

Multiple Device Capability

Thanks to modern Bluetooth technology, today’s modern helmet speakers can switch between various devices. Look for a helmet-compatible with Bluetooth wireless motorcycle helmets, satellite radio, and GPS devices. When you decide to change the device, you don’t need to change the speaker.

Wireless intercom system

Three types of radio technologies are used, and they are GMRS, FRS and FM.

Frequency modulation (FM) radio is similar to the standard broadcast you listen to. The main difference here is that for motorized intercoms, a narrow frequency is used. These systems can produce clear sound unless the distance between them is very significant. FM radio works best in the absence of obstacles, such as between hills, transmitters and receivers.

Family Radio Service (FRS) radios have a maximum range of two miles, with few interruptions in between, while General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios can transmit up to several miles. As FM, the frequencies used are public so that others can listen to your conversations and vice versa. FRS / GRMS radios are commonly used in densely populated areas.

One great thing about FRS and GMRS radios is that you can go to your local discount store and buy a cheaper handheld radio that will communicate with these units. You can communicate with other passengers who have a connected FRS / GMRS portable radio. It works best when someone is following you, and you want to share with them. However, there are downsides to the benefits, and the downside is that these radios broadcast too many unnecessary transmissions in areas that can confuse the user to understand the message.

Noise cancellation

The best motorcycle headphones have evolved over the years. There was a time when headsets were only used for communication, which was the purpose of a walkie-talkie headset. But it wasn’t long before headphones received additional features like listening to music. Of course, you can still communicate by phone; this time, there is a noise control feature that allows you to talk to a colleague more clearly.


These headphones are available in various styles. This would have to do with the method you used to install the headphones on your helmet. The first option is the 3M adhesive mount style, which will be taped to your helmet. Other design options include holding the headphones securely. The most common type is the clamp version, and it is also the most secure. If you travel casually, you can choose to stay, but you want to go with a more durable and safe design for long-distance travel.

High-quality audio

You want high-quality sound from your helmet speaker, so you have the best listening experience. Read the reviews to get an idea of the audio quality on offer and look for noise cancellation features to reduce background disturbances. This is especially important if you want to use your helmet loudspeaker to make and receive phone calls while driving.

Build quality

This factor will depend on where you go again and again. If you pass through an area that often sees a fair amount of rain and snow, a waterproof headset is a way to go to ensure you don’t take it with you on your first trip.

If you live in an urban environment with many buildings, a headphone device with the best possible Bluetooth range should avoid instability problems. You should also check if the device is protected from the sun, although this function is practically present by default, it is better to be safe.

It is also a good idea to check if your headphones are guaranteed. This is doubly important with some high-end products, as you will invest the right amount of money in this style of equipment, so some safety nets are the best.


Ease of use and installation

Intercom headsets can be installed by tapping them inside the helmet or by screwing them in with clamps. If you are travelling daily, it is recommended that you install the headset with a clamp, as this will ensure that it lasts longer.

You should also check the units that voice commands can operate. This will reduce the need to manipulate the headphones by hand while driving. Remember, safety should always be front and centre when it comes to traffic rules.

Connection limit

If you travel a lot in a group, you understand the importance of communicating with other passengers during long trips. An audio device like a Bluetooth headset simplifies this by establishing an intercom connection with its travel companions within a specific range. And this “range” is essential when you want a stable connection to communicate without interruption or interruption of voice. And this is only possible if your motorcycle’s Bluetooth headset has a good range so that you can share easily.

This is a critical technology specification to count when choosing a Bluetooth headset.

Warranty and Customer Service

This is the “one thing” that completes shopping by giving you mental peace. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask about the warranty replacement process or consult the user manual. Because the guarantee may not apply in all cases, it depends on many factors.

Furthermore, it gives us the security and satisfaction of making a complaint/request if there is a problem with the headphones. If it is replaced, the warranty will be worth it.


Price is another factor to consider, but do not keep in mind that a high price has many features. Or buy a lower cost to save your spending pattern. This will result in poor quality and a shorter product life cycle.

To buy the most reasonable price, look for a Bluetooth headset that has the long-lasting quality and includes features that can be easily operated. If you have purchased cheap headphones, but of poor quality, they will be of no use for group travel.


As stated, Bluetooth motorcycle headsets have served to make communication and entertainment effortless without using cables. A Bluetooth headset has become the most accessible invention to transfer files of any kind in less than minutes. This miniature accessory allows motorcycle drivers to attach a headset to a motorcycle helmet without putting it in their pocket.

Reviews allowed drivers to see the best Bluetooth motorcycle headsets. These headphones will enjoy connecting with a group of friends while walking on the road. The buying guide helped buyers see the most suitable Bluetooth headset to benefit from multi-pair communication and entertainment functions. Our editor best recommendation is- Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


Buy a motorcycle-friendly Bluetooth headset and have fun with your friends!

You will never get bored using one of the best Bluetooth headphones for your trip!

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