What Is A Double NAT On Xbox And How To Fix It?

Double NAT is something you almost always want to avoid. If you’re getting a double NAT to detect errors on Xbox Series X, you’re going to have trouble with multiplayer gaming.

Fortunately, in most cases, the solution is not so complicated. NAT stands for Network Address Translation. NAT is a common function used on home network routers. This is required in order to connect multiple devices to the same Internet connection.

Have you got the dreaded Double NAT detected an error on Xbox One, wondering what went wrong or how to fix the Double NAT detected Xbox One error?

So in this article, I am going to help you. Well, this is not a very stubborn error as luckily there are fixes that are easy to implement and work for you to resolve Xbox One Double NAT Detect error.

What is double network address translation (NAT)?

When Network Address Translation (NAT) is enabled, devices can share the same public IP address when connected to the Internet. NAT is essential for games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Overwatch because it ensures that they can communicate with each other. However, it can also cause problems from time to time.

In layman’s terms, a double NAT issue occurs when the game deck, instead of connecting to the router first, connects to the router for X seconds. For some, this may be beneficial from a security standpoint, but for gamers, it’s not a positive development.

Understanding Double NAT in Gaming

On the average home network, your Xbox One console is connected to your router to access the Internet. When connected, your console is assigned a Private Internet Protocol (IP) address, which helps identify it on your local network. Your home network, on the other hand, has a public IP address that uniquely identifies it on the Internet.

Known as Network Address Translation (NAT), it allows hundreds of devices to share a public IP address when connecting to the Internet. This technology plays an important role in connectivity with multiplayer games, deciding how oncoming traffic is handled. However, this can cause issues for players when running multiple NAT devices.

When mirroring devices that perform NAT, the Xbox One may display a “Double NAT Detected” error in the console’s network settings. This is often caused by multiple gateway routers between your Xbox and the Internet, preventing you from establishing a stable connection for gaming. To correct this error, it is important to remove one of these tools from the equation.

How to resolve the double NAT detection error on Xbox One

It is recommended that you remove the NAT device from your network to fix the Xbox double NAT issue. This is recommended as it will help troubleshoot and disconnect the Xbox from another gateway or router. To get rid of it, simply follow the procedures mentioned below.

Please keep this in mind if you are not familiar with the device you are using. This indicates that you are not sure if the device is a modem or a gateway; Please see the following rules:

On the back of the device, you should find the manufacturer’s model number, which you can use to find more information about the item.

Also, if you see a wireless signal, it indicates that you are using a modem.

However, because it has multiple ports, it is considered a gateway.

How to fix Double NAT

If it is confirmed that you have a dual NAT problem, here are a few ways that you can consider fixing the problem and enjoy gaming smoothly.

Remove your ISP router

Physically remove your router’s ISP from the network, or one of them has poor performance. Unplug the cable from the WAN port of your router and plug it into your router.

Connect your Xbox One to the new internet-enabled router and you should no longer see the double network error.

Note that some ISP providers are very aggressive with their routers/modems, so you may not be able to just pull this out and hope everything works out. If yes, go back to step 1.

Also, if you have fiber optic internet, your personal router may not have a built-in converter. This also means that you cannot remove the ISP router from the image.

Configure the gateway in bridge mode

If you don’t want to rewire your entire network, it’s best to set the gateway to bridge mode. Also, once enabled, it will disable NAT and other routing features. To know how to activate Bridge Mode, follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser and type the default gateway address.

2. Log in to your router/modem > Settings Menu > Navigate to Bridge Mode.

3. Enable bridge mode > Save changes

4. Restart Gateway and Xbox One

Set your router to AP mode

Well, Access Point (AP) is basically used to extend the wireless range of a network. Depending on the model of your router, set it to AP mode as it also allows you to connect via Ethernet cable.

Well, doing so can disable some features on the router. For example, NAT, QoS, and parental controls may not be available, so you’ll have to stick with that.

To do this follow the steps:

  • In a browser, open the address of your router (not a gateway)
  • Next, log in to your router’s admin page
  • Then find something similar to the way your router operates
  • and convert it from router to AP (access point)
  • Finally, restart your router and Xbox One

Hope this works to fix Xbox One double NAT error.


The double net error is network related and it is a bit annoying as you are unable to use Xbox One.

Hence, in this article, I have tried my best to list down complete fixes to resolve Xbox One double NAT detection error.

Hopefully, the solutions discussed above worked for you and you can now use your Xbox One. So if you found these methods helpful, please share this article with users experiencing the same error.

What Is A Double NAT On Xbox And How To Fix It?
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