DBpower T20 LCD Mini Movie Projector Review

DBpower T20 LCD Mini Movie Projector Review

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Whether you’re watching favorite movies or watching a football match, having a “big screen” can make all the difference. Of course, you can buy the latest and greatest flat-screen TV from there, but you will likely run out of thousands of dollars.

In addition, the amount of space required for large TVs is not always available. Not to mention, some TVs are available in excess of ~ 75 inches. And there is something a used car can afford at such a slow speed!

This is why more people than ever are making smart moves to invest in projectors instead of televisions. Projectors provide much greater versatility and can be used in many scenarios.

However, like television, not all are created equally. There are hundreds of different models, models, and brands to choose from, with different specifications and requirements. Needless to say, this can be very confusing, very fast.

If this is the one you love the most, then you are looking for the right balance of features and affordability. If so, you’ve probably already heard about the new DBPOWER T20 mini projector. It is an inexpensive 1080p high-definition projector that offers great value for its downside.

We were fortunate to be encouraged to give it a try, review its features, and do an in-depth review of its pros and cons. DRPOWER was enough to send us a projector for free in exchange for an honest and in-depth analysis of its latest release. Without exaggerating, let’s get started. 

What’s in the Box of DBpower T20 LCD Mini Movie Projector

The DBPOWER T20 comes in a compact box that includes a projector and some cables. There is a power outlet, a standard HDMI cable, and a plug to connect to an A / V cable. It also comes with a remote control to operate the device without using the controls built into the T20.

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  • Imaging technology: TFT LCD,
  • Brightness: 1500 lumens
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Aspect ratio: 16:10
  • Projection ratio: 1.4:1
  • Native resolution: 800X480 pixels
  • Supported resolution: 1920X1080 pixels
  • Keystone: Manual correction 15*
  • Throw distance: 1.5-5M
  • Screen size: 32-176 inches
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Model Name: T20
  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB
  • Brand: DBPOWER


The T20 looks really cool, with a clean design and modern-looking bodywork. Generally speaking, the lens hood looks more low-tech, with a string replacing the integrated plastic connector seen on more expensive projectors.

The connection also includes ports for an HDMI and USB cable. This means that you can connect the USB drive to the device and stream media directly from there. There are two adjustment dials above the lens: one for focus and one for image angle. It also provides a heat channel through integrated fans with vents.

Features of DBpower T20 LCD Mini Movie Projector


Its own speaker is built into the T20. Truth be told, this is not extraordinary, but it works. Don’t expect incredible stereo sound, it offers acceptable sound without distortion. However, it has practically no bass or anything fancy. If you think they are missing, we recommend that you use an auxiliary input and add your own speakers.

Multi-lens display

Lens 6 is made of a high-precision, high-transmittance coated lens, improves projection transmittance, and prevents stray light and image sharpness.

System and fan noise reduction:

This projector is equipped with an innovative cooling system that provides highly efficient heat dispersion. In addition, our R&D team has improved the design of fans. This means being less distracted while watching a movie or playing a game.

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Stereo Sound

Built-in dual stereo speakers provide an excellent sound experience. Even when used outdoors, the powerful speaker gives you a full-spectrum sound. It is the best choice for parties, football nights and movies with friends.


When connecting to an Android phone, you need an additional Micro USB / Type C to HDMI adapter.

When connecting to iPhone, you need an additional Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Projector image quality

First, many people are affected by the quality of the image. Although the video image doesn’t match the high-end device, it outperforms many budget competitors.

The DBPower T20 1500 features higher lumens with that, one user reported that the image does not look brighter than the 500-lumen unit.

Also, this projector only works well in a dark environment. Therefore, do not plan to use it in a well-lit room.

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Long life

The lamp inside the DBPOWER T20 is rated to last an impressive 50,000 hours. It’s a ridiculously generous amount of life that translates into an ongoing drama of about five and a half years. Realistically 99% of users haven’t come close to needing a lamp change, but if they do, it will be several years or a decade in the future.

One of the most desirable aspects of DBPOWER is its three-year warranty with impressive lifetime customer support. If you ever have problems with the T20 in the future, they cover parts, labor, and the return process. They can be accessed by email, Amazon, or their website.

Projector lens protection cover:

Finally, the projector lens comes with a protective cover that you can use to protect your lens. The wrap is easily attached to a string, so it is lost or damaged.

However, the focus knob pushes the lens out of the unit. Therefore, to put the lens cap back, you have to turn the focus knob to pull the lens back. In some cases, such as hanging the projector from the ceiling, you may find it easier to walk.

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DBpower T20 LCD Mini Movie Projector
Pro’s Con’s
Five-layer LCD lens display provides clear picture Works easily with game consoles
Incredible audio quality Does not support WebM format
Built-in stereo surround speakers offer enhanced sound quality
Silent operation with advanced fan technology

Connect the DB Power T20 to Any Device.

Yes, you can connect the DBPower T20 to an Xbox, Apple TV, Playstation, or any other device that connects via HDMI cable. In other words, any device that you can connect to the TV can connect to this mini projector.

If you want to connect to the computer, the unit has a VGA socket on the back. In addition, the side has headphones and audio/video connectors, as well as 2 USB ports.

In addition, the SD card slot allows you to insert a memory card for photos. And finally, the HDMI port connects your other electronic devices to the projector.

Installation and setup

Using 1500 lumens DBPower T20 Mini LCD Projector is really as easy as 1-2-3. They plugged in the power cord and plugged it in, plugged the HDMI cable into my Android TV box and plugged it in, and finally turned everything on.

I had nothing to do with the actual projector; It automatically detected my Android TV box and started displaying it on the screen.

I can’t speak for other methods, but if need be, there are some source options on the actual projector that you can choose from if it isn’t auto-detected. You can access the options in the image above by pressing the “S” button on the projector.

One feature that I use from the projector settings is “on time”. I often fall asleep on a projector, which is not good because it shortens the life of the bulb. However, this feature allows you to set a specific time to turn it off, just be sure to set the clock first.

I also like how quiet the projector fan is. You can’t hear it until you’re standing next to it, and even then it’s very low. The previous projector we were using was so fast that it could be heard from below and would have to double the volume of the speaker.


Although the T20 has a lot of cool features, it’s important to point out some downsides. Wireless connectivity is not available because the projector does not have a Bluetooth function. Any connection to a smartphone or tablet must be made through an adapter that must be purchased separately. It would have been nice to see these adapters included, but they are pretty cheap and easy to come by.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the power cord is extremely short. You may need to invest in an extension cord as it is only a few feet long. It’s not a big deal, because most people have a lie anyway.

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The DBPOWER T20 is an affordable mini LCD projector for people on a budget who just want to carry the device or take it with them. However, its price is low, good price.

The image quality is not good as the device lacks some important features such as a zoom ring. The user interface can be cumbersome to operate and not as intuitive as I am. However, it works great for a projector that costs less than $ 100. Until it meets expectations, the T20 may be a viable option for price-conscious consumers who need a projector for work or home.

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