Can You Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer

Can You Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer, Laser pointers used for presentations are unlikely to damage security cameras, at least not as easily?

Laser pointers are divided into different classes based on their potentially harmful effects on the human eye and health.

While your typical presentation pointers are classified as Class 1 or 2, the most visible beam laser pointers are listed as Class 3R or 3B.

Class 3B lasers can generate enough heat to potentially damage a security camera, especially after prolonged exposure.

According to MTS Intelligent Security Solutions, there are three main parts of a security camera that can be affected by a laser.

Are you sure?

If it’s right, then it’s right. Socially restricted or not.

Because of this, it’s wonderful to be in a situation like this. It is now up to 1mW in the UK.

So far, there have been 5 talks in the affected states. It has an effect when implemented this way.

You are potentially affected in the sense of potentially affected.

If you can get a high-powered class 4 laser and point it at a security camera a certain distance – not miles – you will definitely have an impact on the security camera.

To stabilize the resolution, you need a convolution. To keep this type of CCD for a long period is bad.

How can you stop it?

Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer
Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer

Infrared lasers can certainly blind your camera, but criminals must have an appropriately equipped camera lens to do so. The use of dome cameras with shadow/smoke glasses makes it difficult to align the lenses.

Also, keep in mind that these lasers work best in complete darkness if your cameras use IR lenses. You can turn off the IR and make the camera colorful and use some light to avoid this.

It is well known that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Security is a complex issue and has many different components. For the best solutions, they should all be used together.

You should use a motion detector, alarm, camera, and lighting together to have the best security system on your property.

Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer
Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer

Long-term effects of exposure

Shining a high-powered laser at a camera for several minutes could potentially physically damage the camera’s lens or body and render the camera inoperable for most of the time in our tests.

For example, after shining a 30,000 mW laser on this dome for about four minutes, the lens overheated and broke, leaving the entire field of view blurred.

Also, after a few seconds of exposure, the smoker’s plastic melted around the lens.

As with other cameras, the heat from the laser destroys the image sensor and renders the image unusable. It didn’t seem to have the same dead pixel issues as the other cameras we tested, but then it completely failed.

Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer
Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer

How do you prevent a camera from being damaged by lasers?

There are a few things you can do to prevent laser pointers from damaging the camera.

For example, if you place it in a higher position, it becomes more difficult. While the laser pointer can still serve to cover the user, the camera sensor can at least avoid damage, as it can only be damaged when the laser is from a distance of about 5 meters.

Security camera owners can also consider options like installing multiple cameras in inaccessible areas or using infrared filters.

In addition, you can also opt for pan-tilt-zoom cameras, which are often in constant motion and make damage from long laser exposures almost impossible.

If your security camera is from a brand that supports notification software, set it to be disabled or blinded by your camera.

If you own a digital camera, be especially careful when going to concerts or laser shows.

Pay attention to where the projectors are and where they are aiming their laser beam.

If you hold your camera steady, watch the direction of the laser beams for a few minutes to make sure they are not aimed directly at your camera.

Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer
Disable A Security Camera With a Laser Pointer


In general, when you are dealing with someone who has installed a security camera in a place that you are unhappy with, you will need to either speak to them directly or report them to the police. Using a brilliant laser pointer to destroy a security camera won’t do you any good as you probably won’t find a laser powerful enough to do it.

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