15 Best Motorized Projector Screens


15 Best Motorized Projector Screens

The Best Motorized Projector Screens enable space-saving projection in theater quality.

Best Motorized Projector Screens is lowered and electronically screwed into a mounted housing system. It is usually controlled by remote control but can also be operated from a wall-mounted control panel.

Motorized projection screens vary in size but are typically diagonally in the range of 100 to 150 inches. They also differ in screen gain, which means image brightness and quality (source). Other features of a motorized projection screen are viewing angle, aspect ratio, and contrast field.

When building their home theater system, motorized projection screens are usually handicapped and relatively easy to mount on the wall.

Not only are they more comfortable to use than their flickering manual counterparts, but they also impress when entertained. If your projector is in a multipurpose room, a motorized screen is perfect for keeping the room versatile.

Before purchasing a motorized projection screen, you have to consider its size about your wall. You also need to consider the aspect ratio, which is usually 16: 9 or 4: 3. Finally, you need to think about the screen gain and viewing angle.

Peruse yourself for a theater-quality experience with these first-class motorized projection surfaces.

Are You In A Hurry? -Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Motorized Projector Screens


Brand Product Model Rating Price
Brand – ZUEDA
ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen Indoor and Outdoor 4.6 out of 5 $108.99
Brand – Elite
Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen 4.5 out of 5 $314.50
Brand – JWSIT
JWST Projector Screen with Stand 4.8 out of 5 $187.99

15 Best Motorized Projector Screens, Let’s start

1. ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen Indoor and Outdoor

ZUEDA-projector The ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen can be used with LED, LCD, and DLP projectors. It has a 100-inch screen and an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

This option has a matte white PVC screen. The material is colored, yellow, and wrinkle-resistant. With a viewing angle of 160 degrees, you can see clear images every time with this product.

You can either hang this screen on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. It is designed to be easy to install with a solid metal case. The massive metal case protects the screen and lasts longer.

When you purchase this screen, you also get a remote control that you can use to operate the screen. A built-in switch on the power cord for the screen gives you precise control over it.

The motor will smoothly bring the screen up or down. It’s also energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much power operating the screen.

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Features Of ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen Indoor and Outdoor

Premium PVC matt white screen

A larger viewing angle of 160 degrees provides a larger field of view; 1.1 Advantage: matt white screen without yellow blur, without wrinkles and with excellent image reproduction.

A versatile viewing experience

Perfect for home, school, office, wedding, church or outdoor movie screenings PowerPoint can be used for presentations and other displays.

Easy installation

The solid metal housing has a multi-purpose design for wall or ceiling installation, making it an ideal product for use at home, in the office or in the classroom.


ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen Indoor and Outdoor
Pro’s Con’s
Remotely included to allow you to control the screen remotely. The screen may smell something after the first reception. It should be worn after a while.
The matte white PVC screen resists stains and wrinkles
You can either mount this option on the wall or hang it from the ceiling.
Great motorized projection screen

Recent Buyer Reviews On ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen Indoor and Outdoor

It’s worth the without wrinkles and well worth the price. Most of the purchases are very satisfied with this projection screen. It is used for day-to-night movies. The simple installation took at least 5 minutes.

It is easy to keep away when not in use. For two rounds, hooks are used to hang plants outside. 2 for use outside the garage, and two inside the garage for easy storage when not in use; most buyers highly recommend it.

2. Gemmy Airblown – Movie Screen

Gemmy-Airblown-Movie-Screen Create a pop-up cinema in your garden with this inflatable jumbo screen and impress/annoy the neighbors with outdoor movie nights. It is effortless to set up and self-inflow in just two minutes, so you can whip it up when the weather is good.

A few things to keep in mind: It comes with a US plug to need an adapter. Fans can make a little noise so that you have to bend the volume up to one notch and keep things properly to avoid wrinkles.

This is undoubtedly more of a casual use novelty than an investment for projector purists, but it is still a fun outdoor accessory.

Features Of Gemmy Airblown – Movie Screen

Easy setup and storage

Each Airblown Inflatable Film Screen inflates itself in seconds and contains stakes, a tether and a built-in fan for greater stability.

Many styles

Choose from 4 genres to find your perfect outdoor movie screen. Try a raised screen for optimal viewing.  Show blockbuster on the big screen.

Outdoor recreation

Airblown Inflatable Film Screen is a great way to take your television entertainment onto the great streets.


Gemmy Airblown – Movie Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Great movie screen for the price! This tent is made of material, so it is not durable
Practical, portable outdoor projection screen Clip on screen is missing
Easy to use and very quiet
Great motorized projection screen

Recent Buyer Reviews On Gemmy Airblown – Movie Screen

Buyers say it’s easy to apply and take it down; it’s a hit! Came home and used it in the backyard Awesome again.

Perfect indeed, the film night that night is amazing. The screen is not wrinkled on which you read the film. You can also hear the movie being pumped once. Love the storage bag there. This is a real bonus. Highly recommend!

3. VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Mortar Mount Tension Screen

VIVIDSTORM-Office-Presentation-Mortar-Mount It is a motorized projection screen for office presentations. It is a mortar mounted drop down voltage screen for short throw projectors.

Vividstorm Vxzlw120his made of white cinema screen material that is structured. It has a peak gain of 1.1 and a viewing angle of 180 °, and a half gain angle of 0. It has an ambient light resistance of 30% and is acoustically non-transparent.

It is suitable for viewing 4K, 8K, active 3D, and UHD. It is easy to clean and flame retardant. The screen height is adjustable.

An adjustable rod fits into the adjustment hole and changes the height and strain of the screen. There is a 12v wireless projector for trigger control that lowers or raises the screen.

The VIVIDSTORM motorized screen is standard and ideal for short throw projectors. It is perfect for public performances, theater, classes, conferences, etc. The device has RF and IR remote control. Heavy-duty aluminum enclosures protect the screen from moisture, dirt, dust, etc.

You can mount the screen on the wall or from the ceiling. It is made from fully stressed fiberglass cinema screen material that absorbs ambient light but reflects light from the projector.

The Vividstorm Vxzlw120his a 92 “screen with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The viewing area is 80.2” to 45.08 “. The material of the housing is white lacquered aluminum. The screen weighs 35.27 pounds. The dimensions of the package are package..7 inches x 4.3 x 4.3 inches.

The VIVIDSTORM VXZLW120H package includes a mortar holder, RF, and IR remote control. Mounting hardware and instructions are included. The screen is guaranteed for two years.

Features Of VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Mortar Mount Tension Screen

Screen functions

External RF and IR remote control with wired remote control includes a wireless 12v trigger for a wireless projector VIVIDSTORM unique wire tensioning technology Flatness like glass surface.

High quality material

Screen footage White V cinema screen footage, 1.1 benefits for a vivid viewing experience from every angle, 4K Ultra HD and polarized for active 3D ready and passive 3D.

Guarantee and comprehensive stability

2 year manufacturing guarantee Standard UHD / HD projector with miniature cover, compatible with the projection screen.


VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Mortar Mount Tension Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Filament viewing surface The sides are not parallel
Protective aluminum casing Some buyers said the screen format is not 16: 9 correct
Compact Project Scan and Easy Cleaning Costly
Very well designed and smooth operation.

Recent Buyer Reviews On VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Mortar Mount Tension Screen

This screen complements the Finnish theater space wonderfully. Ease of use up and down, the trigger works well with store-bought projectors.

It is effortless to clean. Weak light in the theater room does not affect the picture quality and can be viewed from any angle. This screen was well packaged, and there was no damage on arrival.

Overall, buyers highly recommend this screen.

4. Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Elite-Screens-Spectrum-Electric-Motorized-Projector Elite focuses on offering high quality at a reasonable price. Elite has ruled the projector market worldwide since 2004, building up through its US headquarters and offices in Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and China.

They focus on making projection surfaces in all areas and for every projection environment.This is the same screen we checked above. The only difference between the two is that it’s a big one and of course it costs more to buy. This screen measures 125 inches diagonally, and you will get a bigger picture on your screen.

The visual size of 109 inches wide and 61.3 inches high makes it perfect for high-end entertainment. It comes with remote control.

In large classrooms, this motorized projection screen would be handy for all students to see a bigger picture. In offices, you can present your presentations more securely with this large screen.

Finally, you will receive a detailed description of all the media that appear on it, be it a sporting event or your favorite film. So if you invest more, you can have more fun.

Features Of Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Screen material:

MaxWheat, 1.1 profits Multi-layer fabric, 180 degree wide viewing angle, front projection screen supported entirely in black with a textured surface. The 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D projection is ready.

Worry free assemble

Fully assembled, plugged and fabricated vessels have a durable housing that can be easily installed on your wall or roof using the installation kit provided.

The design

Durable cover for wall / ceiling installation Tubular motor allows swift operation and speed.

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Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Matte White or Sound Transparent Screen Material Options Not found
Low-voltage internal IR receiver
Black masking borders increase image contrast
A durable cover that is easily installed on your wall or ceiling

Recent Buyer Reviews On Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Some buyers designed it for the living room there; This automatic unit is the largest automatic that can fit in this place. It works great, and buyers are pleased with its functionality.

Hanging is effortless with the adjustable brackets from Elite Screen. Buy your friend a pizza and watch a movie together. Buyers highly recommended it.

5. SUNCOO 17ft Outdoor Movie Projector Screen

SUNCOO-17ft-Outdoor-Movie-Projector On the SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable Movie Screen, you will find an external screen that entertains every party or barbecue. It’s a large outdoor screen that is 120 inches wide by 68 inches high and 16: 9 in diameter. Despite the enormous size, it’s 22 pounds lighter than expected.

It’s easy to set up with an included blower and insert that inflates the screen and protects it on the floor. Within a few minutes, your screen will be fully inflated – just make sure to turn it off, or the air won’t stay inside.

The sound of the fan is almost non-existent so that it won’t affect your movie. The screen is made from a durable oxford fabric that will withstand the elements and display your video.

Another useful feature is that SUNCOO has a front and rear projection, which gives you more options. If you’re looking for something to add excitement to your pool party, birthday, or outdoor gathering, both kids and adults will love the fun of this affordable outdoor screen.

Features Of SUNCOO 17ft Outdoor Movie Projector Screen

Travel friendly

This inflatable mega cinema screen comes with a large daily storage bag wherever you want. Great for camping adventures, picnics and outdoor birthdays, pool parties and wedding celebrations.

Easy setup

With cool fans, you can blow up this inflatable movie screen in minutes and keep it inflated throughout the show when plugged. Tie-downs and base sticks give stability to the entire frame EMEMBER to open zip before crawling.

Mega movie screen

Super large screen, projection area is 17 feet from corner to corner in 14 feet of viewing area. This portable projection screen is light enough to take with you for family entertainment and outdoor movie parties.


SUNCOO 17ft Outdoor Movie Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Set-up is quick and easy The fabric is durable, but cracks and tears are possible
It’s a huge inflatable screen perfect for events or parties
Has a wide viewing angle
Affordable price

Recent Buyer Reviews On SUNCOO 17ft Outdoor Movie Projector Screen

Buyers love the inflatable projection screen. The easy setup looks very grand. Your grandkids are over the moon, happy.

Other than that it’s great, money well spent. The materials and craft are all of the excellent quality, and the blower works excellent to inflate the screen in about a minute fully.

In summary, this is a sturdy, well-made screen that does just what it was designed to do. The buyer highly recommended it.

6. Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen

Punnkk-E8-Motorized-Projector-Screen Punnkk E8 Motorized Projection Screen is another robust, inexpensive, and simple screen available in India today. It’s designed for ease of use with an attached remote control that looks compact and smooth.

The 8 x 6-foot screen can be easily adapted to your room setting, only on the wall or ceiling as you like. The screen supports Ultra HD, 3D, and 4K technology to give you a unique viewing experience.

The dark material behind the screen prevents external light from entering the screen and gives you the ultimate viewing quality. The edges of the screen are coated with the same black material to increase color contrast and visibility.

The overall design of the Punnak E8 is robust and compact. The motor and machine are housed in the robust motor housing. The function of the screen is controlled entirely electrically. It’s simple and easy and doesn’t make any sound when the screen is scrolled.

The white matte screen is durable and easy to clean with soapy water.

Features Of Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen

Low maintenance

Easy to use and low maintenance, 8 ft (width) x 6 ft (height), matte white screen material is durable and easy to clean.

Easy installation

Double wall and roof installation design RF remote switch or built-in switch to control configuration.


Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Strong material and high quality fabric for the screen The 4: 3 aspect ratio may not be suitable for all videos
Easy and strong mounting options A viewing angle of 150 degrees limits the viewing area
Supports 3D, 4K and Ultra HD
Smooth Remote Control

Recent Buyer Reviews On Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen

The screen is good, but the base moves a lot with the fan.

The motor mechanism works fine, but the base was a little heavy; it doesn’t deteriorate with the fan. It would be suitable for air-conditioned halls, but if you are using it with a sealing fan, please keep in mind that the screen moves a lot and is difficult to focus. Buyers have highly recommended it.

7. Elite Screens Evanesce Plus

Elite-Screens-Evanesce-Plus The Evanesce Plus series is a premium 150 diagonal projection screen. The Elite screen uses fiberglass-reinforced Max white FG material to provide the thinnest, tie-rod screen.

An extraordinary structured 180-degree viewing surface ensures natural color reproduction and high fidelity. It’s 4K and active 3D projection ready. The recessed design is perfect for non-dedicated media rooms.

Evanesce Plus can be controlled with a full infrared and high-frequency remote control. The box also contains a 3-way wall switch. In-wall up and down switches and wireless 5-12 V triggers are sold separately.

The 150 “and 180” versions of Elite Screen Evans Plus have an additional black 12-inch teardrop for high roof installation.

The powerful tubular motor works very quietly. For safety reasons, the company has made the screen material resistant to mold and fire, and the aluminum housing is less prone to corrosion.

Features Of Elite Screens Evanesce Plus

Full control

The Evanesce Plus series comes with accessories that allow full control of the user. The screen can be easily operated with an infrared remote control, a high frequency remote control and a low voltage 3-way wall switch.

Flame retardant

Elite works to create environmentally conscious products through the sourcing, design and manufacture of screens, The Evanesce series is both GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certified UL 2818.

Great venue design

The Elite Screen Evans Plus series offers a hidden installation for large venues such as theatre, auditoriums, halls and places of worship.

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Elite Screens Evanesce Plus
Pro’s Con’s
Greenguard Gold certification Poor paint
Mold resistant and easy to clean Not easy to install
Great screen
Exceptional value

Recent Buyer Reviews On Elite Screens Evanesce Plus

The casing’s construction quality is excellent, and all the installation parts that come with it are top-notch, although they could have used better instruction.

This is a perfect thing on the heck you mean with a few steps and typical of any decent pictures. Finally, it was highly recommended by buyers.

8. JWST Projector Screen with Stand

JWST-Projector-Screen-with-Stand The JWST 100 projection screen is an excellent choice for any occasion. It’s easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Portable flames are quick and do not require tools.

Ideally, this projection surface has an excellent projection display with a viewing angle of 160 degrees, an aspect ratio of 16: 9, and 4K Ultra HD. Also, it offers high resolution and sharp images with rich colors for the ultimate visual experience.

Contrast The projection screen made of flexible PS material with high resolution, contrast, and color rendering completely restores the color saturation for a rich projection display.

The projection screen is supplied with a sturdy frame with two support rings, two rigging doors, and four-floor steaks. Hence, you don’t have to worry about feet or flames bending or breaking in the air.

The worry-free home theater portable movie screen includes one year manufacturer, hassle-free returns, and lifetime tech support. This film projection screen withstands independence!

Features Of JWST Projector Screen with Stand

Durable frame

The one-piece screen frame is made of durable material that allows it to stand free in light winds and with added stability. You do not have to worry about bending the frame or legs or breaking in the air.

Excellent performance

Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD format, decent aspect ratio 16: 9, 160 degree wide viewing angle, elastic PVC 100-inch film screen with sharp and high-resolution images, rich colors and first-class display Viewing position.

Easy to install

This projection screen is ready for quick setup in minutes. Quickly attach the 4K projection screen to the one-frame by simply squeezing the metal latch around the portable frame. Detachable legs can be easily assembled without tools.


JWST Projector Screen with Stand
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent projection display Not found
Lightweight but strong aluminum
Portable movie screen frame
160 degree wide viewing angle

Recent Buyer Reviews On JWST Projector Screen with Stand

Buyers say it’s so easy to assemble and dismantle. You can do this yourself it only three or four parts, nothing more. The frame is a metal price that can be folded up for storage and quickly expanded.

The screen folds nicely, and it’s a thick material. There are photos at the ends of the screen that you will align with the frame. Get up and do it. Buyers highly recommend it. And many buyers say they have no complaints. It’s easy to take off.

9. ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen

JWST-Projector-Screen-with-Stand The ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen can be used with LED, LCD, and DLP projectors. It has a 100-inch screen and an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

This option has a matte white PVC screen. The material is colored, yellow, and wrinkle-resistant. With a viewing angle of 160 degrees, you can see clear images every time with this product.

You can either mount this screen on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. It is designed to be easy to install with a solid metal case. The massive metal housing helps to protect the screen and to last longer.

When you buy this screen, you also get a remote control that you can use to operate the screen. A built-in switch on the monitor’s power cord gives you precise control over it.

The motor moves or pulls the screen down very smoothly. It’s also energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much power operating the screen.

Features Of ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen

Premium PVC Matte White Screen

A wide viewing angle of 160 degrees provides a wider field of view. 1.1 Benefits matte white screen is free of yellow spots, wrinkles and provides excellent image reproduction.

Electric motorized projection screen

High frequency remote control for regulation or remote control of drop/rise settings with an integrated switch for the pre-wired power cable

Simple installation

The solid metal housing has a double design for wall or ceiling installation, making it an ideal product to use at home, in the office, or in the classroom.


ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
You can either mount this on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. The screen may smell something after the first time opening.
The matte white PVC screen resists stains and wrinkles.
A remote control is included in the scope of delivery, with which you can control the screen remotely.
160 degree wide viewing angle

Recent Buyer Reviews On ZUEDA Motorized Projector Screen

Buyers love motorized screens with remote controls. While higher prices may be right for other brands, it is all on the cheap, large, roof-mounted motorized projector screen.

This screen contains a large amount of vinyl, which you have to keep out for a few days before the company entertains. After this, it is beautiful. Buyers highly recommended it.

10. Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen

Homegear-HD-Motorized-Projector-Screen The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is a fantastic 110-inch option for you. This product has an aspect ratio of 16: 9. You will love watching all of your favorite television shows and movies about this product.

The screen has a 1-inch black border to center the screen’s image and contrast with the images on the screen.

The product has a three-layer black-backed screen to ensure that light does not penetrate the screen and negatively affect what you see. The black background also ensures that the colors on the screen are realistic and vivid.

You will find that this option is easy to clean. If it gets dusty, you can just wipe it off with a little soap and water.

The screen motor is designed for quiet operation. It’s also energy-efficient and designed to last longer. You get a remote control that you can use to control the screen.

This product is compatible with all different types of projectors.

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Features Of Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen


Motor system, energy efficient, quiet motor that increases longevity, control system, RF remote control distance 25 meters, wall mount control panel for use without remote control


High-contrast 1.3-gain screen that can be washed with soap and water, 1 “black masking border to improve image contrast, 160 ° viewing angle for private or commercial use, 3-layer black screen that prevents light from entering produces high quality color rendering.

Plug and play

Housing and installation, durable steel housing with plastic-white, wall or ceiling mounting, simple plug and play system.


Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
The screen is 110 inches. After keeping this product for some time, you may see some curves by scrolling up or down.
Black borders on the screen frame your picture and improve the contrast.
The motor is energy efficient and works very quietly.
Energy efficient, quiet motor that increases longevity

Recent Buyer Reviews On Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen

This screen is brilliant. It is much less expensive than other options online, but it is perfect. Easy installation right out of the box; just hang it and plug it. The remote works great; just one push and lowers it or rises.

It also has a stop button if you want to make a small screen. Buyers highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality home theater screen on a budget.

11. Akia Screens 104 inch Motorized Electric Controlled Projector Screen

Akia-Screens-Motorized-Electric Controlled-Projector-Screen Akia Screen has been a world leader in the manufacture of projection screens since 2004 with its headquarters in the USA. Focusing on superior products and services, Akia Screen is dedicated to making projection screens for any projection environment. Today Akia Screen offers one of the highest quality and best prices for projection surfaces.

You will be impressed by the Akia Screen Motorized Electric Projector motorized projection screen. This option has a 104-inch screen with a 4: 3 HD aspect ratio.

The screen is Gregard Gold certified. It has a layered web design and 180 DGRI viewing angles. The screen’s back is entirely black to prevent light from shining and give you great picture and video viewing.

When this product is shipped, it is easy to install. It is fully assembled, so all you have to do is hand over your wall or ceiling. An installation kit is also included to make this process easier.

If necessary, you can easily clean the screen with a little soap and water. The sieve material is also designed against powdery mildew.

Your purchase includes a remote control that you can use to control the screen. When you turn your projector on or off, you can also use a 12-volt trigger cable to move the screen up or down automatically.

Akia is only available in the most popular styles, sizes, and services that make the screen an easy choice!

Features Of Akia Screens 104 inch Motorized Electric Controlled Projector Screen

Easy setup

Fully assembled, Plug & Play reaches ready, features a durable housing that is easily installed on your wall or ceiling with the included installation kit.

Easy clean

This 8k projector screen is mildew resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water.

Remote control

Wireless remote control and wireless 12 V trigger with projector switched on / off for automatic lowering of the screen. The tubular motor enables fast operation and speed.


Akia Screens 104 inch Motorized Electric Controlled Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
The screen can be cleaned with soap and water. The case for this screen is not as thick and durable as some other options.
The screen is Greenguard Gold Certified. Edge curls look quite bad and reflect light
You will receive an installation kit that will allow you to hang the screen quickly and easily.
Synchronous motor enables noiseless operation

Recent Buyer Reviews On Akia Screens 104 inch Motorized Electric Controlled Projector Screen

The screen is excellent, the engine is quiet, and everything is perfect. It looks great, is easy to install, and easy to use.

If you’re looking for an electric screen with some basic functionality, this is a great option! It’s big; it’s super fast here, it contains everything I need, and it’s super easy to hang on our wall. I’m looking forward to Price starting the season. Buyers have highly recommended it.

12. ELCOR Motorized Projector Screen

ELCOR-Motorized-Projector-Screen The next addition to the list of motorized projection screens is the Alcor Motorized Projector. It comes in a decent size of 4 feet 6 feet and a diagonal screen of 84 inches.

Alcor Motorized Projection Screen is the easiest to use projection surfaces. You can move it and set it however you want it without using any tools.

The 16:09 aspect ratio provides better resolution and smooth motion for all available projector types.

White matte Alcor projectors ensure that no light is reflected, and you get the ultimate image quality.

The screen has a matte black coating on the front edges and the back, making it ideal for outdoor events.

Coupled with 1.1 gain fabric and a 160-degree viewing angle, you can be sure that you get clear pictures even in a large gathering in broad light.

The screen is easy to carry and maintain. You can easily do it in and out with remote control. It can be hung on walls and ceilings depending on decoration and needs.

The motor is well lubricated to ensure that any operating noise does not interfere with your viewing experience. The fabric has an anti-UV coating to ensure stress-free projection.

The Alcor screen is the best outdoor projection screen with its compatibility with 3D and 4K video.

Motorized Alcor projector comes with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

Features Of ELCOR Motorized Projector Screen

Noise free

Equipped with life time lubricated motor for silent and noise free operation, comes with radio frequency cordless remote.

Complete eye protection

Keeps your eyes tension free while watching, comes with anti UV coating for eye protection, A +++ grade fabric, ideal for presentation, meeting rooms, home theater.

Versatile use

A motorized projection screen for home cinema and office use in imported cinema matte white cloth, Motorized projection screens help you deliver professionally crafted presentations to illustrate your organization, to deliver training materials and to bring valuable attention.

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ELCOR Motorized Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
Black coating to eliminate light penetration Short warranty
Easy to clean, maintain and move
1.1 clear video with benefit clothes
A good viewing angle of 160 degrees

Recent Buyer Reviews On ELCOR Motorized Projector Screen

Excellent product, the motor’s silent operation is the superfine remote operation; machine operation is doing well.

The packing was excellent. Found, as shown in the app description. The company provides L brackets to hang this screen that would be a big thing. On Amazon, there were plenty of sellers of L-brackets. You can find an excellent deal.

13. Cloud Mountain Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Cloud-Mountain-Electric-Motorized-Projector-Screen It’s a giant electric projection screen from Cloud Mountain. It measures 100 inches diagonally, while the actual screen size is 79.9 inches wide by 60 inches tall.

The color of the screen is matte white, which will give you a nice feeling. The screen has a gain ratio of 1.3, which means that the brightness will naturally be distributed throughout the image.

The viewing angle of this screen is 160 degrees. Today most good quality displays have full 180-degree viewing angles on their displays. However, this is quite acceptable.

The screen comes with three layers (black) on the back. Any light coming from behind will stop and not go to the front, and you will get a perfect picture of what is behind your screen.

The image is of the highest quality, and to increase contrast, the edges are black. This is a 25mm black mask on all four sides of the screen. Lightweight motorized projection screen weighing only 6.75 kg.

The screen can easily handle 3D and 4K projections from your projector, and you will get a high-quality image. Apart from this, it lags in aspect ratio and viewing angle, which is a perfect quality screen at a specific price.

Features Of Cloud Mountain Electric Motorized Projector Screen

HD Quality

The image quality of the 1.3 gain high contrast screen, 100 “diagonal, 4: 3 aspect ratio screens, 160-degree viewing angle without loss of resolution, brings you a better viewing experience.

Motorized projector screen

You can control this screen in two ways: control panel or remote. The remote allows you to sit on the seat and control the screen very easily.

High-quality material

The electric projector screen uses a static-resistant, wrinkle-free, matte white PVC motorized screen, and the screen surface is easy to clean with mild soap and water.


Cloud Mountain Electric Motorized Projector Screen
Pro’s Con’s
No light from behind Not well packaged, often comes with a dent
Good profit ratio
Easy to clean, just use a damp cloth to clean
Easy to install

Recent Buyer Reviews On Cloud Mountain Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Some buyers said that this was too big for space. Excellent quality! The unit comes with a wireless remote and a connected remote part under the power cord. Great convenience!! The picture quality is excellent. Reflection is perfect. Overall most buyers are pleased with their purchase. It is highly recommended.

14. Best Choice Products Motorized HD Projection

Best-Choice-Products-Motorized-HD-Projection Best Choice Products multi-choice lightweight motorized HD projection screens are a more economical option with a double wall and ceiling installation. Its users prefer it to be good quality for the price and note that the engine develops a clicking sound over time.

It weighs around 9 pounds, has a black-backed, high-contrast 1.3 gain screen with a black masking border, and a 160-meter viewing angle. If you are looking for an inexpensive motorized screen for your projector, this automatic projection screen is a reasonable choice.

The consensus on the Best Products Electric Motorized Automatic HD Projection Screen is that it is an excellent quality product for the price. Many users bought it thinking how cheap it is because it would be of lower quality; however, they reported pleasant surprises.

However, many customers reported that the engine broke down after a short period. Others claimed to have a terrible customer service experience. Damaged products are generally reported in shipment. One customer claimed not to receive the remote control in the box.

Features Of Best Choice Products Motorized HD Projection

Motorized screen

Raise and lower the motor-driven screen with a wall-mounted controller, or use the remote control to operate the screen remotely. The motor runs quietly for an even more professional experience.

Dynamic image

With a black back screen for less light penetration, 4-sided black edge masking, and a crisp matte white screen, images on this screen will appear sharper, clearer, and more dynamic than before.

Hanging and Mountable Design

Easy to climb on any wall, metal and wall hooks are molded on each side for injection so the display can be hung.

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Best Choice Products Motorized HD Projection
Pro’s Con’s
Remote controlled Package has very little security
High quality photo
Anti-static screen roll in a lightweight
That smooth surface allows for easy cleaning

Recent Buyer Reviews On Best Choice Products Motorized HD Projection

This thing is excellent, easy installation; it is placed above a bay window in the bedroom. Many buyers are very happily surprised at the amount of light. Motorized action is stable, with no jerking.

Picture quality is right on this screen. Well worth the price, most buyers recommend it and they say they will buy again if needed.

15. Pyle 84″ Portable Motorized Matte White Projector

Pyle-Portable-Motorized-Matte-White-Projector The stack always ensures that your projection is outstanding. In the home, office, and elsewhere, this 84-inch screen is the ultimate solution to enhance your projection experience. Instead of buying expensive screens, the projector ensures that you can get the right images everywhere.

When you get some projector screens, they come with manual operation, but now you can enjoy great convenience with this. It comes with a motorized rolling mechanism. This gives you a simpler time because you don’t have to lift or drop it manually.

Also, to increase it, it provides faster speeds due to improvements in modern engines. With the integrated remote control, it gives you an easier time. The wireless remote control system is friendly to use as you can do it without touching the screen.

Looking for a bigger screen that allows you to have larger images? Allows you to enjoy cinema and home theater experience it has a large 84-inch screen that is enough to enjoy a stress-free view.

The 1.3 advantage is excellent in allowing a more comprehensive view without image distortion. This gives you the ability to use the monitor in multiple locations; be it in classrooms, hallways, and homes, it will fit in perfectly.

You may be wondering if this display will allow you to get ideal high-quality photos. It gives you exciting and realistic content. With a 4: 3 display format, this HD TV supports a 16: 9 aspect ratio to provide quality images This means that you can easily enjoy clear images without being affected by ambient light day or night.

The display to provide better quality images comes with a matte white finish on the surface. This is in contrast to the original projection screens, which were pure white.

This finish reduces light reflections, which in turn reduces reflections for excellent distribution of the image. Enhanced with a black border frame, they allow the display to deliver realistic images with balanced colors.

Whether you travel or ride on this screen, there is no difficulty. The housing is made of hardened aluminum material that protects it from damage. This ensures that you can use the screen anywhere without interruption. Also, the installation is straightforward. It has an integrated hook that allows wall or ceiling mounting.

Features Of Pyle 84″ Portable Motorized Matte White Projector

Matte Screen Surface

The attractive matte white screen material and 4-arm black border frame create a flawless color balance to present a true image. It also offers ultra-wide views that make every seat in the house the best.

Projection screen

This 84-inch waterproof and professional 1.3 gain triple-layer full projection screen gives you a wide viewing area and is designed for universal projection in any room, making it perfect for a home, office, or home use Classroom make.

Easy to Assemble

This compact, portable, and lightweight wall display features convenient hooks for easy wall/ceiling mounting. It also has an aluminum sleeve to protect the screen from damage when it is not in use or during travel.


Pyle 84″ Portable Motorized Matte White Projector
Pro’s Con’s
HD content compatible Package has very little security
Lightweight aluminum casing
Easy to hang hooks
Washable, Stain Resistant, Flame Retardant Fabrics

Recent Buyer Reviews On Pyle 84″ Portable Motorized Matte White Projector

This projector is super cool! It has those triangular things you can add to your decoration.

The remote and motor are well mounted on the sidewall. Use it to use the window if necessary, hence the two birds! Love that it doesn’t dominate the room. The matte finish is perfect. Buyers highly recommended it.

Ready to buy the best-motorized projector screen

The best-motorized projector screen is expected to integrate with your projector seamlessly. This will bring you an exciting viewing experience in the office and at home.

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a motorized projector screen are size, quality of construction material, and screen advantage. In turn, this will determine the angle of view.

As always, be sure to take proper care of your screen. When making your final decision, pay attention to features like viewing angle, projection quality, and more.

Newer models of motorized projectors provide an exciting experience and are easier to use.

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Buying Guide: – Features to Consider Before You Buy Best Motorized Projector Screens

Selecting a motorized projection screen is not very difficult. You have to be careful with a few essential points.

Following them will result in your purchase of a projector screen that is worth your need. These projector screens have little difference from each other, as all companies try to follow the standards.

Screen size

You must want to see the screen size in your settings. This may depend on the viewing area of ​​your room, as well as the distance from whom people will see the screen.

Don’t try to settle for the small screen as it will save you some money. We tell you that all screen sizes on the market are available with a slight price variation.

Remote control type

There are two different types of remote controls for controlling a motorized projector screen. These are IR, infrared, and RF; one stands for radiofrequency.

The universal measurements we use are IR, but RF is very efficient because it does not need to be pointed and automatically connects to the target antenna.

There are some; we must say, useless types of projector screens that are controlled only through a button on the settings panel. You should avoid buying them because when you need to press and close the button, what is the manual’s problem? Therefore, always select one, which can be controlled via remote control, while most of them come with IR and RF.

Vision angle

Imagine sitting in front of a projector screen, Mad Max or Harry Potter, or whatever your favorite movie is. You are sitting vertically in front of the screen, in front of it. You can see everything. Now imagine a semicircle with you on the opposite screen at the top and the circle’s straight diameter. This, anyone who has done math in high school will know, is 180 ° in size.

If the screen’s viewing angle is 180 °, you can see a clear image from anywhere in the semicircle. If it is 120 °, the image will begin to blur and scatter as it moves towards the circle’s edges. The lower the number, the more you have to sit directly in front of the screen to get a clear image.

It’s all there. The angle of view is a subject that, if you add to it, can be filled with a lens, but you should know that the wider the angle of view, the better. And as we said in the previous section, high-gain displays tend to have slightly lower viewing angles, so keep that in mind.

Screen Color

Another factor to consider is the color of the projector screen. There are only two options, gray and white. However, most projector screens are white.

However, a gray screen absorbs light better than a white screen. This means that colors will look more realistic on gray screens than on white screens, depending on the bulb’s wattage. If you are considering a white screen, we strongly recommend that you choose a gray screen.


The content on the projector screen can be of various types. Type D (diffuse) and type S (specular). Type D screens project light equally in all directions.

The Type S display reflects light more intensely, producing a bright image outdoors or even in bright rooms. Type R screens are used in events and exhibitions. They have a fine structure and are suitable for large spaces.

Aspect ratio

This is the ratio of screen width to volume. Different types of videos such as movies, HDTVs, PCs, and general videos have different aspect ratios, and you get custom projectors for different aspect ratios.

Depending on your usage, select the one that supports the aspect ratio correctly.

For HDTVs, this 16:9 Widescreen PC typically has a 16:10 ratio, the movies you watch are mostly 2.35: 1, and standard video has a 4: 3 ratio.


Another aspect that you should not miss when selecting the best projection screen is the screen’s advantage. It is a measure of the amount of light that the screen reflects.

A screen with a gain of 1.0 means that it reflects all the light that falls on it. Anything higher than 1 is a plus for you, as the screen even shows a backlight, increasing brightness, clarity, and contrast.

This becomes even more important if you want to use the projector screen for external viewing. However, a higher gain screen reduces the viewing angle.


Some motorized projector screens are built for wall mounting; others are roof-mounted. Choose what is best in your interior.

Some models are advertised as portable, but if you need to move them, a pull-out-style attractive manual projector screen may be a better option. If you need a portable display for a meeting or business presentation, our selection of the best projectors can help.

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Buying a motorized screen is very simple. There are very few differences between different products. They differ in screen size, aspect ratio, color, and type of remote control. You need to find out which is best for you and buy it because most of these screens’ functions are the same.

After reading this article, you will have a clear idea about which product to choose and why.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with your decision to buy Elite Screen Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen. Why settle for sub conferencing experience anytime?

Place your order today! If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to ask. our editors best recommendation is –  VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Mortar Mount Tension Screen

15 Best Motorized Projector Screens
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