Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review

Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review, Ideal for parties: Bluetooth speaker, it seems like a strange conclusion, but without Bluetooth, you won’t be able to create a party scene where you choose. Party speakers are getting more advanced with more battery life, bigger sound from smaller speakers, and a host of other features. In this article, we look at the brookestone big blue party speaker.

Let me tell you that this is not something you can compare to a small tablet speaker that you may already have. For starters, it stands 16 inches tall with a 6-inch x 6-inch footprint. It weighs around 12 pounds and comes with a built-in carry handle that you will need. This thing is bigger and harder to make than thick metals and plastics.

It is also waterproof (the durable name is Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker), which was put on for the shower test where it goes without a hitch. While I would not recommend anyone to put this product in the bathtub and turn on the shower, you should know that you must survive. This means that you will splash in the pool or even in a few minutes of rain, while you splash to get away from it all. A good party speaker should be able to do this.

Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker
Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review

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Features: – Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker

Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker delivers 72 ° 360 ° sound from 4 full-range speaker drivers. If you have a barbecue and your guests are in the garden and patio. This means that everyone can enjoy the same quality of music, no matter where they are sitting.

The Big Blue Party speaker has Bluetooth and a Blue Inch AUX input. Bluetooth is held down by holding down the large blue power button until the blue light flashes. You will get Big Blue on your phone and the pairing is very fast. NFC-enabled devices can be connected immediately by touching the NFC sensor. The Ized inch AUX input is covered by a waterproof rubber flap to protect it from dust and water. The AC input below the auxiliary input is also covered by a similar waterproof flap.

The Big Blue Party speaker gets its name from the large blue lights around the power button and on the sides of the speaker. These are not party lights, but they definitely add a serene atmosphere to the party. The lights come on when the unit is on and can be changed via the “light bulb” button under the speaker. Since the speaker has a battery life of 4 hours, you may want to keep the lights off if you are away from the electrical outlet.

The control panel of a Big Blue Party speaker has three buttons, a function button, volume up, and volume down. By pressing the function button, you can change the bass and treble settings using the up and down buttons. An LED strip allows you to see increments by adjusting the volume, treble, and bass.

Between the inches of the button, the AUX, and the power input is a button that, when pressed, has an LED strip above the speaker battery that indicates battery life.

Big Blue is a minor thing for the party chairman. The top of the handle has a high-gloss chrome finish. Although it looks impressive, fingerprints and scratches are easily visible, slightly irritating, we see this as a reason not to buy a Big Blue Party speaker, just something to keep in mind, especially if you want to travel to Big Blue. We recommend that you keep the box to protect that chrome handle during transport.

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4 speaker driver

The Big Blue Party X has 4 speaker drivers positioned at different angles to project sound around 360 degrees. It also has a built-in active subwoofer and passive radiator cabinet for rich Omni-directional bass. It doesn’t matter where you put this speaker.

Big Blue Party X design:

The company designed the new Big Blue Party X 40% louder than the previous version. With great sound quality, portability, water-resistance, and 40% more sound.


Pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices, or touch NFC devices for instant wireless pairing. Easy Carrying handle to take your music anywhere.

Take a look

  • Model Name: Big Blue Party X
  • Power Output:   72W
  • Sensitivity:    Unspecified
  • Speaker Drivers:    4 x Full-Range Drivers
  • Battery Life:      5 Hours
  • Inputs:     Bluetooth, ⅛ inch AUX
  • Bluetooth Range:    50ft
  • Weight:     7lbs
  • Frequency Response:  40Hz–20kHz
  • Speaker Type: Outdoor

In the Box

What’s in the box when you buy the Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker?

  • Brookstone Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker

Power cable

Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review
Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review

Brookstone Big Blue Party Speakers With Chromecast

Brookstone has updated its Big Blue wireless speaker to include built-in Wi-Fi streaming with Chromecast.

Brookstone is known for selling its electronics in shopping malls and airport stores. It is a lifestyle brand for those who do not have the patience to deal with a confusing sales pitch for children in Best Buy or who do not have the time to read thousands of conflicting reviews for a hundred different products.

We have been using the Big Blue Party for a few weeks now and it is well made, easy to use, and incredibly loud for its size. It also looks good for the price. Close Brookstone shop the next time you’re at the airport and if it suits you, it’s a solid pick.

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Bluetooth has become a wireless transmission technology because the source of your phone (tablet, computer) has a direct connection to the chip in the speaker. The downside is the finite range and different reliability for reconnecting previously paired devices. Streaming over Wi-Fi is usually a better option: both the source and the speaker are connected to the same network, and the streaming connection is almost instantaneous and reliable.

There used to be a lot of speakers that were powered by Apple’s Wi-Fi AirPlay system, but manufacturers abandoned that option as prices for speakers fell like a thunderbolt on the market. Customers didn’t demand AirPlay, but Apple still demanded royalties for the technology, so it came out.

Google’s Chromecast has started to gain traction as an alternative Wi-Fi streaming technology and Brookstone’s implementation works flawlessly. If you are an Android user, Chromecast will handle any music streams you throw.

If you are an iPhone user, Chromecast is built into Spotify, Pandora, Slacker Radio, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music, and NPR One. The iOS music app that plays your iTunes purchase or Apple Music subscription does not work with Chromecast, but you can still play those songs through a Bluetooth connection.

Chromecast setup is easy via the Google Home app (available for both Android and iOS), and since it works over your home Wi-Fi network, it lets you set up multiple speakers and full Sonos-style home networks.

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Party Speakers

If you’re still unspecified, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide with recommendations from party speakers for specific applications, frequently asked questions, and some fun top tips to get the most out of your party speakers.


Most of the party speakers on the market are portable and easy to move around. There is a couple who are not as agile to move as the others, but still not difficult to get their group on the road.


Parties require some energy and volume, but in some cases, you may need some cooling. Here some of the most powerful party speakers on the market, as well as some more suitable options for a quiet barbecue or apartment gathering. You can check here. (Internal backlink)


Manufacturers have felt the need to weatherproof their products. More and more Bluetooth speakers are coming with some advanced waterproof protection. Speakers that will be completely submerged and can handle a couple and a few splashes

Battery life

Earlier, the battery life of party speakers was not great. In recent years, manufacturers have made significant improvements in lithium-ion technology, resulting in portable Bluetooth speakers with incredible battery life. We have included one in 40 hours and another in 50 hours, with a battery life of 20-25 hours. A pair of party speakers also offers the option to purchase additional batteries, which extends the life of your party speakers (depending on how many batteries you buy).


The first consideration is always what the speaker costs. We have vetted various party speakers to meet most budget constraints. We have considered very good party speakers and then we noticed the value of money within some price ranges as well.

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Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review
Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Review

Final Verdict On: Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker

The Brookstone Big Blue Party speaker is ideal for any party where people are spread out, such as in the backyard, around the pool, barbecue, back door party, or even on the beach. 360 ° sound means that everyone can hear the same sound. The top has a large handle to make the speaker easy to move and move. You can also fit the speaker in medium to large bags for long distances. Big Blue Party Speaker is one of the best speakers for listening to music with friends, indoors or outdoors.

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