20 Cool Things You Can Do With Alexa

20 Cool Things You Can Do With Alexa

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Alexa is Amazon’s voice-based AI-powered digital assistant which can help you in many different ways and it can also power the entire smart device ecosystem.

You can ask any query Alexa or set reminders. But this is not the only thing that Alex can do there is more to know about.

And if you just bought a new Alexa for yourself and looking for something cool that you can do with Alexa?

Then you are at the right place because today in this article we are going to cover the list of things Alexa can do. So stick with us till the end of the article.

Let’s get started.

List of 20 Cool Things You Can Do With Alexa in 2021

1. Use Different Language To Talk With

The first thing to do with Alexa is to use Alexa multilingual mode. If you live in a family where most of the people speak different tones of language or different languages then this is quite good for you.

Using this mode Alexa can understand two different languages at the same time. This mod is available in different countries like the US, Canada, and India.

In the US it supports languages English and Spanish, in India, it supports the languages like Hindi and English and in Canada, it supports both English and Canadian French.

2. Call another Device (Alexa-enabled)

This is another cool thing Alexa can do. Amazon Alexa lets you make phone calls or video calls to your contact who has Alexa-enabled devices.

The Alexa-enabled devices include echo, echo dot, and echo show. Alexa checks the contacts in your phone address book and will check who is the person that has the Alexa app for an echo device. Then it will give you the option to call them.

3. Use It As A Personal Trainer

If you want to get in shape or keep yourself healthy then Alexa is ready to help you.

This is one of the best Alexa is a 7-minute workout skill. You can ask Alexa to start a 7-minute workout and now it will suggest you reportedly tested excise that can increase your metabolism and improve your stamina and energy.

Not only this, in case you feel that the exercise are too heavy and you need some break then you can ask Alexa for a break. This is one of the best Alexa skills for health and fitness that you can use.

4. Clear the Room

You would be surprised to know that you can use Alexa to clean your room. All you need to do is to get a Robot vacuum cleaner that supports Alexa commanding. Now, these vacuum cleaners can be commanded to start and stop cleaning the room using Alexa and believe me that vacuuming has never been this easy.

5. Meeting Schedules

This is one of the cool things Alexa can do. Alexa provides you many functionalities and this is one of the best things that you can use Alexa for.

If you have access to their calendars you can easily get your meetings with your contact using Alexa. It will suggest meeting times based on your schedules.

In case a meeting gets cancel or there is some conflict after your schedule is completed then you can ask Alexa to move the appointment to a different time say a week later.

Alexa supports iCloud, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft exchange.

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6. Teach It What You Know

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be like a teacher?

If no, then here is a chance for you.

You can teach Alexa whatever you know because the answers of Alexa are the voice assistant crowdsourced skill.

It is one of the crazy things to do with Alexa. There are so many questions that Alexa never has heard and also there are many questions whose answer Alexa does not have.

This is why you can share your experience on your favorite topic with the Alexa community by answering the questions and responding to the query that is not yet answered.

This will also help you to earn badges based on the question-answer, how many times you have to answer, and how many times it has been shared with the customer.

7. Get First Aid

From minor scratches to CPR instruction the Mayo clinic skill of Alexa can provide you basic first aid answers.

However, I would suggest you call for help in case of emergency because it is not advisable to use Alexa for any threatening or emergency situation.

8. Ask It o Explain Itself

This is a crazy thing to do with Alexa. You can ask Alexa to explain itself and it will start explaining things like what she did when you last commanded her.

This feature was introduced to make the virtual assistant behavior less strange.

If you ask Alexa “why she did that” then you will hear an explanation for or your last voice command. This feature was introduced to have better communication between you and your voice assistant.

It can be assumed that you will see some better improvement and good communication between you and Alexa.

9. Start the Car

How awesome would it be if you do not need to go out first and start your car?

When you can easily do it by sitting on your sofa and relaxing as electrical cars provide a feature to start your vehicle remotely.

Not only this you can lock or unlock the doors, change the integer temperature and also turn on or off the lights.

With your virtual assistant Alexa, you can command her to do any of the instructions that are supported by your car.

So, now you do not have to worry and wait for your car to get heated up if you are getting late for your office or any meeting.

10. Follow Your Favourite Groups

If you are a big fan of your favorite sports team then this feature is just for you. Alexa can help you to stay updated with only information about your favorite team.

All you need to do is go to the settings in the menu of the Alexa app.

There you will have certain options and you can select your favorite teams.

Now, Alexa can give you information and details such as scores and upcoming schedules of your team.

Now, whenever you will ask Alexa to give you a sports update. She is going to update you with the news of the favorite that you just selected.

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11. Control The Thermostat

How good it would be if you do not have to come out of your sofa to change the temperature of the heater in winter?

If you want something like this then Alexa can help you here also.

This is a really cool thing you can do with Alexa in the winter. Some smart thermostats can work with Alexa by just connecting them together so that you can change the temperature just by speaking.

12. Entertain Your Kids

You have to take care of your kids every time but what if Alexa can I help you with this.

Alexa is quite good at entertaining your children because it has a lot of games and it can crack jokes for children to make them happy.

This is one of the cool things Alexa can do for your family. Not just this, kids can also ask Alexa to set a timer for them and play music at the same time.

13. Shop With Voice

Do not have time to check each product’s ratings and its customer reviews? No worries, Alexa is there for you. She is going to order the best product with just a voice command whether it is cat food, dog food, toilet paper, grocery items, or anything else.

The best benefit of shopping with voice using Alexa is that it will tell you the best item in that category and you do not need to worry because they can set up a voice pin for purchasing so that no one buys other than you.

14. Set Reminders

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to reminders. You know before Alexa house was completely full of sticky notes.

We use it to check who we need to call, what we need to buy, what is today’s plan, what we need to cover up, and every other single thing that you can imagine.

But now when we have Alexa we can easily come up with health set reminders and timetables for the day.

All you need to do is ask Alexa to set a reminder for reading at 5 o’clock in the evening.

And in case I am not able to complete that task on the same day when I ask Alexa to shift, that asks Alexa to the next day.

It is quite simple to use but still so effective.

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15. New Learning Everyday

Alexander a great friend when it comes to increasing your knowledge every day. I know this much time to read two or single pages every day when you come from your office.

So it is better to use Alexa and you just need to ask her in new fact and she will tell you something amazing.

In this way, you do not have to spend much time and you get no something you and you have just increased your knowledge.

16. Find My Phone

You were looking for cool things you can do with Alexa then this is one of them.

It may sound funny but for the first time when you are using this scale then you’ll actually use your phone.

because it is going to send your text message which will confirm that the phone is actually yours.

Once it is done now it’s time to lost the phone and ask Alexa where is my phone.

She will bring it for you and then you will pick it up then she will say I’m glad found your phone.

17. Charity Donation

This is a feature which I have been using for a long time. This skill of Alexa allows you to donate to more than 175 charities provided you have an Amazon pay account.

If not then you can set it up now and it is super easy.

You can donate to charities from every category and cause and the only thing to do is says “Alexa make a donation to…” and she will guide you to the process.

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18. Play Games

Another skill that you can use and is listed on our list of 20 cool things Alexa can do is play games.

Alexa will never let you go boar yourself with random stuff and she will entertain you either with some jokes or with the games.

There are lots of games that can be played with Alexa like the 20 questions game. They are a bunch of different trivia games that you can play in just a few minutes.

19. Play Music

Music is quite effective and relaxing. Even, when I’m writing this article I am listening to music in the background which increases my writing ability.

So, if you want to listen to music but cannot decide what type of music you are gonna listen to.

Then ask Alexa “what music should I listen to” and she’s will play good and new music.

And in case you are having a struggle remembering something the song that you have heard a long time ago, you can ask Alexa to play the song that goes with these words and she will play it for you.

Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, now let’s move to our final and Cool Things You Can Do With Alexa.

20. Find Alexa’s New Skill

If you are not clear with what Alexa skills you are going to use then you should ask Alexa what’s the new skill she has.

It will list the latest skill that you can use right now. Even you can ask Alexa for a specific skill. For example, what is a skill in that category? It will show a list of all the skills that are available for that particular category. And you can use it anytime. You can even set a dog’s bark.

So, these all were the 20 cool things you can do with Alexa.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can Alexa say bad words?

Amazon Alexa does not use any type of strong language or bad words. It is a family-friendly voice assistant that can help you in quite different manners.

However, if you want Alexa to say something wrong then you can get Alexa’s goody-two-shoes virtual assistant.

What is Alexa’s self-destruct code?

This is one of the crazy features of Alexa. You can use the self-destruct code and Alexa will start counting the 10-second self-destruction countdown which ends with the sound of an explosion.

Alexa’s self destruct code is zero zero zero destruct zero.

What is the magic door on Alexa?

The magic door is an interactive adventure game that has original storage. This is an Alexis power game where you can tell Alexa what shoes you want to make and explore a magical land with various regions like forest scenes, card and castle deserts, and many more. You can also collect some hidden items and solve mysterious puzzles.


Alexa is a really powerful virtual assistant which is going to help you a lot in many different things including meeting, home cleaning, parenting, and more.

There are a ton of cool things you can do with Alexa and we have mentioned the 20 best things that you should be doing with your Amazon Alexa.

I hope you found this article useful and if so so then let me know through your comments.

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