The Complete Guide On Mounting TV Above Fireplace

The Complete Guide On Mounting TV Above Fireplace

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If you are considering placing a television above your chimney, then you should be prepared to do a little extra work. Although this task can be challenging, it is not impossible. Many people have now chosen this location to mount their TVs.

For some, there is no other wall in their family room or they refuse to hang their television. Between the doors and the windows, this space on the wall is to the left of all. Others specifically choose the chimney to create a modern or contemporary aesthetic. Either way, getting your TV to function properly in your fireplace requires more diligence than working in other common areas of your home.

However, you do not have to go it alone. The V Mount TV technician specializes in-wall mounting above a chimney. Here are some tips to help you find your TV safely.

Guide On Mounting TV Above Fireplace

Fireplace location: not always the best option.

Open any Home Decor magazine and you will find a picture of a fancy flat-screen TV above the fireplace. Strictly based on looks, this is a great option. And home builders often run power and video cables to that location, so it’s a breeze. This is rarely the best option, and not just because it is on the wall. Wood fires produce heat and smoke, neither of which is good for the long-term health of your TV.

If you decide to go ahead and put your TV on your chimney, consider a chimney stand. These cleverly designed mounts allow you to take the TV to a good viewing height and then lift it back up while watching.

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Is it comfortable to watch?

Yes, but it depends. The TV should be at eye level or slightly above it for the best viewing angle. Otherwise, people may suffer from neck strain. How to measure whether it is at eye level or not? Here’s a quick tip from Samsung: You can mount your TV up to 42 inches from the floor to the center of the TV. It is 5 feet 6 inches tall on a standard couch, which should reach the level of one’s projected eye.

What if my chimney is a little high and it is impossible to mount the TV about 42 inches from the floor? The solution is simple. Get a tilt TV stand. The tilted TV stand will help propel the TV forward and reduce glare. However, if you have more than 65 centimeters from floor to center, it is better to get mantle support, which will solve all the problems at the same time, it can burn a hole in your wallet.

Choosing the right TV size

The first unavoidable dilemma you face after deciding to turn on your TV is: choosing the right TV size. It can be difficult to determine the optimal TV size that best fits your entertainment space.

In short, you don’t want something big and Clooney for your location, but you do want to see it from afar, especially if you regularly use your television to entertain guests.

A general rule of thumb is to decide the best location first before deciding what size TV is right for you. This way, you can make sure your TV fits well and looks beautiful wherever you choose.

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Check Fireplace of temperature

If you plan to shoot while watching television, it is important that the location of your television hang does not exceed the recommended temperature indicated in the unit’s technical specifications.

Too much heat adversely affects the life of the TV and creates conditions that can void the product warranty. To check the surface temperature, place a thermometer on the face of the wall or chimney when a house fire is burning.

If the temperature is higher than recommended, you may want to leave the idea of ​​a television above the fireplace. If you decide to go ahead with the plan, understand that you will not be able to watch flames and TV shows at the same time.

TV viewing angle

Most fireplaces are too tall to mount the TV, the reason is that the viewing angle towards the TV is very good in a viewing space and you are likely to have neck pain. When you sit in your viewing position, the optimal TV angle is in the center of the screen and around your eyes. If you want to do this with a fireplace, you will turn on the TV, so this is not possible.

I fully understand that television installed on a fireplace in many living rooms is a logical place and can actually look better in terms of beauty, so you might want to do it anyway, huh. I fully understand, I have personally placed countless televisions in the fireplace. I had my television on top of the fireplace in my old house.

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The image on the screen is not optimal when viewed from an angle.

LCD TVs are notorious for being difficult to see from angles greater than 30 degrees from the horizontal. If you mount the flat-screen TV against the wall above the chimney and are sitting on the couch or lovingly, you will see the screen from an angle the higher the angle, the worse the image quality.

An angle of more than 15 degrees is not acceptable, and if you need to mount your TV on any wall, it is a good idea to use a stand that is similar to a swivel, such as the Emerald Full Motion TV Wall Mountains. (Available at Walmart), allowing you to lean down to look at the screen and then move it against the wall when not in use.

The cable

Obviously, with a chimney mounted on top, you’ll need a few cables to do the work. Such as TV antenna/satellite cable, HDMI for any device, optical cable for your soundbar, etc. At the very least, you will need electricity there. You can hook them up for a simple finish or if you are looking for something more professional, you want to chase the cable to the wall.

To do this, I recommend following the edge of the fireplace and then approaching the TV. Personally, I try to angle the front edge of the fireplace drill where possible where the chase is such that there is no need to remove the corner of the wall which can be difficult to repair.

With small fireplaces or large televisions, this often means that chasing the front of the chimney allows me to get away completely / leaving only the plaster/plaster on the side of the chimney to fill. A 25mm or 1 “hole is enough to fit through the largest HDMI cable, but if you are going to feed through multiple cables you will want to drill a larger hole. I suggest you cut them get it now because you don’t want to. Add them at a later date.

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Consider television integration ideas

To reduce the appearance of a large black screen, try installing the TV in the form of a folding door in the wall or behind a couple. For a more high-tech solution, add a mechanized panel that goes up and down to hide and illuminate the screen with the touch of a remote control button.

If possible, choose machined TV frames, cabinet doors, and panels eliminating mirrors and materials to create a coherent view of what is already in the room. You can also consider other technological advancements, such as motorized artwork that you want to watch your favorite shows or mirror panels that disappear when the TV is on.

Adding a built-in library to the fire frame can help hide electronic devices and divert attention from large television screens.

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As long as you mount your TV over the fireplace, I hope it looks as good as I imagined. It is definitely a must-have if you have followed these steps here.

I hope this guide has helped you and knows your answer. Let me know what you think and if you have any additional suggestions that we should know.

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