Best Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair – Tested By Experts

Choosing the right Roomba can be a daunting task as our decision is based on our own individual needs. This becomes a bigger challenge when we need to choose the best Roomba for golden retriever hair. We specifically tested Roomba models on their suction power to decide which Roomba is best for pets with long hair like a golden retriever. Based on our rigorous testing we have our pick which is the no. 1 Roomba for dogs with pet hair.

Our Testing Criteria To Decide The Best Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair

Any dog which is big and has long hair does shed. When it comes to golden retrievers they shed throughout the year and twice a year they shed a lot. So you need the best Roomba which has great suction power to pick up long dog hair.

1) Suction power

2) Cleaning technology

3) Bin size

4) Ability to clean at narrow edges and corners of the room.

5) Operating time

6) Faster Recharging

7) Quality and reach of the cleaning brushes

S9+ The Self Emptying Robot Vacuum  – Wifi Connected Best Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair

The S9+ tops the list when it comes to choosing the best robot vacuum for long pet hair. The reason is it’s powerful motor which has 40X suction power when compared to any other Roomba. 

S9+ in our tests has the best combination of agitation and airflow resulting in best vacuuming performance. There is no robot vacuum in the market which comes close to the S9+ when it comes to picking up pet hair or debris all around the house. Thanks to its 30% wider multi surface rubber extractors.

Why Should You Get a S9+ If You’re Looking For a Roomba For Long Pet Hair – Advantages

The Roomba S9+ has a sleep premium design and is amongst the most powerful robot vacuum available in the market today. It comes with smart mapping features, multiple automatic dirt disposal cycles before it self empties.

Advantages Of Buying Roomba S9+ For Long Pet Hair

  1. 30 X Powerful Suction and Square Front Design: – Pet hair can make the floors messy and the corners of the house specially are filled with clumps of hair. Roomba S9+ caters to this problem perfectly. Thanks to the 40X suction power and the square front design. It picks up long pet hair and 4 different debris types to leave the floor area spanking clean.

  2. Smart Design: – If you go by the looks of the Roomba then S9+ will surely attract you. A truly premium design which looks a lot polished and the rose gold metal lid on top makes it stand out amongst its counterparts which have the all black plastic look.

  3. Multi Floor Operation: – The Roomba S9+ can be used for complete cleaning on multiple floors. We tested the S9+ on 5 different floor types and it cleaned 99% everywhere.

PROS and CONS Of Roomba S9+ (9550)

Self emptying bin technology. Roomba S9+ can pick up 30 loads before you need to empty the bin bag. Roomba S9+ (9550) is expensive.
Excellent smart mapping system. Learn the entire floor plan and cleans when and where you want.It may get stuck sometimes but better than all other Roomba models when it comes to fluent mobility in carrying out the cleaning tasks.
Ultra powerful suction which is 30X better than any other Roomba model. This is ideal for pet hair cleaning. Ideal for pet hairAs it has a very powerful motor, it’s pretty noisy.
Adapts and handles various floor plans effortlessly due to vSLAM smart navigation systemMediocre battery life. Approx. 60 minutes (Tested)
Easy to use mapping controls in Roomba app.No mopping functionality
S9+ is compatible with the Braava jet M6 mop.High recurring cost due to expensive accessories.
Front square design helps in cleaning the edges and corners with ease.Poor performance when it comes to cleaning cracks.
Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant.
Pros and Cons of Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum. The Best Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair

Specifications Of Roomba S9+ (9550) – Editor’s Pick Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair

Specification TypeS9+ (9550) Details
TypeRobot vacuum
Model NumberS9+ (9550)
Weight8.15 lbs (3.7 kg)
Width12.25” (31 cms)
Height3.5” (9 cms)
Floor TypeAll (Indoors)
BatteryLithium Ion
Dustbin Capacity0.41 quarts
Imprint Smart MappingYes
Imprint LinkYes. It’s compatible with the Braava M6 mop
Self Emptying Bin (Advanced Base)Yes
Washable Dustbin (On Board)Yes
Includes Digital WallYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer. 
Compatible DevicesAmazon Echo and Google Assistant
Warranty1 year limited
Specifications Of Roomba S9+

What Comes Included In The Box With Roomba S9+ (9550)

  1. 1 extra high efficiency filter
  2. 1 clean base (Automatic Dirt Disposal)
  3. 1 extra corner brush
  4. 2 dustbin disposable bags
  5. 1 north American line cord

Does Roomba S9+ Cleans All Types Of Flooring?

Yes, S9+ cleans all types of flooring. Be it carpet or hardwood. Thanks to its self adjusting cleaning head technology. You also have the option of customizing your cleaning settings from quiet to maximum power for suction.

What’s The Difference Between Roomba S9+ S9 ?

There are only 2 main differences between the Roomba S9+ and S9 read further to have a clear understanding.

1) Advanced Automatic Dirt Disposal System – The “PLUS” in the S9 is mainly due to this added feature. The docking/charging station of the S9+ comes with a high power suction motor, high efficiency filter and a dust bag. The S9+ empties itself into the bin automatically when it docks for charging or when it senses that the bin is full.

2) Price – The S9+ costs more than the S9 model. The prices keep varying with different retailers so do check for the latest prices.

Will Roomba S9+ Fall Down Stairs?

All Roomba models are equipped with cliff sensors which detect if the Roomba is near edges, stairs or any kind of drop off. Roomba will automatically back off when its near the stairs.

How Many Square Feet Can a Roomba S9+ Clean

Based on our tests, a Roomba S9+ can clean upto 2,500 square feet. The robot vacuum will have to recharge to complete the entire area and as it comes with a recharge and resume feature, it’s not a problem. Once recharged, it will resume cleaning from where it left off.

2) Roomba j7+ is our 2nd Choice When It Comes To Best Roomba For Long Pet Hair

If there is one model which has become the talk of the town and consumers are raving about, it is the Roomba j7+. The ability to avoid dog poop and various other obstacles like wires, socks and charging cables makes this Roomba one of the best in class. 

The innovative object detection and avoidance technology makes this Roomba amongst the most sought after robot vacuums. Moreover it’s also one of the best Roombas when it comes to picking up dirt and long pet hair. Decent powerful suction, agile movement, smart mapping and user friendly app interface and controls make this Roomba worth the money.

This robot vacuum also comes with a precision vision navigation system and is capable of emptying the bin when it’s full.

Advantages Of Buying Roomba j7+ For Long Pet Hair

  1. The most unique preference given to this model of Roomba is that it comes FREE if you take the iRobot SELECT MEMBERSHIP. This membership costs $49 upfront (one time) and then $29 for each month. Once you’re a select member, you get the following benefits. The membership comes with a 30 day money back guarantee too.
  • Accessories are automatically delivered at your doorstep.
  • Premium protection plan
  • Dedicated support team
  • Get a FREE new Roomba every 3 years
  1. This is the only Roomba from iROBOT which can detect and avoid pet waste, objects like socks, wires and charging cables. Thanks to its P.O.O.P (Pet Owner’s Official Promise) technology and precision navigation system.
  2. Comes loaded with Imprint smart mapping, which gives you the freedom to tell the Roomba to clean which specific areas and when to clean them.
  3. Roomba j7+ is great at picking up pet hair too. Thanks to its 10X power suction capability as compared to the Roomba 600 series.

PROS and CONS Of Roomba j7+ (7550)

When compared to the Roomba 600 series, the j7+ has a 10X suction power and that makes it perfect in picking up long pet hairSlow when mapping a room for the first time or building the floor plan.
Cleans all types of flooring efficiently. Hardwood, carpet, vinyl or tile, the Roomba j7+ does not disappoint when it comes to keeping floors in good condition.High maintenance cost due to expensive accessories. Having said that, you can opt for iROBOT SELECT membership. Details are given above.
Advanced sensing capabilities to avoid dog poop and objects like charging cords and wires. The only robot vacuum to have the P.O.O.P ( Pet Owners Official Promise)In our tests, it does an average job of picking up pet hair on a high pile carpet.
Cleans the mess the moment it happens. You just need to trigger the action via the voice commandBattery life is around 85 minutes for a single run before it docks itself for a recharge. That’s not a big concern though looking at the power pact features.
Automatically empties its bin through the enclosed bag disposal system attached to the docking station.
Edge sweeping brushes along with a 3 stage cleaning system. Multi surface self adjusting rubber brushes avoid tangling of dog hair. 
Uses iROBOT OS technology which helps you to keep your Roomba j7+ always updated with the latest features and tech.
A very good option for high pile carpet too.
Pros and Cons of Roomba j7+. Avoids dog poop and pics up dog hair too.

Specifications Of Roomba j7+ – The Only Roomba To Avoid Dog Poop and Pick Up Long Pet Hair

Specification TypeS9+ (9550) Details
TypeRobot vacuum
Model Numberj7+
Weight7.36 lbs (3.4 kg)
Width13.39” (34 cms)
Height3.5” (9 cms)
Floor TypeAll (Indoors)
BatteryLithium Ion
Dustbin Capacity0.41 quarts
Imprint Smart MappingYes
Imprint LinkYes. It’s compatible with the Braava M6 mop
Self Emptying Bin (Advanced Base)Yes
Washable Dustbin (On Board)Yes
Includes Digital WallYes
ReturnsVaries by retailer. 
Compatible DevicesAmazon Echo
Warranty1 year limited

What Comes Included In The Box With Roomba j7+

  1. 1 clean base. (Automatic Dirt Disposal System)
  2. 2 Extra Dirt Disposable Bags
  3. 1 north American line cord
  4. 1 extra high efficiency filter
  5. 1 extra corner brush

Difference Between s9+ and j7+?

This is the most common question which we get from consumers. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum which picks up golden retriever hair or long hair from any dog breed then S9+ is the best option for you as it has 40X suction power which is the best in class.

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum which picks up long pet hair and is also able to avoid dog poop then j7+ is the best option for you right now. 

Is Roomba j7+ Worth It?

It is absolutely worth it. As per Lemonade website 69 million households in the US have a pet dog. The Roomba j7+ was exclusively made to pick up pet hair and also solve the most chronic problem every dog owner was facing and thats, “avoiding dog poop”. The j7+ does a brilliant job at both. Moreover, the company iROBOT is so confident about this robot vacuum model that they have a premium iSELECT membership. Making the Roomba j7+ their flagship product.

What Is The Difference Between i7+ and J7+?

The major difference between the i7+ and j7+ is that j7+ can avoid pet waste through its P.O.O.P technology which we have mentioned above. There is a remarkable difference in price too. J7+ is pricey.

J7+ has the front facing camera which helps in avoiding objects through its precision navigation technology. I7+ does not have a front-facing camera. Another differentiating factor is the size of the home base. J7+ has a lighter and less heavy home base as compared to i7+

3) Roomba i7+ (7550) – The 3rd Best Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair

The Roomba i7+ is another great robot vacuum which like s9+ has the unique automatic dirt disposal system built into its charging dock. It may not be as powerful as s9+ but surely it compliments its price point with all the amazing features it comes with like, anti allergy filter (HEPA).You may get other robot vacuum cleaners with similar features at much lower price points but you won’t get a Roomba as refined as i7+ in terms of performance. It’s one of the few robots which have the auto dirt cleaning system and also can clean a specific room on demand.

Advantages Of Buying Roomba i7+ (7550) For Long Pet Hair

  1. If you’re looking for a robot with a self emptying bin then this is a great robot vacuum for you. It can keep emptying itself for upto 60 days before the bin is cleaned manually. Has a pretty long runtime of approx. 75 minutes.
  2. Compared to the Roomba 600 series, it has 10X the suction power to clean with its 3 stage cleaning technology and is ideal for dogs with long hair.
  3. With its vSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) navigation system, the Roomba i7+ easily learns the layout of your home and builds smart maps. This enables the device to clean in a very precise and effective manner.
  4. The Roomba i7+ is equipped with exclusive dual multi surface rubber brushes which help in better cleaning of pet hair. The brushes don’t get tangled in long hair dropping on the floor or carpet from the body of your furry friends.

PROS and CONS Of Roomba i7+ (7550)

Self emptying dustbin is a plus with a large enough base at the bottom which can suck in upto 30 loads before needing any kind of cleaning.Not as expensive as S9+ but still quite an investment. Quality comes at a cost. 
vSLAM smart navigation system allows the i7+ to go to a specific room for cleaning and all can be operated and directed from the iRobot Home App on your smartphone.The maintenance is high due to expensive parts.
It cleans all types of floors. Hardwood, carpet or area rugs.Though we swear by it’s smart navigation, during our runs it does get stuck occasionally
Compatible with Amazon EchoRuntime is 75 minutes which is not enough to clean a large home. So, it will recharge in between and total cleaning time can be several hours.
10X suction with a powerful motor. Making it one of the ideal Roombas for pet hairLess noisy when compared to s9+
Smart cleaning technology which learns with every run. The i7+ knows where to clean frequently with each run and hence provides custom suggestions. 
Keep out zones feature provides flexibility to avoid rooms which you don’t want the Roomba i7+ to enter
Self adjusting brushes which adjust according to the floor type. Hence providing 99% cleaning efficiency.

Specifications Of Roomba i7+ (7550) – Editor’s Pick Roomba For Golden Retriever Hair

Specification Typei7+ (7550) Details
TypeRobot vacuum cleaner
Model Numberi7+ (7550)
Weight7.44 lbs
Floor TypeAll floor types (Indoor)
BatteryLithium Ion
Dustbin Capacity0.5 L
Imprint Smart MappingYes
Imprint LinkYes
Self Emptying Bin (Advanced Base)Yes
Washable Dustbin (On Board)Yes
Includes Digital WallYes
ReturnsVaries and depends on the retailer
Compatible DevicesAmazon Echo
Warranty1 year limited

What Comes Included In The Box With Roomba i7+ (7550)

  1. 1 clean base automatic disposal dirt system
  2. 1 north American line cord
  3. 2 dirt disposal bags
  4. 1 high efficiency dirt filter
  5. 1 extra side brush

Can Roomba i7+ Clean Without Wifi

Yes, the Roomba i7+ is able to clean even when not connected to WiFi. It’s plain and simple out of the box cleaning. Any feature which is Wifi depended like custom cleaning, voice control via the Alexa won’t be active.

Does The i7+ Pick Up Long Pet Hair?

Roomba i7+ picks up long hair pretty well. Having said that, it’s always a good practice to keep cleaning the brushes frequently (once a week) so that the Roomba performs up to its maximum efficiency.


If you’re just looking for the best Roomba for golden retriever hair then go with the Roomba S9+ model as it has the 40X more powerful suction. Having said that, if you also wish to have a more versatile Roomba which picks up dog hair and also avoids dog poop then j7+ is your best choice. If pricing is a constraint then the best option you have is the i7+.

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