How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

How Accurate Is Find My iPhone, Have you ever lost a precious iPhone that you bought by selling your friend’s kidney? He then discovered the “Find My iPhone” feature provided by Apple Inc., and this feature made him question the accuracy of the Find My iPhone app. So how can we know how accurate Find My iPhone is?

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature has attracted its customers and claims to give accurate results. But results may vary. Sometimes you may not get accurate results; Instead, it will give you an approximate result.

For example, you’ve forgotten your iPhone in your living room, and when you enable the “Find My iPhone” feature, the resulting iPhone appears 2 miles away. I know it can give you a heart attack unless you get your iPhone back. But this is what works sometimes.

In this article, we are going to talk about the accuracy of the Find My iPhone service provided by Apple Inc. While Apple has concluded that it provides accurate results, it appears that the user does not accept this fact.

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How Accurate Is Find My iPhone
How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

What is Find My iPhone?

So before you ask how accurate Find My iPhone is, you need to know what it is. Find My iPhone is an Apple service to locate your Apple devices. So when you’ve lost your iOS device, Mac, AirPods, or even Apple Watch, you can find them.

To do this, several conditions must be met. First, you need to configure the Find My iPhone option on the device you are going to locate. For Apple Watch to be detected, it must be paired with an iPhone. Another condition, the device must be online when you are looking for it.

Meanwhile, for AirPods, the location should be close to any of your iOS devices and paired with one. However, you can search for it with any other iOS device you have, as long as it’s paired with one.

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How Accurate Is Find My iPhone
How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

What makes Find My iPhone special?

If your device is on, you can activate GPS and locate it on the map. You can also lock your device, lock your device, play sounds, show messages, and even erase everything on your phone. You can post a message that provides a phone number for anyone you call on your device.

With this application, you can put your device into “Lock Mode”, which automatically locks the device and displays a message and a phone number for anyone searching for the phone.

If your phone’s GPS was on at the time, it can give you a location history, which can help you find out what happened to your phone after it’s lost.

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How Accurate Is Find My iPhone
How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

How to Improve the Accuracy of Find My iPhone

As we said earlier, the accuracy of Find My iPhone depends on the signal strength of GPS, WiFi, and cellular network. Whereas the strength of GPS depends on whether the phone is in a building or outside.

But you can make sure that WiFi is always enabled and Airplane Mode is disabled on your iPhone to help improve the accuracy of Find My iPhone.

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Tips for Finding My iPhone’s Location Accuracy

Here’s how to ensure the accuracy of your device’s location:

  • The green dot means the most accurate.
  • The green dot surrounded by the big green circle isn’t as accurate, but the device is within the big green circle.
  • A gray dot or a gray dot is surrounded by a large gray circle, which means that no space was found. In other words, for some reason, the device’s location is unknown.

It should be noted that location data is kept on Apple’s servers for up to 24 hours. Well, that’s all we had on Find My iPhone’s accuracy. I hope you find the information useful. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.

How Accurate Is Find My iPhone
How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

Which tracking technology provides the best accuracy?

You might have thought that GPS is always used to track location accurately, but it is not always the case.

In fact, Apple services are smart enough that you can use Wi-Fi hotspots near you to find out where you are.

Using only GPS to locate the phone will take too long. This is why Apple collects and stores a database of Wi-Fi access points and cell phone antennas to help locate phones quickly and efficiently.

Essentially, Apple is using Wi-Fi access points and mobile towers to locate satellites and get quick GPS readings when the phone is located outside.

Therefore, Wi-Fi access points and cell phone towers are always used. The service will use it even if GPS is available. When it doesn’t, it will only use Wi-Fi access points and cell towers.

This is especially true in densely populated areas where Wi-Fi hotspots abound from places like cafes and shopping malls.

Lastly, Bluetooth is used in specific situations where Apple’s iBeacons are installed.

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How Accurate Is Find My iPhone, The accuracy of Find My iPhone will depend on several factors, including interference, GPS signal, and whether Wi-Fi is turned on.

The shape of a green circle around your phone’s location will give you an indication of how accurate that information is. It’s also important to note that if your phone is inactive, WiFi may be disabled, which means you’ll see the green circle more often.

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