Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router

Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router, You can use your Android as a webcam even without WiFi by connecting it to your PC via USB. However, this requires extra work as Android can only communicate with PC via USB when in debugging mode with ADB. Put your phone in debugging mode.

If you are looking for wireless security cameras with no internet access, you may have many questions. With most surveillance technologies leaning towards IP cameras, which are best used on existing networks, you may be wondering what your options are. Can you use the full functionality of your security solutions even without an internet connection? What can you do to monitor remote areas?

Conversely, you have Internet access, but you don’t want an IP surveillance camera to consume too much of your network data. Whatever your reasoning, you can secure your property and get a full HD view of your surroundings without the internet.

If you don’t have internet for your camera system, you won’t be able to view your HD footage on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You don’t need internet access to use wireless WiFi security cameras as well as wired IP cameras.

Steps for Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone

  • Activate the hotspot function in your Android phone, i.e. set up a WiFi network on your Android phone. (You can do this by going to your Android phone’s settings and enabling the “Hotspot” feature – usually called a “portable hotspot” or “portable hotspot”. Set a password for the hotspot connection.)
  • Connect the camera to the hotspot-enabled Wi-Fi network of the Android phone.
  • You should now have a direct connection between the phone and the camera and be able to use FLIR Tools Mobile.
Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router
Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router


For iPhones, it is possible to connect the phone directly to the camera’s Wi-Fi network using the Wi-Fi sharing option found in all Wi-Fi-enabled cameras.

No internet/network connection? Try a wireless security camera system

In your home, remote control, workshop, warehouse, etc. you have no internet or network and you currently need surveillance and monitoring. Well, with wireless video cameras, it’s easy to do without an internet connection.

All you need is a wireless security camera system that comes with an NVR and multiple WiFi security cameras.

With a wireless security camera system kit like this one, you can monitor and record video 24/7 without internet access. Turn on the NVR and cameras. The NVR and cameras will automatically connect through their own proprietary networks and begin to communicate with each other without internet access.

This is a great way to set up an IP camera without internet.

These wireless surveillance camera video systems have built-in WiFi modules with a frequency of 2.4 GHz on channel 9 so that they do not overload your router band.

Remember that if you need remote viewing and alerts (emails or push notifications sent to your mobile phone), you need to connect the system to the router.


Buy a WiFi security camera system with 2T2R MIMO antennas that guarantee strong signal reception and signal loss.


You can also try a wired security camera kit if your surveillance location doesn’t have internet. Take the RLK8-410B4 PoE camera kit as an example. It works like the wireless surveillance camera system mentioned above. The only difference is that this PoE kit is used to transfer data via cable.

Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router
Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router

Solutions for IP cameras without the router

Some of you may find it difficult to connect IP cameras to computers without a router. To address your concerns, we have presented 2 solutions to operate CCTV cameras without the router.


Implement a complete set of NVR security systems

With NVR security systems, you don’t have to worry about configuring IP addresses as they are set by default. The system is powered on and the routerless IP cameras are ready to record on the NVR.

If you have used a CCTV camera system in your home and office, you can also add security cameras to the system without having access to the router. Note that these cameras can only record locally and you cannot access them remotely without the Internet.

Before setting up IP cameras without a router with the system via the client, you need to connect NVR to monitor with HDMI or VGA cable.

After the initial setup, enjoy vivid images and videos and an immersive surveillance experience.

Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router
Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router

Can wireless cameras work without the internet?

As you have probably understood from our previous statements, the answer is definitely yes. In fact, in many places, people are restricting internet access to their wireless security cameras. The reason for this is that WiFi can make cameras vulnerable to hackers.

Nowadays nothing is easier than piggybacking a Wi-Fi signal. As a result, places that take their security seriously, such as banks and museums, often restrict access to their security cameras.

However, it’s not just breaking the signal that we have to worry about. WiFi blockers are a dozen these days. In addition, they are easy to use and install.

This means that a thief can disable your security surveillance with a simple device. It is definitely one thing to consider not connecting your wireless cameras to WiFi.

So if you bought an IP camera but don’t have internet around you or you don’t want the security camera to use all of your data, you can still use it. In fact, it is easy to solve this problem.

There are two solutions to make your wireless security camera work without internet access.

Here’s what happens when you don’t have internet or don’t have internet but you don’t want your wireless security camera to connect to it.

Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router
Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without Router

Security Cameras or Cellular Security Cameras?

For those looking for a fast, easy and affordable option, WiFi cameras are the place. You operate in a network that you can use for other devices. Not so with cellular cameras, which are also much more expensive.

Choosing the right security camera really depends on several factors. Location and Internet access are the primary factors here. Both WiFi and cellular cameras have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you really want to install a camera without WiFi or the Internet, cellular cameras are the way to go.

Surveillance Camera Limitations

Let’s summarize the limitations of a surveillance camera. Firstly, the WiFi signal must be strong for the security camera to work. Without them, you can receive footage or access a live feed.

If there is no significant obstacle between our cameras and the central hub, the range is about 50 meters. However, thick walls and metal frames hinder the signal.

Wireless feed is very easy to hack. Surveillance cameras are fragile and less secure. That they are battery-operated is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It keeps the camera running even in the event of a power failure, Connecting Wifi Camera To Android Phone Without a Router.

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