Can You Shower With Apple Watch 6

Can You Shower With Apple Watch 6, All Apple Watch models come with some degree of water resistance, raising questions about whether users can actually wear any smartwatch in the shower?

Apple’s range of watches is very popular and the pace of adoption is not likely to slow down anytime soon. If anything, and given the number of new and useful features that Apple continues to add, the Apple Watch is likely to remain the preferred choice for many buyers.

That is, at least for those who are in the market for iPhone watches? However, the Apple Watch isn’t exactly a cheap smartwatch, so understanding how durable and protected they are can be a good way to ensure that Apple smartwatches stay useful for as long as possible.

Water-resistance point for protection up to a depth of 50 meters for Apple Watch Series 6 and all new models. In short, it’s fine to take a shower with an Apple Watch Series 6 or newer, but it’s probably wiser to take a shower with an Apple Watch or Apple Watch Series 6.

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can you wear apple watch on your ankle
Can You Shower With Apple Watch 6

What is the difference between waterproof and waterproof?

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There are times when the Apple Watch is labeled as waterproof when it is actually waterproof. There are significant differences between these two words, waterproof watches provide complete protection from the ingress of water for a certain period.

Water-resistant watches come with different ratings and different care requirements to perform well in water. The rating system is an indicator of how long water can pass before the watch is at risk of damage. The Apple Watch 2-7 has an ISO standard rating and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Apple Watches can withstand depths of up to 50m, but there are a few more things to consider. This rating is given when the watch is submerged in water for a short period of time, a prolonged stay in water is not recommended.

This means there should be no problem with regular swimming or light activities in the water. However, if you’re willing to spend more time on the water, you may want to consider other models.

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Can You Shower With Apple Watch 6
Can You Shower With Apple Watch 6

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 waterproof?

Technically speaking, no, the Apple Watch Series 6 is not waterproof. It is waterproof and there is a difference. Water-resistance means it can’t be damaged by water, and the Apple Watch can. Instead, it’s waterproof, which means it’s okay to expose your Apple Watch to water under certain circumstances. However, those circumstances are very specific.

The Apple Watch Series 6 complies with the ISO 22810: 2010 standard, which means that the watch is rated to be water-resistant up to 50 meters. However, Apple cautions against using it at that depth.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6 is suitable for coming into contact with water near a surface, so when you use it near a surface of the water, it should be fine.

Apple warns that high pressure can cause the seals that protect your watch to fail. For this reason, Apple recommends that you do not wear your watch while surfing or diving.

If you are going to enter the water, you must open the water lock before the watch is turned on. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the water drop in Control Center to lock it against the water.

To deactivate the water lock function, turn the digital crown clockwise several times. Don’t panic as you will hear a variety of sounds and feel some vibrations as the watch expels any water that may have entered.

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Possible water damage on the Apple Watch

Now, if you read about one of the most important factors that can affect the water-resistance of your Apple Watch, you already know the answer to this question.

In theory, showering with the Apple Watch shouldn’t be an immediate problem. As Apple already mentioned, exposure to soap or shampoo can affect the efficiency of the water seal used in the manufacture of the Apple Watch.

It can also cause problems with the built-in speakers, resulting in muffled sound. That’s why we recommend that you store your Apple Watch while you shower.

You should also know that previous Apple Watch models were not built to withstand even splashes of water. Apple Series 0 and 1 watches do not have a water resistance rating.

Now specifically for swimming, the Apple Watch Series 2 to 6 is designed with excellent water resistance and can be used later without a problem.

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Turn on the water lock before diving

When you are swimming, make it a habit to activate Water Lock on your Apple Watch. This feature prevents water from activating the touch screen of your watch. I accidentally sent vague messages while swimming in my pool because I forgot to activate the Water Lock.

When the swimming exercise activity starts, the water lock is activated automatically. Otherwise, you can turn on Water Lock in Control Center and tap on the Water Drop icon.

To deactivate the water lock, you will need to turn the digital crown of your watch until you begin to hear a series of beeps. The noise from the speakers is used to push the water out of the cavity.

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How long can the Apple Watch Series 6 last underwater?

Can You Shower With Apple Watch 6, There is a limit to how long the Apple Watch Series 6 can withstand water, as it is only waterproof and not waterproof? Apple recommends that you do not keep your watch submerged for more than 30 minutes. After being in the water for so long, the seal may fail.

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