How Far Do Airpods Reach

How Far Do Airpods Reach, How far can Airpods be from phones without losing connection? Read on to find the maximum connectivity range for your Apple Airpods! AirPods revolutionized when they were first introduced.

As with many Apple products, fans were eager to receive them, but the largest group of tech users were skeptical about the functionality and the trade-offs they had to make.

However, AirPods are very successful and common today. But have you ever wondered about the range of these devices? How far can you move them from your iPhone before they stop working?

This may not seem so helpful to most people, but you have to understand that many people are quite concerned. For example, if you are sitting in an office and need to move, you may not want to take your iPhone with you; you can leave it on your desk.

Many people are considering switching to wireless headphones because they are easier to use. You don’t want to argue with wired headphones that get tangled every time you put them in your pocket.

This is, to put it mildly, too much trouble. But what about the scope? Let’s talk about this to get a better idea of ​​the effectiveness of AirPods.

How Far Do Airpods Reach
How Far Do Airpods Reach

What is the scope of Apple AirPods?

Now, let’s talk about the AirPods range. When we talk about the range of wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, there is an optimal and maximum range. AirPods can sometimes be used even outside the full range. But using them in the optimal range gives the best results.

Apple recommends that the optimal range for AirPods be 30 to 60 feet. In our tests, we achieved the best results within 40 feet. You can expect a similar result. This means you can use your AirPods without carrying the device in that range.

Some users have tested the device over 60 feet and say it works well. However, there is no official confirmation in support of this claim. You will not find a stable wireless connection in this range.

Apple AirPods works with many devices, ie. iPhone, iPod, Mac, Windows computers, Android smartphones. But apparently, they work better with Apple devices.

The Bluetooth technology of the connected device slightly affects the range of AirPods. You should also be aware that the headset might have some connectivity and stability issues with other devices. Let’s look at the maximum range of different Bluetooth technologies.

·       Bluetooth 3 can work up to 33 feet (10 meters)

·       Bluetooth 4 can work up to 200 feet (60 meters)

·       Bluetooth 5 can work up to 800 feet (240 meters)

Apple AirPods use Bluetooth 5 technology. But that doesn’t mean you can use your AirPods within 800 feet of your device. How far you can go depends on many factors. Just use AirPods in the range recommended by Apple for best results.

There is no significant difference between the first and second-generation AirPods. So, if you choose the 1st generation AirPod, you will get the same range as the 2nd generation. However, there are other differences.

How Far Do Airpods Reach
How Far Do Airpods Reach

Difference between optimal range and maximum range

When it comes to range, it is crucial to distinguish between the optimal and maximum range.

If you want to get the most out of your AirPods, you should use them in their recommended range, which is called the optimal range. On the other hand, the maximum range is the range after which you will not hear its sound.

Some people want to see how long they can go beyond the maximum range. These headphones have been found to have a range of almost 60 feet and can play music without interruption, even when they are far away.

So it’s safe to say that you can be 60 feet away from your phone and still listen to music. But then going far is at your own risk.

How does the range affect the sound quality of the AirPods?

Bluetooth devices often switch audio codecs in favor of a lower resolution when they reach the range limit. Bluetooth bandwidth is limited. For Bluetooth 4.2 the maximum bandwidth is 1 MBPS, while for Bluetooth 5.0 it reaches 2 MBPS. However, when it reaches the limit of the range, Bluetooth devices switch to an audio codec that uses lower bandwidth in favor of signal strength.

All AirPods support two Advanced Audio Distribution Profile audio codecs. Because Bluetooth version 1.3 SBC, developed by Philips, is the default Bluetooth audio codec, compatible with all Bluetooth headphones and earphones, including AirPods.

When you’re near a device connected to your AirPods, they play AAC audio at a higher resolution. However, when there is physical interference from other electronic devices or it reaches range, the AirPods will automatically switch to SBC to maintain signal strength at the expense of sound quality.

However, Apple’s implementation of both codecs works quite well. It is so good that ordinary users may not notice any difference.

How do I talk to Siri?

By connecting AirPods to an iOS device, you can take full advantage of Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.

The main difference between first and second-generation AirPods is the way you wake up your assistant. With the latter, you can say Hey Siri and she will be at your disposal.

However, if you have the older version, you need to double-tap one of the buttons to activate the wizard and then start giving commands.

With Siri, it’s easy to increase or decrease the volume, pause and resume music, skip a song, and even check the battery status of the AirPods.

How Far Do Airpods Reach
How Far Do Airpods Reach

What Makes AirPods So Good?

For those of us in the Apple ecosystem, the experience of using Airpods is simply unmatched. No other set of wireless headphones offers iOS users the same level of smoothness and connectivity.

Airpods also offer an incredible audio experience. With the third generation Airpods pro you get spatial audio.

Since then, Apple updated iTunes so that its users can immerse themselves in the experience of listening to spatial audio.

 The devices mimic surround sound better than most wireless audio devices. There is a great balance of bass in the Airpods.

Airpods have also come a long way in terms of comfort. First-gen Airpods were big and uncomfortable.

Since then, Apple’s design has reduced the size and made them more comfortable. Third-gen Airpods are noticeably lighter too.

Airpods are covered by Apple’s custom warranty, according to AppleCare +

Battery life is better with Airpods, too. Six hours of continuous use is more than many wireless headphones can deliver today.


How Far Do Airpods Reach, Airpods’ remote innovation bears the brunt of wired headphones. Its scope is difficult to surpass, especially when in an open region. Although Apple prescribes an ideal range of up to 18 meters, Airpods work well even beyond that distance. The introduction of the H1 chip and Bluetooth V5 drastically changed the display of Airpods.

Range, speed, and everything improved. In addition to setting up and talking through these devices, you can complete several things. In that sense, assuming you haven’t used it, it’s an exceptional technology that probably shouldn’t be happening.

How Far Do Airpods Reach
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