Bose wave soundtouch music system IV

Bose Wave Soundtouch Music System IV

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Table of Contents

Bose-Wave-Soundtouch-Music-System-IV The Bose Wave SoundTouch music system IV is a luxury home stereo system, but it’s not without its problems. Bose is known for its high-quality audio and signature tones, and when you play tunes, this stereo doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

We have worked with many homes and professional audio systems and have never been disappointed with home audio systems; It hasn’t taken us that long to get music from our speakers.

Now we’ll see if there’s anything we can suggest about Wave SoundTouch IV and when it’s better to look for other products. There are so many home and professional sound speaker options on the market, including another excellent speaker system from Bose.

In this article, Physical connectivity and sound quality for Bose connectivity, software, and many more, we will see what Bose did right and what went wrong.

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Wave soundtouch music system IV Overview

Enjoy great music from a variety of sources with the Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV.  This Internet-connected device allows you to stream audio from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Internet radio stations, and your music library through your wired Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. 3.5mm auxiliary and Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless or wired streaming from mobile devices. Speaker built-in CD player and AM / FM tuner allow you to listen to your all favorite radio stations along with media.

Other waveform devices in the system have the same waveguide speaker technology. Automatically makes audio adjustments, so you spend less time tuning in and more time listening. As part of the SoundTouch family, you can play different music streams in separate rooms or customizable areas or the same music in each room through other SoundTouch products.

The Wave SoundTouch IV is controlled via a credit card-style infrared remote with six programmable presets or via the SoundTouch app for PC, iOS, and Android. Wave SoundTouch also has touch-sensitive controls under the top, front, and center of the top panel. You can turn on your Wave SoundTouch music system momentarily by placing your hand on the touch panel, smell the alarm, and reset it for the next day. A large display with adjustable brightness and automatic night dimming shows you precisely what is happening. The double snooze alarm clock is a suitable replacement for your clock radio or your Smartphone alarm.

Bose Wave Soundtouch MusicSystem IV
Pro’s Con’s
Great voice recognition Wi-Fi connectivity problems
Incredible audio quality Mobile app is confusing
Available in Black or Platinum Silver
Headphone jack for private listening

What’s in the Box

  • Bose Wave Music System
  • SoundTouch pedestal
  • Remote control
  • Power cable
  • A USB cable (for connecting to a PC)
  • Demonstration CD

Bose wave soundtouch music system IV features:


Moving on to Design, SoundTouch features a sleek, modern design that will look good in any room in the house. The unit has no buttons cluttering the surface with only an LCD screen, CD player, and two visible speakers.

So without buttons, how does SoundTouch operate? There are remote control and an app, but the SoundTouch also incorporates a touch function (hence the name SoundTouch). A touch-sensitive pad is located at the top center of the SoundTouch. Placing or touching with your hand in this area will turn the SoundTouch on and off, as well as snooze an alarm.

One of the simple yet unique features of SoundTouch is the ability to set two different daily alarms. This is useful if you and your partner wake up at other times or if you only need two reminders in the morning to get out of bed. Alarms can be set to sound on any of the inputs, including one of your favorite streaming services via saved presets.


Due to its small size, you may get confused when you see Bose SoundTouch in the living room. Make no mistake, though; Wave Radio packs a punch of loud sounds with great depth. Even when you are listening to FM radio, Bose provides stellar sound quality with this device.

But with Wave SoundTouch IV, it shouldn’t be just analog radio stations. This Bose Wave music system is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to access Internet radio stations and stream music through services such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and more. You can also control those streams and play music easily through the SoundTouch app.


Bose doesn’t specify the power output or what speaker drivers are installed in the SoundTouch. However, the sound isn’t reliable. The touch of sound is surprisingly strong with soulful, well-defined bass response. The balance between mid and high frequencies is exceptional.

SoundTouch detail is most impressive on this speaker. Bose has gone the extra mile when this audio system offers it all, thanks to Bose Wave speaker technology. This technology enables SoundTouch to deliver high-quality, room-filling audio without distortion, even when played at high volumes. It is an immersive audio experience, and in some rooms, you cannot indicate that the audio is coming from the good touch. To fully understand it, you have to listen.

Online music streaming:

Bose Wave IV is internet compatible and provides a stable and direct one-touch connection to your online music services. From Spotify and Amazon Music. Similarly, you also have live streaming support for all available internet radios; at the same time, you can follow the trends on your favorite podcasts on iTunes, Anchor, Podbean, Bluebree, Buzzsprout, SoundCloud, and more. You also get a free subscription to iHeartRadio and Pandora to stream the latest songs you paid for.

FM / AM radio:

Go old-fashioned and go to your favorite radio station. The Bose Wave IV picks up weak signals where most radios fail. With the use of signal antennas, a unique ultra-sensitive signal generation feature has been incorporated into portable systems so that high and low-end frequencies can be continuously captured and transmitted.

Alexa Integration:

Thanks to Amazon, Alexa has reduced control of almost every home appliance. But again, this possibility is only available on specialized devices designed to be compatible with Alexa. And the best thing is that Bose Wave IV is one of the few. Every functionality and feature of this music system can control the voice on your Alexa system via a wireless connection. And since this system is not sold with the Alexa system, this possibility may be worthless if you do not have an Alexa unit.

Software and firmware:

With the need for out-of-the-box firmware updates, we found the SoundTouch app misleading and difficult to navigate. The touch screen and viewing software cut off some songs’ names and have few functions other than displaying information if the software shortage is managed by remote hardware.

The overall functionality of the software is well below expectations. Bose should redesign the remote control and integrate all user controls into the touch screen interface and the SoundTouch app. We also believe that touchscreens and apps should have the same functions and control all the same things – switching between different control input devices is not very easy to use.

Powerful SoundTouch app

The free SoundTouch app makes it easy to select music and operate the Wave SoundTouch Music System IV with your Smartphone, tablet, or even a computer. Use the application to save radio stations, music service playlists, and Internet radio stations as presets. Your favorite music is not far from a single tap on the screen.


We’ve already covered our Wi-Fi connectivity issues and can’t find a solution. Other users have also mentioned these problems. We also had some Wi-Fi problems with the Bose Home Speaker 500 that we reviewed, but the issues weren’t frequent, and the device wasn’t completely disconnected from the network.

The Wave SoundTouch IV can be hands-free with any Alexa-enabled device, such as the Amazon Echo Dot. With voice integration, you can start a playlist, change the volume, change tracks, find out what’s playing, and if you have multiple speakers, you can use one from your living room kitchen speaker. Can be switched to

Fortunately, there are other connectivity options. Bluetooth is straightforward to set up; the connection remains solid during audio streaming, the auxiliary input works as expected, and the headphone output works. We don’t have many CDs these days, but we’ve discontinued a few, and the Disc SoundCouch IV handles this format if a record is your thing.

Configuration and control;

The system is ready for use out of the box, so no setup work is required before use. Just plug it into your power outlet and make the necessary internet connection while playing music from a source other than your CD, SD card, or AM/FM. All adjustments can be made directly with a gentle pressure remote control. And this includes raising and lowering the volume level and switching between radio channels or browsing your music library. Another control option is Alexa. You can connect wirelessly this music system to your Alexa via Bluetooth or WiFi.


Overall, the Bose Wave IV is lightweight and portable. If you’re looking for a powerful music player for your next camping party, it won’t add to the load. It sits firmly in your audio player cabinet without taking up a lot of space. Plus, if you’re looking for a personal companion, plug your headphones into it, and you’re good to go.

Easy to use

Bose’s proprietary technologies make many of the adjustments required for high-performance audio. So you can enjoy the performance of a large multi-component stereo without a single control line. Large, easy-to-read displays display music sources, time, and more. And dual partners are ideal for working couples who have to wake up at different times. If you prefer to take a nap in the morning, tap the top of your system to buy extra time.


Soundtech systems are expensive, but Bose supports them. You have to work hard to extract this kind of sound from this size speaker at any cost. More than that, this speaker will probably make you last longer. So if you want a versatile low-profile speaker with incredible sound, it’s worth its price.


When it comes to audio quality, SoundTouch is at a second level to the competition. SoundTouch has audio features for everyone. There is an excellent chunky bass response for those who love bass, but annoyance and audio clarity for those who love classical music.

The $ 599 SoundTouch is a bit expensive but worth every penny. It is a stereo system, built to last and will easily remain in your home for many years without any problems. SoundTouch is available in tow color option Black or Platinum Silver.

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