Can Alexa Play Calming Music For Dogs?

Yes, Alexa can play calming and relaxing music for dogs. Alexa has gained more than 100,000 skills since its launch in 2014 and one of them is playing relaxing music for dogs. Before we start delving into how Alexa can help your dog relax, we need to understand the concept of, “Alexa Skills”

As per recent research, dogs prefer music genres which compliment their own heart rate.

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What Are Alexa Skills?

Alexa skills are additional apps which you can install and enable extra specific functions which Alexa can perform on your voice command. Alexa is a voice assistant by Amazon which you can connect with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick and Echo Spot.

Options To Play Relaxing Music For Dogs Using Alexa

Calm My Dog By Hero Software.

  1. We can be with our furry friends all the time. Hence, this Alexa skill can be downloaded from here.
  2. Within your Alexa app you can find this skill named, “Calm My Dog” by going to the skills shop or clicking the link above.
  3. You can open this app by using a voice command, “Alexa open Calm My Dog
  4. Before using it for the first time, you have to enable this skill by pressing the enable button in the skill store. You can even use the voice command and say, “Alexa enable calm my dog.”
  5. To stop the skill, just say, “Alexa stop”

6.Calm My Dog is a free Alexa skill app but also has an option of GOLD MEMBERSHIP which comes at $2.99 per month. You get enhanced sound quality and unlimited hours of music play time. This membership is called Calm My Dog Premium

Comfort My Dog

This is a more popular Alexa Skill app which is available for you to play calming music for your dog. The music helps your dog to be less anxious, more calm and sleep more. This Alexa skill (app) has more than 4,122 reviews on Amazon and you can get it from this link. Its a FREE Alexa skill but they do have two premium skills too as explained below.

Comfort My Dog Premium: – 7 day free trial and then it’s $1.99 each month. You can cancel the membership anytime. Premium subscription provides enhanced sound experience and you can play music for an unlimited amount of time.

Comfort My Dog GOLD: – 7 days free trial and then $2.20 each month. Cancel anytime. The only additional feature you get here is longer sound loops along with better sound quality and unlimited hours of play time.

Calm My Dog From Polypack-UK-Ltd

You can check it out here

This one is absolutely free to play relaxing music for your dogs. A single track plays on loop with infinite playing time. The length of the single track is 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Amazon Music For Dogs – What Should I Play On Alexa For My Dog

Here is a playlist which is perfect for Alexa to play calming music for dogs: – Playlist

Some other popular music playlist for dogs are as follows: – 

  • Pet Therapy
  • 50 Relaxing Tracks For Dog Anxiety
  • Calming Pets Music
  • Peaceful Puppy
  • Classical For Pets

Can Alexa Play White Noise For Dogs

Dogs are easily distracted by other neighboring dogs barking in the vicinity or by the sound of vehicles passing by. Playing white noise on Alexa can help your dog relax and pay less attention to the disturbance outside.

How To Play White Noise On Alexa

Go to this link and download the white noise skill from the Amazon Skill Shop and then you can play white noise on Alexa.

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