Can we use PS3 controller in PS4?

Can We Use PS3 Controller in PS4?

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The good news for all the gamers is that yes, you can use your PS3 controller in PS4. In the beginning, it was not possible to use your PS3 controller in PS4, but after the efforts of various companies and engineers, it was made possible. Using a controller converter, one can use the PS3 controller in PS4.

Gradually, the controller converter was developed into controller adapters. The advantage of controller adapters are:-

  1. One can save a huge amount of money.
  2. One can use his/her favorite controllers in any console.

Is the PS3 controller compatible with PS4?

After reading other articles and forums, you may have doubts about PS3 controller compatibility with PS4. Most of them mention that the PS3 controller is not compatible with PS4. How can you make it work on PS4? Unfortunately, they are right. The PS3 controller is not compatible with PS4.

When the PS4 was released in 2013, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios stated that the PS4 was not compatible with DualShock 3. One reason is that the DualShock 4 includes many features that are not included in the 3, for example, the touch screen. . Another reason is that the PS4 is not compatible with many PS3 games. The good news is that you can still use the PS3 controller to play games on the PS4 console. Read on to find out how to do this.

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Controller Adapters

There are various controller adapters available in the market of various brands and at different prices. So, if you have no idea about which controller adapter you should be using then we would recommend using the following two-controller adapters:-

  1. Brook
  2. Cronusmax Plus.

The above two controller adapters are quite responsive, cheap, and durable to use.

Unpair the PS4 controller

Before using any controller adapter, it is vital to unpair the PS4 controller with PS4. You can unpair using these simple steps:-

  1. Connect the PS4 controller to the adapter (be it Cronusmax Plus or Brook).
  2. Then, connect the adapter to PS4.
  3. Turn on your PS4
  4. Go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth Devices.
  5. Choose PS4 controller.
  6. Then, click on “Forget Device”.
  7. Click “OK”.
  8. Finally, disconnect your PS4 controller from the controller adapter.

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Using PS3 controller in PS4 with the help of Cronusmax Plus:-

After, successfully disconnecting the PS4 controller it’s time to connect the PS3 controller. So, for that one has to download and install the Cronus Pro software and follow the steps:-

  • With the help of a USB cable, connect the Cronusmax Plus adapter to your device and open the software.
  • From the top menu bar, select the “Tools” option and then click on “Options”.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Then select the “Device” tab.
  • Under the “Output Protocol”, option chooses, “PS4” and under the “Rumble over Bluetooth” select “Disabled”.
  • Once, the above steps are completed, enable the following options:-

Enable remote control of slot switch on the device.

1ms Response.

Iframe Out.

The device will remember the last active slot when restarted.

Automatic DualShock3 Bluetooth(If you have a wireless PS3 controller).

  • After the “Device” tab, click on the “CMax Plus” tab.
  • Then, select the option “Enable PS4 Partial Crossover Support”. You are almost done.
  • Close the software and disconnect the Cronusmax plus adapter from the device.
  • Connect the PS3 controller to the adapter and connect the adapter to your PS4 console.

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Can we connect Wireless PS3 controller to PS4?

The answer is yes. One can use a wireless PS3 controller. Just a few additional settings have to be made and you are good to go with your PS3 wireless controller.

  1. Plug the USB cable in the input port of the Cronus max plus adapter.
  2. Go to the main interface of Cronus Pro and choose Tools> DS3/Sixaxis pairing.
  3. Follow the given Bluetooth pairing wizard to complete the pairing between the wireless PS3 controller and the Cronusmax Plus.
  4. Disconnect the PS3 controller from the Cronusmax Plus and remove the Cronusmax Plus from the PC. Then, connect Cronusmax Plus to the PS4 console and plug the Bluetooth USB adapter into the input port of Cronusmax Plus to connect the PS3 controller to the PS4 console.

When you see the LED 1 on your PS3 controller light, and the display screen on CronusMax Plus show 0, it means the controller is paired successfully. 

Using PS3 controller in PS4 with the help of Brook:-

The other controller you can use is the Brook converter. The connection process is simpler than Cronusmax Plus’s:-

  1. Insert the Brook converter toPS4.
  2. Connect your PS3 controller to Brook converter using a USB cable.
  3. If you see LED 1 in the PS3 controller, it indicates that you have successfully connected the device.
  4. You can remove the cable.

These were the basic steps that you can apply to use your PS3 controller in PS4.

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What do you need to pair a PS3 controller with a PS4?

To pair your PS3 controllers with a PS4 console, you will need special controller converters, also known as adapters, so that you can use your PS3 controller on the PS4 as well. Also, there is no evidence that Sony provides adapters to pair the PS3 controller with the PS4 console. However, you can buy one from a third party.

Specifically for connecting a PS3 controller to a PS4, the Gam3Gear Brook Super Converter should do the job for you. However, if you want to use several different drivers on different devices, there are many other converters available as well. However, the former is cheaper, unlike the latter.

Another stylish adapter is the Amazon CronusMax plus Crossover Gaming Adapter. Although it is a bit expensive compared to others, it is well worth the money as it makes PS3 controllers work like PS4 controllers.

Why can’t you use a PS3 controller on PS4?

The PS3 or DualShock 3 controller is not officially compatible with the PS4 due to its advanced features and compatibility. The best way to answer this is by looking at the stock and comparing these two controllers.

For example, the ps3 controller has a mini-USB port while the ps4 has a MicroUSB. From such differences, we can assume that the old controller is not compatible with your updated console.

So what are your options to get this ps3 controller to work on ps4? The answer is to use ‘controller converters’. These driver converters are specially made adapters that get the job done. Happens around changing the functions of

Legacy existing drivers for Workspace. So in this tutorial, we will also use a special controller converter which will be helpful to make your ps3 controller work smoothly on the ps4 console.

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Issues to consider with all methods

There are always small hiccups in the world of technology. But the issues I’m going to mention below shouldn’t get in the way of you or your game!

When you connect a PS4 controller to your PS3 via a cable, there usually aren’t too many problems.

However, a minor problem often reported by gamers is that when you connect an additional PS3 controller to your PS3 after connecting the DualShock 4, games can sometimes automatically switch the PS3 controller to “primary”. Give Turn on the controller. Select as.

One way to prevent the PS3 controller from becoming the “primary” controller is to assign the PS3 controller to “Controller 2”.

There are few problems other than the wireless path.

One of the most important things about wireless is that the PS4 looks like a ‘generic controller’. What I mean by this is that the PS3 does not see that it has a next-generation controller plugged in. This means not all great features will work on the DualShock 4.

Features you may not have noticed: The touchpad will not function properly if it does. In addition, the haptic feedback will not even be timely!

However, if you do not have haptics and a touchpad, these problems won’t be much of a problem for you!

Another minor problem and I am not even sure it is a problem to be fair, is that when you play again on this generation of consoles, you’ll need to repair your PS4 controller with your PS4. It’s all very basic and won’t take you much time to do!


PS4 or later versions have some advanced features that only work on specific controllers. Trying to connect old hardware with new software is sometimes the hardest part.

And you feel it in this post on how to connect ps3 controller to the PS4 console. Anyway, if you have followed the above steps one by one, I think you have time to play great games on your ps4 console using DualShock 3 controller.

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