How Many Mbps Do I Need For Gaming and Streaming

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    Internet speeds in the 100 to 250Mbps range are considered good because they can handle common usage such as streaming and video chat for 3 to 6 users at the same time. Speeds above 250Mbps and in the 1,000Mbps range are considered faster than average and can support six or more users.

    Short answer is – Most gaming console manufacturers and gaming experts recommend

    • Download speed of at least 3 Mb/s
    • Upload speed of 0.5 Mb/s to 1 Mb/s

    Internet speeds over 100 Mbps are considered suitable for regular usage. However, factors such as upload speed and latency should also be used in cases such as home offices and games, where file uploads and response times are particularly important for user tasks.

    As you switch from the router to wireless interference and turn away, the average WiFi speed in your home is typically 20 to 50% slower than the stated maximum download speed.

    Most of the company an average internet speed offered in urban areas are typically around 100 Mbps, although it will be higher in areas with fibre access. In rural areas, 25 Mbps is a more common speed, especially in areas without DSL or cable. Rural locations are returning to the satellite, which currently offers 25Mbps as its top speed.

    In this article, we will help you determine how many Internet users you need based on how many Internet users are in your home and how they use the Internet.

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    Understanding Terms Related To Online Gaming Speed

    Download Speed

    Download speed is the speed at which information is getting from the server to your console. For example, when you check your Facebook feed with your phone, download speed measures how long it takes for information in your Facebook feed to be transferred from a Facebook server to your phone.

    The best internet download speed for most gaming sessions is 3 Mbps. However, it can vary depending on the number of players and the platform used.

    Upload Speed

    Upload speed is the speed at which meager is uploaded from your device to the server. Go ahead with the Facebook example and say you post a picture on your feed. The upload speed is the time it takes for all information to get from your post on your device to the Facebook server.

    The best internet upload speeds for games are usually much faster than other activities because you are continuously sending information from your gaming device to the server while playing. When it comes to multiplayer game sessions, you want an even faster upload speed for sending video files or video chat for communicating with team members. You should therefore ensure an upload speed of at least 1 Mb/s

    Latency/Ping Rate

    Upload and download speed is important to get the most out of your gaming experience. Latency (or ping rate) is also important. What is latency is the speed at which your device communicates with the Internet server. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms). The slower your game, the higher the number if you have high-speed internet, the latency of your server can still cause interruptions in the game.

    Several less than 20 ms is ideal, but this may not always be possible. At least 150 min. Keep your latency down, or you won’t notice an apparent lag in-game time. Do you want to test your internet latency? Luckily, there are many tools online that you can use to take a test and get the most from your internet.

    Understanding Bandwidth

    In general, bandwidth is the maximum rate that you can download data from the Internet to your computer.

    Think of the bandwidth like a water hose. Say you need to fill a 100-gallon tank. If your garden hose only contains 5 gallons of water per minute, you will have to wait 20 minutes to fill the tank. But a giant fire station that emits a gallon of water every second fills the tank in less than two minutes.

    The bandwidth corresponds to the channel size. The bigger it is, the more data you can pull down in a given amount of time.

    The bandwidth is measured in bits per second. Note that bits are different from bytes, a standard measure of file size. One byte is 8 bits, so 1 megabyte (MB) is eight megabits.

    If you have one MB per second connection, it will take eight seconds to download a 1 MB file.

    With a 1 Mb/s connection, downloading an MP3 file with a size of approx. 6 MB takes approx. 48 seconds. A 5 gigabyte or 5,000 MB movie lasts approximately 11 hours.

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    It’s terrific that the chaos on the internet is fortunately kept so well kept up by various amounts of Mbps that you can take advantage of.

    Mbps or megabits per second process the bandwidth. Megabits are the lifeline of an Internet connection. Now, remember, it’s easy to confuse Mbps, which refers to megabytes per second and the size of a downloaded file.

    Now your Mbps requirements will depend on what you are mainly using for the internet. Do you play a lot online? Stream the latest movies and TV shows in 4K definition? It runs the scale. I’ve found that the customarily agreed number for a standard home is 25 or more Mbps.

    If you’re more capable of leisurely surfing the internet and possibly breaking the routine by checking emails, etc., you can probably get away with it at around 1 to 5 Mbps. However, if your computer is a powerhouse, you play online games all day and download the highest resolution media; you may need 200Mbps as well.

    How Many mbps do i Need for Gaming
    Pro’s Con’s
    General web surfing, email and social media 1 Mbps
    Online Gaming 1 To 3 Mbps
    Video conferencing 1 To 4 Mbps
    Standard definition video streaming 3 To 4 Mbps
    HD Video Streaming 5 To 8 Mbps
    Frequent download of large files 50 Mbps or more

    Best Type Internet Service For Gaming

    To most accurately define the best type of Internet for gaming, we need to identify the different services and how they work. Each one connects to the Internet in different ways and offers different speeds depending on their location. Your region may restrict you. So make sure you are getting the best service available in your area to make sure you can keep connected.

    Fiber Optic Cable

    The fastest Internet service available but also the least common, if you can get fibre optic internet, you will not regret it. Its ability to improve other types of services in both download and upload speeds makes it the best internet service for gaming.


    The original high-speed Internet, DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line) is based on existing telephone lines and is therefore accessible to many households. Disadvantage? DSL is not always the most consistent. If you move past the ISP’s hub, your service will slow down, and you could lose service in a storm.

    Coaxial Cable

    This Internet service uses the same type of cable that cable companies use to deliver cable television. This makes it the second-fastest option and has one of the best types of the internet for gaming in most households. However, note that if many people in your area are connected to the same server at the same time, the internet speed can be quite slow.


    If you live in a rural area with no cable or DSL, then satellite service is your best internet option for gaming. Although you connect to the internet through your satellite dish, the service can be incomplete, slow, and expensive. If you can avoid satellites, getting the best internet speed for gaming isn’t worth it.

    What’s Going On With 5G?

    While fixed broadband and fibre optic connections are the most common talk of home internet service centres, reliance on wired connectivity to meet the needs of the entire home has shifted dramatically. Once 5G wireless technology is rolled out across the country, the focus will be on accelerating the use of 5G for broadband and cellular connections at home.

    The potential speed promised by 5G is an incredible leap. In some tests, download speeds range from 150 Mb to over 1 Gb. This is a massive improvement over 4G, which is up to 30-60Mbps. It’s also fast enough that you can use a 5G connection to meet all of your home internet needs instead of traditional wired broadband.

    Cellular carriers – including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile – have already introduced 5G connectivity into their networks, and coverage has expanded to major cities and markets. Once 5G speeds are reached in your area, mobile technology can run your current ISP for your money.

    However, going ahead of 5G at home is still a viable option. First, the 5G service needs to be rolled out in more parts of the country. It is offered in some cities, but rural coverage is not widespread, and networks are still being developed and refined.

    There is also the question of price, as most carriers’ data plans are still geared towards mobile devices and include data constraints and restrictions that are not as flexible as current fixed broadband.

    The hardware is also slightly different for home use. External 5G antennas introduce the signal, and 5G-friendly routers then split the connections across the house. These products are still in their infancy. So ignore digging your cable just yet.

    How To Improve Your Gaming Internet Speed

    • Whether you have the best internet speed for gaming but are still experiencing game lag or need extra bandwidth, here are some things you can do to improve your internet gaming experience. How to improve the service:
    • Make sure your internet plan has enough bandwidth to support games as well as all other devices. Are your roommates Netflix bingers? You may need to update your internet plan for all of these programs and devices.
    • When you’re not trying to save or update plans on the internet, disconnect other programs or devices that are connecting to the internet and are consuming bandwidth.
    • Use a hardwired connection. If possible, connect your gaming device directly to the router with an Ethernet cable. It may be less convenient than WiFi but it gives you the best internet to play with.
    • If you need to be wireless, the router is as close as possible.
    • Update your router or modem if it is more than 5 years old. There are routers that are specifically designed to provide the best internet speeds for gaming. So if you come across large gaps, upgrading may be worth it.


    Ultimately, your need to decide on Internet speed is not as simple as it looks – or as simple as you want to believe in an ISP. According to experts, you need to think about the number of devices connecting to your network. Time and exactly what you want to do with your connection. If it’s all about streaming and surfing on the Internet, then you don’t need much. However, if you want to stream 4K video, play online games, and connect multiple devices, you need more bandwidth, for which you have to pay more.

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