Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery

Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery, If you look at the latest smartphones available on the market, you will find that most do not support fast charging, including iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10? Charging is getting faster from 7W to 25W and who does not. Do you want to charge your phone in minutes?

However, some users are still very cautious when it comes to fast charging. If you go to popular forums like Reddit, Quora, or Android Central, you’ll immediately see that there are tons of threads about fast charging: Is it bad for your battery? Shorten the life of your cell phone battery? Doesn’t this waste your battery?

Look ahead and you will find that people are divided, some people think ‘yes’ while others think ‘no’.

Curious about the answer and want to know more about fast charging technology? Grab your favorite drink, a delicious snack and join our fast charging adventure, stay until the end and see why high-quality fast chargers are beneficial.

Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery
Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery

Is it possible to use a fast phone charger without draining the battery?

If a phone’s charge rate is the only thing to consider, today’s technology is beyond advanced.

It is a known fact that fast charging accelerates the degradation of mobile phones. According to Xiaomi, a 100W fast charge will result in a loss of 20% more battery capacity than a 30W fast charge. The battery capacity of most of the mobile devices currently in the market ranges from 3500 mAh to 4000 mAh. Lower battery capacity means fewer hours of use between charges.

When the full charge capacity reaches a certain level, the battery is considered exhausted. Let’s take the iPhone as an example: According to Apple, when the capacity is below 80% of the design capacity, it’s time to replace the iPhone battery. No one wants to fully charge a phone in 20 minutes, which drains the battery so much that it cannot be used in 6 months.

Another concern relates to security. Fast phone chargers use a higher voltage to recharge the battery and not all phones can handle such a high voltage.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that it is impossible to use the current fast charging technology to increase the charging speed without causing any damage to the phone and the battery.

Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery
Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery

How does fast charging work?

A fast charger allows more current to flow into the battery, increasing the rate at which the battery charges, but it is not just a large current of current that passes through the battery in a completely uncontrollable way.

Each phone has a charge controller that is activated to manage the current that flows through its battery. Mobile phone manufacturers try to find the right balance between charging speed and battery life so that batteries will charge faster and last for years, but walking is a narrow line. The battery system, including the activation of the charge controller, ensures that it is in balance.

You may have noticed that the first 50% to 70% of your phone’s battery charges very quickly when you use a fast charger, and the last one takes a bit longer. This is because it is easier to store energy when the battery is empty, but the fuller it is, the more difficult it becomes. This is completely normal.

Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery
Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery

Why is my battery losing capacity?

If you put a lot of money into GameStop a few weeks ago and are now rich enough to buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max and put it in a drawer as an investment, you’re likely to get poor buyer feedback in five years. This is because the capacity of a lithium-ion battery steadily decreases from the first charge, even when not in use.

This loss of capacity is caused by chemical decay processes that damage the electrolyte, as well as the anode and cathode materials. While there isn’t much you can do about this loss of capacity, what you can do is pay little attention to the temperature at which your phone is operating.

Another problem that you will have to deal with is what is known as cyclic aging. This is essentially a fancy term to define the loss of capacity after each charge and discharge cycle. Wear processes have a negative impact not only on the chemical processes but also on the materials used around the battery. This is where we can finally step in and see how we can keep our batteries healthy with a little care.

The discharge depth has a great influence on the chemical and mechanical stress of the material. It is especially important to load less than 10 percent and in the range between 90 and 100 percent. So, the first tip is to charge your phone only in this optimum range. The level of charging currents is also important, which ultimately brings us to the topic of fast charging.

Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery
Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery

Do not use unauthorized, unsupported, or poor quality chargers

Whenever we hear that someone’s smartphone battery explodes or catches fire, further investigation mainly reveals the use of unofficial or poor quality chargers or harmful charging conditions. That’s why you should try that you always use the official or certified charger of the phone.

It may not be possible to carry official chargers everywhere, so you can buy an additional certified charger for your car or workplace so you don’t have to worry about using unofficial chargers at your office or while traveling.

Extend battery life with fast charging

Does Fast Charging Damages Your Battery, In order to extend the battery life of your fast-charging smartphone, there are a few things that will go a long way toward solving your battery-related problems? You should not use it continuously while charging the phone, as the screen consumes most of the battery and will increase the temperature if the battery is overcharged.

Putting the phone in airplane mode is another ritual that you can perform while the phone is charging. This way, your device won’t consume hardware resources to constantly search for battery-draining networks. It will also prevent you from accidentally checking any new information that doesn’t need to be addressed.

Another great trick is to charge your phone without a case. The more heat dissipates within the battery, the more likely it is to damage not only the battery but other important hardware in the long run. Removing the cover will allow the heat to move to the outside of the phone.

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