Can You Take Roomba Upstairs?

We think Roombas are awesome vacuums. And the way they work is even more impressive than their usefulness! Instead of working hard to pick up all the crumbs, dirt, kids, and pets left around the house by manually dragging a vacuum out from its storage place, you can program your Roomba to do all the work for you while you’re out during the day or overnight.

What’s even better about Roombas is that they’re becoming an increasingly more effective automated vacuum cleaner. While they used to be very basic devices with mixed results, now they do a great job of picking up dirt and dust throughout the house and are becoming more intelligent as they learn from user habits and past mistakes. But what if you live in a two-story home? No, unfortunately, Roombas cannot climb stairs just yet although it has been said that it is continually being developed for just such an option in the future.

Should you live in a house with multiple floors, do you want to be able to keep them clean without memorizing the best number of times to push a vacuum around? The biggest challenge for those who live in houses with multiple stories is figuring out when to use their beloved Roomba. After all, each floor needs different effort and attention! Here, we’ve compiled 8 useful tips on ways you can get the most out of your robotic vacuum if you are someone who lives in a multi-story house:

Program Your Roomba for Every Other Day Use

You can still consistently use your Roomba on a daily basis, but you can alternate between vacuuming the downstairs and then doing the upstairs. Thankfully, there are programming settings your Roomba has now that make it possible to help you do just that! You can choose what days you intend to use your robot vacuum cleaner and which areas you prefer for it to clean.

For those of us who live in multi-story houses, it can be a challenge to keep finding suitable charging stations for our devices on each level. One excellent solution is to invest in Roomba robotic vacuums that are capable of making the journey between two floors and do an excellent job of cleaning. If you’re wondering if these machines normally have multiple home bases, the answer is yes.

Roomba Cleaning
Roomba Cleaning Upstairs

Don’t Worry about the Stairs

Roombas have built-in sensors to prevent them from falling downstairs. Rather than confront the harrowing possibility of a tumbling vacuum, Roombas move out of harm’s way and continue rendering their services on the floor above.

Move your Base to a Different Floor

What if I move the Roomba and its home base to a different floor? You’re going to need to program the Roomba on the second floor for the best results. If you just pick up the Roomba and remote and head upstairs, your vacuum will do a decent job, but it may have a hard time getting back to the base when charged. As a result, your vacuum may run out of battery power and won’t be able to vacuum as effectively as usual tomorrow.

Create Floor Plans which are Unique for the Roomba

The newer Roomba models can remember up to 10 unique floor plans in their memory. This means it can go over an entire floor or parts of your floors depending on what you need to be cleaned and how much time you want to be spent cleaning. For example, If you know that a given room is not occupied on certain days of the week then you can program it not to go there so that those rooms won’t get vacuumed.

Do not Interrupt the Roomba Cycles

Interrupting your Roomba mid-cycle before it has completed its cycle can make things a little tricky for your vacuum. Since Roombas have to do their own cleaning planning and programming on their own, it would be best for you to wait until the vacuum has finished with its assigned floor plan for the day/cycle. When it is done vacuuming, bring it upstairs with you and turn it on so that way there will be no problems with your robot in the future.

Make sure the WiFi Coverage is Good

In order for your robot vacuum to communicate with your wireless internet signal (and via extension, the mobile app that controls it), it needs a strong signal. If there are areas of your house on the ground floor or top floor with a weak connection signal, then it is possible that your Roomba will wander off in search of connectivity for an extended period of time. Before you get your Robo vacuuming deep inside hard-to-reach places, make sure there is a steady internet connection from one end of the house to the other and not just in small pockets or areas.

Take Roomba Upstairs Early in the Morning

As you might know, Roombas charge overnight. Therefore, they are fully charged by the morning before they begin their daily schedule. If you’re going to be using the vacuum on multiple floors throughout the day, then it would be best to move it once the battery is full because this guarantees a large chunk of time will be devoted to vacuuming your upstairs in particular or basement.

Prepare Early

While it’s possible to program your Roomba however you want, most people have found that having a few extra sets of hands around to help can make all of the difference when it comes to ensuring that their device returns with the maximum amount of cleaning power. A few helpful tips include having family members reach high places for toys or picking up any stray clothes on the way out so their robot isn’t confused, leaning chairs up against walls so that their robot can easily swerve around, and making sure all of the doors are open before throwing them into a room so there aren’t any potential awkward traps for their devices as it does its cleaning rounds.

Final Thoughts on Can You Take Roomba Upstairs

As more Roomba robots are released, the functionality continues to upgrade. Nowadays, you can purchase models that have Wi-Fi connectivity to give you control of your device long-distance (who wouldn’t want that? This means no more getting up to turn it on or off). What’s even better is that the latest additions have a new feature that enables owners to set their Roomba down right into any room and switch out with another robot in a different area. Maybe someday in the near future, one will be able to climb stairs!

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