How to Get DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV

How to Get DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV

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DirecTV Now is DirecTV’s streaming service, only AT&T can receive it from devices specifically designed for it. If your TV has access to DirecTV Now through the HDTV port, you can also control it through the mobile app.

Today, most cable TV providers, including Xfinity TV or Spectrum Cable, have released their own apps that are available only to their respective subscribers.

With the DirecTV service, you can download the DirecTV application. You can watch live TV, watch your pre-recorded watch, latest movies, and TV shows on demand. In addition, you can also schedule your DVR recording without paying additional equipment fees or additional fees. DirecTV Now provides applications for its mobile phone users, allowing them to control the TV with their Smartphone or tablet, as well as allow users to stream to the Internet. 

The answer is – Get DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV

Currently, AT&T TV (DIRECTV) is not available on LG Smart TVs.

For now, you can use LG Screen Share to stream AT&T applications from your smartphone or laptop. We know this is not a suitable solution and video resolution would be terrible, but right now LG is the only free way to stream AT&T TV to a smart TV.

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How to install DirecTV Now on LG Smart TV

DirecTV is one of the advanced and intelligent services considered in television. It is mainly famous for its huge collection of films, TV shows, and more.

The DirecTV Now the app can be used to stream live TV and on-demand video content at any time of day with a subscription price. DirecTV Now is now known as AT&T TV. DirecTV is no longer a hard and fast rule on the LG Smart TV installation process. Instead, it can be done in seconds.

How to forget that LG just signed an agreement with DirecTV (and is now owned by AT&T), which includes access to DirecTV services, at least for subscriptions? This means that a new update called 2.0 LG Smart TV also comes with DirecTV Ready and DirecTV 4k Ready features. You will need a 4K smart TV to enjoy DirecTV 4K Ready.

If your updates are configured automatically, they will automatically download and restart. If not, go to the update section of your LG TV to activate it.

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Update LG Smart TV Apps

LG is one of the most popular smart TVs used around the world to stream media over the Internet. Running on webOS, it has a built-in store for downloading all kinds of apps that you can access on a Smartphone. You should regularly update the installed applications to see the latest multimedia content. If you are not sure how to update the LG Smart TV application, follow these steps.

(1) Start your LG Smart TV and click the Start button on your TV remote control.

(2) Select and open LG Content Store.

(3) Navigate to the My Apps section in the menu panel

(4) Select the application that needs an update.

(5) Select update.

Now the application will update on your LG Smart TV.

Tips: By activating the automatic function, your application will automatically update each time it is connected to an Internet connection.

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Difference: AT&T TV vs WatchTV vs Now

It was a long debate about why you get so many services from a single provider. WatchTV was the cheapest streaming service with only 39 channels and was priced at around $ 15 per month. But there were no live sports and news channels that made it less popular. On the other hand, TV Now had almost all the channels and features that AT&T TV offers. What is common between WatchTV and TV Now is that they do not require streaming boxes or equipment. You need to buy or use the app on your existing smart TV, smartphone, or laptop.

Because WatchTV had no live channels and consumer interests were low, the company decided to shut it down in 2020. And earlier this year, we also heard the news that AT&T TV has merged with AT&T TV Services. 

Since its merger with TV Now, the company has changed its pricing model and plans. Previously, AT&T TV required a 24-month contract term and a broadcast box for its service. Now, you can subscribe for $ 70 / mo + tax to buy a regional sports team or fee. This allows you to use your existing devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, or compatible smart TVs at no additional monthly charge. And if you want to go for a 500 hour DVR plan, you will have to spend an additional $ 10 per month for this.

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What is a smart TV?

Today’s connected world has high expectations. With powerful processors, Internet connectivity, and easy-to-navigate software, modern TVs look more like smartphones or tablets than Yasier Tube TVs.

Smart TVs, like smartphones and smart home devices, provide Internet connectivity and support for various applications. Open up a world of new entertainment options, ranging from streaming video on Netflix and Hulu to playing games, checking social media, and controlling a whole house full of connected devices, including the best Alexa-compatible devices and the best compatible devices Are included Google Home Page.

Many models include voice recognition tools, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to change channels and search shows. Most smart TVs will work with one of the best smart speakers you already have, and some will offer some or all of the same features built into the TV.

Smart TVs are also getting more integrated smart home features and some great smart home gadgets. Many TVs are compatible with other connected devices in the home, including the best smart lights, the best smart locks, and other sensors, and some TVs also include a dedicated dashboard to control all devices in your connected home.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to download the DirecTV application. You can try to install it as a third-party app from a browser, but we’re not sure if it will.

We have shared all the steps on how to get the Direct TV app on your Smart TV on the above-mentioned smartphone. We hope it was a useful read, you can share in the comment section below if we have missed anything or any suggestions that you would like to share with us.

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