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Are you looking for a super Hootoo Wireless Travel Router comfortable and multifunctional travel router? In this case, the Hootoo Wireless Travel Router is arguably the best option you can ever find on the market. Traveling is often stressful if you cannot find an Internet connection and feel that you are inaccessible – especially if you are a digital nomad.

A portable wireless travel router is a great travel gadget if you spend a lot of time online. There are many wireless travel routers in the market, but it becomes quite difficult for people to choose a decent travel router that works well and is easy to set up.

Unlike other wireless travel routers, the HooToo wireless travel router can not only be your wireless travel router, but can also be used as a power bank, media, or transfer hub.

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TripMate Titan’s HooToo wireless travel router enables users to perform various tasks. This enables Wi-Fi networks and thus security. Users can also charge their phones as a power bank. In addition, files can be shared with families and friends.

This product is best suited for users who are always on the go and maintain an active technical lifestyle. The battery is easy to install and keeps well. Due to its high quality, it works anytime, anywhere.

However, keep in mind that products may not function properly if you use too many devices. The user interface is also somewhat disguised. But the good news is that you can solve these problems easily, which are not really big problems.

Features Of Hootoo Wireless Travel Router

Portable Charger:

With the built-in 10400mAh power bank (5V / 2.1A) you can charge your iPhone or smartphone up to three times. Please use the latest application: HooToo TripMate Plus. Note: It may not be compatible with Xfinity Hot Spot.

Travel Router:

Immediately convert a wired network to a wireless network to create your own secure WiFi network.

Free UP Storage:

Backup your photos and videos from your Smartphone- iPhone, Android phone, iPad or other mobile devices

Latest Technology:

With the new core, you can connect multiple USB hard drives or flash drives to TripMate Titan using a USB hub.

Fast Media Streaming:

Stream your videos, photos, and music natively from your connected device


This gives users the opportunity to create a secure Wi-Fi network.



Hootoo Wireless Travel Router
Pro’s Con’s
The biggest advantage of purchasing this wireless travel router is that it is equipped with AP mode, so that you can easily connect it to the hotel’s cable network, so that you can connect it to many devices, such as: B. A portable wireless router. The interface may be relatively clear.
With this wireless travel router, you can now easily extend the range of your WiFi connection so that you can enjoy the Internet in places where your router is not available. It is not advisable to charge multiple devices with this product.
Its battery is really good.
It generally works well anytime, anywhere.
It is best for users who have an active geeky lifestyle.

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Benefits Of Hootoo Wireless Travel Router

Of course, the Internet has many advantages. If you want to know something about something, you can search online for the most reliable source in search results. In the same way, you can easily communicate with your family and friends and meet new people.

While local area network (LAN) technology works well, wireless devices are becoming increasingly popular these days. Some special advantages of using Wi-Fi are:

It improves the mobility

This is actually the main benefit you can enjoy when using a wireless network. You can go online by staying in your bedroom, living room, or any corner of your home. Basically, increased mobility provides users with great comfort and convenience.

It allows you to work anywhere

We are not talking about your living or office areas in this article. We belong to public places such as cafes, restaurants, etc. You can work online or wherever you want, through public WiFi hotspots. Be careful when connecting to public WiFi to avoid compromising your security.

It improves the productivity of users

Whether you are working online with your friends at home or in the office, working with a wireless network becomes easy. You gain more independence and speed up your work process.

You can save your money

Regardless of whether you use a regular or portable router, these devices can definitely save you money compared to using a hard-wired network.

For your information, a large user and area network costs a lot. When you can spend a lot of money setting up a wireless network, it can help you save in the long run.

Feedback Of Real Users On Hootoo Wireless Travel Router

With all of these intelligent features, it’s no wonder that so many Amazon shoppers rely on this multi-purpose gadget to stay connected throughout the trip. One reviewer wrote: “I had my doubts, but this is only the best and most surprising tool.

“I am writing this message in the middle of the Atlantic while my two children Netflix and my husband see everything on the hard drive, while my child also downloads it to another tablet.

Yes, this device behaves like a carillon and you can pay for “One Device” for the cruise rip WiFi you paid and share the connection with the whole family! It is very powerful and really worth every penny! “

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Another said:

I travel a lot for work and look for hotel wifi to build my personal wifi network and watch movies wirelessly from an external 4 TB hard drive. I did a lot of research and chose the HooToo TripMate Titan.

I was a little worried about how difficult it would be to configure everything the way I wanted, but it became so easy. I have a TripMate that is wirelessly connected to the hotel wifi and I have my own private network running.

I connected an external hub with my power supply to the USB hub and connected the USB hub to the TripMate Titan. My laptop is registered with TripMat Titan Network and has internet access! I can access all files on an external hard drive. “”

Are you leaving town, but want to make sure that you are fully involved in everything during your journey? Take one and see for yourself what all the hype is about. At least you have a new high-performance battery with which you can charge your devices continuously.

Final Thoughts :- Hootoo Wireless Travel ROuter

For less than fifty dollars, the Hootoo wireless travel router is much better and useful than I expected. All work as advertised without major problems or errors.

The battery has so much capacity that smartphone owners can have the longest travel days. Getting better Wi-Fi signals is straightforward, and backing up videos and files from tablets and smartphones is seamless until you play them at the same time.

It is small enough to easily fit into a pocket and weight was more important on paper than in practice.  If you like better internet, easy backup, overload, and easy music and video streaming in your journey, then buy this device in an affordable and compact package. It is so easy.

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