Why do I Have to Keep Resetting my Wireless Router

Why do I Have to Keep Resetting my Wireless Router

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Because of the work they do, routers are often left to work during the day and night. For some people, shutting down night and morning as a daily routine can be overwhelming. The convenience of automatically connecting to your Wi-Fi to do anything when returning home is desirable.

However, Have to Keep Resetting my Wireless Router you need to understand that routers run on CPU and memory like a computer. The more they work, the more their memory increases, the lower their performance. A resetting may be required to correct the problem.

Continuously resetting your router is not something most people are willing to do. Whenever it is switched off, it means that your security system and other devices that rely on connections for the performance go down.

This is not an easy way to find out what the problem is, but there are some common solutions that can help you fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the coming future. 

Reboot vs Reset – Have to Keep Resetting my Wireless Router

How can you get confused about the on / off switch? Some routers have multiple switches; For example, my desktop router currently has a “Wi-Fi” on/off button, in addition to some so-called power switch and WPS button. Also, your router may have a reset switch or a “restore factory settings” button. Resetting your router and thus restoring it to factory settings is very different from restarting it.

Restarting will erase both volatile and non-volatile memory. The latter is where your router stores the changes made to its configuration. For example, most routers come with default administrator names and passwords that you must change to prevent attackers from taking over. How could they do this because the default username and password are widely known? They are often printed on the back of the router and can possibly be searched by Google search based on their model number.

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How to automate the reboot process

Automating the reboot feature can be a great option to simplify your home network. That way, you won’t have to wait until you have trouble restarting your devices. In addition, you can schedule your reboot for a convenient time that does not interfere with your family’s work or entertainment habits, such as in the morning or late at night.

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When to do a modem reset

Before we know how to reset our modem, it is important to find out when it is appropriate to perform a factory reset. If your modem is not working properly or if you have changed some settings that you cannot undo, you can decide when to reset your modem to its default settings.

Before doing this, but it is always worth rebooting first. If you have not tried to reset (reboot) your modem before, click on the link below for instructions on three different methods that you can reset.

Update your firmware

Firmware is built-in software that keeps your router running. While the router’s firmware is not often updated as a computer’s operating system, it occasionally receives updates, especially when there is a major security issue. The next step should be to download any new router firmware to fix any existing router vulnerabilities. To do this, you will need the login information of your router.

You can usually use the app or admin site to check the firmware and then download it. Each brand of router, even the little-known ones, must have its own instructions for accessing these administrator tools. Upon logging in, one of the options would be a firmware update, router update, or something similar.

Please note that you cannot use your Wi-Fi when the router is loaded and a firmware patch is applied. It usually does not last more than about five minutes, but it is good to keep in mind. Never try to shut down or mess with your router because the firmware is updating as it can cause serious problems.

Power cycle

The energy to turn the router on and off is called a power cycle. It is used to eliminate faults that cause a router to shut down, such as corruption or overheating of the internal memory of the unit. Power Cycle does not erase passwords, security keys, or other saved settings using the router console.

To power the router:

  • Turn off the router. Turn off the power switch or unplug the power cord.
  • On the battery-powered router, remove the battery.

Some people usually wait 30 seconds, but it is not necessary to wait more than a few seconds between disconnecting and reconnecting the router’s power cord. With a hard reset, it takes time for the router to resume operations when power is restored.

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Change your password

Are you still using the default password for your router setup? Since you have just entered Administrator Control, you have a good idea. Many of us are guilty of keeping the default password set for that admin content because we rarely use it.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to hack a router, and since there is now good news about router hacking, many hackers will wonder and wonder if they should take action.

Wi-Fi frequencies are saved

Some routers have a dynamic channel mapping feature, where they inspect nearby Wi-Fi networks to see which channels are in use and then select the least populated channel or one that has minimal interference.

Cycling the router will force your router to do these settings as soon as the router has finished rebooting, rather than waiting for it to do it on its own.

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Router configuration

The last connection that can cause a connection drop in the various settings of your router with being late, you have dual-band routers that stream you over the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. These advanced routers usually work very well with the latest devices and computers, but on older machines, you can sometimes get into trouble. Here are some things I will try:

  1. If you are currently connected to 5 GHz, connect to the 2.4 GHz network.
  2. On the router, make sure that the channel setting for the network is set to automatic. If you have chosen a particular channel for some reason, try another channel.
  3. Disable additional security features such as MAC address filtering, network isolation, and Wi-Fi-protected setup. In fact, none of it increases security too much and causes more problems.
  4. Make sure your wireless network mode is set to mix. Sometimes choosing more modes can cause problems with older devices.
  5. If you don’t know anything about your router settings, try to reset it by pressing the reset button the whole way. Set up wireless security and leave it at that.

Buy a new router

The fact is, while the settings above may help, your router is outdated, inexpensive, or just plain faulty. If none of the above solutions work, look for a router that is not only highly rated, but popular; This means that the manufacturer is more likely to update the firmware, and a version for DD-WRT is also more likely to do so. be available. Also, be sure to buy from a store that has a good return policy in case you experience problems in the first few weeks. You just don’t want to spend $ 100 thinking that your new router has the exact same problem.

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Fast connection

Periodically restarting the router gives you the advantage of getting a faster Internet connection. As the router works, it reaches a point where it slows down due to memory logging. The 1GB of RAM that comes with an average router can slow down requests. A quick restart lifts the luggage for a quick connection.

Defense mechanisms

Router redirection can be seen as a way to keep hackers out. Malicious hackers start by installing malware to execute their attacks. The malware scans your devices to steal private information, making the Internet inaccessible, blocking network traffic, and more. When the router reboots, it can interrupt the work of malicious software.


It is a very common disease, but there is no universal cause. Your ISP may change your IP address frequently and your router may not be detected. It may overheat, or it may kill multiple connections at once.

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