How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your TV

How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your TV, The 4-digit remote control code is located on the back of your TV. Most remotes have this information, but if you don’t have your own, the manual method described above may be the best option. This method requires manual entry of a code but will allow you to program your remote to operate the TV from any room. Try adjusting the channel or volume to check if the remote works. Samsung TVs have universal remote support, so if you don’t have the manual for your remote, you can easily get one.

First, you’ll need to look for codes specific to your brand. You can usually find this by reading the user manual, or you can do a simple search online. However, please note that this technology may not work with all televisions. Therefore, the first step is to find out the specific code of the brand. Otherwise, you will waste your time and money. If you do not have the manual, please read the user manual carefully before starting remote programming.

Next, you need to know which brand your TV belongs to. If you do not have a manual, check your user manual for instructions. Most of these instructions are step-by-step guides to help you program your universal remote. If you cannot find the manual for your device, search online for the manufacturer’s manual. This will help you find the right model.

How to Find Your TV’s 4-Digit Code

Currently, TVs from different brands like Samsung, Admiral, and LG can display their numbers in simple steps:

  • You must turn on the television; Check that it is activated correctly.
  • Using the remote, press the TV button once. At this time the LED or light bulb flashes once.
  • After that, press and hold the SETUP button until the LED indicator flashes twice.
  • At this time, enter PIN number 911 using the buttons listed above, which will cause the indicator light to flash twice.
  • Hold the remote in front of the TV, don’t release the power button without interrupting your communication. then press the button; Press and hold the [CH+] button until the TV turns off.
  • At this point, you should release the Power button and the TV should be on. Press the SETUP button once and release it. The LED indicator of the TV will flash twice. At the same time, the 4 digit code of your remote will be displayed on the TV screen.

Get code using code search

Another way to get your TV code is with an automatic code search. Universal Remote will search through your database and try more than one code at a time.

1. Turn on your TV.

2. Click on Code Search on the remote until the indicator light comes on.

3. Press and hold the TV button until the TV turns off and then turns on.

4. Click on Enter to save the code.

5. Once this is done, you can proceed to complete the programming.

Note: If your remote has the correct code, the remote will turn off. If you haven’t, it will be on. Repeat this process until your device turns off.

Get manufacturer code

Call the manufacturer of your remote and ask if they can give you the code you need. You can request that the full list be sent to you.

But you will need to send the correct model number of your remote to the manufacturer to receive the code. The remote’s model number can be found on the back of the remote or in the battery compartment.

How do I program my TV with a universal remote?

Turn on your TV or any other device you want to control. Press and hold the Power button on the respective device and the remote simultaneously. Wait until the power button is on and then release both buttons. Pointing the remote at the TV or any other device, press the power button on the remote and wait 2 seconds.

How to Link Universal Remote Control to TV?

Universal remotes are designed to replace your original remote. If you don’t have a remote control program, you can’t program or change the volume on your TV. Setting up these remotes is the most challenging aspect, but once you’ve done it, it’s easy to turn things on and off from the comfort of your couch.


Step 1: Switch the device to setup mode.

Locate and press the SETUP button on the Universal Remote. Press and hold the setup button until the red light comes on. Then release the Settings button. The remote is now in setup mode.

Step 2: Select TV as the device type.

Press and quickly release the TV button you want to configure.

Step 3: From the list below, select the Universal Remote Control code that matches your device.

Enter the Universal Remote Control code on the number pad and the red light will turn off.

Step 4: Verification of results.

To turn the device on and off, point the universal remote in the direction of the device. If the device responds, you are ready to continue.

Step 5: Set up other devices.

To set up more devices, repeat the above procedures.

Remote Codes / Universal Remote

  • 3 Digit TV Remote Codes. 502. 627. 004. 113. 505. 011.
  • 4 Digit TV Remote Codes. 1758. 0178. 1756. 0128. 0117. 1017. 1078. 0030. 0056. 0205. 1292. 1004.
  • 5 Digit TV Remote Codes. 10178. 10117. 11756. 01377. 10885. 10864. 10120.


That’s all we have on how do you find your 4-digit code on your TV? We have tried to list some of the best methods to answer this question. Try the methods mentioned above to see which one works best for you.

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