How Long Does It Take Roomba To Charge – All Models Covered

Under normal circumstances it takes at least 2 hours (120 minutes). This is an average estimate of time. Actual full charging time can vary, depending on the model of your robot vacuum. For a Roomba to charge to its full capacity. When the ring light is solid white then it indicates that the Roomba is fully charged.

How To Charge Roomba Battery For First Time

When you get a new Roomba, it comes packed as a new electronic device. You will see plastic straps hinged everywhere and specially the battery inlet. Remove the plastic strap by pulling it off. Connect the charging dock to the power socket. Make sure the ground is even where you place the Roomba on the charging dock. When the charging starts, a green light flashes and then it will go off. A solid white ring light will indicate that the Roomba is 100% charged. It usually takes about 2 hours to completely charge a Roomba for the first time. 

How Long Does a Roomba Charge Last

The battery time limit for a Roomba depends on the model which you own and it differs. The table below mentioned the tested battery run on a fully charged Roomba on various models.

Charging Time For All Roomba Models

Roomba ModelMinimum Battery LifeMaximum Battery Life
Roomba j7 Series102 minutes 102 minutes
Roomba S Series49 minutes155 minutes
WiFi Connected 900 Series49 minutes155 minutes
WiFi Connected 800 Series49 minutes155 minutes
Roomba E Series97 minutes97 minutes
WiFi Connected 600 Series110 minutes110 minutes
Roomba i7 Series75 minutes75 minutes
Roomba i3 Series75 minutes75 minutes

What Is a Roomba 16 Hour Refresh Charge

In Roomba models, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 series, if you see an Amber light blinking fast then it indicates that your robot vacuum has entered a 16 hour refresh charge cycle. This happens when Roomba senses that the battery is almost zero. In some models, indicators turn off after a minute once the Roomba is docked for charging.

Refresh charge is triggered when the Roomba is away from the home base for an extensive period of time. A 16 hour charge which is unusual than normal refreshes the battery. It helps in increasing battery life. When in a 16 hour refresh charge state, do not interrupt the Roomba.

In Roomba models 700 and 800 series, when refresh recharge is initiated, the CLEAN indicator on top will start pulsating quickly.16 hour refresh charge happens automatically when it’s needed as sensed by the Roomba.
 Also note, that 16 hour refresh charge does not apply to any Roomba which needs a Lithium Ion Battery.

Which Batteries To Use With a Roomba

Different Roomba models need different type of battery. Mentioned below is the table which will give you the details of the battery needed for all Roomba models. Further, you can purchase them from iRobot – Store. Accessories Website

Roomba ModelBattery Type and mAh
S SeriesLithium Ion Battery
i1,i3,i6 and i7 Series1800 mAh (Li-Ion)
E Series1800 mAh (Li-Ion)
i8 and i4 Series2210 mAh (Li-Ion)
Roomba Combo3000 mAh NiMH
Roomba 9803000 mAh (Li-Ion)
Roomba 600,800 and 9601800 mAh (Li-Ion)

How To Replace Roomba Batteries

This is pretty easy to do in just 5 simple steps as shown below.

  1. Turn the Roomba upside down and remove the 4 screws as shown in the pic below. Just don’t take them off the lid as they are attached to the back lid. Now remove the spinning brush screw and completely remove it. Now remove the back cover.

    Replace Roomba Battery_Step1
  2. Now you will see the battery. Remove it by lifting the tabs attached to the sides as shown below.
    Replace Roomba Battery_Step2
  3. Replace the old battery with the new one in the battery socket.
    Replace Roomba Battery_Step3
  4. Reassemble everything as shown below.
    Replace Roomba Battery_Step4
  5. Put your Roomba on charge overnight for a good 100% charge before it starts cleaning the house again.
    Replace Roomba Battery_Step5

How To Know If Roomba Is Charging

The recent models of Roomba do not show any charging lights when the robot vacuum is on charge. So, to know if your Roomba is charging or not, press the CLEAN button right in the center. Then you will see the light showing up on the ring. Different colors have different meanings. Let us understand what each color denotes.

GREEN means the Roomba is fully charged.

AMBER means it’s partially discharged.

PULSATING AMBER means that Roomba is charging.

RED means it’s almost discharged.

FLASHING RED means that the battery is almost running out.

The Beeping Sound When Roomba Is Charging – Explained

The most common reason for a Roomba to beep while charging is that it’s not placed on the docking station correctly. Make sure that the connectors on the Roomba and the charging station are in perfect contact.

You can also refer to the chart for different types of sounds and voice messages given by a Roomba to understand the type of charging error. This is applicable to Roomba models 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 series.

Number Of BeepsError TypeSolution
1The battery is not connected properlyRefer this article
2The robot vacuum has a charging errorContact Roomba Support
3The robot vacuum has a charging errorContact Roomba Support
5The robot vacuum has a charging errorRefer this article
6The battery is too warmRefer this article
7The battery is too cold or too warmRefer this article
8Roomba is unable to communicate with the batteryRefer this article
9The issue is with the Li-Ion battery itselfContact Customer Care

Battery Maintenance Tips For a Roomba

If you follow the steps mentioned below your Roomba battery can last for 2 to 3 years without replacing it. A healthy battery is necessary if you wish your Roomba to perform at its optimum capacity. Mentioned below are some battery maintenance tips for you.

1) Every six month interval, put the battery overnight for a full charge for maximum performance.

2) When you decide to put your Roomba in SHIP MODE , it is advisable to remove the battery and keep it in a cool and dry place. Ship mode is nothing but the period in which the Roomba will not be used for more than a few weeks.

3) When the Roomba is not in use then always keep it on charge on the home base.

4) After every cleaning run by a Roomba, always recharge it before using it again.

5) Always perform a Roomba cleaning every month as stuck debris and clogged wheels can put double the effort in cleaning and hence using more battery.

6) Charging should always be done at room temperatures and the docking station should be placed out of direct sunlight.

7) Only use genuine iRobot batteries and to confirm the battery type for your Roomba, please refer to the above chart.


So now you know, how long does it take Roomba to charge? This article can be your reference always and do share with someone who would find it useful too.

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