10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming


10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

Conferencing between hearing aid manufacturers includes adopting each hearing aid model for a specific purpose: music, sports, video conferencing, and more. That is why each model comes with features that make it relevant for its intended purpose.

For example, music headphones come with surround sound reproduction and are capable of picking up deep bass sounds. Video conferencing headsets come with microphones and features that increase communication clarity. And the gaming headsets also come with microphones, attractive colored lights, and light sound expansion for playing video games.

With the above, the big question is: If you are both a music lover and a gamer, do you have to buy two different headphones for each activity? In our opinion, the answer is no. There are many models of headphones on the market that can be fully used for both music and games. And we are reviewing some of them in this post. For more information, read.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Studio Headphones For Gaming

Brand Product Model Rating Price

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, with Detachable Cable
Brand – Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
4.7 out of 5 $149
HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works with PC, PS4, Xbox One
Brand – HyperX
HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset, 4.6 out of 5 $79.99
EPOS I SENNHEISER GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset, Noise-Cancelling Microphone, Adjustable Headband with Customizable Contact Pressure, Volume Control, PC + Mac + Xbox + PS4,
Brand – EPOS
EPOS I SENNHEISER GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset, 4.3 out of 5 $187.64

Top 10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 1
These headphones require no introduction. They are Audio Technica’s best-selling headphones that continue to perform despite considerable competition from other brands.

The ATH-M50x is essentially the ATH-M50 with some cosmetic enhancements. Without warning, it was Audio Technica’s consumer studio headphones that became wildly popular.

The ATH-M50X is a very comfortable headset. The headband and earmuffs feature reinforced padding, which now has a swivel design for storage.

The holding force is minimal and despite looking a bit heavy, these headphones weigh just 283 grams, which means you can wear them all day without any inconvenience. It also comes with a detachable cable.

A closed design ensures that environmental disturbances are minimal, if any. Sound is neither leaking nor coming out, which most players prefer.

In terms of sound quality, it is very well balanced. The bass is powerful enough to impress musicians who prefer a low, lively sound. Hitting, shooting, everything leaves the stage.

The mids and highs are very detailed and clear, without confusion or distortion. Voice and audio have many layers and never dominate other tracks. Even if you listen to music casually or are a more demanding audiophile, you will be impressed with the balance of the sound.

There are also many details. Even the smallest and weakest instrumental sound is very clear.

However, like other headphones on this list, the picture is not good. Don’t get us wrong. You will still be able to receive positional signals.

But this is not as accurate as you would get with the AKG-K702 or DT-770 Pro.

If you are looking for a huge soundstage with a closed design, the DT-770 Pro is your best option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more consumer-friendly design with a balanced sound profile, the M50X would be a better buy.

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Features Of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Acoustic isolation

Circumpolar design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in noisy environments, Exceptional clarity over an extended frequency range with deep and accurate bass response.

Comfortable fit

Professional-grade ear cushions and headband materials provide increased durability and comfort, Detachable 1.2m – 3.0m (3.9 ‘- 9.8’) coiled cable and detachable 1.2m (3.9 ‘) straight cable.

Studio Monitor Headphones

The ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor headphones boast the same iconic sound signature with the added feature of separate cables, ear-separating sound from large-aperture drivers, and the M50x’s rugged construction unmatched for top audio professionals. Provide experience.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent sound Not found
Strong and strong construction
The sound is very clear
Easy to use and install

Recent Buyer Reviews On Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

They are of excellent quality and offer great sound at a great price. They feel very high-end. The part that is very good is used every day for a week, but it is used but it has a better effect. Feel it all day. It was highly recommended by buyers.

2. HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 2
The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is one of the most popular gaming headsets available on the market. There are many gamers who like these headphones. Plus, it’s affordable with tons of features.

One of the best parts about these headphones is that they receive cross-platform support. As a result, you will also be able to use it on your PC, game console, and mobile devices. Additionally, the headphones are designed with durability and comfort in mind. As a result, it is made of durable material and protected by a strong gasket.

Also, for added comfort, there is thick padding. The thick padding also ensures that it fits your head well. To further enhance its comfort and fit, it comes with a durable aluminum frame with an extended headband. And it gives you a sound pressure level of 98dBSPL / mW at 1kHz.

There’s also a Hyper x dual-camera controller, giving you more space and less distortion. You also get a detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control. Therefore, you can easily increase or decrease the sound with headphones, and its sensitivity level is 43dBV (0dB = 1V / Pa, 1 kHz).

There is also a detachable noise-canceling microphone. The best thing about being detachable is that you can use headphones to listen to music. Plus, when you want to play a game and talk to other players, just turn on the mic and you’re done.

Features Of HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

Surround sound

Generate a virtual surround sound experience to create distance and depth to enhance any gaming, movie, or music experience. It is plug-and-play, meaning there is no need for drivers.

Audio control box

Easily change 7.1 surround sounds with the touch of a button. An additional microphone and audio volume control is included for added convenience.

Digital microphone

Noise cancellation, AGC functionality, and echo cancellation are enabled when used with a USB control box. Get clear voice quality and low background noise for a clear voice experience

HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Very high level of performance. May have quality control issues
Premium surround sound effects
Adjustable crossover switch
Anti-static technology

Recent Buyer Reviews On HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

These headphones are amazing. Fitted above the earpiece and these headphones are extremely comfortable. Buyers highly recommend them. Many buyers play a lot of video games and these works very well. They also seem to block out sound very well.

3. beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 3 

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones are absolutely amazing. Not only because they put out some of the cleanest and coolest sounds for under $ 200, but they’re almost 100% customizable too.

Not only that, but there are also bass ports on the bottom of both ears, which you can toggle to make open, semi-open, or closed headphones. This is a great feature if you are traveling in a noisy and quiet environment. This simple feature also puts the Custom One pros ahead of the M50x.

The build quality is extremely durable and almost every element of the headset is adaptable, from headbands to side inserts and even an in-line microphone. See the options given here.

An impedance of just 16 ohms means your onboard sound card won’t have much trouble getting these cans to work and you won’t need any kind of auxiliary DACs.

After all said and done, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones are a highly versatile set that will never let you down. But it certainly can’t beat our number one pick on price vs. performance.

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Features Of beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones

Custom style

With custom styling, the appearance of headphones can be changed at any time. 16 interchangeable cover designs are included to get you started. Other colored rings and designer covers are available as optional accessories.

Sound slider

With the custom sound slider, the headphones’ sound profile can be customized to your personal liking. There are four settings ranging from flat and transparent to ‘bass-heavy.

Unique concept

The custom series is a unique concept in headphone design. This gives you the possibility to modify the headphones to your personal style and customize them according to different situations and wearing methods. With these features, the custom series creates a new generation of headphones for the new generation of users.

beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones
Pro’s Con’s
Good Highs and the Lows No chat mix control
Comfortable and breathable headphones Produces lots of bass
Very Classic Design
Strong sounds

Recent Buyer Reviews On beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones

Amazing headphones that sound amazing! The sound quality was better than expected, but it was the best bass boost option that sets it apart from Sony’s mdrs. Buyers love the sound, but it was the fit that likes these headphones.

4. SENNHEISER GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 4
Comfort is the top priority during a long gaming session. The Sanitizer GSP 500 has a headband wrapped in a soft cloth that will allow both your ears and your head to breathe. This will not cause any discomfort in the game and will cause pain after the game.

It’s not just the superior comfort that makes these headphones great. The transducers are inside the pad and send audio directly to the ear. This should make the atmosphere and atmosphere of your game more realistic. When you listen to music or watch videos, the headphones have solid bass and provide good sound quality.

The 28-ohm impedance makes these headphones ideal for use even with low-power devices. You don’t need a PC to enjoy a full gaming experience. The Sennheiser GSP 500 is a multiplier headphone with a standard 3.5mm audio output. It will work with PS4, Xbox One, and various other consoles with no loss of quality.

If you want good quality and durable headphones and are willing to spend a bit more, then the Sennheiser GSP 500 may be the right choice for you. Just keep in mind that they are very fast, so their size does not make them recommended for outdoor use.

Features Of SENNHEISER GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

Open acoustic headphones

With its open acoustic design and patented speaker technology, the GSP 500 is designed for incredibly natural and spatial high-fidelity gaming audio Ideal for players who play in a quiet environment.


Volume Control

Intuitive volume control wheel built into the headset for on-the-fly audio adjustments.

Keep calm

The pad material, such as suede, keeps the ears cool and does not stick to the skin, regardless of the length of the playing session. Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and other consoles with 3.5 mm jack input.

SENNHEISER GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Immersive surround sound Ear-cups are stationary
Onboard control
Eye-wear channels
Impressive power handling capability

Recent Buyer Reviews On SENNHEISER GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

Being a Sennheiser headphone, it has excellent quality in terms of construction, sound, and durability. Buyers use them primarily because they want to hear the surroundings and are useful during instant silent games. With this, the pads are made of fabric and very comfortable even with glasses. They can also absorb some sweat.

5. AKG Pro Audio K702 Flat-Wire,Studio Headphones

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 5
The AKG K702 is one of the best studio headphones. It has a very neutral sound profile, which means that you will hear how the soundtrack is intended. Headphones do not increase warmth or bass.

For those who are new to this, AKG is an Austrian brand that is quite popular with professional musicians and recorders. The K702 is one of their low-priced offerings that brings studio-quality sound to a consumer-class product.

The headphones are open with a very wide soundstage. You will feel the air and space on the track with excellent details. It will pick up every little detail and reproduce it accurately.

Whether it’s mids, treble, bass or vocal, everything seems neutral. This is the best way to describe it.

The directional visuals are exceptional compared to any eye-catching gaming headset you choose. There’s no 7.1 surround sound, which manufacturers often avoid. But you can indicate directions with great precision in FPS games.

As with any open-ear headphones, there is very little noise cancellation. But it seems so strange that we suspect something is going to bother you.

Construction is also on top. It uses the classic dual-rod spring vape design with a leather headband. There is little in terms of padding on the band, but you probably won’t even notice it. The 3D foam pads are perfect for all-day wear.

The holding force is also not very good and you can easily adjust it based on your head size.

The K702 features a patented preferred two-layer diaphragm that improves performance at different frequencies. It uses a flat wire coil that improves sensitivity as well as treble and pulse response.

The package ships with a 10mm long cable with a 6.3mm phono jack and a 3.5mm adapter.

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Features Of AKG Pro Audio K702 Flat-Wire,Studio Headphones

Relax for total immersion

No person wants pain or suffering while working in the studio or listening to music. This is why the K702 headphones suit you. Genuine leather headbands with unique 3D-shaped ear cushions and an ergonomic cushion ensure that you remain comfortable and pain-free even during the longest sessions.

AKG Flat-Wire Voice

AKG features flat-wire voice coil technology that provides instant-to-moment response in K702 headphones that provide surprisingly accurate and voluntary sound. Conventional voice coils use round cables, but AKG’s flat cable technology enables the company to produce a much stiffer and lighter voice coil.

Unique technology

The heart of any headset or microphone is the diaphragm. It’s the component that handles the daunting task of converting your mechanical movement into an electrical signal that emits sound.

AKG Pro Audio K702 Flat-Wire,Studio Headphones
Pro’s Con’s
Cheap and affordable Poor warranty process
Cheap and affordable
Smooth and natural sound
Quality surround sound

Recent Buyer Reviews On AKG Pro Audio K702 Flat-Wire,Studio Headphones

Building greater comfort and quality Very light they look amazing and the detachable cable with the Mini XLR means the options for aftermarket cable are huge. A superior set of cans. If they are good stuff, it should be a long time. The memory foam ear cushions are super luxurious and some of the most comfortable I’ve ever felt. Overall, a wonderful feeling and the use of headphones.

6. Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 6 

To enjoy games, you need great sound and comfort. This is what Razer presents to you in its Kraken gaming headset. Let’s see what features this headset includes on our list.

Razor positions itself as the leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals in the United States and why it proves to be a headset. It comes with an immersive 7.1 surround sound that is perfect for positional audio. This means that you can hear all the sound and audio details you need to reproduce. The sound that these headphones put out contributes greatly to the quality of your game

Setting up this headset with multiple devices is a breeze, as it comes with all the necessary drivers. However, you can only enjoy it on Windows 10 64-bit PC. But when you chill out wearing a razor kraken gaming headset, considering it’s nothing less than a necessity.

The headphones have an oval shape that wraps your ears properly. For the cooling gel cushions, you are assured of a full day of rest. These ear pads prevent your ears from overheating after prolonged use of the headphones. They also help prevent pressure build-up from prolonged use of the unit.

One of the main features of gamers in gaming headsets is the microphone. The Razor Kraken headphones come with a noise isolating microphone. To improve it, the microphone is retractable, increasing its comfort. You can easily fold it up when the microphone is not in use or when you need to store the entire unit.

A cardioid microphone separates your voice from ambient noise. Because of this, you enjoy crystal clear communication during gameplay, which is perfect when playing with friends online. There is a built-in analog volume control that makes it easy to adjust the volume while gaming. The good thing is that you can always mute the mic when you don’t need it.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention the construction of this headset. Overall it is designed to be durable as it is made from premium quality bauxite aluminum. The flexible frame keeps it longer than many headphones in the same class. These headphones are lightweight, so you won’t feel the burden of wearing them all day.

Features Of Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

Light Comfort

Is it possible to feel how you feel without having a headset? Enter the Razer Kraken X. Ultralight at just 250 grams and ultra-immersive 7.1 surround sound. Sit back and play for hours – your gaming marathon will be a breeze.

Clear communication

The flexible and flexible microphone uses a cardioid pattern that records sound from a concentrated area in your mouth. Helps to raise your voice clearly while suppressing background noise from the back and sides.

Surround sound

The 7.1 is equipped with surround sound software, so you can experience precise positionable audio during game play – you’ll be able to take advantage of the direction the action is coming from so you’re ready for firefight.

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Full frequency range coverage Not found
Very comfortable to use
Cross-platform compatibility
Great for young gamers and kids

Recent Buyer Reviews On Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

These headphones are amazing, the sound is amazing, and they are so easy to use. They are also compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Build quality is a bit cheap, but at $ 50 they are well worth it. Would buy again and also many buyers highly recommended.

7. Fnatic React Gaming Headset

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 7
Fnatic is a household name on the commercial gaming scene. He has produced many successful talents in various sports such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends. However, they are not as popular as Logitech or Hyperx when it comes to gaming headsets.

This all changes with Fnatic’s response this headset is Phenetic’s answer to Hyperx Cloud and Logitech G Pro X. But instead of focusing on special features to stand out, phonetic reviews focus on achieving good sound and mic quality.

At first glance, phenetic response resembles the popular Hyperx cloud. However, it does not use the same Oem (Takstar) as the cloud. The sound signature indicates that React Hyperx is a completely different and original cloud design.

In terms of design, the Phenic React has iconic black and orange branding, but is kept to a minimum and does not deviate in any way. The phone is predominantly black, with an orange atrium.

Now in terms of sound quality, Fnatic provides feedback. It has enough bass that it does not easily distort like the Cloud II. It does not extend the sound in the mid-range with greater clarity and clarity.

The peaks of the phonetic response are well controlled. The footstep sound signals are loud and clear, but not tedious in more game sessions.

Soundstage has artificial widening that can be seen multiple times. However, it does its job and helps to tell its enemies how far it is. Pictures are on par with the rest of the headphones in this list.

The biggest difference between Fnatic React and its competitors is the quality of its microphone. The quality of the microphone is surprisingly good. It has good clarity and a natural tone, which is more pleasant than the nose quality of other gaming headsets.

The downside here is that too much noise gets canceled out, so mouse clicks and keyboard noise will be heard. There is also no software or USB sound card included, so the sound from your microphone will depend on the quality of your source.

Overall, the Fnatic North is a very capable headset for the FPS. It has the sound quality to match its rivals. If you want good sound quality and mic quality and are willing to sacrifice some extra features, then Phytetic React might just be the way to go.

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Features Of Fnatic React Gaming Headset

All day gaming

Premium soft, large protein leather earmuffs the ear pads and headband are filled with oversized memory foam for excellent sound isolation without straining the head.


Crystal clear communication with large detachable microphone One-touch mute switch and volume control on the cable for instant control.

Long lasting

The metal frame earbuds are strong and durable enough to last for long gaming sessions, which have been ridge-proof.

Fnatic React Gaming Headset
Pro’s Con’s
​Lightweight and breathable No volume control
Amazing sound performance
Slim and sleek design
​Interchangeable cables

Recent Buyer Reviews On Fnatic React Gaming Headset

These headphones are luxurious, extremely comfortable and easy to use. For gaming and for everyday purposes (listening to music, participating in zoom calls) Good for more stable sound as well as preventing background noise. Closeable mikes so that you can also use them for music during travel. Buyers highly recommend.

8. LucidSound LS50X Wireless Gaming Headset

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 8
LucidSound is T3’s favorite gaming headset manufacturer, offering top-of-the-line and stylish audio reproduction at attractive prices. And the LS50X, which works with both the Xbox Series X and next-gen S, as well as all Xbox One consoles, does nothing to change that reputation.

The headset is an extremely impressive new entry as we enter the era of next-gen consoles, with a complete package (style, setup, audio) that is hard to beat. The build quality is top notch, the sound is excellent, and there is also Bluetooth connectivity to connect it to other devices.

The LucidSound LS50X will work with both your current Xbox One console and your new Xbox Series X or S console, and it will be up and running in 10 seconds, it’s actually very fast. There is a flexible, removable boom mic, with the ability to cancel out background noise and echoes, with five EQ modes to choose from.

We played a variety of games on Xbox One to test the LS50X – Forza Horizon 4, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Rage 2, FIFA 20 and Halo 5 Guardian — and each time the audio was immersive and refined. Those who have used LucidSound headphones in the past will not surprise anyone.

You can learn more about their headphones, as well as see how our LucidSound LS50X goes against the Logitech G635 7.1 compared to any other better product.

Features Of LucidSound LS50X Wireless Gaming Headset

Premium Design

Flexible padding for the head and solid metal contact point for strength, durability and a premium feel Take the LS50X with you wherever you go with a sturdy travel case with an internal luggage pocket.

Dual mic + mic monitoring

A removable, flexible boom microphone delivers clear conversation for your team. Removing the boom mic activates a secondary internal mic, which is perfect for mobile games and calls. Microphone monitoring lets you hear your own voice, so how fast is it to speak.

Easy setup

The LS50X’s advanced chipset enables a strong and clear wireless signal even in crowded Wi-Fi areas. One-step setup lets you play in no time.

LucidSound LS50X Wireless Gaming Headset
Pro’s Con’s
Excellent high frequency sound Some buyers said that it is not sustainable
The laminated core used woofer rubber all around Mic is omni-directional, so it’ll pick up noise around your
Super soft ear cups
High quality condenser microphone

Recent Buyer Reviews On LucidSound LS50X Wireless Gaming Headset

Excellent wireless headphones for Xbox, Dongle in USB port on back of Xbox which is hidden in AV cabinet and no problem with sound Experience without static noise or quitting Highly recommended to buyers.

9. Sennheiser HD 25 DJ Headphone

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 9
Sennheiser HD-25 headphones come with a 4.9-foot non-removable cable and 1/4 “adapter. This is the same package as the HD 280 PRO headphones, although we were expecting a bit more here due to the higher price of the HD25. .

They have a minimalist minimalist design and look good when worn. The HD 280 Pro has the same feel as a headset (although remember to sit on your ear instead of your ear). The headphones have a small amount of twist, but they can actually go a lot further in the way they’re made.

The HD25s are very light and minimal, which makes them quite comfortable to wear. You may be a little more attentive to his head due to the design of the ear, but luckily it doesn’t put pressure on your head. We were able to use them continuously for several hours.

The bass is very good and has a soft drop at 50Hz so the subbase is very good. The mids and highs are incredibly sharp – the percussion and tone are very detailed. A test mix that we pretty much did with the Senhizer HD25 and expected it to come out of the Yamaha Studio Monitor.

Due to their light weight and clear sound, the HD 25 are good casual headphones for listening. Relatively low at 4.9 feet the cable can be a limiting factor, as it is only enough to access your phone or laptop.

Features Of Sennheiser HD 25 DJ Headphone

Professional monitoring headphones

Due to its low weight and single-ear listening options, HD 25 headphones are indispensable for mobile surveillance. The Closed Back HD25 is a specially designed professional monitoring hearing aid that provides high attenuation of background noise.

High sound capability

Capable of withstanding very high sound pressure levels and extremely strong construction, these headphones perform exceptionally well in exceptional environments, for example. For example, England, sound reinforcement, studio monitoring, and audio equipment testing.

Good quality material

This makes it an ideal choice for headphones intended for harsh use. The HD 25 Plus is extremely light and comfortable despite being made of good quality material, Allows long-term listening to music.

Sennheiser HD 25 DJ Headphone
Pro’s Con’s
​Self-adjusting for comfort Some Installation Issues.
​Excellent and rich sound performance
​Great dynamics and clear, airy sound
Great sound

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sennheiser HD 25 DJ Headphone

HD 25 is the best sounding, very natural and flat sounding headphones for DJ and music production. Amazing mids, decent noise cancellation and most importantly light on your head. You can wear it for a day and forget that it ever was.

The combined pricing with its versatile drivers makes the HD25 a D Factor model. Used the 770 Pro (great for its sound stage and bass), and is easily an all-rounder. Buyers remodeled it.

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10. Samson SR850 Studio Reference Headphone

10 Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 10
The Samson headphones may not be on par with the major manufacturers, but when it comes to gaming, the SR850 headphones are a solid option any day of the week.

The SR850 headphones are inexpensive out-of-the-box, so if you want to build your gaming setup from scratch, these headphones are a great start. These have 50mm drivers that give them a good dynamic range.

They also have a wide nominal frequency response range from 10 Hz to 30 kHz. The connector is also interchangeable with a “1/8”, so you can play games, listen to music or watch movies on multiple platforms.

The SR850 is not a completely free backup design. It’s a semi-open back design, which means you’ll be able to adjust most of the background noise.

If you live in a busy area or have a lot of people at home all the time, the SR850 can only give you peace and quiet, allowing you to enjoy the amazing sound effects that your game can bring.

At the very least, you’ll be able to hear elusive notches preventing you from getting into the top 5 in the Battle Royal game mode.

Features Of Samson SR850 Studio Reference Headphone

Comfort Studio

The SR850 combines an ultra-light-over-the-ear design with plush velvet ear cushions and a self-adjusting headband. These relaxing elements ensure fatigue-free listening hours and your focus is always on music.

Sound power

Created as a best reference headphone for studio use, the SR850 offers listeners superior brightness over high, a true midrange that brings out subtle changes and lows with clear depth and force.

Semi-open headset

The semi-open design featured in the SR850 provides a wide soundstage with extended treble and bass response, resulting in a truly dynamic listening experience.

Samson SR850 Studio Reference Headphone
Pro’s Con’s
Advanced calibration Bassy quality is average
Convenient mic mute by lifting it up
Audiophile level drivers
​Impressive premium audio quality tuned for gaming

Recent Buyer Reviews On Samson SR850 Studio Reference Headphone

Sound quality is fine for conferences, meetings, etc., but normal for music. The voices are clear with good vocalization and there is no bite in the highs. It’s almost like they’re ready to hear this guy. They are essentially unheated and comfortable for multi-hour gatherings. For music: playback is more focused than fair, open and airy. The sound phase is short, but the separation is still good.

Test of gaming headsets

The best wireless devices, gaming headset testing process is detailed and authoritative. First, we examine the packaging material and look at the quality of the headphones from a point of fit and finish. We refer to this step for general deficiencies of products or packages or articles of special interest.

Next, we test the headphones from a purely ergonomic point of view. So we used headphones and investigated their ability to accommodate different head sizes and shapes. We wear a headset for a long time to see how it looks during a long gaming session.

Third, we tested the audio reproduction and the quality of the headphone microphone. Use headsets outside of the game for apps like FPS, RPG, and RTS, as well as various apps like Amazon Music Unlimited, Disney Plus, YouTube, and Microsoft Teams.

Finally, we consider gaming headsets in terms of everyday utility from an experiential point of view. This step is particularly important for headsets that are advertised as general purpose headsets as well as gaming headsets, which is why we use them when we travel or on the go.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Studio Headphones For Gaming

Studio headphones are designed to organize professional tasks such as recording, mixing, and track, meaning they have very neutral sound signatures.

Gaming headsets are a completely different headseat.

These are typically designed with a very heavy low end, decent imaging capabilities, a fairly wide soundstage, and some noise isolation.

In short, they do nothing like studio headphones.

Therefore, when selecting a headset specifically for gaming, you have to keep aside all the default assumptions about the sound of gaming headphones. Instead, there are some factors to consider when purchasing them.

Sound clarity

This is the leading idea that everyone should consider when buying headphones. The headphones are designed to provide clear and accurate sound. In particular, every top-rated earphone must have the best sound clarity features! The output should be compatible with balanced output for bass and treble output. This is the main idea.

Headset size

There are two sizes of hearing aids: annual and annual. Over-the-ear headphones wrap around your ears, usually with large earmuffs that surround your ears. On-ear headphones are perfect for those who want an extremely comfortable fit, but there is no factor in the volume and extra size of the on-ear headphones.

Over-ear headphones rest in your ears and the main advantage of these is the small size and portability of the headphones. This comes at the expense of comfort, as in-ear headphones can irritate your ears when pressed on them, which are unfiltered for longer gaming sessions.


Look for a microphone when purchasing a gaming headset. There are some games that cannot be played with a team. And when you play as a team, you need to communicate with your teammates. Therefore microphones are needed. Make sure you choose a headset that offers you a crystal clear noise-canceling microphone.

Build quality and comfort

Most studio headphones are built to take a beating either aluminum or stainless steel or heavy plastic.

You should have no complaints about the quality of the headphones made on this list. Most of these brands offer replacement parts, one of them must be damaged prematurely.

Gaming headsets should be comfortable. There is no solution for this. If it is inconvenient, too heavy, too tight, then you will begin to consider your decision to buy them.

To that end, we’ve chosen headphones that offer roomy padding, padded ear cups, removable cables (except one), and are lightweight. Holding force is subjective, but we’ve carefully avoided headphones that are known to be too tight in the box.


There is nothing more frustrating than buying new gaming gear, waiting for it to arrive and then realizing that it is not compatible with your gaming system. It’s no different for headphones, and you don’t want to buy too many different headphones for all your different consoles.

Modern models often come with a universal 3.5 mm cable that is compatible with all platforms (PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox), but does not support virtual surround sound without specific software. USB is another popular medium that works with PCs, Macs, and some consoles, but be sure to check your collection first.

Wireless gaming headsets usually come with an adapter that you can connect with a cable. Make sure what you do with your peace before spending any money.

Noise isolation

Closed-back gaming headphones are great for isolating noise because you won’t have to deal with noise from your surroundings.

On the other hand, open headphones are not designed with this approach. They come with soundstage features so you can easily distinguish between different sounds in and around the game.


Durability is another factor to consider as well, as they don’t last if you buy headphones. You will have to buy another pair again, which is not profitable at all.

You want open headphones that will serve you for a long time. This can be done by making sure that the headphones are made of quality materials. Also, check if the headphones are durable and will avoid traveling in your bag.

Design-wise, make sure that the open ear headphones you choose are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and can be worn for extended periods.

Quality drivers

The drivers for these headphones should be of good quality and anything over 50mm will be worth it. The big boosters here will allow your ears to distinguish between the sounds of the game and the real world. Larger drivers ensure that you can easily choose between high and low.


High-end studio headphones can cost anywhere from $ 100 to $ 2,500.

However, not everyone has this type of cash. That is why we have bought headphones at different prices. One for the budget-minded buyer, one for gamers looking for a healthy mix of price and features, and one for a price-conscious user.

We hope you can find the best gaming studio headphones in this list to suit your needs.

Additional Features

Different models come with different compatibility options. Some of them are good for gaming, while others are also good for mixing and creating music. They come with an option to connect the cable with various connectors. You can use them to play games and you can also create music with them.


We’ve never been the type to select the best of something, especially with a market as vague and expansive as the reach of studio headphones. However, we recommend choosing one of these ten that we have listed, as we have made our decisions carefully through much research and personal use.

Make sure to remember the aspects that we have given you and choose the one that best suits your needs and most importantly, your budget. Don’t be fooled by that Dre or other mainstream brand marketing BS!

Grab a pair of genuine studio headphones and you won’t be disappointed, especially since many of them come with replaceable parts. We like the honesty of many brands because the main companies in the market do not dare to choose to include replaceable parts because they want you to buy a new pair every year or if it breaks.

They also don’t tune your headphones as precisely as the brands we’re referring to today. Many have raised the lows to appeal to the broader market, saturating the term “studio.” We fear it will soon go out of style as they are running out of time limits for as long as possible until they get every last penny.

Our editor’s best recommendation is- Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

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