How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone To Xbox One

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    Headphones are a popular gaming accessory because they allow the player to experience better sound quality and can support in-game communication with friends. As technology advances, wireless headphones have become the latest trend in the gaming community as they remove restrictions and open up gaming opportunities due to cumbersome wiring. This takes Xbox One games to a new level of experience.

    The Xbox One is one of the most popular consoles available, but connecting your Bluetooth headset to your Xbox One may not be as simple as it should seem. However, with a little help and advice, you will find that it is possible to connect most Bluetooth headsets to your console with relatively little effort.

    Is Your Xbox One Bluetooth Compatible?

    When it comes to connecting the Xbox One to Bluetooth headphones, the most important gadget in your game world, after your gamepad, it should be noted that the Xbox One is, unfortunately, not compatible with Bluetooth and you cannot use a Bluetooth headset Or headphones through a direct connection to your Xbox One.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft decided that this was not necessary and developed a faster way to interact with the gamer with a new wireless system.

     Most likely, Bluetooth came from this game console because it is too slow for voice broadcasting, and they discovered a new and faster way to bring sound to gamers’ ears.

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    Do Bluetooth Headsets Work With Xbox One?

    Do Bluetooth Headsets Work With XBox One

    From the title of the article, you will know what this article is about. There are usually several headsets that are compatible with Xbox One. But do Bluetooth headsets work with Xbox One?

    Bluetooth headphones are wireless and very practical. This is why people prefer to use Bluetooth headphones with almost every device that they have. However, the Xbox One has some specifications that make it incompatible with Bluetooth headsets.

    Usually, if the headphones are Xbox-brand, they can easily be connected to the upgraded versions of the Xbox console. Conventional Bluetooth headsets cannot connect to Xbox One due to the added security layer that prevents connections to third-party external devices.

    However, if you want a wireless gaming experience, some gaming experts suggest using a Bluetooth audio transmitter with Bluetooth headphones. This additional accessory, that is, the Bluetooth transmitter, is readily available on many online sites and is very inexpensive, so it can be easily purchased. All you have to do is connect the optical audio output of your Xbox One and adjust the RTX to your liking.

    You can also connect your Bluetooth headset with a USB adapter on the Xbox One controller. Xbox One headset must-have stereo adapters for this adapter to work. Connect the 3.5mm audio jack to the adapter and you’re done.

    Sound is almost always an important part of an overall great gaming experience. Playing on Xbox with headsets will add even more to gamers. Concentration is not required much more often than games. For the best gaming experience, be sure to invest in a good, expensive pair. Even if the Bluetooth headset is not directly compatible with the Xbox One, you should invest in a headset with the same wiring if you don’t have a better experience.

    Therefore, the answer to the question “Do Bluetooth headsets work with Xbox One?” is not one. Why is this?

    The reasons for this anomaly are:

    The headphones cannot be connected to any third-party wireless controller. The headset must be connected to an Xbox One controller for it to work.

    Xbox One console does not have a Bluetooth function. Therefore, the headphones cannot be connected via Bluetooth.

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    Therefore, it can be said that Bluetooth headsets are incompatible with Xbox One and do not work when connected. However, there are other audio devices that may interest you. External microphones, stereos, etc. They provide nothing less than an incredible gaming experience. Since Xbox is very specific about its products, you may or may not find audio systems that are compatible with it. However, be sure to do proper research before purchasing any gaming product to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.


    • Insert the Scosche Bluetooth transmitter into the 3.5mm auxiliary port on the Xbox controller
    • Turn on the transmitter by pressing the button for at least 3 seconds, or until you see the blue and red LEDs flashing.
    • Turn on your headphones
    • Press and hold the pairing button
    • Your Bluetooth headset will now pair with your Xbox One, indicated by a solid blue light on the dongle
    • Your Bluetooth headphones will now be fully connected, allowing you to listen to them during gameplay.

    Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphone To Xbox One

    Can I Use a Wireless Headset With XBox One

    Fortunately, Microsoft didn’t take that option away from gamers, so you can definitely plug in your wireless headphones and enjoy the game! You can pair them with a USB adapter in the controller.

    Connecting Bluetooth Headset To Xbox One

    Previously, there was only one headphone adapter, and now you have two USB adapters for your headphones! If you already have a wireless headset that’s great, but if you don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s not expensive, gaming products are getting cheaper every day!

    Do You Really Need Wireless Headphones?

    The main principle of wireless headphones is that you won’t have wires and cords lying all over the place. A wired headset plugs right into the controller and lets you get both games and chat sound without running a more cord to your TV or soundboard.

    If we speak about compassion, sporting a wireless headphone is significantly convenient in all ways. Wireless headset signifies without wires, cords. There are several new wireless headphones available on the market with the lightest weight, which makes them portable anywhere. These types of headphones have their batteries to provide power. So you don’t need any power plug to use it anywhere.

    Will Wireless Headphones Work For In-Game Chat?

    Unfortunately, when using a Bluetooth headset you will often discover that you’re limited to just hearing the game sound and not your in-game friend’s voice, and you may be not able to use the headset mic for in-game conversation. It is possible to have the ability to acquire exactly the talkback feature functioning through your Bluetooth link but this will need a Bluetooth transmitter adapter for use that allows this purpose.

    This sort of adapter can be expensive, so be ready for it to use up your budget. However, for people who love playing Xbox One games, the option to be able to join up with other players and also use the talkback feature is priceless.

    Employing certain Bluetooth headphones using the Xbox One may sometimes have its own limitations, as sound quality could be compromised and affect the pleasure you get playing with your video games.

    However, there are a variety of great quality Wireless headphones for Xbox One players that will supply you with excellent sound expertise, so make certain you purchase headphones that will satisfy your expectations and permit you to enjoy playing with your Xbox One with the support of in-game conversation and some other features too.

    Which Bluetooth Headsets Or Headphones Work With Xbox One?

    The most important thing to remember here is that regardless of the headset you plan to buy, just make sure you get one that is compatible with the Xbox One, otherwise the console will not allow you to connect.

    However, the ones I have mentioned in this article will work just fine.

    Also, you should be aware that the price of the wireless headphone / wired headset will be higher (for similar performance) than yours.

    This list is ranked in terms of prices with the most expensive at the top.

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    1. LS50X Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox w/Bluetooth Snoop Dogg (White)

    This should cost you around $ LS50X Wireless Stereo Gaming Headse 380, but it’s the best on the market A quality product but a bit heavy for your pocket.

    2. LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

    The LS35X is a great option LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for around $ 203 if you are looking for superior performance and are comfortable looking for a product that costs less than $225.

    3. Razer Thresher Stereo Headset for PC,PS4, PS5

    Another high-quality Razer Thresher Stereo Headset headphone you might consider buying. It’s packed with all the features like noise cancellation, lag-free long distance connection of up to 6m / 20ft, and retractable microphone All of this for around $ 120.

    4. Xbox One Gaming Headset Stereo Over Ear Gaming Headset

    For around $ 30, it is the Xbox One Gaming Headset cheapest product on the market. It comes with all basic amenities and should be comfortable as well. More importantly, it will work with your Xbox like everyone else on this list.

    5. Cooler Master MH670 Gaming Headset

    Cooler Master produces Cooler Master MH670 Gaming Headset some of the best gaming equipment on the market. I included this option because I felt it was worth mentioning. For around $ 120, this wireless headset guarantees high-quality sound for its users. I am comfortable with what is the most important factor.

    6. Steel Series Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset For Xbox

    If you are looking for a Steel Series Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset product that costs close to or less than $ 100, then this is the right product for you. It comes with all the necessary features and also looks comfortable.

    The Conclusion

    You can connect a wireless / Bluetooth headset to your Xbox One console, all using a Bluetooth module, connecting your controller using a 3.5mm jack, and a Bluetooth headset through the Bluetooth module.

    However, if your Xbox One controller is an older model, you will need to get a third-party adapter to connect the Bluetooth module and use its 3.5mm jack.

    Conclude this article. Thank you for reading. Share this article and write your questions below.

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    Can You Use a Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle With An Xbox One Controller?

    Yes you can, but with a higher probability of latency than a regular Xbox 4.0 dongle. It is a bit more expensive, but it is the best option. You don’t want your sound to be late in an intense session.

    How To Connect a Bluetooth Headset To Xbox One?

    The Xbox One S controller has a 3.5mm audio port. Through this port you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter that will serve as an adapter to connect your headphones. After connection, use the dock button on the transmitter to activate the connection.

    Can I Use a Headset To Chat On Xbox One?

    You can do this with a built-in microphone and you need a bee keyboard that has a 3.5mm jack. Headphones are great if you really don’t have a lot of space – they can fit anywhere! And they provide reasonable sound too if you don’t currently have enough money to buy a new earphone.

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    How To Set Up a Gaming Headset On Xbox One?

    This depends on whether the gaming headsets are wired or wireless. If it is a wired headset, a simple connection will do. For wireless gaming headsets, you need the Xbox Wireless feature for easy connection. If you’re gaming headset only uses Bluetooth, use the Bluetooth adapter / transmitter to connect.

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