10 Best Wireless Android Auto Head Unit


10 Best Wireless Android Auto Head Unit

If you want to drive more futuristic vehicles, then you don’t need to spend a large amount to buy a new vehicle. There are many products to upgrade your car, and one of the best is the automatic head unit.

Improving your in-car entertainment will be important. Some of the features you can expect include hands-free calls, enhanced music and radio options, better GPS, and access to a wider range of applications.

When it comes to driving, the integration of technology has become important because there is a new need in society for technology-enabled goods.

 That said, Android likes to keep an eye out for the best Android Auto head units that support them. This may include your browsing requirements, music preferences, and the ability to help with tasks.

These are some of the best options on the Android car stereo market. These are reviewed to show the main functions of each device.

Understanding your requirements and pairing them with a car stereo that provides all the requirements you’re looking for is critical to optimal compatibility. Learn more through our 2020 reviews of the best Android car stereos below.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Wireless Android Auto Head Unit

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Car Stereo Double Din Radio with Navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Brand – Pioneer
Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Car Stereo 4 out of 5 $719.95
Sony XAV-AX5000 7” Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Media Receiver with Bluetooth
Brand – Sony
Sony XAV-AX5000 7” Apple Car Play, 4 out of 5 $398
BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay Android Auto Car Multimedia Player - Double Din Car Stereo, 6.75 Inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, USB Port, A/V Input, Am/FM Car Radio
Brand – BOSS
BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay LCD Touchscreen Monitor 3.8 out of 5 $204.99

Top 10 Best Wireless Android Auto Head Unit

In this article, we walk you through what you need to know. We have prepared and reviewed a list of the top ten best Android Auto head units. Then, we have written a complete buyer guide.

1. ATOTO A6 Double Din Android android auto head

The ATOTO A6 is a double-DIN system and is designed specifically for Android devices. It is developed with the popular Android Marshmallow operating system. The addition of a quick start system allows users to start the car and access the device and all its applications in two seconds.

Another feature we like is the extra brightness level on the screen. ATOTO improved the brightness capabilities found in Android phones and made them 14 percent faster than the car’s average stereo.

This allows you to see the screen better and there is no need to worry about blocking direct sunlight. The device supports USB devices with storage up to 256 gigabytes and comes with three USB interfaces, a micro SD card slot, and a backup camera.

A downside to this model is that it cannot pick up some AM radio stations, and it may be slightly stable if it does.

In addition, applications can be opened when they open for the first time or take about 30 seconds to start correctly. You may also have some incompatibility issues with some steering wheel controls and require an adapter to connect it.

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Features Of ATOTO A6 Double Din Android android auto head

Direction control

The factory key steering wheel controls can still be maintained. WiFi reception and billing microphone have been greatly improved. Drivers don’t have to yell to talk to others.

Dual Bluetooth

Dual Bluetooth not only serves as BT call / A2DP playback but also connects to the phone’s BT internet connection and BT gamepad/mouse / OBD. Google Maps is pre-installed, and users can download offline map data to navigate without the Internet.

Micro USB Drive

Unlimited USB Drive, micro SD compatible storage. Also, ATOTO A6 has the quick start function: start the car and access the system in 2 seconds

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android android auto head
Pro’s Con’s
Access the system less than 2 seconds IPS panel brightness on edges
High brightness for better viewing experience
Personal Privacy Protection
Versatile Connectivity

Recent Buyer Reviews On ATOTO A6 Double Din Android android auto head

Definitely worth buying! Great sounding and great looking radios highly recommend. Also, tech support was a very simple fix that was my issue, not the radio.

All stereo features work great. Very reasonably priced radio compares all the features and you should also choose this radio. Really love adaptability. Buyers were absolutely happy with the purchase and installation was quite easy.

2. Podofo 10.1″ Double Din Android Head Unit

The aspect that distinguishes this model of a car stereo from the rest is that it comes with a mirror link, ie a dual system. There is a special bi-directional connection for Android phones and a single focus projection for the unit for iOS phones.

Special installation of built-in WiFi is found in this double din radio system. The same allows you to answer phone calls through a wireless function. In this way, you can reduce your hands and focus on driving the car.

Within its structure, there is a fully compatible backup camera with 170-degree wide vision lens support. Apart from this, this camera comes with four great night vision and is IP68 waterproof. Once connected to the tipping devices, this camera unit will automatically convert to a rearview camera.

Features Of Podofo 10.1″ Double Din Android Head Unit

Built-in Bluetooth

Support Android and iOS device connection. Auto radio supports hands-free calling, phone book/call. Built-in microphone for making calls more clearly. With Bluetooth, you can instantly share all your favourite music on other devices in the car.

Gps navigation

The unit has a built-in GPS module and an external GPS antenna for online or offline. Since then, as long as there is a destination, you can go anywhere and never get lost again.

Support subwoofer output

If you add a sub that will provide accurate bass with the extra depth that brings your music and movies to life. A perfect choice for you

Podofo 10.1″ Double Din Android Head Unit
Pro’s Con’s
Camera is IP68 waterproof IPS panel brightness on edges
Support multi-format audio and video
Support Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS navigation, radio, rear view camera, steering wheel control
Control Android devices through Android stereo screen

Recent Buyer Reviews On Podofo 10.1″ Double Din Android Head Unit

Some things have to be bought to install a great product. But love it. It’s working great. The sound is loud and clear. It automatically connects to Bluetooth, the only complaint is that the home display isn’t really variable, just the background.

 Furthermore, GPS only records in kilometres per hour. Apart from this many buyers prefer this radio and are highly recommended.

3. BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay

With the convenience of your car’s steering wheel control button, this stereo can be controlled. Belonging to the BOSS, this car audio system is one of the best Android car sound equipment on the market.

Boss Audio BVCP9685A Apple CarPlay Android Auto Car Multimedia Player – Double Din Car Stereo, 6.75 Inch LCD Touch Screen Monitor, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, USB Port, A / V Input, MM / FM Car Radio

A better quality digital touch screen is the TFT capacitive display panel. This panel is accompanied by an advanced graphical interface for touch control. There is an excellent security facility inside. This feature reduces volume every time you put your car in reverse.

Features Of BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay

Android Auto:

Just “Ok Google” and Google Assistant will help you through the day. Get real-time alerts on Google Maps and Waze. Call; check your messages, reply, use all music apps with your hands on the wheel


Calling hands with the help of Siri. Run music applications such as Spotify or Pandora as well as iTunes and Apple Music subscriptions. Siri will be your DJ

Backup safely:

The BVCP9685A takes protection to another level by reducing the volume every time you put your car in reverse to see the rear environment on your screen.

BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay
Pro’s Con’s
Offers a secure backup feature IPS panel brightness on edges
3-year platinum online dealer warranty
Rearrange how you want your apps to appear
Find your route by asking Siri

Recent Buyer Reviews On BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay

Buyers really like this flagship unit. The cell phone feels like a touchscreen. The response is really solid and connects to Apple Car Play without any fuss. You don’t really care about the startup screen every time you start your car.

It delays with a warning signal for about 5 seconds then goes to the main menu. It also sounds like you are off-roading on severe rocks and bumps. This may very well be a phone or phone cable issue. Buyers fully recommend this to anyone looking for a wireless Android Auto head unit.

4. Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Double Din Radio

Pioneer keeps you in control by providing several customization options. Your Android device can be connected by cable or wireless. Wi-Fi certified Miracast allows you to keep your smartphone in your pocket or purse while driving.

Wireless or wired, the choice is yours. Connecting your Smartphone has never been so easy or convenient. The AVIC-W8400NEX has Wi-Fi wireless connectivity specifically to support wireless connections between your Smartphone and receiver.

Being compatible with Android Auto Wireless and Apple Car Play via wireless connection plus Wi-Fi certified Miracast wireless mirrors for older devices, you need to worry about removing your smartphone from your purse or pocket before sitting in your car is not needed.

The AVIC-W8400NEX supports wired USB connections for Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Pioneer’s patented App Radio Mode + for increased connectivity and AVIC-W8400NEX connectivity if you need to charge your phone to drive The latest multimedia receivers for Smartphone are produced.

Navigate with confidence AVIC-W8400NEX provides an extensive HERE® map database covering the entire United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and Puerto Rico, allowing users to route to millions of destinations.

As a component of the Naviextras feature, the AVIC-W8400NEX ensures that you have the latest map database available for this receiver at the time of purchase.

Customers purchasing Pioneer NEX products from authorized Pioneer dealers are eligible to update the latest map database available during the first 45 days of operation.

To update the map database, go to the Naviextras website to download the Naviextras toolbox, in partnership with Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc.

The embedded traffic tuner provides real-time traffic data for over 90 major cities in North America, including Canada. To avoid traffic congestion, pre-check your transit route or reach your destination.

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Features Of Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Double Din Radio

Built-in navigation

In addition to the latest mapping and turn-by-turn directions you get a large database of points-of-interest, things like restaurants, gas stations, and ATMs.

Apple CarPlay compatibility

Apple CarPlay is a secure way to use your iPhone in a car. Talk to Siri or touch the receiver’s display and get directions, phone calls, phone calls, send and receive a voicemail from Apple Maps, and stay focused on the road.

Android feature

Android Auto support so you can bring Android features to your car. Just plug it in via USB and have easy access to everything from touch screen receivers to Google apps and Google Maps. Access Android Auto features using a touch or voice command;

 Make and receive phone calls, listen to your favourite music, and best of all, with fewer intrusions and interruptions so you can drive safely.

Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Double Din Radio
Pro’s Con’s
High-quality responsive touch screen. Mapping system is not as extensive as Google Maps
Traffic monitoring in real-time.
Both wired and wireless capabilities
Latest mapping and turn-by-turn instructions

Recent Buyer Reviews On Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Double Din Radio

Most buyers love this system. Install this in the Toyota Avalon car. Good sound quality so buyers say they are happy. There is an issue with cutting audio in and out of road bumps, but all they had to do was secure the wiring and datalink razor.

The road trip from Houston to Dallas and then back to Houston ended. Excellent navigation! Turns away from traffic automatically and you can control how much information it gives you.

Sure love! This unit was the reason for the useless stock Toyota navigation and some buyers were very happy with the decision! He highly recommended it.

5. Binize Android HD Quad-Core AutoRadio

The Quad Binize Android Media Player is a high-quality system equipped with a variety of features. It offers a variety of features for a pleasant driving experience. The player comes with an easy to use touch screen that measures over nine inches.

The fast and responsive navigation screen commands the player with a simple touch. The high-resolution screen gives you crystal-clear views, whether you’re streaming a movie for travelers or browsing Google Maps.

The device supports WiFi and has a USB connection for easy connection. The bluetooth function gives you complete hands-free control. You can use the device to listen or listen to music without grasping the wheel.

It has nutritional features like adjustable brightness and transparent wallpaper. One of the main benefits is the ease with which you can customize this device to your preferences. Both its hardware and software are highly compatible and easy to use.

Although you are not playing a DVD, you can easily stream your music from the service or tune into the FM radio function.

Binize Multimedia Player for Android system focuses on modern technology and updated formats for viewing and listening to media.

Features Of Binize Android HD Quad-Core AutoRadio

Capacitive Screen

Screen, electrostatic sensor, multi-touch and sensitive which is much better than insensitive, pressure sensor resistive screen

Multi-touch, more sensitive to touch response, flexible slide, better light transmission rate, performance is clearer, translucent.

Steering wheel control & Backup Camera

The steering wheel control function allows you to easily control the button change on the steering wheel, change radio channels, and adjust the button volume. Provides comfort and safety to you place your hands on the Steering wheel.

Built-in wifi modem

Support 802.11 b / g / n, thanks to the ultra built-in Wi-Fi antenna, WiFi reception has been greatly improved, bunnies WiFi can also be comparable with some Smartphone, you browse news and ever you can watch videos online anywhere and anywhere.

Binize Android HD Quad-Core AutoRadio
Pro’s Con’s
Easy-connect Apps Mapping system is not as extensive as Google Maps
Play stereo music via bluetooth
Built-in WiFi module online navigation
FM Radio Tuner support

Recent Buyer Reviews On Binize Android HD Quad-Core AutoRadio

Many buyers recently purchased this radio from Amazon and found the radio to be of exceptional quality for the price. It was easy to connect.

This unit was the easiest to connect to the phone after downloading an app and the phone is shown very well on the radio.

Overall these products are definitely good, and highly recommend it to others and hopefully will be uniform if it does not happen soon. The product should be better than the radio for a good price and well built and great sound quality.

6. Sony XAV-AX5000 7” Android Auto

Making your Android smartphone on the dash of your car has become easier with the new line of Sony head unit. These screens have the highest resolution and are built to last. This XAV-AX5000 model is one of the best assets offered by Sony.

It has Two USB ports, noise cancellation, and quick access to your favourite applications. But please note that this is only an audio receiver, so you cannot answer calls or record audio with it.

The Sony XAV-AX5000 has a 6.95-inch touchscreen that gives you access to all your essentials. The screen has a brightness of 500 cd / m2, and the contrast ratio is fixed at 600.

On the screen, you can find a quick access tool. These are shortcuts to receive your SXM, BT audio, USB port, and phone calls.

With this Sony Dash companion, you get twice as many USB ports. Two ports mean that you can connect two devices together to the main unit.

And flexibility does not end there. Your Android Auto or Apple Carplay can be connected directly to the Sony XAV. So you can get all your playlists in one place.

Features Of Sony XAV-AX5000 7” Android Auto

Great control

Get quick access to commonly used features like volume, source, sound settings, and voice control for safe and easy operation on the road.

Easy access

Enjoy intuitive and simple controls for every trip, with a responsive 6.95 “(17.6 cm) (diag) touchscreen display that’s 2.5 times faster than the previous model, and dual USB ports, on-the-go music options Huh.

Android Auto:        

Connect your compatible Android device to display the application on your vehicle’s screen. Enjoy quick access to maps, music, or your phonebook.

Sony XAV-AX5000 7” Android Auto
Pro’s Con’s
The screen has HD visibility. There is no HDMI or HD radio input.
The volume can be adjusted.
Two USB ports.
Perfect for sports updates on the go

Recent Buyer Reviews On Sony XAV-AX5000 7” Android Auto

Looks great, has a dual USB input, Car Play works flawed. If you want something simple on a liberal budget then it will work. This unit mixes with the plan car. When you turn the car on it boots very quickly.

So far no problem, a few road trips, and this thing did not miss a beat. Well, to add connectivity, the Sony XAV can also connect to Sirius XM satellite radio.

A lot of people don’t use it, but if you do, you’re in luck. You can connect your satellite tuner and listen to your favorite podcasts while traveling. Highly recommended.

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7. PIONEER AVH-W4500NEX Wireless Android Auto

Another exceptional find from Pioneer, this audio receiver is the perfect dash companion. If you buy the Pioneer AVH, you will not only get a backup camera, but also a mobile phone holder. This is a great business, especially because of the specific feature set.

In general, double-DIN head units are built for visibility, not aesthetics. This main unit has a completely black background, showing all the icons in your applications.

The thing to note here is that the main unit can connect to 3 different outputs. So you can keep the front, rear, and subwoofer speakers in your car.

For connectivity, Pioneer supports multiple types of inputs. Connectivity options include dual USB, Apple CarPlay, HD Radio, and even Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit.

It can also connect to SMX and some other inputs, such as MP4 and MP3. The GPS displayed in the IT unit is satellite and cellular-enabled.

Features Of PIONEER AVH-W4500NEX Wireless Android Auto

Built-in Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free talking and audio streaming Bluetooth profiles Hands-free profiles allow a car headset to connect to a compatible mobile phone.

The phone book access profile allows the car stereo to display the caller’s name as well as access the mobile phone contact list directly from the car stereo2 DP.

Remote controlled

The advanced audio distribution profile allows high-quality audio to flow from an audio device to the car. Audio/video remote control profile supports basic remote control functions play, pause, etc.

Automatic detector

The new Pioneer Nex AV receivers automatically detect what type of device, iPhone or Android, is connected to the receiver and what services to provide.

It’s easier than ever to toggle between Android and Appradio or car game modes before navigation features.

PIONEER AVH-W4500NEX Wireless Android Auto
Pro’s Con’s
Low noise microphone included. Installation takes some time to move.
Many connectivity options.
Equalizer facility.
Compatible with CarPlay and Auto

Recent Buyer Reviews On PIONEER AVH-W4500NEX Wireless Android Auto

Buyers say this is just a stereo receiver; it also comes with an external microphone. Plus, you get a backup camera and mobile phone holder.

 However, you may not be familiar with the fact that pioneers are difficult to establish. It may take some time to understand the instructions. But is it worth it. Highly recommended

8. Corehan 7- Double Din Android Car Stereo

Based on Android 8 OS, 1.8GHz octa-core CPU based on ARM Cortex A7 architecture, SGX544MP1 GPU, 2GB RAM, and 32GB ROM. Powerful hardware increased storage capacity. The core unit works more easily and effectively

It is a multipurpose stereo system that always fits in any car. This is due to the fact that it is compatible with various multimedia centres such as DVD / CD playback, phone mirroring links, and USB drives.

It is also more convenient as it is a reliable navigation system that can support AGPS and GP navigation. In addition, it is even more effective as it can support camera input, OBD II scanner, and steering wheel control.

The car stereo system is easy to control because it has a large size of 6.95 inches which makes it ergonomic as it provides the best view ever. In addition, it is very fast due to being built in the quad-core A9.

Features Of Corehan 7- Double Din Android Car Stereo

Customized system

Built-in supports Bluetooth, GPS, and Android stereo, SWC with RDS, rear camera input, and FM / AM radio. The system also supports downloading more applications from the Google Play Store to expand more features

Best driving assistant

Android Car Stereo supports Bluetooth phone calls so you can drive safely. OBDII supports adding scanners; you can get more information about the engineer at any time

The multimedia centre in your car

The Android car stereo is equipped with a large 6.95-inch screen and supports video output for headrest monitors. You can share music and videos with each family member in the car at any time

Corehan 7- Double Din Android Car Stereo
Pro’s Con’s
24-hour technical support is available. Installation is a bit challenging
Comes with an external mic.
Supports Wi-Fi.
Three USB ports

Recent Buyer Reviews On Corehan 7- Double Din Android Car Stereo

Most buyers are very happy with their head unit, navigation becomes faster as it supports GPS and AGPS navigation.

With the provided Android system, you can download your favourite navigation application and download offline maps to the SD card. Now choosing the correct route is just a tap away. Plus, it supports Wi-Fi, which can be used to download songs on the go.

 If you want to call someone, you can dial, answer, and end calls. So keep your hands free and watch the road. Highly recommended

9. Kenwood DMX706S 7″ Digital Media Receiver

This Kenwood DMX706S is for those who want to enjoy the excellent sound quality and the ability to stream music. Major smartphone manufacturers are supported, although you do need to plug in your phone.

 If you are security conscious, you can mount two cameras and use the hands-free calling option.

First, the screen is based on resistive technology. The new generations of touchscreens use all resistors, making them faster and more accurate. With resistive performance, you will experience lag, and at the same time, you will have to hold your fingers longer than normal.

With this double DIN Kenwood stereo, you get the latest technology. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to make hands-free calls easily. This is the safest way to drive and talk on the phone.

Now when it comes to music, you can enjoy standard AM / FM radio. Also, there is a USB input where you can plug in a pen drive and listen to all your favorite songs. There is now a rear USB input, so you must run a USB cable to access it.

For some reason, features like the HDMI connector are missing. Also, there is no HD radio support. And you can’t even find a remote control.

 But the good news is that you can buy compatible solutions. Neither is included in the package and sold separately.

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Features Of Kenwood DMX706S 7″ Digital Media Receiver

Double phone connection

You can only enjoy streaming audio by switching devices with your friends or family. Dual phone connection when connected via Bluetooth at the touch of a button, you can switch between two phones.

The remote application can control the most basic functions of a receiver through a Bluetooth connection to a phone paired with a smartphone application (iPhone or Android).

High-quality sound

High-quality sound parts (custom-made or carefully selected capacitors, gold plated, etc.) are adopted to provide better sound quality. Equalizer /digital time alignment provides optimal tuning enhancements for 13-band EQ and DTA listeners.

Smooth touch panel

Transparent resistive touch panel transparent screen designed to reduce apparent glare, including a resistive touch sensor for precise control during operation. Bluetooth Music Mix Up 5 devices can be connected to the receiver at the same time.

Kenwood DMX706S 7″ Digital Media Receiver
Pro’s Con’s
It is a great unit for the money. The display is not responsive lag affected
The backup camera instantly on
Supports Wi-Fi.
Sound quality is excellent

Recent Buyer Reviews On Kenwood DMX706S 7″ Digital Media Receiver

Buyers like this stereo very much, it has all the modern features you could ever want, the screen doesn’t seem to be the largest, but it is very responsive, feels great using Android Auto and it works great, even with a pass-through USB, with a very happy stereo.

With almost everything, it feels high quality, but the screen has just this plastic feel and gives a little press on the screen every time, plus it is a great unit. Highly recommended price for it is unbeatable.

10. BOSS Audio Systems 820BRGB Multimedia Car Stereo

Listen to all your favourite music with the Boss Audio 820BRGB Double-DIN Mach-less (no CD / DVD) digital receiver, CD/MP3 player. Connect your Smartphone or MP3 player to the auxiliary input, turn on the AM / FM radio, or plug in a USB port for more music options. You can also charge a USB device with a USB port.

Bluetooth technology allows you to play and control music applications like Pandora and Spotify and make calls hands-free. Choose your sound style with built-in pre-EQ and change colour with multi-colour illumination options. Get more music options with Boss Audio 820BRGB.

Multi-coloured lights: Set the mood and make your car in your sanctuary. With over 16 million colour combinations, you can set a different tone every day of the week

Features Of BOSS Audio Systems 820BRGB Multimedia Car Stereo


Answer / Call and get hands free without being distracted. The built-in microphone picks up your voice and your car’s speakers let you hear the person on the other side. Play and control your music and applications in a wireless way like Spotify / Pandora


Use the front and rear preamp output to connect your speakers (front left / front right and rear left/rear right), USB charging available


The USB port gives you the option of having an extensive library of audio files at your fingertips. The auxiliary input is a convenient way to connect to your MP3 player/device. Advanced Bluetooth compatible profiles include A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP

BOSS Audio Systems 820BRGB Multimedia Car Stereo
Pro’s Con’s
It is a great unit for the money. The display is not responsive lag affected
Multi-color light options
Built-in Preset EQ
Sound quality is excellent

Recent Buyer Reviews On BOSS Audio Systems 820BRGB Multimedia Car Stereo

Great value and great deck, many buyers have recently purchased this unit, and they think. Perfect fit, clear instructions and sounds great.

A paired iPhone for this and it works perfectly. Some are concerned that the lower price will result in a decrease in quality, but a pleasant surprise. Many buyers highly recommend this product.

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Types of Android Auto Head Units


The main difference between a single DIN main unit and a double DIN main unit is its size; Double DIN head units are twice as large as their counterparts. Plus, they have more advanced features and controls.


A single DIN head unit can generally fit on the dash of most standard vehicles and generally measures between two and seven inches. These head units are more common due to their easy-to-use control, functionality, and price.

Advantages of Android Auto Head Unit

There are many advantages to using the Android Auto head unit given below, like wireless connectivity, multiple connections, personal style improvement, and much easy-to-use there are some advantages of using of Android auto head system

Wireless connectivity

Having an Android Auto head unit gives you the freedom to connect your smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device wirelessly. This allows you to listen to songs, audiobooks, and more from your private library.

Multiple connection options

When you get the Bluetooth wireless connection feature, many Android head units also include various other ways to connect devices.

These options are USB and AUX cables that allow you to connect MP3 players, iPods, iPads, and any other device that can connect to these cables.

Personal style

A new aftermarket head unit is a way to add your personal style to your vehicle. Some also allow you to customize colors to match the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Improved sound functionality

The best Android Auto head unit will allow you to customize the sound of your audio system. When you can adjust the settings with a normal car head unit, you will get more advanced functions with the Android Aftermarket unit.

Easy control

Compared to an OEM head unit, a new Android head unit will make your music and phone easier and safer.

The after-sales unit’s performance will be huge, making it easy to understand. Some even let you be completely hands-free and say order to access the information.

Safety first

This is not only about entertainment, but the Android car stereo is also about safety. For example, most devices on the market support hands-free calling.

This means that when you connect your mobile phone to a car stereo, you do not need to take your phone and talk. Instead, you can receive and make calls through the car stereo.

What’s more, without turning your head, you can also see your surroundings clearly on the screen if your car comes equipped with an Android car stereo that comes with or comes with a rearview or backup camera.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Wireless Android Auto Head Unit

Android Auto head units are increasingly installed at the factory in many modern automobiles. But they are still far from ideal. You will probably need to install an aftermarket unit. Here are the main features to look for when buying:


Let’s start with the part you’ll see the most: the screen. The ideal size will depend on your vehicle. If you have an SUV, truck, or van with a huge dash, a larger screen will basically fit. But you will have a limited room in a passenger car.

In general, the screen should be at least six or seven inches. Otherwise, it can be difficult to read and use. A six-inch or larger screen improves overall security by reading the screen at a glance.

Backup camera accessibility

Do you have a backup camera or dashcam, or are you planning to add one? Make sure it is compatible with your automatic head unit. The large screen is perfect for displaying real-time videos from the front or rear of your car.

Most cameras are easy to connect to standard units. When the vehicle is placed in reverse, it will automatically show the power to the rearview mirror.

Use of CD

The CDs are at an odd point in time. They have been effectively replaced by digital music. However, many people still have large CD collections that they like to play in their car.

Like CDs, CD players were a popular feature found in many car sound systems. But they are not very common in today’s automotive head units. If you still own a lot of CDs, decide how important the CD player is to you as it limits your choices when purchasing.

Touch Screen

We preferred a capacitive touchscreen (similar to the one on your Smartphone), which allows multitouch gestures that can be particularly handy for pinching to zoom on navigation maps.

But they are generally only available on high-priced stereos. The resistive displays used on most replacement stereos recognize only one touchpoint at a time, but we have found that they are fine for most uses, such as tapping on-screen buttons and swiping menus.

To zoom in or out on the map, all you have to do is use the + and – buttons on the screen.

Backup camera accessibility

Do you have a backup camera or dashcam, or are you planning to add one? Make sure it is compatible with your automatic head unit. The large screen is perfect for displaying real-time videos from the front or rear of your car.

Most cameras are easy to connect to standard units. When the vehicle is placed in reverse, it will automatically show the power to the rearview mirror.

Steering Wheel Control Bracket

Many new vehicles will have buttons on the steering wheel that allow you to adjust aspects of your audio system, such as input source and volume. In many cases, you can still use those buttons with your updated audio head.

iPhone Compatibility

Just because it is not an Android Auto head, it means that you have to turn off the Apple device completely. Compatibility with iOS is useful if iPhone owners share a car. Also, any passenger with an iPhone can easily share their music in their car.

The most popular Android Auto heads are also compatible with Apple devices. However, in some cases, iOS functions will be more limited than Android devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Supposedly, there are tons of car stereos that support USB connections. But such units are not fully compatible. Android stereos are perfect because they will display a list of some phones that can work with their built-in apps.

This is a better alternative to the Bluetooth connectivity found in these stereo units equipped with Bluetooth A2DP protocol.

Storage Capacity

You should select an Android stereo for a car that comes with enough internal storage as well as a high-profile ROM. With internal memory, you can save your favorite playlist and many other things.

It’s always best to choose a stereo system with an expandable SD memory slot to keep your stereo storage free from overhead. The memory card slot allows you to store your valuable data more easily. The more storage capacity you get, the more your Android car stereo will run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Quesions

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is the easiest and safest way to use your Android smartphone in the car. It gives you big icons and takes advantage of the voice control feature of your phone so that you know what your phone can do.

Android Auto makes it easy to view and protect certain phone applications to use behind the wheel. It works as a standalone app on most Android phones, but it really shines when paired with a compatible touchscreen car stereo.

Usually works via a wired USB connection. A handful of new music systems provide a wireless option.

The interface is optimized and voice-activated, so you can focus on the road ahead and keep your hands on the wheel while still in contact with others, listening to music and podcasts, or you can find your next destination.


As you can see, selecting an Android Auto head unit is quite a complex process, as there are many variables to consider, ranging from output power to compatibility and choice.

However, the previous review clearly breaks down all of these points to make it much easier to choose the best Android Auto head unit that matches all of your in-dash stereo requirements. Editors best recommended is – Kenwood DMX706S 7″ Digital Media Receiver

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