How Accurate Is Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone app, the one place to find your Apple devices. On iOS 13 or later, iPad, and macOS Catalina or later, the Find My iPhone app has been upgraded to the new Find My app. whereas the iOS 12 or earlier and macOS Mojave or earlier still run the Find My iPhone app.

The Find My iPhone or new Find My app lets you find your mislaid or stolen devices; if you have already enabled the Find My on your device. But have you wondered how accurate is to find my iPhone? You might have! So let’s discern.

Find My iPhone

Basically, this means that the location of the iPhone is approximate. The bigger the green circle, the higher your guess. In the example above, this iPhone was inside our office.

It is a six-story office complex and the phone was kept in the window of the office without any straight line. The image with the big green circle around it was taken after we turned off the Wi-Fi on the device.

Why does it matter if WiFi is turned off?

Find My iPhone uses built-in GPS and your WiFi to determine location. What happens when WiFi is turned off is that it relies on one piece of information instead of two to detect the device.

When you are inside a building or there is some sort of interference, WiFi helps a lot in determining the location of your iPhone.

How to check if Find My iPhone is correct

If you lose your iPhone, you will not know whether you are outside or in a building where the GPS signal is weak. However, you can tell if the Find My iPhone location is accurate or not.

When you’re viewing your iPhone’s location from another iPhone or through, a green circle appears around your iPhone’s location. The size of the green circle tells you the accuracy of the location.

Why is my iPhone offline?

Why is your iPhone offline? It is unusual for this to happen when you download iOS 15. If not, the most likely reason is a dead battery. You could even leave it. Either way, if your iPhone is running an iOS version earlier than iOS 15 without turning on, Find My won’t tell you where it is.

The app will only work if your device is connected to iCloud and you’re signed in with your Apple ID. To activate this feature for the first time, you must already be logged in. However, it is possible to disable both by logging out of Find My.

Your device may also have Airplane Mode turned on. Cut off all wireless signals such as Wi-Fi and mobile data.

If your smartphone has been stolen, the SIM card may have been removed by the thief. This disconnects you from the mobile Internet, which makes it more difficult, but not impossible, to track you.

Your iPhone is less likely to get lost in a country without Find My support. This is because this feature requires access to Maps and Apple doesn’t have that capability in some areas.

Even if you downloaded iOS 15, the battery can still be an issue. Because Apple doesn’t explain how it works (possibly for security reasons), Bluetooth or NFC may still be affected after a while. Apple’s Car Key protocol uses NFC to unlock cars if your iPhone runs out of battery, but it only lasts about five hours; If your device says offline and you left it on for a while before checking iCloud, that might be the reason.

Similarly, Find My reportedly only works through iOS 15 when it’s near other Apple devices or has been restarted. This issue can occur if you live or have recently lived in a remote location.

Does my iPhone ever find the wrong location?

There have been cases where Find My iPhone has shown incorrect locations for devices, but this is usually due to incorrect GPS data or user error. Overall, the app is pretty accurate at pinpointing device locations.

How accurate is iPhone location tracking?

Location tracking on the iPhone is usually very accurate. However, there may be some cases where location tracking is not as accurate as desired. For example, if you are in a building with a lot of metal and concrete, location tracking may not be as accurate as if you were in an open area.

Can the iPhone be Tracked by the Police?

The exact location of a person can now be determined from a combination of their unique phone and SIM card, which the police can use to track them down.

Does Airplane Mode Hide Your Location?

It is impossible to remain anonymous when using Airplane Mode. GPS, whether on an iPhone or any other device, is a separate system that communicates directly with satellites.


How perfect is my iPhone?” Along with that, there is always the possibility of lost devices and perhaps even stolen ones. “How perfect is my iPhone?” To answer the question, you should know that it is not completely accurate at the moment, but with further updates, it could be a reliable way to keep devices safe.

Turn it on to make sure you have at least a fighting chance to recover lost or stolen gear. It might not bring your device back, but it certainly can’t damage it.

How Accurate Is Find My iPhone?
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