Error 34 Roomba – How To Fix It and Complete Troubleshooting

Error 34 on your i, j or s series Roomba means the device is experiencing, “Internal Communications Error”. This can happen for a number of reasons. The most working solution for this error is to perform the cleaning process first and then reboot the Roomba.

What Causes Error 34 On a Roomba?

The most common cause for the error 34 on a Roomba is your WiFi connection. This results in poor communication with the Roomba and also the iRobot App on your phone. Ensure that your router is in a proper location and there is no network blockage. 

Also, many times it may happen the voice on the iRobot Roomba mentioned error 34 and on the app you see error 25. Don’t get confused as both are related to the same issue and the solution is the same.

Troubleshooting Error 34 On a Roomba For a Quick Fix

The first step to resolve this error is to press the CLEAN button on top of the Roomba to start the cleaning activity. We check if the Roomba is able to communicate with the iRobot app and follow the commands or set schedule of cleaning.

If the error 34 is still shown then we need to reboot the Roomba.

Rebooting The Roomba

You can click above to follow the steps to reboot the Roomba. If the error 34 still persists then we need to clean the Roomba and to do that follow the steps below.

Also let’s look at the chart below to understand the troubleshooting steps in an easy manner.

Error 34 Roomba – Reasons and Quick Fixes
Wifi Connectivity IssueReboot your Roomba as explained above. We have a detailed article on this. Just click on the link above. 
Cleaning cliff sensors openingsClean with soft cotton or microfiber cloth regularly.
Software glitch. This happens many times due to firmware updates.Reboot your Roomba. Update to the latest firmware released. You can refer to this article here

Restarting/Rebooting The Roomba To Solve Error 34

The steps to reboot a Roomba may vary depending on the model you own. We will cover all the models to restart a Roomba.

Restarting a S Series Roomba: – On a s series robot press and hold the CLEAN button on the top right corner for 20 seconds. The white swirling light will start in a clockwise fashion. The lights will be ON till the Roomba reboots and this process takes around a minute and a half.

Once the reboot is done, the light turns OFF automatically. Once reboot is done, check if you’re still getting the error 34.

Restarting a i and J series Roomba: – If you have any of the j series models like j7 or j7+ then press the CLEAN button for 10 seconds. If you have an i series model then press and hold the CLEAN button for 20 seconds. Rest of the steps are the same as the S series robot.

The i series models generally take a little more time to restart so do not panic. 
Older Models of Roomba (500, 600 and 800 Series): – Press and hold the SPOT and CLEAN button for 10 seconds and you will see the CLEAN button lit with green light. The Roomba will reboot in around a minute and a half.

Error 34 Roomba – Cleaning The Cliff Sensors

Your Roomba is a smart home automation device which is a cleaning wonder. To make sure that it cleans well and keeps performing for a long time, you need to clean and take good care of it too. Apart from cleaning the bin or the wheels regularly, you also need to clean the cliff sensors on the Roomba which gather dust and layers of unwanted dirt over a period of time.

Cleaning the cliff sensors is a pretty straight forward job. You just need to wipe off the dirt from the surface of transparent plastic windows which have the IR sensors inside. Do this with a microfiber or a soft cotton cloth. You can also use earbuds to clean them.

Wifi Network Issues Can Result In Error 34 On a Roomba

  • The 1st step in resolving the Wifi connection issue is to reboot your smartphone which has the iRobot Home App. Before you do this step, ensure that the Roomba is near to the phone and you’re in a good Wifi network.
  • Confirm the Wifi network you’re latched on to. On your app, go to Robot Settings → Wifi settings and validate the right network. If it’s not the same, then you can select to change Wifi network.

    Change Wifi Network
  • Reboot your router. Unplug your wireless router and plug it back in after 10 seconds. Wait for it to turn ON and see if the error 34 on your Roomba is resolved.
  • For all Wifi connected robots you can refer to this iRobot company page for all the software releases pertaining to your specific Roomba model. Click here.

Incompatibility Of Wireless Routers

There are specific brand models of routers which are incompatible with the Roomba. This data is as per the iRobot release. If you have one of the routers mentioned below then that could be a reason for inconsistency in Wifi network and hence error 34.

BrandModelTested VersionSolution
ZTEZXHN F6701.0If you have any of the wifi connected Roomba’s then this specific router is not compatible with any of the devices. The only option is to change the router.
Western DigitalMy Net AC 1300 – J2F1.03.09If the channel width is set to 20 Mhz and the Roomba is unable to connect with the wifi network then change it to auto and it should resolve. 
Time WarnerArris DG860A7.5.16If you have an iPhone then the iOS version of the iRobot app has compatibility issues with this specific model. Change the router.
SagemcomF@st 52602.0You need to change the router as this model is not compatible with the Roomba devices
MotorolaSBG65808.6.0.0-GA-01-971-NOSHThis specific model has shown issues with the security settings. Try changing from WEP 128 to another option
Microsoft MN – 70002.01.02.0590This router has issues with both the android and the iOS version of the iRobot App. The android version won’t work most of the time. The iOS version connects after several attempts. The only solution is to change the router.
Logitech LAN- W300N/RSB1.0.6.2Change the router as its not compatible with wifi connected Roomba’s
D-LinkDIR 3002.15Multiple attempts may be required before the setup is complete
Cisco RE – 10001.0.02Security settings should be changed from WEP 128 to a different option. Also when set to When set to WPA 2 then multiple attempts may be needed to connect.

Blocked Ports – Error 34 Due To Firewall Issues

If your home network is protected via a firewall then you need to open the ports on the router. That may interfere with the wifi connectivity. Ports used by the Roomba are 8080, 443, 8883 and 123

Battery Issues Related To Error 34 On a Roomba

Practically a Roomba battery lasts for around 1.5 to 2 years. If the battery starts getting discharged fast or the Roomba needs to dock itself multiple times before it can resume cleaning activity then this can also result in error 34. A low battery is unable to pump up the sufficient power and energy to the device.

iRobot Roomba Battery
Source: – iRobot

Low power means low voltage delivered to the Roomba’s components and they are unable to communicate amongst themselves which results in error 34. 

After you have followed all the troubleshooting steps above and the error 34 still persists then the last option is to clean the Roomba thoroughly. Let’s see how we clean the Roomba the right way.

Some maintenance tips to increase the battery life of your Roomba:

Clean your Roomba at least once every week or fortnight.

Purchase batteries only from the iRobot accessories website. This ensures that you’re getting original parts.
Do not expose the Roomba to direct sunlight as it can damage the internal components

After every cleaning run, ensure that the Roomba is always docked into the home base and charging. This keeps the Roomba fully charged before every cleaning run.

Always keep an eye on the Roomba health in the Roomba phone app.

How To Clean The Roomba To Solve The Error 34

In the larger scheme of things, cleaning the Roomba steps aren’t just related to error 34 but how to do regular maintenance of your Roomba vacuum. When it comes to cleaning a Roomba you need focus on the 4 main components and we will look at each one of them step by step.

Error 34 Roomba - How To Fix It and Complete Troubleshooting 1
Source: – Trusted Reviews

How To Clean Roomba Brushes

When it comes to cleaning the floor using a robot vacuum, the brushes play a major role as their main function is to channelize all the dirt picked up by the Roomba towards the suction channel. The brushes are prone to getting tangled into pet hair and can become less effective in performance if not cleaned regularly. There are two types of brushes. Floor brushes and side brushes.

To clean the side brushes, a screwdriver is a must. If you don’t have a screwdriver then a small coin would do. Follow the steps mentioned below to clean the side brushes.

  • Make use of the screwdriver to detach the side brushes
  • Clean the brushes to remove all the tangled hair or any dirt which has accumulated
  • Also check the Roomba and clean the space with a cotton cloth before attaching the side brushes back into their slot.

The side brushes should also be replaced once every year as part of regular maintenance.

To clean the floor brushes, follow the steps mentioned below: –

Floor brushes are generally larger than the side brushes. Hence they pick up more dirt while running.

  • Turn the Roomba upside down and click on the lever to detach the two floor brushes.
  • Remove the caps which are attached on the ends of each floor brush.
  • Clean the floor brushes for all hair, dirt and dust.
  • Put the side caps on and reattach the floor brushes back into their slot and shut the levers.

Roomba Wheels – Extremely Important To Clean Them Too

The front wheels on a Roomba are an important component when it comes to maneuvering and making turns while performing a cleaning activity. A classic example is when a Roomba goes near the staircase and the cliff sensors detect it.  This is the moment when the Roomba wheels make it turn but if they are jammed due to dirt on them then it may affect the cleaning performance.

To clean the Roomba wheels follow the steps below: –

  • Turn the Roomba upside down and click on the front wheel housing and remove it carefully.
  • Remove the front wheel from its housing.
  • Clean the wheel thoroughly and remove all the dirt and any tangled hair.
  • Put the wheel back into the housing and load it back into the wheel compartment.

With time if the Roomba is not moving in the right manner or takes time as the wheels do get worn out then it’s time to replace them as well.

Home Base and Device Charging Contacts

The most common issue when it comes to irregular behavior of a Roomba device is the charging contacts are dirty and the robot vacuum is unable to charge to its optimum. Clean them with a microfiber cloth to keep them clean. Never use a detergent in cleaning the charging contacts


All the working solutions are mentioned above to solve the error 34 on a Roomba. In case the error message still persists you can contact iRobot Customer Care too.

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