Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth, Wireless connectivity is on the rise as WiFi and Bluetooth are commonly available on most systems? People are now looking for wireless connectivity on all the devices they use. But do motherboards come with Bluetooth? Yes.

Most modern motherboards have both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is unusual to find Bluetooth on older desktop motherboards. Do you want to know if your motherboard supports Bluetooth? We will assist you. in this article.

Bluetooth is easy to find on mobile devices. Desktop computers are devices that can be best connected via a modem with an Ethernet connection. Therefore, it is difficult to find Bluetooth on the desktop. But not all desktop computers come without Bluetooth.

Even if they do, it’s pretty easy to set up Bluetooth on your desktop motherboard. We will move on to that later. Before that let me tell you whether your motherboard has Bluetooth or not. It comes with Bluetooth WiFi Modem. So if your machine has wifi, it probably has Bluetooth too.

Click on the Start icon on your Windows 10 and search for “Device Manager”. This will open a new window and you should see a blue Bluetooth icon in the list of devices. If you can find it, it means your desktop is loaded with hardware to support Bluetooth.

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth
Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth?

Some do, some don’t! Most motherboards that also have built-in WiFi also have Bluetooth. Make sure to read the specifications and features if you want to buy one, if you mention built-in WiFi then you are better off for it.

If you already have a motherboard and you don’t have wifi, of course, it won’t have BlueTooth either, we never found a motherboard with Bluetooth and any wifi.

If you want to know whether your motherboard has it built-in, or if you want to know how to correctly identify a motherboard with Bluetooth before you buy, keep reading because we’ll answer all of these questions. I will answer.

Example of the motherboard with Bluetooth:

A typical example would be the Gigabyte motherboard, one of the G41M-ES2L class motherboards, which has an image of two mobile phones with ‘Bluetooth on Board’ in bold red letters that look like antennas built into the motherboard.

Another company that includes built-in Bluetooth functionality on its motherboards is Asus, which includes an application within its Control Panel software that is used to manage the various Bluetooth devices connected to your computer.

“The motherboard comes with everything you need.” The motherboard usually comes with a case, cables, and any necessary software. It usually includes some basic hardware components, such as memory slots and expansion cards.

Yes, the motherboard comes with Bluetooth. The best and quickest way to find out is to look at the box your computer was packaged in. It should clearly indicate on the box whether the computer has built-in Bluetooth.

If you don’t find this information on your packaging, you can confirm it in a number of ways, including by calling technical support and browsing online for product specifications. It will take longer than that to find it in its package.

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth
Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth

How to check if your motherboard has Bluetooth?

Checking your motherboard’s Bluetooth availability is easy. We will highlight three easy but effective methods that you can use to check whether your motherboard has Bluetooth or not. here is my:

Check if your motherboard has built-in WiFi. If there is, make sure it also has Bluetooth. This is because most manufacturers make them together.

Another way is to take a look at the specifications of the product you buy. When shopping for a motherboard, consider looking at the packaging and reading its specifications. If you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you will find this information there. In case the relevant information is not there, please note that there is no built-in Bluetooth and you will need an external one to use.

Last but not least, in this modern world, Google has made everything accessible and easy. Just type “[brand] + [product name] Bluetooth” and google if you don’t have the package or have lost it. Doing this step will show you the details of the product and you can easily find out if it has built-in Bluetooth or not.

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth
Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth

How do you turn on the BlueTooth on your motherboard?

This question addresses a variety of situations. Are you trying to enable Bluetooth from BIOS setup or from the operating system?

You may not believe it. In this case, you have a problem activating Bluetooth.

Check the BIOS settings on your motherboard. You can access the BIOS through the startup screen that appears when you turn on your PC.

The key to enter the BIOS varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but can generally be one of the following: F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL.

Once you’re in the BIOS, look for a TAB in the Device Settings, I / O Port, or Network Settings lines.

In some BIOSes, the location of the Bluetooth device settings can be quite strange and unpredictable, as in the “Security” settings, etc.

Once you find the corresponding tab, you should have a list of network devices that you can enable or disable as shown below. This is where you can also enable Bluetooth.

Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth
Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth


Many motherboards offer Bluetooth connectivity. However, choosing the right option for you can save you hard-earned money, as well as disappointment down the road.

To maximize the value for money of the MOBO you buy, it is important to understand its requirements. Do you need a motherboard with a wide range of expansion capabilities, or do you want a simple motherboard for home and office use?

If you are an average home user, a cheap motherboard will be great and you won’t even need to install a graphics card as they come with either HDMI or DisplayPort along with the processor.

However, if you plan to gradually build a professional or gaming device, you will need to consider more expensive motherboards that are safe for the future.

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