How Far Will Roomba Go From Base

Automatic vacuum cleaners are an excellent addition to any home. It’s nice to come home from work to a clean floor every day. The cleaning process is almost effortless as the vacuum cleaner does most of the work for you. To ensure optimum performance, these appliances use smart navigation and motion sensors that enable them to accurately execute their tasks without bumps or accidental hits (as compared with an ordinary vacuum cleaner). Once the cleaning process is complete and your home is spotlessly clean, you can sit back and relax knowing that the machine will return to its charging station by itself and then be ready for your next vacuuming session in no time at all.

How Far will Roomba go from the base?

The Roomba can go as far as you want as long as it is in fairly flat terrain. However, if your home has more bumps and dips, the battery capacity and how long the battery will last becomes more of a noteworthy feature to consider. Typically, older models of the Roomba can run for around 60 minutes on average. The newest two models the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 can last between 75 minutes and 120 minutes respectively before needing a recharge.

The following distance to home base from Roomba is recommended:

At least 20 inches on either side of Home Base

In front of the charging station at least 40 inches. It’s recommended that electric vehicle charging stations should be installed at least 40 inches away from an obstruction. For example, tables or chairs.

Roomba from home base

The Correct Placement of the Roomba Home Base

When the vacuum cleaner robot approaches its charging station, it can be a bit clunky. There’s a good reason for this. Rather than driving right into the empty hole and sitting in the correct position to charge properly, the robot has to apply force so as not to skid around too much and risk disconnecting from its power source.

When set up on a firm, stable background (such as against a wall or inside of a cabinet), the charging station is not likely to move around. Please be sure that your vacuum cleaner is in an undamaged state with no loose parts before attempting to install it.

You Require Enough Space

It’s important to consider where you want to place a Roomba. The docking station or home base can be irritating to avoid so make sure the area is as open and clear as possible with nothing obstructing the Roomba from entering its home base when it needs to for battery charging.

The station should be placed in an open area so the robot doesn’t get lost. There shouldn’t be any obstacles directly in front of the base within a range of one or two meters, making it easier for the robot to find its way home.

iRobot is equipped with WiFi technology and works in conjunction with the iRobot HOME app. It navigates back to its charging station by itself when it needs to be charged. You’ll need WLAN access at home so that the robot can communicate with it.

The Home Base needs to be positioned right against the wall to enable the robot to perform its tasks efficiently. If the Home Base is positioned at an angle, then it will clean unevenly (diagonally) to your wall.

How to take proper care of the Home base

Using a clean and dry cloth wipes down the charging contacts of the cleaning robot and the Home Base once a week. This should be considered part of your regular cleaning routines like dusting and vacuuming.

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