Does Do Not Disturb Silence Alarms?

The answer is NO, alarms when setup correctly will make a sound even if you switch on Do Not Disturb on your iPhone. The do not disturb mode when ON will out a crescent moon icon in the status bar. Moreover, the alarm will still ring even if the ringer toggle button on the side is set to silent mode.

Does Do Not Disturb Silence Alarms? – It Depends On The Settings

Yes, your alarm will go off if your phone is on do not disturb mode. The iPhone will ring once the time goes to 0:00am and the alarm will go off even if the phone is silenced under the settings. There are a few ways to exempt your alarm from do not disturb mode. You can allow exceptions by

1) Going to notifications and tapping on “do not disturb.”

2) A list of options will display on your screen and you can exclude alarms, messages, and calls from a particular contact by tapping on “add exception.”

3) The first step is to tap on “allow exceptions” and list of options will display on your screen.

Why Do Not Disturb Is The Chosen One Over Silent Mode

Let us first understand the main practical difference between Do Not Disturb & Silent Mode on iPhone.

Silent Mode: – This is the easiest mode to access and switch it on when you just don’t want your phone to ring or make any sound which are based on notifications. Just toggle the ringer switch on the left side of your phone once and you’re set. All notifications will still be coming in but the phone will vibrate but wont ring.

Do Not Disturb Mode: – There are many benefits to using the do not disturb mode on your phone.

Calls and texts from Favorites still get through in Do Not Disturb mode, but you can only see messages that have come in. You can check your phone when it’s convenient to see any voicemails or texts that have come in.

Do not disturb turns on for a specified period of time that can be customized by the user. The do not disturb mode feature mutes all calls, alerts and notifications on your mobile device. When do not disturb is activated on a smartphone, all sound settings will be turned off automatically.

You get to choose which notifications and alerts go through when you want the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone. Do not disturb allows for the automatic muting of notifications every night while you sleep.”

How Do I Silence My iPhone But Keep Alarm On – Do Not Disturb Settings

Let’s look at Do Not Disturb settings and its features now.

There are two different ways you can access Do Not Disturb feature and turn it ON or OFF.

A) Visit control center on your iPhone or iPad. If you see the home button icon (orange color) on your screen then swipe up. If you dont see the home icon then from the top right corner, you can swipe down. Now tap on the crescent moon icon to switch the do not disturb ON/OFF.

B) If you’re iOS software on your iPhone is iOS 15 and above then go to settings, and then click on FOCUS and the first option will be Do Not Disturb.

Once you access Do not disturb mode, you can add exceptions to allow alarms and calls from your contacts as discussed below.

Understanding The Do Not Disturb Feature – What All You Can Do

  • You can create a specific time schedule for do not disturb. Example from 12am to 7am while you’re sleeping. Your phone will automatically go on do not disturb mode everyday between these timings.
  • You can choose when your iPhone should be on do not disturb mode. Like only when it’s silent or when phone is locked. Which also means, that when you’re using your phone then do not disturb wont be active.
  • You also have the option to choose and allow calls from everyone or specific contacts by adding them into exceptions list. The options are: –

Everyone, your favorites, everyone in your contacts, none.

  • One of the best features is to allow repeated calls to ring. So, if someone wants to speak to you on an urgent basis then call will ring if the person calls 2nd time simultaneously.
  • Turn on do not disturb while you’re driving. Not many know about this feature. This feature is most useful if you dont have CarPlay.

Does Sleep Focus Allow Alarms?

When you enable sleep focus, it sends a notification to others that you are unavailable. This is helpful if you need to get some rest and don’t want any distractions. You can turn on focus mode in the Control Center, but it doesn’t silence your alarms. Even when your phone is in focus mode, the alarm will still ring!

Remember, only iOS devices have the sleep focus feature in the Health app. And while focus mode can be turned on, it cannot turn off alarms- which can be really frustrating if you’re trying to get some shut eye!

Does iPhone Alarm Work In Sleep Mode?

The iPhone alarm clock is a popular feature that many people use to wake up in the morning. Whether or not it goes off in sleep mode has been a topic of debate for some time now.

Some people say that if your phone is in sleep mode, with the screen off, the alarm will still go off. Others claim that you have to have your phone on in order for the alarm to sound.

So, what’s the truth? Does the iPhone alarm work when your phone is in sleep mode?

The answer is: yes, the iPhone alarm does work when your phone is in sleep mode. However, your phone must remain on–if it’s turned off or if you put it into airplane mode, for example, then the alarm won’t go off.

What’s The Difference Between Do Not Disturb and Sleep Focus?

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a feature on iOS devices that silences all notifications, including calls and messages. When it is on, the device tells others that you are unavailable. Sleep focus is only available in iOS devices as a specific feature. When it is on, the device tells others that you are busy and not to disturb you. Both DND and sleep focus work by preventing any distractions from coming through your phone while you’re trying to get some rest or peace.

The difference between DND and sleep focus mainly has to do with how they are activated. DND can be turned on manually or automatically based on time or location, whereas sleep focus can only be turned on manually. Additionally, when sleep focus is enabled, alarm features are divided into two categories: allowed alarms and blocked alarms. Alarm features that are allowed will still go off even if Focus Lock is enabled; however, blocked alarms will not sound no matter what. This prevents other apps from going off during a Focus Lock session and disrupting your concentration.

The Focus Lock feature is perfect for people who struggle with insomnia, sleep apnea, or just want to get more focused. It’s easy to enable and provides a lot of flexibility in terms of what alarms you want to keep active.

How Do I Mute My iPhone But Not The Alarm?

If you want to change the volume of your iPhone ringers without changing the volume of your alarms, toggle the Ring/Silent switch. The only way to silence an alarm is to turn off the ringer, so make sure you have it all the way up when using vibrate mode/mute or DND mode.

The primary function of the Silent mode feature is to help you mute all alerts, game audio, notifications and sound effects on your smartphone. The iPhone will still vibrate when an alert is received.

“Silent Mode” is a setting which turns off your iPhone’s vibrating notifications. “Silent Mode” doesn’t help you stop the alarm set through the iPhone Clock app from going off; Apple alarms will still go off even when your iPhone is on Silent Mode. You can only mute an alarm, not the whole phone.

How To Silence My iPhone Notifications at Night?

If you’re looking to silence your iPhone notifications at night, you’re in luck! There are a few different ways to do this, and we’ll walk you through each one.

The first way is to use the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your iPhone. This will silence all alerts, calls, and notifications when the device is locked. You can schedule when Do Not Disturb will turn on and off, making it easier to silence your phone at night.

Another way to silence your iPhone notifications at night is by using the “Bedtime” options. These options are particularly useful for people who wake up and grab their phone to check the time in the middle of the night. The Bedtime options allow you to choose which days and times you want Do Not Disturb to be enabled. The lock screen is dimmed during these hours, calls are silenced, and notifications are sent to Notification Center until scheduled end date.

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