Can We Change Processor Of Laptop

Can We Change Processor Of Laptop

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Unlike desktop computers, laptops and other portable gadgets often don’t offer many upgrade options to improve functionality. These updates refer to updates made after the purchase of the laptop.

Unfortunately, some laptop and laptop manufacturers allow their customers to upgrade the speed of their processors. However, sometimes the amount spent on a faster processor generally results in a slight increase in performance and may not be worth the upgrade. This upgrade often requires a laptop or notebook manufacturer or authorized repair shop and is not something that can be done by an end-user.

Stay here and read this article I explain every step in-depth for the change the processor of the laptop.

Short answer

Changing of processor or any other accessories of the laptop is possible some laptops. Some manufacturers don’t offer this facility for change or upgrade laptop accessories.

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Why Change Laptop Accessories?

Extra-long startups more wait times, slow saves, and long program launches mean your laptop has lost power. And the older it gets, the slower it gets.

But just because your trusty old computer is constantly driving in the slow lane doesn’t mean it’s time to step out of the e-waste chute. You can revive it with a few easy updates without breaking the bank.

With the right knowledge, tools, and a little preparation, you can make your old laptop better than your new one.

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The processor, sometimes called the CPU (Central Processing Unit), is the heart of any laptop and has the biggest impact on its productivity. A faster processor means that applications load faster, you can run multiple applications at once, and your computer does not slow down when performing processor-intensive tasks.

There are many numbers associated with the CPU. For example, you may see 16, 32, 64, or 128 bits attached to a single chip. For most people, a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU will suffice.

CPU clock speed refers to the number of pulses that the processor executes per second. It is usually measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz).

Originally, the CPU had a single core, which means a single processing unit. Two-core and quad-core CPUs are much more common today. You may also see some octa-core chips during your purchase. The more cores, the more processes your system can run simultaneously, speeding up your computing.

AMD and Intel are the largest CPU manufacturers. Intel provides better performance but costs more. Like most m3, m5, m7, i3, i5, and i7 cores. The AMD model sequence is E2, A6, A9, A10, A12, and FX.

Intel continues to modify its original Intel Core processors. AMD is in the seventh generation with its chips. The latter has four cores, which help with battery management and speed. Importantly, many laptops still use 7th generation Kaby Lake, and the current generation still requires Windows 10.

Remove old processor

If you are making a processor change rather than installing a new one, first remove the old processor chip from the system. Simply twist the screw on each corner and it will pop up easily, revealing the CPU you need to replace underneath.

To clean use thermal paste, you will need to clean the contact area of ​​your old processor and your cooler with isopropyl alcohol and an antistatic cloth.

Since the old processor is screwed into place, you will need to lift the lever to loosen it before attempting to remove it. You don’t need to be that slow to insert a processor, but the pins are delicate and worth taking care of when removing. If you want to reuse, sell or give away your old processor chip, be sure to put it in an antistatic bag.

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How to change the laptop processor?

On some laptop models, it is possible to silently replace or upgrade your laptop’s processor or CPU (Central Processor Unite). Because some laptop models do not offer to replace their parts.

Here I explain systematically how you can change the processor of your laptop.

Phase 1

Shut down the laptop’s operating system and push the display lid to the closed position. Unplug the AC power adapter and any other cables connected to the laptop.

Phase 2

Turn the laptop over and place it on a flat work surface, such as a desk or table. Push the release latch into its unlocked position, and then take the battery out of the case.

Phase 3

Locate the hard drive cover on the bottom end of the case. Remove the screw from the cover with the screwdriver. Remove the cover and then slide the metal hard drive out of the laptop.

Phase 4

Turn the laptop over again so that it is facing up. Open the display cover 180 degrees. Remove the plastic locking strip at the top of the keyboard by sliding a flat-head screwdriver under its seam and then lifting it up.

Phase 5

Check to see if your laptop model has screws on top of the keyboard or uses a locking tab instead. Remove screws if present. If there are no screws, place the edge of the flat-head screwdriver under the blank key in the lower-right corner of the keyboard, and then lift it up.

Phase 6

Grab the top edge of the keyboard. Lift the keyboard, and then gently place it on the palm rest area.

Phase 7

Locate the cooling assembly covering the processor on the right side of the laptop’s motherboard. Push the retaining clip down onto the assembly and then remove it from the processor.

Phase 8

Insert the tip of the flat blade screwdriver into the locking screw on the bottom of the processor. Turn the screw counterclockwise until the processor unlocks from its socket.

Phase 9

Elevate the processor to avoid bending the pins. Put the new processor in the socket and push it down until it locks. Turn the locking screw clockwise.


Reassemble the laptop components in the order they were removed, and then restart the operating system.

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Can Desktop Laptops Use the CPU?

While it has become increasingly popular to build desktop PCs from scratch or have them built exclusively from pre-selected parts, most laptops have specific settings that are not designed for extensive customization. Many of these laptop models support RAM expansion and the ability to replace or add a second hard drive, and most laptop processors are soldered directly to the motherboard. These integrated chips make laptops more efficient and space-saving, but they also make it incredibly difficult to replace processors.

If your laptop’s processor is attached to the motherboard instead of soldered and can be removed by pressing a lever, it can be installed on any compatible desktop motherboard by connecting it to the CPU connector and installing the appropriate drivers. Some full-size desktop motherboards are compatible with the desired CPU for the laptop. Attempting to put the laptop’s CPU on an incompatible motherboard could damage other components and is not recommended.

Buy a new computer

If your current laptop is more than eight years old, you may consider buying a new laptop. Another sign of the need to buy a new laptop is that if the cost of the components you need to replace is close to the price of a new laptop, you may want to start over with a new laptop.

A new laptop will undoubtedly be more expensive than the individual components, but it allows you to have everything you need in one package. Be sure to look for one that will last you for many years and is upgradeable.

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We have shared all the steps on how to get the Direct TV app on your Smart TV on the above-mentioned smartphone. We hope it was a useful read, you can share in the comment section below if we have missed anything or any suggestions that you would like to share with us.

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