Best Wireless Mouse For Small Hands – Top 7 Reviewed

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    With the advent of laptops and minicomputers, accessories such as mouse have become obsolete. However, if you prefer to spend your time playing or working in special software like Excel, a mouse can make your life easier. Also, most people are not just big fans of the touchpad and always trust their mouse better.

    We have already established that a mouse is not obsolete. But there is really a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, the same mouse will not work for each hand, given different hand sizes. To check if your hands count as “small”, measure your arm’s length. Measure with the tip of your longest finger where your wrist begins. If it is less than 6.75 inches in length, your hands are considered “short”.

    Editor’s Pick – Top 3 Wireless Mouse For Small Hands

    Brand Product Model Rating Price
    Logitech MX
    Brand – Logitech
    Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse – Track on Any Surface, Bluetooth or USB Connection, Easy-Switch up to 3 Devices, Hyper-fast Scrolling 4.1 out of 5 $71.99
    Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse
    Brand – Microsoft
    Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Burgundy 4.5 out of 5 $69.95
    Apple Magic Mouse 2
    Brand – Apple
    Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargable) – Silver 4.5 out of 5 $74

    Let’s Check Best Wireless Mouse For Small Hands – 7 Best

    1. Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse- for Small Hands

    The Jelly Comb Wireless 1.	Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse Mouse is famous for being one of the best when it comes to small hands. The mouse weighs just 3.2 ounces and measures 4.1 4.1 2.7 inches by 2.3 inches. The mouse offers unmatched convenience with its offbeat look.

    While many may disagree, the jelly comb counts as a vertical mouse. The ergonomic design reduces the stress on your wrist. In addition, high comfort and adjustable DPI settings (800, 1200 or 1600) provide maximum comfort and convenience with a simple button at the top.

    The mouse is also very durable, with a capacity of over 5 million clicks. The mouse covers a full refund or replacement with a 2.4 GHz receiver and a lifetime warranty!

    Features Of Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse- for Small Hands

    Unique design

    Scientific ergonomic design encourages “handshake” hand positions for healthy, neutral hands and smooth movements and reduces overall tension. It takes a while to get used to using the mouse at a different angle. Once you get use this, then you’ll love it!

    High Result:

    DPI resolution optical tracking technology provides higher sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and accurate tracking on a wide range of surfaces with sensitive mouse clicks and low noise.

    Advanced Function:

    The next/previous buttons provide convenience when browsing web pages; A better option for Internet users, gamers and people working on computers.

     Wide compatibility:

    Compatible with most systems including Windows 7/8/10, XP, Vista and Linux. Suitable for laptops, PCs, laptops, computers and other devices

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    Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse- for Small Hands
    Pro’s Con’s
    Super tracking Not compatible with MAC
    Tactile cool button
    Compact design
    Fast and sensitive functioning

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse- for Small Hands

    Most buyers say that the Jelly Comb wireless mouse is actually a better ergonomic hand posture than it allows. Has a nice feel and the button has a nice soft action. Many buyers like that awesome design.

    The only drawback, which is really annoying at times, is that the two small “forward” and “back” buttons on the thumb side are very sensitive.

    2. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless

    Precise and portable work Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless wherever you are. You’re not done with your name on the bedroom door. It occurs in cafes, airplane seats, hotel rooms, and off-site meetings. The compact and powerful Logitech MX2 allows you to work anywhere and on almost any surface, even glass!

    The Logitech MX Mouse measures between 2.4 and 1.4 inches and weigh 3.7 ounces. The mouse has the best high-precision sensor that helps you track even on glass. The mouse comes with a built-in receiver that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Also, you can pair up to 3 devices at the same time. The mouse also gives you a quick scroll function to allow easy navigation. Once charged, the battery lasts 2 months!

    Features Of Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless

    Versatile control

    The sculpted figure holds her hand and feels comfortable after hours. Use it with three computers and switch between them at the touch of a button. Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, MX Anywhere 2 gives you the control to create things anywhere.

    Quick recharge

    A full charge lasts two months **. One minute of charging gives you an hour of usage. Charging is easy with the included micro-USB cable.

    Easy pairing from computer

    Pair the mouse with three Windows or Mac devices at the same time in different locations and easily switch between them at the touch of a button.

    Double wireless connectivity:

    Connect to Windows and Mac with Small Pico Integrated Receiver: USB port, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8 or later or Bluetooth Smart Wireless technology: Bluetooth device, Windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.10 or later

    Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless
    Pro’s Con’s
    Hyper fast scrolling No battery level tracking option
    Customizable controls
    Monitors any surface. Even glass
    Easily switch pair upto 3 computers

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless

    This mouse is undoubtedly the best in terms of practicality and ergonomics, it uses an average of 7-8 hours for work, gaming, spreadsheets, and more.

    Best of all, being BT, is the ability to link directly to multiple computers (Macs) and Windows and exchange them with a button.

    It is super light and easy to carry. The included cable is very short, so you better use something else. The only problem is that USB informing cannot be stored inside the same mouse as the previous version and that the buttons of my choice are on / off. The scroll wheel is slightly lighter.

    3. Anker 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse

    Anker are another big name Anker 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse in the ergonomic mouse industry, but unlike Logitech, they are playing on the “pocket easy” side of strength. This wireless / ergo / vertical anchor mouse is, but very economical, all things considered.

    However, despite its low price, the 2.4G Anchor Wireless Vertical Aerogenic Optical Mouse has a lot to offer.
    First off, you’ll get a nice design that looks like a spaceship from the old Star Wars series. Then the “adjustable on the fly” DPI setting, which lets you smoothly tweak the sensitivity, 800/1200/1600 dpi respectively, and this is more than enough for almost any type of non-gaming job.

    Finally, you have 5 solid buttons to play. However, comfort is the name of the game here, and this mouse is specifically designed to relieve tension (pressure and/or strain) on your wrist. It goes without saying that Anchor did a great job in this department, even if he found it difficult to use this mouse at first. Don’t worry, you will get used to it sometime.

    Features Of Anker 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse

    Comfortable and classy.

    Tired of using the traditional grip? Take a break from overly awkward or awkward mice. The ergonomically designed thumb rest and handles adjust to the contour of the palm of the hand for maximum comfort.

    Sleek and Sexy.

    Draw attention with a futuristic design. Designed for added functionality and comfort, it is a handshake with easy access buttons and three levels of mouse sensitivity (800/1200 / 1600DPI) to improve mouse tracking.

    Easy-access use.

    Five buttons give you enhanced control over your computer systems. Whether dragging and dropping, selecting large amounts of data, or casually gaming, this mouse provides an effective, low-cost solution to many computing needs.

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    Anker 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse
    Pro’s Con’s
    Ergonomic design Batteries not included
    Customizable control
    Good value for money
    5 button design plus scroll wheel

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Anker 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse

    Many buyers say that it is comfortable, and it is the most important thing. It can be used for hours so far and there is no pain. The wrist is not rotated like a regular mouse and can feel better.

    It took a day to adjust this angle. One interesting thing about this design is that you feel more inclined to use your whole hand to make mouse movements, which is a good thing because doing so puts less stress on the wrist. This goes well with the lowest DPI setting.

    4. Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Burgundy

    This wireless small hand Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Burgundy mouse is an efficient and easy to use device that is very easy to use and when you touch it, your hands will refuse to leave the device. It is a very comfortable device and is packed with excellent usability and ease of handling is always there.

    Problems associated with using a laptop will protect your arms from being fatigued and caught.

    The battery life of this mouse is excellent and you can use it comfortably while dancing with your fingers on the screen. I have used it and even working with small hands is amazing.

    Its functions are quite miraculous since when Bluetooth is disconnected as it latches, and when it fits like a mouse arch, your device’s Bluetooth automatically connects, Powered by 4.0 technologies. It is the best wireless mouse for small hands.

    It comes in three different colours and these colours are cobalt, burgundy and light brown. It is a very beautiful looking mouse with a good variety in its colours. It is powered by two AAA size batteries which are good enough to provide maximum battery life and if used regularly this battery can last up to 6 months.

    Features Of Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Burgundy

    Plug and play

    It’s most important factor is that it provides a plug and plays an attachment type, which means that you should connect your mouse to the personal computer or laptop and enjoy working this charming blessing.

    Slim, light sexy look

    Ultra-slim and light, the Microsoft Arc Mouse goes anywhere without the weight or bulk of traditional mice. In addition, you can flatten it and store it in your back pocket or purse for easy travel. The Microsoft Arc Mouse connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth.

    Refined, Design

    The Microsoft Arc Mouse provides an audible and satisfying image. Simply place the mouse bow in its curved position to rotate it. Re-level and pass. The overall design is optimized for the most comfortable and natural interaction.

    Beautifully designed

    The Microsoft Arc Mouse has a slim, smooth and unobtrusive design that is pleasing to the eye and perfectly suited to your workspace. From scrolling to the tail, the arch mouse is smooth to touch and carefully designed to sit comfortably in your hand. Choose from 4 rich colors to complement your device and personal style.

    Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Burgundy
    Pro’s Con’s
    Ultra slim and lightweight It can pair only with one one device
    Wireless range up to 32.8 feet
    Scroll both vertically and horizontally
    Multi colors

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Burgundy

    The minimal design of this mouse and the cool pop up and flattened on-off feature is a unique original design that you may not have seen anywhere else. And velvet feels.

    Not too much hand movement for the pointer, no problem in left and right-click. Just have to be gentle and use it because it is not the same design we have become accustomed to in standard mice. The best feature is the invisible scroll. Buyers love this mouse and get many compliments on it.

    5. Apple Magic Mouse 2

    There are different things in Apple Magic Mouse 2 your mind like it will be a status symbol and it will also take the status of the best technology that Apple offers in all its products.

    The Magic 2 mouse is a product with excellent features, as it is a fully rechargeable mouse. Just like you want with your mouse, you will save yourself from the stress of repeatedly changing the battery of your mouse.

    Now you have a solution to this problem and you just need to charge your mouse and you are ready to go. This mouse is light and easy to handle because you don’t think it is a rechargeable mouse and has to carry a heavy battery. It has a battery at the bottom and is not heavy at all, it is perfect for people with small hands.

    Features Of Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Completely rechargeable

    Magic Mouse 2 is fully rechargeable, so you will be using traditional batteries. It’s lighter, its built-in battery and fewer moving parts thanks to a consistent bottom case, and has an optimized foot design – making the entire Magic Mouse 2 track easier and farther on your desktop with less drag helps to grow.

    Multi-touch surface

    The multi-touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures, such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents. Magic Mouse 2 is ready to go out of the box and automatically pairs with your Mac.

    It’s lighter

    Continuous bottom case, and a custom foot design – the entire Magic Mouse 2 helps make the track easier and more with less drag on your desktop. And the multi-touch surface allows you to work simple gestures, such as sliding between web pages and scrolling through documents.

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    Apple Magic Mouse 2
    Pro’s Con’s
    Ultra slim and lightweight Price is on the higher side but well worth it
    Is very portable
    2 cables are provied for charging
    Sleep mode

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Apple Magic Mouse 2

    It’s sleek, lightweight, has impressive battery life, and has an excellent Bluetooth connection, and the ability to configure and adjust “right-click”, page scrolling, page scrolling back and forth, zoom in and away from tapping and gestures of mission control. They are very benefited.

    However, as with most Apple products, some seem too much. It also feels like you’re being fooled while you pay more to ask for a different color.

    6. Logitech M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

    The Logitech M720 is a Logitech M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse mouse that you can think of as a multi-device mouse. It has many connectivity options. It can be used as a connection to Bluetooth, USB, or wireless. You have options and you can choose connectivity as per your choice.

    The best thing about this device is that you have the option of choosing a USB dongle to connect multiple devices such as laptops, computers, and you can easily connect your Android devices to this mouse as well.

    The Logitech M720 is considered a cheap mouse because you do not need to spend too much to buy it; it is also called a simple wireless mouse. It has a simple body made of dark brown plastic shells, from which you can easily touch the mouse with your small hands.

    Features Of Logitech M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

    Dual connectivity

    Use with three Windows or Mac computers and laptops, including Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology

    Marathon Endurance

    A true athlete, the M720 is built to hold up, producing buttons with up to 10 million clicks. Scroll long documents or web pages quickly and easily. Or push the wheel and switch to click-to-click mode for precise navigation

    24 months of battery life

    You will like the increased efficiency of this mouse, 24 months of power on one AA battery (battery life may vary depending on user and computing conditions).

    Logitech M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse
    Pro’s Con’s
    Easy switching up to 3 devices Sometimes won’t connect to Mac via Bluetooth
    Max battery life
    Easily setup Flow and custom functions
    Move seamlessly between two screens

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Logitech M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

    Overall many buyers reported that they are For $ 40, this upgrade can be easily justified. Buyers are always satisfied with the mouse that Logitech produces. It works on many platforms by contrast and they create original designs that are really comfortable to use without the functionality or look of a mouse.

    7. Newtral Small Size Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

    The small-sized NEWTRAL Newtral Small Size Wireless Ergonomic Mouse mouse is designed to fit your hands and wrists perfectly. Its ergonomic design reduces the risk of muscle discomfort in the hands after prolonged use. In fact, Neutral’s patented wireless mouse shape is such that it allows you to keep the mouse at rest with minimal stress.

    It also provides a precise grip for mouse players. All you have to do is anchor the mouse on your wrist and little finger for maximum and precise control. This will allow you to play without any palm support, reducing the overall stress on your hand. In addition, the mouse also comes with a magnetic holder for your palm. You can use it for maximum comfort during continuous office or home use.

    Additionally, you can install the NEWTRAL mouse driver to bend the six-button functions of this mouse to meet your specific needs. The DPI of this mouse is also adjustable; It offers 3 different module: 800/1600/2400 DPI.

    Features Of Newtral Small Size Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

    Muscle Comfort

    NEWTRAL ergonomic mouse in 2015 reduces hand accents and muscle tension as proven by Professor Eric Pepper of USA. Data suggest that neutrals reduce the EMG of mouse arm muscles by 31%

    Optional COMFORT –

    The patented shape allows your palm to hold the mouse with a relaxed half-fist shape rather than a straight or round palm shape with additional tension.

    Reliable PALM Support –

    Accurate Grip: You can achieve ultimate precise control by anchoring the mouse with the little finger and wrist while drawing without the support of gaming, palm; Ergo Grip: You can get maximum comfort by using magnetic palm support for office use.

    Mouse for your –

    You are allowed to change the function of all 6 buttons by installing the NEWTRAL mouse driver. Adjustable DPI 800/1600/2400. 2.4G Wireless, Plug, and Play.

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    Newtral Small Size Wireless Ergonomic Mouse
    Pro’s Con’s
    Easy switching between upto 3 devices A bit slow for gaming
    Ergonomic design
    It comes in various sizes
    3 year warranty

    Recent Buyer Reviews On Newtral Small Size Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

    Buyers say the Neutral Small Wireless Mouse measures 2.2 to 3.35 inches at 4.85 and weighs about 7.8 ounces. The extra weight comes from the rest of the palm that comes with the mouse. The mouse is uniquely shaped and has a palm rest with the mouse.

    It helps a lot to relieve tension on the wrist. However, if you feel that it is adding weight and length to the mouse, you can comfortably remove the palm as per your convenience.

    Final Thoughts On Best Wireless Mouse For Small Hands

    When it comes to choosing a mouse with small hands, no one size fits all. It all depends on your button placement preferences and job requirements. It also depends on what you want to use with the mouse to detect large documents or for intensive gaming usage. If it is the latter, then you want better DPI settings and better adaptability to button functions.

    Most mice on this list have an ergonomic vertical mouse design, which encourages a neutral palm position. This limits how much the forearms turn and causes problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. To distinguish them, you need to think about specific design requirements and compare them to each other. For example, the most upright mice with the pedis are not hermaphroditic and can be used with one hand. Is ambition more important for you than relaxing your thumb or fingers?

    What To Look For When Searching For Best Wireless Mouse For Small Hands

    Your hands being small means you’re lost. It never is, nor will it be. At the end of the day, winning is part of your sports training, discipline, and critical thinking or IQ. Skill and determination will win your game rather than the size of your hands.

    The mouse you use is an extension of your hands. But still, this feature can have more benefits than battles, and each advantage can make or break the end result of the games you play.

    This is why it is extremely important for us to get the best gaming mouse in particular, with our own small hands.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a mouse for small hands.

    Design of mouse

    Unlike a traditional mouse, there are several designs that represent specific ergonomic shapes.

    The general trend is a vertical design that promotes the neutral position of the arms and wrists to avoid discomfort and pain when using the mouse. Others also mimic the natural state of the “handshake form.”

    Levels of DPI

    When you search for the mouse icon online, you will find the term “DPI level”. DPI is called “dots per inch”, and the higher the DPI, the more sensitive it is. In summary, DPI is a measurement of mouse sensitivity.

    Each time you move the mouse, the higher the DPI of the mouse, the more the cursor moves across the screen. A mouse with a DPI setting detects small movements and reacts accordingly.

    Just remember that a higher DPI is not always necessarily always better because there is a possibility that it will eventually reduce the DPI anyway. Players, however, love high DPI for fast action and movement.

    Power-saving and Wireless

    Of course, wireless mouse devices require batteries, but others are rechargeable. Therefore it is important to choose a mouse with power-saving mode so that you are not interrupted while playing or working. Good mouse brands can last up to 15 days after being fully charged.

    Portability and Convenience

    Many mouse designs are lightweight and compact, allowing you to take it anywhere, anytime. The side button is also the ease of use version, which is helpful or easy to click with minimal hand movements.

    Now, by investing in a good brand of the ergonomic mouse, surfing the internet is much easier for people with small hands. You do not have to worry about the pain and pain of every time.

    An ergonomically prepared mouse is healthy for the anatomy and physiology of your wrists and arms, and for your overall health and well-being.

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